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“BLACK ARTISTS” BLACK FRIDAY ART THREAD! If you’re selling Prints or Merch for Black Friday then drop a link belo…
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“Where was that energy when Trayvon Martin died? When Eric Garner was placed in an illegal chokehold by people whos…
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@PaperAshes @hodderscape @molluskey YAY!!! How exciting!!! @hodderscape @PaperAshes Oh how EXCITING!!!! I’m so ready for this. So. Freaking. READY! @Louiestowell @NonPratt @Louiestowell @NonPratt I mean Kylo Ren can do one but yes you have a point @Louiestowell @NonPratt Absolutely love Drama Satan @yourtitakate Starlord probably covers his entire spaceship on flags too
@ANovelNeuron @Rachaelcartoons @BooksRound @SelfMadeHero Oh my goodness postcards 🥺🥺🥺THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! your local bookshop @BooksRound. The very special and award winning Round Table Books in Brixton market.…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @Rachaelcartoons @BooksRound @SelfMadeHero NO FREAKING WAY?!? This is absolutely beautiful and I’m in tears 😭 thank… suicidal thoughts) "the characters of Dragon Age: Inquisition were the element of the game that literally save…
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@byleahjohnson The dungarees and turtle neck though! 😍
@faridahlikestea Grease and Hairspray are my go-to musicals that always make me sing along non stop! @rocapri Such a gorgeous cover!!! 😍 @adiba_j I’m so sorry for your loss, sending you love ❤️HERE IT IS 🥰: What started as an angry tweet became something more. In my first ever piece for @BitchMedia, I write…
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WE'VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD! (Thank you to whoever nominated us) £10,000 IS A LOT OF BOOKS TO KIDS!! (The…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @KatAliceDunn Ooh @rshipbshop always wraps!! @faridahlikestea YESSSSSSS @shutupshealea Hello! No regrets at all, your feed is brilliant! - Last book I really enjoyed was Crier's War! - I…‼️🇵🇭 We surpassed our final goal & raised PHP 276K for typhoon victims in the Philippines 🇵🇭‼️ Thank you so much!…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossGrrr. Fuckity fuck why don’t you gracefully take the very valid criticism you’re receiving from the autistic people…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossOkay, I'll catch you later then.
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossI am just sitting. Very happy with the new hairstyles too! #ACNH @BooksandChokers @oceansofnovels Wow. @DeanAtta @aimeefelone @_DavidStevens DEAN 😭 @littlehux @_DavidStevens @aimeefelone Anything egg is just 🤢 @aimeefelone @_DavidStevens @_DavidStevens @aimeefelone Don’t tell lies with this Creme Egg gif 🤨Love that my morning starts with me and @aimeefelone throwing shade at @_DavidStevens purely because he’s poaching eggs @ldlapinski I want to watch Good Omens again now
buy that book from an indie seller. you don’t need it in two days. you aren’t going to read it for six months anyway.
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @BooksandChokers @JanelleLMccurdy Phew! I hope you aren’t waiting too long in the end! 🤞🏽 @JanelleLMccurdy Ahhhhhhh have you pre-ordered at least? Good luck - I hope you have snacks for the queue!
