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Retweeted by RDK真紅 @TheFallenSoul77 @Dotzineo @TheFunny_mp4 Cringeshin cringepact
Retweeted by RDK真紅I can never get anything done from Wednesdays to Fridays because as soon as I come back from college I'm knocked ou…'m seeing people getting their shit together and I'm experiencing jealousyI'm gonna fully script around 10 chapters before I work on anythingI made this in college
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2021 @TigheSam HEH @InklionArt bad takeok direct review like a solid 5/10 would've been a 3 without bayonetta 3 just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi! @InklionArt don't use twitter it's what I doI should promote my ko fi and patreon more but I have so much shit to do I keep forgettingJaded Vibez just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi!'artwork just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi! reminder that I have a ko-fi I do low detail sketches there for like £5
Retweeted by RDK真紅I can't do them now though I'm ill reminder that I have a ko-fi I do low detail sketches there for like £5 @InklionArt @TigheSam whatI just gave the details£45 GBP DM for details1 coloured bust commission slot open grab itdraw erin doing the @chizzily 2 has ended one more @Jubbbbster yayy @Jubbbbster what about erin @aka_nobodyy for whatwe were learning how to move text after effects made this in college @VOIDR0T the one widda main castflariat (clever name i know hehe)
Retweeted by RDK真紅⚠️ DELTARUNE SPOILERS ⚠️ - ❤️ Proceed -
Retweeted by RDK真紅 @HarukamiART pfp @VirusCat_ and how has ralsei not turned into stone @AlejMang no idea yet @arzergex oh so you were joking @chizzily Introduce erin @Jubbbbster look it up shit's hilarious @Jubbbbster you @arzergex why @rdkshinku omjee it endevor
Retweeted by RDK真紅 @arzergex didn't know fantastic four was out already @arzergex nah we aren't doing thisI might just take the piss with all my processes now @Savesofunny webtoon by me that's not out yet
Retweeted by RDK真紅yo wait I WANNA DO THIS NOW GIVE ME A SECOND @TigheSam next week in what-if @Riot_Willbe wait you just noticed now? @PHb2AixCawezOLl @_RXGE @thirdphp didn't like it @Riot_Willbe why
Retweeted by RDK真紅My attempt at drawing Twelve @rdkshinku
Retweeted by RDK真紅 @Riot_Willbe yeah so @yoyo_Cr8r no that's not what the objective is read the image again @ethanisepic03 flare lariat flariat @yoyo_Cr8r that's not what the objective isI'm so glad I made a specific acc for banditboy only that was the correct decisionI think that tavyion cole roblox thing was one of the strangest things like people were saying 'sending prayers from bloxburg' n shittried reading it and got tired lmao ima go script banidtboy was going to read astray goblin but I just witnessed a massacre @grand_Dxp they saw a fireI went to check the comments of banditboy after a while and read through astray goblin from beginning to end and comment on it lolalso I have no idea what to draw so after a couple commissions I may work on another promo artlike one thing I know how to do well is fight scenes yet I haven't actually done a proper coloured one yetwanna do more stuff like this bc this was very fun
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Im gonna bookmark this one @AayanArtz no I just named it crematorium @SophiaScn it's all goodteiko boutta flariat all erin's pokémon card collection @chizzily burn homêless shëlter!!!! :D“Hello, there, loyal viewer! You’re just in time! I have some friends that I would like for you to meet!” “These t…
Retweeted by RDK真紅 @ArtsyAegis no! @ArtsyAegis shut !!!!! 😡😡😡decided to revamp my old tsuna drawing
Retweeted by RDK真紅 @Jubbbbster jordynn's in banditboy? @KrryptED when it was revealednvm im go slepdrawing dragon ball stuff not in the dragon ball artstyle will forever be cool to revamp my old tsuna drawing teiko using another move oooooo @TigheSam @ArtsyAegis how dare u say me nam @InklionArt bird nigga got freezeded @Jaded_Vibez exactly @chizzily fire @ArtsyAegis yamamuro man :(i want all the fights in banditboy to look like anime screencaps @PHb2AixCawezOLl @_RXGE @thirdphp u cant @chizzily @franicman i dont get it @Brosovelt that was quick @franicman (clever name i know hehe) @aka_nobodyy the dago one