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Briefly back for COVID-19 info. PM (open) at will, if you need to reach me.

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@palendae In the face of ambiguity, I guessed. I broke the Zen. Probably why I'm being punished. @palendae instructions unclear coffee grounds stuck in nostril.Apropos nothing: I kept seeing to add a small sprinkle of turmeric to mix coffee drinks. DO NOT DO THIS. Mad props… aren't cases. Or positives. These are deaths ... in one state. President Trump is trying to paint a rosy-tint… timing won’t be perfect. Multiple states may hit a peak around the same time. But not every state will hit an…
Retweeted by Ruben Orduz @djsyndrome Wage suppression will absolutely crush the unemployed.3/ the second reason is a macabre one. WallStreet is betting the worst the economy gets, the faster Trump will rela… first is the unprecedented amount of liquidity and “printing” Treasury and Fed are engaging in. This effectively… In spite of worse-than-expected numbers last week, yesterday and today the financial markets have rallied hard.…’s watch the Dow rise 1000 points on this news. The worse the news, the stronger the rally. thousands die worldwide from the #coronavirus pandemic that spread like wildfire in Wuhan while #China silenced…
Retweeted by Ruben OrduzAnd now reconcile this with we had a record Dow day a week ago and a 2.5% green print today in the S&P. The market…'s a grim wager: Trump will rush to open the country up way before experts (who so far have kept him from makin…
This was outright infuriating to see. We all heard Dr. Birx. She's very concerned that many are not heeding the Pre… should be terrified. But many aren't. The defiance to follow basic guidelines is beyond comprehension. Dr. Birx… Kushner looks like he's a HS senior playing pretend UN #CoronavirusPandemicThere's something utterly inhumane about this. Lives are worthless. Livelihoods worthless. And it revolts me at a p… I don't know how much lower we should be, but the distortion field the Fed has added with $1 trillion repurchase… I continue to be baffled at the distance from reality of the stock market. In what planet does the stock market… better proof how rigged the stock market is than last week new employment filings rose to a record ~ 4X that of…'s no /21/ First off the choice between lives and economy is a false dichotomy in that is not (or should not) really a dich… @tybritten Truly callous. Self-preservation as a nation (and individual) is not a debate. The cretins more concerne… @neurobashing I don’t think we are at the desperation level for riots, more concerned with looting as bank accounts… @neurobashing Preempting shortage due to election year and all, last year I secured a few thousand when Federal had… was reached by the corporate IT last week about tips since I’ve been remote since 2013. The first thing I told th… is a garbage fire for Zoom security. * MacOS root priv-esc & code injection to access mic/camera by…
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@craig_tracey I sense 1.50 points rate cuts are definitely not being passed to the consumer. I would have expected… @craig_tracey 2.2-ish% which surprisingly high for a 10/1 ARM refi given rate is at near zero :/ @djsyndrome "but they're testing more than ever before. Millions of tests. It's incredible." @djsyndrome Ughhhhhh. I’ve heard the same thing with a friend’s kid. Number suppression? @jamiedupree Alan must be weeping seeing the Fed balance sheet. @neurobashing For sure counting SA and RU. They're the Triumvirate of Chaos, IMO. We're devils on our way, but they… @neurobashing I get what you're saying about this giving DJT's thinking some credence, but China needs to be chided…"Wow that is super surprising" --no one, ever.