@gamingthemind I do! It’s the best thing to listen to when reading too! Thanks for sharing this playlist ☺️And to those who said afro hair texture wouldn't work in an animal crossing game because it wouldn't "fit the aesth…
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@BooksandChokers Bless you 💕💕 so so deserved for you I’m still so thrilled! @amyjanealice Honestly!!! If this was how SoC was shown to me first I’d have never picked it up 😂 @BooksandChokers Oh ELLE!!!! 🥺The award for the Most Misleading Six of Crows Advert goes to... @LBardugo The ad is so joyous but I was half expecting a crow to burst onto the screen and peck the cake to shreds... @EmmaIllustrate @BooksRound Big up to lovely @indiajwc too for adding this into the stock order - perfect for Christmas!! 😍 @DapsDraws @PenguinUKBooks Love these photos!! 👏🏽A few weeks back I was interviewed alongside some amazing individuals as part of @PenguinUKBooks “Lit In Colour” ca…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossBefore I go to bed, I want to put something in perspective for the Americans on my tl. 1 USD = 50PHP I have 3457…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @gay_onnaise HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 💕💕
@thepetitepunk Oh yay! You weren’t forgotten thankfully 😂 @thepetitepunk This happened to me once - turns out they had completely forgotten me for 20 mins 🙃😂 @Kwia35 @clpe1 @BooksRound @Blackstarbooks_ @thisisbooklove @LetterboxLib Ah thanks so much for shouting out… BLOG POST: Thanks to all who have sent me books to review. As I now get lots of enquir…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossThis was my favorite but from the Schwab & Bardugo talk at Miami Book Fair Online. I had to go back and quote the s…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @emtheweird Yay!! 😍 @aimeefelone @MerkyBooks @Wretch32 @rapclassroom @BooksRound @renireni @peatreebojangle @DapsDraws @BeeBabs was this A YEAR AGO?!? @ldlapinski 👀👀👀👀👀✨THREAD✨ the bare minimum we can all do is boost/retweet links/info about what's happening in the Philippines - I'…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @bookrokosmos No problem!‼️IF YOU CANT DONATE MONEY TO HELP THE PHILIPPINES‼️
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossIf you're unable to donate, please find some other ways to help in this thread - including streaming videos, sharin… @bookrokosmos I've just found this one! up to news because I've been so out of it, but check out this thread by @shutupshealea and @yourtitakate's…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @carmineclaire The beacons are lit!! Gondor calls for aid!!don't ignore this and be selective with your activism. cities in the philippines are completely submerged in floodw…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Bossplease please, read about what’s going on in the philippines rn, a lot of places are in critical condition as they…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossWith calls against donating to the PH govt and cases of fraudulent fundraisers, it’s hard to know where to donate.…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel BossWHAT’s HAPPENING/ HOW TO DONATE my following isnt that big but please RT TO SHARE. THE PHILIPPINES NEED YOUR HELP…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @oceansofnovels Following, excited to see your posts! @Louiestowell @_DavidStevens Me looking at the unopened voice note in my messages: @PrettyPPD Yeah it wasn't good at all! @_DavidStevens I'm reporting you to HR. @PrettyPPD When I worked for a clothing shop, I called in sick and they made me come in, and I legit struggled to s… @_DavidStevens I absolutely hate the sound of anything eating, but I think this is perfectly acceptable and now I w… @blondewithab00k ...HUHIf any other authors want to out themselves as transphobes please do so quickly so I can put you on my list of "aut…
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Yesterday we announced #Malice, a magical queer retelling of Sleeping Beauty. We received so much excitement we're…
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@cupofwonderland That’s brill, well done! @LovelyOwlsBooks DM’d about the proof! 💕 @LovelyOwlsBooks WHAT?! That is ridiculous!!!! @LovelyOwlsBooks Some people do absolutely ridiculous prices!! 🙃 @LovelyOwlsBooks I know some people sell theirs on Depop so it’s worth checking there after the box is out! 🙏🏽
@aidenschmaiden HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIAN, ABSOLUTE LORD OF CHAOS!!! @redbreastedbird Man this hit different 😭😭😭😭😭 @penguinplatform @heatherrwalter5 Ohhhhhhhh it's gorgeous!"I'll reply back later" 5 days later: "OMG, the message"
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @penguinplatform 👀👀👀 @daphlt @cureadosity You are SMASHING it!!! @rshipbshop Happy news indeed!!
@PortalBookshop 🥺🥺🥺 @minareadss This mask!! Love it! @illumicrate Yes!!!! Loving it 😍😍😍While that book with awful autism rep is being discussed, I'd like to promote a book with positive autism rep. Writ…
Retweeted by Layla | Barrel Boss @OneworldNews @PeaceMedie I feel like you need to see this one @indiajwc 😍 @PortalBookshop Lali you absolutely deserve it!!!! So thrilled for you 💕 @littlehux Same here!!! Such excellence, one day I will visit in person and be broke AF
Looking absolutely incredible!!!