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@LauraSpackman1 @____lxmx @roxannerandel @lindayueh @BorisJohnson @WHO @UKParliament Hey, I’m only going on the Imp… @LauraSpackman1 @____lxmx @roxannerandel @lindayueh @BorisJohnson @WHO @UKParliament And even in China, nothing is… @LauraSpackman1 @____lxmx @roxannerandel @lindayueh @BorisJohnson @WHO @UKParliament It hasn’t been stopped in it’s… @PeterKolchinsky @LarsenBee @karawaane Is there any reason to think that the standard 12-18 month estimate for vacc… @JXTPE @____lxmx @roxannerandel @lindayueh @BorisJohnson @WHO @UKParliament The only way to absolutely, positively… @LauraSpackman1 @____lxmx @roxannerandel @lindayueh @BorisJohnson @WHO @UKParliament “A couple extra weeks?” - of c…
@jomc *Everyone who can should stay home*... but don’t attack or shame anyone for working in a job that isn’t immed… @jomc Hearing people talk about “groceries” like they come straight from some unmanned farm to an anonymous Instaca… @McGillicudy @soniasaraiya And there is absolutely risk (considering human psychology) in advocating for the most e… @McGillicudy @soniasaraiya (Except the general advice that meticulous and continued physical distance is critical,… @McGillicudy @soniasaraiya I also know lots of doctors (I’m not one but I’ve worked with and around them for years)… @McGillicudy @soniasaraiya I have no idea what the doctor is basing that on; perhaps the highly highly dense condit… @RhianSasseen @soniasaraiya We don’t have a lockdown order here but I would wager we’re actually *still* going to d… @RhianSasseen @soniasaraiya As long as you stay physically distant from others. Which is absolutely easier for peop… @RhianSasseen @soniasaraiya Even if there’s a non-zero risk of transmission from being outside, if the risk is smal… @McGillicudy @soniasaraiya In an outdoor area that’s incredibly unlikely. Maybe in like a hospital room or dentist…
@dth1971 @ABC The curve flattening does not mean it’s over. It just means that social distancing is working to keep… @latimes Don’t expect any large theme parks, concerts, gatherings, events etc. to be open/allowed for about 12-18 m… @smittyboy21 I would honestly be happy with a paper cup of beer on a bus bench outside a Circle K at this point if…
@lisaguestGTM @DrColinfan @JoeReality2 You could say, "well lets have everyone line up for food in one central loca… @lisaguestGTM @DrColinfan @JoeReality2 That's if every last one of them is running around, on foot, throwing food b… @lisaguestGTM @DrColinfan @JoeReality2 It's literally impossible for the national guard to deliver food to the door… @rjrjr @BreeNewsome After 9 months of shelter-in-place, $30+ trillion in bailouts, most companies long-shuttered, h… @rjrjr @BreeNewsome No shit, Easter is way too early. But *18 months* of severe lockdown (proposed by the Imperial…
@anatighe @Gaberlunzie17 @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome China did not completely lock down. They have maintained a mo… @arabbitorduck Seriously - what happens to the global supply of generic antibiotics? Virus suppression is criticall… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome Oh no argument from me there. But also, remember, *no econo… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome Politically, it’s becoming a toxic push and pull between idio… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome I’m not saying let’s do nothing. But I’m also strongly object… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome So those two people have to take the risk, and then have to d… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome And the things still need to be moved from fields to warehous… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome Every other big project the US, or Europe, or any other count… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome And the more you collectivize and group it together, and have… @Gaberlunzie17 @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome I still think we’re not grasping the vast, *vast* numbers of… @RyBrent81 @AlexRoseGames @Zweli1824 @bitchface @AndrewYang Tons of people are passing around the Imperial College… @RyBrent81 @Zweli1824 @bitchface @AndrewYang We’re not arguing with you about 6 weeks. We’re arguing about these fl… @BreeNewsome I’m not saying don’t engage in the lockdowns and social distancing right now. We absolutely should. Bu… @BreeNewsome Stimulus or UBI checks may keep people from going technically bankrupt or being evicted... maybe, and… @BreeNewsome With an overwhelmed health system, psychiatrists are being called in to work in ERs, current shortages… @BreeNewsome Yes, but I’m also worried that 1-2% of the people I know are going to suffer catastrophic mental healt… @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome I’m volunteering to try to deliver groceries to a couple older neighbors. I… @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome Whether people get food from restaurants or groceries, in both cases, we’re… @anatighe @embrey_matthew @BreeNewsome Honest question: How do you deliver food to 300 million people every day? Wi…
@25on10 @kairyssdal So what we need to realize, as a society, is that 100% focus on virus suppression, forsaking al… @25on10 @kairyssdal At some point, if a lockdown of X severity saves Y lives at Z economic cost, that economic cost… @25on10 @kairyssdal No economic theory or government plan has really ever had to deal with the concept of voluntari… @25on10 @kairyssdal Poverty is, throughout history, a major killer and destroyer of health. So while a purely epide… @25on10 @kairyssdal It’s not so much about putting an actual date, as it is about setting a floor on the amount of… @AlexDillo1 @jonostrower As things fall apart (healthcare, jobs, economy, followed by collapsing supply chains, inf…
