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DQ // RAZR @RAZRsmash Mount Pleasant, MI

Michigan Chrom | Banner made by @bakinsandwich pic taken by @HotNRedy_ | Controller Mods | DQ Controllers | He/Him |

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We are back folks! I’ll be streaming Resident Evil: Village! Come hang out with me over at
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRPS5 Controller Giveaway‼️ Featuring Dichroic buttons & rubber sticks. To enter: - Follow @DaFunkGaming ✅ - and r…
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A button commission we finished up a bit ago! Can’t wait to show you all what we have planned!
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @naomimarie_ Happy birthday!!Was dead yesterday from that second COVID shot, recuperating today and just drained. Gonna do some small controller… return to our regularly scheduled stream TONIGHT. Hang out with us on Twitch at 6:30PM CST!…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRcheck out this thread!! etsy restock drops tonight at 7PM EST! #handmadedice #criticalrole #DnD #TTRPG
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRThis conch is definitely a master piece!!! 🔥🔥 Color shift Bee shells by @QofDQ @RAZRsmash & Honey gold buttons by…
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For sale 👀 Pearl Gamecube import DOL-001 Board (digital video out) GC Loader SD2SP2 (for Swiss settings) RGB LED m…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRAnother batch of Pearl White GameCube stuff for sale! Also a black cube combined with a platinum gameboy player! On…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRchugging through finishing these dice off for my sale this weekend! etsy shop will be restocked on friday 5/7 at…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRraw and uninked experimental set from last night i’m so very happy with how this set turned out, the pictures do…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRI feel attacked Insane Color shift shell by @QofDQ @RAZRsmash Goes soo good with the thermal buttons (better pics of the t…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRThe Galactic vibes with this one🌌🌌 One of a kind Color shift shell by @QofDQ @RAZRsmash
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRFree Controller Giveaway at 100 followers! This Pearl White GameCube controller needs a touch up, so whoever wins c…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZROcean Vibezzz blue gradient shell by @QofDQ @RAZRsmash
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@GccSkibs Thank you I try my best 😎 nah but it actually took me until I was like 15 or 16 to ever realize it lolJust got that second dose 😈 But damn why everything lookin like a NFT now? still have the black one if anyone wants it!
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @GRP_Rascal 💜💜I’m boutta drink a redbull and clean this damn house
@GccSkibs @MeleedyMods Not the best pic to showcase but it was really clean with the DBZ buttons imo @MeleedyMods True true. Idk I really liked this look @GccSkibs @MeleedyMods Those are super clean!! They feel very oem to me because of the indigo clears and I really l… @MeleedyMods I also kinda want to keep a full clear and mess with it. Quinn put a really clean plat back on a clear… @MeleedyMods Don’t worry I also have a stock controller that constantly rotates new shit. eBay buttons in one and a… @Silent_Bean This was my other way of doing it kinda lol @s00nsay We all appreciate you taking note of everyone’s hard work 💜 everyone one of us tries our hardest to make the best things we can @sangodono Happy birthday!!I like these things bc people always do it differently :) 30+45 for me. Just much easier for me to do on the fly only is competition much higher this week, but we also have some wifi as HELL mains coming out. Steve, Gunner,…
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After probably the longest and most stressful, however also warming and fulfilling, weekend of my life. Quinn and I… ROCK
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRFor sale! $260 Face buttons by @thebuttonbender Sticks by @Skinner_Koopa Plug by @CrystalCactusAZ Double sleeved…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRFinally put this symphonic green together after wanting to make it for a long while :3 Buttons by @2GhostsGaming
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRCONTROLLER GIVEAWAY Like, retweet and follow myself and @itskillwillson to enter! -Mechanical keyswitch triggers,…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRFinally sold my favorite controller... sad to see it go 🧡🥺
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRNintendo Switch Custom Joycon Giveaway #2! The votes are in! And Emerald Chaos is the winner! •Custom Colorshift…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRfire sale 🔥❤️ mario top shell with 08 white bottom, t3 board, no reset snapback module, paracord, stickbox/trigger…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR🥨 CONTROLLER GIVEAWAY 🥨 -Great condition JP White -Full angle Firefox w/ wavedash and shield drop -Lubed sticks a…
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✨DROP IS LIVE✨ if you can spare a RT, i couldnt thank you enough notes: - shells come w m…
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Everytime I drink I wake up feeling like I got hit by a fuckin truck
