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I @TheMob I Priv: @GotDopamine I i only speak truths I eighteen I

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These edibles aint shitπŸ’œ @ELPWSwastaken I watched an ad just to see you going 2-5 @Mako Take care mako, wish you all the best πŸ’œ @TheMob πŸ’œ @mako
@Josh_Tries Fr @OnTheFlyTwitch Sounds like darude sandstormYou won, @RacingPointF1 Admin. Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life, Ad…
Retweeted by RavioliCrabbioli πŸŽ„ @viipxrz @silvasalavisa Instead my friend stood on my shoe on purpose but not knowing he had doodoo on shoe so i go… @viipxrz @silvasalavisa Never happened to me @OffbrandMilkbag Yeah @OffbrandMilkbag Haas Instagram comments are about how magnussen is better than mazepin @JERMAlNE I need a haircut @cinnamarolI Yeah thats why im laughingCant sense* smfhDon’t understand how people can sense this satire behind this tweet, how did it get taken so seriously @cinnamarolI LMFAO @qtyliv @__poetato__ Oof @FavsPriv How did the door change colours @PaintClown_ They acting like ski hasnt dropped an album in ages and kid lroi didnt drop one last month
@HarryButAverage LMFAOOO @PaintClown_ It truly is @exJackiee @LilNasX Vouch @Lemii All of em @Lemii I could take em @charlieacog Id talk too your stummy
@Ludaz_ Thats what i used to think but I finally gave in and its pretty good @Ludaz_ The vampire diaries @zachsilberberg @witchbish94 @SamManlol Lets hope we enjoy the next 90 mins @SamManlol Dod you wake up @backtrvck hell yeah @FavsPriv Good afternoon daniel @AbbyTheMS You’re very welcome πŸ’œHappy birthday πŸ₯³ @AbbyTheMS @shivisdumb Gn gl! @ImMashed_Potato @TheMob @Class @Avalanche100T @Froste @Mako What are you laughing at @TheMob @Class @Avalanche100T @Froste @Mako Boom @ImThonk @charlieacog Fr, big up the north @JCFCofficiaI @KingEmail0 @Attacksx @Layymooon @jakkuxd Lob it in my dms then @jakkuxd Do i already have it? Can’t remember, ik i have your Instagram @Layymooon @TheSamsman LMFAO @FavsPriv I had a really good one for a month and then i had a night out and its been awful since
Where is my ginger queen @lewnair lol @jakkuxd fr @IcyVert Not seeing enough love for party rock @HarryButAverage Goat stuff @charlieacog Ive been on this wave for so long @_NotTeryn @oFabz Im just wishing you both good Morning @oFabz @_NotTeryn Good Morning @Class @TheMob I think you mean 91% left πŸ’―πŸ”₯ @_NotTeryn @oFabz Stop asking questions. @_NotTeryn @oFabz i meant to say pretty fucking hot and it autocorrectesI think his daughter whispered to be continued at the very end of the album and it scared the living day life out o… @TheMob W πŸ’œ
Retweeted by RavioliCrabbioli πŸŽ„ @_NotTeryn @oFabz It was an accident @oFabz @isaacmartinez_3 Real shit @_NotTeryn @oFabz Lets be nice @_miyamoto__ Boutta be flossing your teeth on my booty hairs @_miyamoto__ Ill shave just for you bb @_miyamoto__ If you want to @jizzle πŸ˜‹ @kidfromindy @CryptiicNoOne @Froste Calling cap on this one @kidfromindy @CryptiicNoOne @Froste its of mice and men? Never heard of it or read it? @kidfromindy @CryptiicNoOne @Froste You dont know this??? @Class Damn i filled it out and then saw the NA note at the top is my night sorted @em_parrker Onomatopoeia @JERMAlNE Dub @shivisdumb This is the sweet life @shivisdumb Me fr @_KenzzzA_ @HarryButAverage @oFabz minxyx kinda killed it tho fr
@HarryButAverage @oFabz Mate i deadass thought it was you @LazasBautista Mmmmm @Wis_Alt Great minds think alike @Wis_Alt We almost made the exact same characyert @__poetato__ I didnt get to that part @WockWob Bro it was so awkward @yung_juice_box5 I tried to change the screenMy mum just walked in on me while i was creating my cyberpunk character, ive never seen more disappointment in her face @chnrm3 @Connugh @imane You know people can live in the same time zones right? @HarryButAverage @cinnamarolI Really? Didnt know my bad @Layymooon Bro its sounds like an elephant LMFAO @cadewastaken Yessirski @cadewastaken Just sat on my arse doing absolutely nothing important, wbu @viipxrz That was a banger#TBT to Sunday's race debrief @MercedesAMGF1 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ πŸŽ₯ x @f1troll_
Retweeted by RavioliCrabbioli πŸŽ„ @SamjaySJ Just booked a ferry to ireland @pSavvGG You can customise the size of your characters pee pee @pSavvGG Id describe as GTA V in an altered carbon world @pSavvGG Trying to get game sharing to work so i can play cyberpunk @Carlylmfaoo Poggers, you? @pSavvGG Hello pierre wyd @DeadpanWalnut86 Trying to play cyberpunk @cadewastaken Suppies