@RedwoodGirl @DavidSegalRI @adrielhampton No, but Democrats should be careful about exploiting this too. In fact, c… @tweetsoutloud Of course, astronauts are selected for their aptitude, and and trained for long endurance missions,… @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 @FiatLuxGenesis I’m not a laissez faire capitalist. A strong social welfare system… @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 @FiatLuxGenesis So pretty soon, governors and health departments will have to keep… @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 @FiatLuxGenesis And you might say “we’ll just deem them essential” and keep them w… @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 @FiatLuxGenesis They can probably “coast” for a few weeks, but not months. Once a… @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 @FiatLuxGenesis Not only food, but nearly all of the systems we’re all blindly rel… @FiatLuxGenesis @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 Yeah and I simply don’t understand how he proposes to enforce that… @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 @FiatLuxGenesis To entirely rebuild the food distribution system - by eliminating… @knightchristdom @JerryR12048421 @FiatLuxGenesis Nobody is starving now. But the fallacy here is believing the curr… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA I‘m not disagreeing with you that 6 weeks would be ideal (that m… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA Problem is that many, many people are talking about “months” of… @porphyria0929 @yodaquoter @ChadCostello @adamnagourney That’s not happening *right now*, of course. But it’s fooli… @porphyria0929 @yodaquoter @ChadCostello @adamnagourney I’m not saying we can’t read books, don’t be ridiculous. I’… @porphyria0929 @yodaquoter @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Netflix is a metaphor for the relative comforts of the curr… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA No government in the world can simply endlessly bailout an econo… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA I agree that the health care system will be damaged and collapse…
@ezraklein I mean if we can finance infinite spending through striking trillion dollar coins, what’s to stop congre… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA Yes, and I agree, a short term (<2 weeks) lockdown to get things… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA Suggesting 6, 12, or 18 months of severe lockdowns - even if mod… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA The more people you put in lockdown, the harder it will be to ma… @swpennell @JustineBateman @GavinNewsom @MayorOfLA Putting personal needs and economic concerns aside is easy (and…
@rjrjr @DQuietToon @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Even if 90% of us can hold it together for 4-8 weeks of Netflix and… @rjrjr @DQuietToon @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Oh, I’m not underestimating people’s power of will in responding to… @CosmicCapt @BoHoSugar @leeder899 @Acosta I don’t think you get it either. Rationing, either naturally occurring (d… @gleekaa @BoHoSugar @leeder899 @Acosta Missing the point. The orders say you can do all those things. But the suppl… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Does that get us *maximum viral suppression* and *the lowest possible… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney First, it’s not plague. 1-3% case fatality is nowhere near Black Plagu… @ChadCostello @dalehenrygeist @adamnagourney All right, I’ll just shut up now, thanks. @Slate I.e. all of them, because Netflix will collapse in April under the strain of 10x the normal traffic, and all… @BayonetStrumpet @TresMagus @rafaelshimunov @jimmy_dore Not for nothing, but the private Italo train company that o… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Best way to stoke violent social disruption? Tell people they can’t wo… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney How do safety nets exist with *next to no economic output*? Every econ… @liz_warthen @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Even in WWII, on the home front and the battlefield, most people could st… @yodaquoter @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Holy shit. 3-6-12-18 months of lockdown won’t just be “discomfort”. Econom… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Again, this isn’t about alternatives. I’m not saying we have a choice.… @La_Matabichos @ChadCostello @adamnagourney I’m not panicked at all. Because I know these lockdowns won’t be enforc… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney And I’m saying, three months of virtual economic shutdown statewide or… @La_Matabichos @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Do you think grocery stores will still function just because farmers ar… @La_Matabichos @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Wrong. Retail / services are a gigantic part of the economy. And many o… @La_Matabichos @ChadCostello @adamnagourney For how long do those reserves last? I am seriously asking. I think peo… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney Our only disagreement is where the line is. Where does the balance tip… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney I’m being rhetorical of course. Neither of us thinks 10 years is possi… @dalehenrygeist @ChadCostello @adamnagourney So how far do we go? Seriously asking. Do you think it’s realistic to… @La_Matabichos @ChadCostello @adamnagourney California has *almost no functioning economy* after tonight. Do you se… @rjrjr @ChadCostello @adamnagourney This is grim to think about, but I don’t think people quite get it yet: the hea… @rjrjr @ChadCostello @adamnagourney You misunderstand. I’m not saying we have a choice or an option here. I’m poi… @ChadCostello @adamnagourney There’s plenty of negatives. People who have been doing this for only a few days - and… @LisaSmith93405 @BoHoSugar @leeder899 @Acosta It will be martial law after a month. Don’t be fooled by the illusion… @bettygirl1239 @BoHoSugar @leeder899 @Acosta The longer it goes and the wider it spreads, the more the supply chain… @BoHoSugar @leeder899 @Acosta Total lockdown for 8 weeks is going to destroy food supply chains. Forget the earlier…