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determinasi andy dufresne shawshank redemption kabur dari penjara <<<< determinasi orang indon mudikis this the great escape scene @BusterBorrr flora mungil bgt bg
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Ethan Winters' nightmare continues. #REVillage is out today on PS5 and PS4:
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹belum bisa pake mesin cuci, gimana caranya dehEmang ini berita tahun lalu, tapi sampai sekarang menurutku tetap usaha buat mudik yang paling juara. Ocean eleven…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹ @horrorette oiya ya apa cuma di bandung aja yg bilang cakep = cowok @horrorette haha cakep tapi cantikalmost paraaadiseeeee @mikimontana lupa mematikan microfon saat sedang berdzikir
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹They tried a period cramp simulator. The men were not coping.
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹ @radtherandom HSAHAHAHAHAHAHSAHDHASADHwqwq thankyouuu yaa videocall aku sesi 1 soldout (βˆ©ΛƒoΛ‚βˆ©)β™‘
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Akhirnya tiba juga nih chapter terakhir, Rurouni Kenshin: The Final, segera di Netflix!
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹rangorang pada niat bgt kalo mudik sampe mau diselundupin di truk sayuranbuset2 marusha desINI DIAwaini challenge termantabjago juga englishnya fionyudah mulai #akb48g #asiafestival #JKT48 #MNL48 #AKB48TeamSH #CGM48 bhs jepang saya udah N5Saksikan program β€œAKB48γ‚’γ‚·γ‚’γƒ•γ‚§γ‚Ήο½˜γƒ‹γ‚³η”Ÿβ€ karena akan ada konten menarik dari AKB48, JKT48, dan juga sister grup lainnya…
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Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹shonentai 80s fashion
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹" GA MUDIK DULU" #OpsKetupatJaya2021
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹The Bad Batch - Episode 2 is shaping up to be a wild movie 🎒 😳 So here's our exclusive debut of some freaky animation from artist Sh…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹A Triumph Bonneville T120 and a Manchester Morning. @xttxqx @msofyan i ps4 @msofyan belum. tp kalo gini kayanya digital. mungkin krn mau lebaran @msofyan katanya seluruh indon ya @okezonenews wkwk aoaabdulu awal di melb sempet kerja bareng orang dari Depok, terus ada orang india sebiji namanya raj, pas lagi kerja mu…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹the one who benefits the most from this no crop feature is chisato and her legs
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹ @msofyan tidurin aja bgNew Ducati Monster First Impressions | Just Fun! -
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹BREAKING: Cultural Minister of a Genocide-denialist State Fails to See How Imposed Cultural Uniformity is Genocidal
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹#Killyouridol no. 80 ribu ratus puluh
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹makan siang pake retweet #ArtetaOut #indrathohirinOn June 3rd, Beautiful dreams will be reborn eternal. PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON ETERNAL THE MOVIE PART 1 / PART 2…
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@HIMNAFOR @Alkupra sama. tiap minggu nongol terus di recomendation yutubbaca2 raiders of lost ark, kehadiran indiana jones ngga ngaruh dgn filmnya. ada ga ada dia, nazi bakal tetep pada mati. wk @msofyan reviewer?coba ah mau liat efek no crop twitter @novarowisnu beuh mantep untung gwUmeneba-chan, the natto fairy from Ibaraki Prefecture, stretches to maximum height (and towers over Chicchai Ossan,…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Gaes, dapat salam dari Hawkins National Laboratory. Stranger Things Season 4, segera.
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹ @midiahn Gorengan adalah teman terbaik untuk berbuka kak ots
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Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹game bikin game kpop jadi duta karang
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹'twitter crop is gone' are we sure?
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹harus diupdate nih timeline depokBertempat di Depok, Kekaisaran Sunda Nusantara itu dipimpin oleh seorang pria bernama Alex Ahmad Hadi Ngala.
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Apparently Americans can't send each other money via bank transfer?? No wonder I keep seeing venmo and cashapp bein…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹After years of nightmare fuel and trauma...
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹If you’re having a bad day at least you didn’t accidentally invade France
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Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹ @msofyan udah beli?There will likely be three years between the last full-fledged San Diego #ComicCon in 2019 and the next edition, pr…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Yang Margonda valid ni
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thumbnail jadi pada gede2jon watts bikin film rapih bener. pantesan ditunjuk bikin next fantastic four'RED SONJA' Movie Casts HANNAH JOHN-KAMEN In Lead Role
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹ @welldrone hopipola alaihum gambrengβ™ͺ Kora (Cornelius Remix)β™ͺ
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Wednesdays are the new Fridays πŸ—“ Mark your calendars for new episodes of Marvel Studios' #Loki, streaming Wednesday…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹huh? look at HBO's House Of The Dragon (Game Of Thrones prequel)
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹I’m in an emo band now.
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Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Bandung memang antiq? Godaan jelang buka puasa πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Semoga nenek terhibur πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ₯°
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹belajar @novarowisnu kirain beneran, taunya pas baca emang hukumannya disuruh kerja sosial @tolongdibukain wqwqwqtag dulu ah @sarrahashby wk naon eta? eweuh di urang mahlagi banyak banget konten bule puasabeberapa hari belakangan antrean pom bensin sampe tumpeh2indonesia negara hukum, asalamualikum banyak yaa aku denger private talk aku sesi 1 dan 2 soldout Alias sampai bertemu hari ini ❀️
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹Serah terima
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹udah menyerupai kapibara fire kapan? kalo bisa ada bocil2nya
damn seru euy @wisnukunt wkwk bangsat
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹πŸ‘ Arsenal have announced plans to welcome 10,000 to Emirates Stadium for the final game of the season against Brigh…
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹nice, timelinenya pas order 66My Madara cosplay (now with audio lol)
Retweeted by π…π”π‹π‹πŒπ„π“π€π‹ @TriAditha Gak ngerti
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