Etsy restock tomorrow! May 1st, 7pm EST! 💫
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR🚨 shell drop on JUNE 🚨 Giveaway soon too. #samus #samusaran #Metroid Featuring Metroid buttons by @KoalaKat_ But…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRSchool is so close to being done and I can’t wait to show you all what we have planned! (Also orders from Etsy ship…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRIf you get grabbed by donkey kong you’re carried
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@SSBLaura @ControlInColor secondpov: ur being asked to join the anime and manga society
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @riennezelda 👀👀👀Back to where we started. Castlevania Season 4 streams May 13th
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @riennezelda Hell yeah we are. I’ll go anywhere after this last year locked in my house. Also never been and it sounds sweet! @riennezelda 😍😍😍 pls @DrakosArts 💜💜 @DrakosArts LMAO glad to hear if there’s someone being mean and a folding chair in the same room I’ve got you to back me up ;)crustaceans been real quiet since joe dropped his new emote
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRI love this copypasta and need it today. Have a good day twitter friends! Gonna watch a bunch of esports and try to… think its hilarious u kids talking shit about RAZR. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. not only t… been so busy prepping for TCTH tomorrow that I havent promoted enough. Tomorrows weekly WILL be streamed. Ther…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRWith spring here, I thought I'd make some pastel sticks for the occasion. 🌸🥰 I've got over a dozen of these cuties…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRAnother quick little build out of my magical @Sage_SSBM box, “gummy shark”
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRGot my mooncake <3 and other sweet goodies from @Sage_SSBM So much heat in this picture, what a GOAT thanks for t…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRsheeeeeeesh
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRA couple of WIPs, still waiting on a few things to finish them but I'm definitely excited
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRGotta say i love my new buttons by @QofDQ
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRPlease enjoy Harrison Ford watching a magic trick & then reacting in the only way Harrison Ford reacts to anything
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@naomimarie_ Congrats!!! Gotta find that same drive. Keep going!!Love all you guys pushing and pursuing your dreams. Keep killin it 💜💜Passion in esports is something I’ve had since I was very young, but it’s such a difficult and intimidating thing t… a favorite color?
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRFroggy spotted in their natural habitat
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRThis Friday 4/30 at 7PM EST I will be restocking the ETSY shop featuring 'The Conjuration', 'Brother Bobby', and ma…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @QofDQ digging these buttons of yours
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @CrystalCactusAZ Thank you so much!!! We most definitely will
@CrystalCactusAZ Oh shit you need ours!🌸 Dualshock 4 🌸
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @yaboimikey97 @MickGCC @quinnlamont @Megamoose_ Oh hell yeah! Hope to see you at events when they’re back! @yaboimikey97 @MickGCC @quinnlamont @Megamoose_ You in the mitten ?? @ebonydreamed Took them a little while but now I can confidently say yes they are @ebonydreamed
hi i make gamecube controllers for a living #lesbianvisibilityday
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRmy heart omg😭 #CaptainAmerica
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @Bakinsandwich That Banjo pick is A1. Fuckin hate that little bearGood morning Twitter. Please enjoy sun-kissed Angelo and a Psyduck. Have a great day 💜 is time! My sticks are uploaded on my shop @ Next week.. they'll be a special theme I'm…
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Decided to complete the build :) Buttons from @QofDQ @RAZRsmash Full tint and dyed sticks by me…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRmy baby has returned home safely finally
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@SuperheroFire 💜💜 @ScriptJCR Yeah we will. Thank you brother 💜 @draperd4 Of course homie 💜ANOTHER PREEM GIVEAWAY In light of offline coming back soon i’m giving away an OG Japan White gamecube controller,…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRNew video going up in 50 mins
Retweeted by DQ // RAZR @ArgoTTV @bummedbeelzebub @MeleedyMods @QofDQ I actually really like that idea of the CN back though @ArgoTTV @bummedbeelzebub @MeleedyMods @QofDQ It’s a symphonic green back!Update Read:🚨 I'm opening up 5 commission slots for custom controllers! 🚨 Here are my current prices and controller stock. The…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRThis is finally done! I had to get a new rubber pad for the start and select buttons, I had to buy more screws, and…
Retweeted by DQ // RAZRIt’s fucking hereeee!! I am screaming. I didn’t know a controller could feel like this. Thank you thank you thank y…
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