We are investigating indications that the recent hacking rumors were spread by a paid commercial smear campaign to…
Retweeted by Ruben OrduzSo much time spent fact-checking Trump that could be used for literally anything else. Like trimming your toe nails…
As said the other day. I think numbers are too hard to ignore and pretend we're gonna have large parts of the count… Vendor fests at Conference Keynotes Wired: Vendor fests at White House Coronavirus Taskforce press conference. Not. #COVID19If the expert prediction for the likely scenario in US (~200K deaths) actually happens. There's a fair chance one o… time to wake up and shift of a containerized monolith. Colorized. Circa 2020 AD. emphasis was supposed to go on *your*, not on *is*. But I can't even today.Maybe working heads down during this crisis *is* your refuge and respite. But when you brag about how productive yo… more testimonials I read from Drs and nurses, specially in hard-hit areas, the more angry I get at the whole "l… this takes off, my phone is going to ring off the hook. as it turns out making home made rice crispies cereal is super difficult. Glad to have found online rather than trying myself first.You know this is a "nothinburger" and "jabroni" virus and this whole lockdown is a knee-jerk reaction right?… incredible there are still people more concerned about their social life and first-world lifestyle than they… I do have qualms about the service, w/o local or cable TV I'm deeply appreciative of @YouTube live streams du… people want to rebuild and return to "normal" ASAP, but you can't rebuild while the building is still standing and on fire. #COVID19But numeric reality suggests we're far from the light at end of the tunnel. NYC is maybe 30% into the tunnel and wi… folks are already thinking/saying "April will be very tough, but we'll rebuild in May". Wanting to rebuild is… @jessenoller Trent @Kennjason Jelly.Imagine being so inane so as to mention arbitrary gate-keeping death numbers to what's a tragedy and what isn't. respirator in critical cases requires tracheal perforation (i.e. a hole in your throat). This isn't a casual ICU…'re hearing "we need X thousands ventilators", "we are using X many thousand respirators" so much. I don't think…
To the "it's just like the flu" people: look at facts/numbers. Stop being a selfish and self-centered willfully ign… though I don't fully agree with @NYGovCuomo politics, his handling on the #coronavirus pandemic in NY has been… emergency announcements through the county and state alarm system re #COVID19 but yeah you know the conservatives… @jamiedupree I tweeted this yesterday. Prescient. Tallahassee today
Retweeted by Ruben OrduzThey emphasized it’s a serious disease regardless of age. “It’s just like a flu is bull”. I have no reason to make… the opportunity to speak with 2 resident doctors from the local hospital (which is one of the largest research… Conservative media is being absolutely irresponsible in their reporting of #COVID19 they continue to spread nar… over-emphasize the fact that this is s log-scale chart. It’s not supposed to be curving up or accelerating.… at this chart is ominous. Log-scale chart of worldwide #COVID19 positives (blue), worldwide healed (green),… @andygoldstein This book has been recommended to me a bunch of times and is on my queue: is specially important for kids and teens full of energy and "jumping off the walls" right now. Adults benefit… I try to reason that this tragic situation is transient, that we're amidst a social and economic panic and try… 2 weeks ago when the Americans were promised by the President the Google had hundreds of engineers working… week later, the 20% daily growth estimate still holds: >>> 1.20 ** 72 502400 # Worldwide total - china - s.kore…
Retweeted by Ruben OrduzThe temporary hospital in the Javits Center will fully open on MONDAY. I congratulate FEMA and the Army Corps of E…
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I've been working remotely full-time since 2013. Here are my top 5 remote work tips: * We're not in normal times *… big thank you to all the sponsors, members, and donors for supporting PyCon & the PSF. The support from the comm…
Retweeted by Ruben OrduzNoted how President Trump has backtracked on his aggressive posture to open up the country? Hope is not a strategy. #COVID19People in authority _ABSOLUTELY_ love invisible enemies, because they can shift goal posts and instill fear in the… @neurobashing Boogaloo?I have to admit that of all the governors of states most affected by #COVID19 Florida's De Santis has been by far t… nothing else — at all — comes out of this disgrace it will be giving the planet a few weeks of rest. Would be in…
@djsyndrome Thanks. It was down for me for a few mins. Which was odd.Google and youtube down or just moi?curl your enthusiasm
@RurikBradbury I was on edge. I didn’t know if my domains were healthy and practicing virtual distancing. I was so… want to bet this will end up like post-9/11 but worse in terms of freedoms given up, restrictions and govern… read. #CoronavirusUSA respect for Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. On top of being in a position with YUGE responsibility they also have to “m…
Watching Trump in his town hall meeting is quite frankly ulcer producing. He's literally blaming the experts for pu… is trying to cure the stock market instead of the epidemic, which is the same approach that has helped tank the market
Retweeted by Ruben OrduzAll of this as states are literally grappling and desperately dealing with the epidemic. It’s so incredibly irrespo… economic measure this admin has taken so far in this pandemic has been knee-jerk and desperate. Interest rate… mind is already made. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx could both say resoundingly not to and he’ll do it anyway. We know… and I know that against expert advice (and data) Trump will call for easing restrictions. You and I know his mi…
Every expert I’ve listened/read has unequivocally said it would take months of stay at home to actually placate the…’s truly irritating seeing the panic they‘cr instilled in the nation. The economic disaster they’ve caused. And n… I said the other day Trump’s 15 days campaign will be “W’s” Mission Accomplished gimmick. Accomplish nothing exc… @djsyndrome I honestly don’t think we’ve ever been this close to a nation wide revolt. Unemployment report unless t…’s offish #Gainesville #COVID @ProfJeffJarviss Don’t forget perinneum sunning which is a great social distancing activity.