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Alt-pop trio SHADED (@SHADEDUK) have launched a new EP series, 'A Year Of You' - give the first instalment a listen… (@idlesband) have shared a very handy video for their new single, 'War' Honey (@BLACKHONEYUK) have released a video for their new single, 'Run For Cover': "I wanted to explore the t… this month’s brand new issue of Upset you’ll find: ✖️ @grandson ✖️ @KnucklePuckIL ✖️ @ToucheAmore ✖️…
Retweeted by Dork❌ NEW ISSUE ❌ We’re delighted to welcome @grandson to the cover of Upset for the first time with our BRAND NEW ISS…
Retweeted by DorkOf all the albums out today, it's quite possible (probable, even) that Pillow Queens' (@PillowQueeens) new 'un is o… @readdork cover feature interview with @thedriverera is online! You can read it here and…
Retweeted by DorkMissed Mez talking all sorts of shart about that thing called School for his monthly cast for @readdork then listen…
Retweeted by DorkYungblud's (@yungblud) new video for 'god save me, but don’t drown me out' is a fun one (@2000trees) have confirmed the majority of 2021's line-up, including Creeper, Laura Jane Grace, The Amaz… Driver Era have released their new single 'Fade' - give it a listen and read their Dork cover feature online in… (@waterparks) are back with new single 'Lowkey As Hell': "Fuck genres and expectations"… Tala (@hope_tala) has shared her bold new single and video, 'All My Girls Like To Fight' - an early taster fro… (@GRACEYmusic_) and Alexander 23 (@alexander23lol) have dropped a video for their stellar new bop, 'Like Tha… Constance (@Conniecountach) is dishing out a dose of sunshine with her "indie summer anthem", 'Costa del Mar… Scheller (@oscar_scheller) has shared his fun new pop-bop 'Average Joe', a song about challenging ideas of ma… Leone (@itsmaxleone) has unleashed his new dark-pop single, '5': "It's about that loss of innocence"… Peters (@maisiehpeters) has roped in JP Saxe (@jpsaxe) for her new single, 'Maybe Don't'…
Megan Thee Stallion has joined the bill for Afro Nation Portugal (@afronation) 2021 Power has announced a new album with a video for recent single, 'Breathe In, Breathe Out'… Runway (@breerunway) isn't taking any nonsense with her new song, 'Little Nokia' popster Carpetgarden (@notcarpetgarden) has released their lovely new single, 'Can Ghosts Be Gay?'… Vile (@therealkurtvile) has launched a new mostly-covers EP with 'How Lucky', a duet with John Prine… Buzzard Buzzard (@buzzardbuzzard) have shared a new video for 'Late Night City' - give it a watch…'Trouble's Coming' - @royalblooduk are back with a brand new track. Sports Team were disqualified cos The One Show only has one green comfy chair. Sorry everyone. #mercuryprizeThe winner of the 2020 Hyundai Mercury Prize is @michaelkiwanuka's 'Kiwanuka’. it. Michael Kiwanuka wins the Mercury Prize 2020. #mercuryprize where are the ROCK AND METAL butterflies? #mercuryprizeThere’s a film about butterflies on The One Show now. Butterflies probably like a Long Hot Summer, don’t they? DO Y… is a picture of Alicia Keys, who is currently on The One Show. She is pictured with Ashton Kutcher. Know who h…’re going through a lot just to find out Michael Kiwanuka won, aren’t we? #mercuryprize(This is not a hint)Juan Mata is currently surprising someone on The One Show. Juan Mata is a footballer. Football is a sport. A SPORT… to check, we’re all just here to see how The One Show explain Sports Team in a reverential, serious way, right? #mercuryprizeWolf Alice are no longer on telly.We miss you Wolf Alice. Come back please. Thanks.Wolf Alice are on telly. WOLF ALICE ARE ON TELLY. #mercuryprizeIf The One Show doesn’t have a feature on which misshapen vegetable looks most like the winner of the Mercury Prize… - last night we showed you our brand new issue, featuring our fave fresh indie prince @alfietempleman. It’s o…
Retweeted by Dork@thesilversphere has debuted her brand new 'all my boyfriends’ EP. You can check out the video for 'ghosts!’ now,… - last night we showed you our brand new issue, featuring our fave fresh indie prince @alfietempleman. It’s o… Seconds of Summer's @Ashton5SOS is releasing a solo album, ’Superbloom’, next month. Check out the Nick Drake ins… love an Aussie alt-popster, and look! Here's another one! @hauskeymusic has dropped a brand new track, ‘Somewher…, Dear Reader - who do you think will win the Mercury Prize tonight? It’s an award to celebrate the best album of… there eventually. Bloody Tweetdeck.If it’s better than this, it’s clearly the best album ever made.’re not very good at tweeting today. LET’S TRY AGAIN.HRRRNK! @regrettesband and @TheAmazons are among the latest names for @2000trees. Here’s (almost all) of your Satur… this month’s issue, we have… ☁️ @alfietempleman ☁️ @idlesband ☁️ @thisisLANY ☁️ @Saweetie ☁️ Dork’s Big K-P…
Retweeted by Dork**NEW ISSUE** We’re delighted to welcome indie’s boy wonder @alfietempleman to the cover of Dork for the first time…
Retweeted by Dork
In this month’s issue, we have… ☁️ @alfietempleman ☁️ @idlesband ☁️ @thisisLANY ☁️ @Saweetie ☁️ Dork’s Big K-P… sorry)(Fettuccine Alfredo, geddit?)hello everyone! i’m excited to let you know that my new single ‘forever isn’t long enough’ drops next monday (you c…
Retweeted by Dork**NEW ISSUE** We’re delighted to welcome indie’s boy wonder @alfietempleman to the cover of Dork for the first time… (@grandson) has announced his debut album with new single, 'Dirty' Kid (@exitkidband) have released their latest stomper, 'Bleary Eyed' - a fun, tongue-in-cheek jab at lockdown… have shared a video for 'Razzmatazz', the title-track from their upcoming debut album Moir (@GeorgeMoirMusic) and Blossom Caldarone (@BLOSSOMBLOSSOMC) have shared their new lockdown bop, 'Lonely… (@cmatbaby) has dropped her typically bonkers sad cowboy song, 'I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!'… who gets the next one deserves a medal.Baby Queen (@babyqueen) has announced her debut EP, and shared a video for her new tune 'Pretty Girl Lie'… Waves (@CircaWaves) have released a goo-filled video for their Alfie Templeman (@alfietempleman) collab, 'Lem… Payton (@molpayton) takes a swipe at 'cool' with her new fuzzy pop number, 'How To Have Fun'… newcomers Tungz (@Tungzzzz) have teamed up with Bad Sounds (@realbadsounds) for their new single, 'Somebody…🤔 Dork's cover feature with Wallows online, in full, now >>> @alfietempleman We’re so subtle.’s do something very silly.hello. ma chat with @dominicfike from last month's mag cover is online now. t'was a loada fun. 'av a read
Retweeted by DorkAnd while we’re talking radio - listen at 1pm BST to hear this week’s Down With Boring again, featuring special gue…’s this week’s Dork Radio update - with new tracks from @bastilledan, @yungblud, @Sunflower_Bean, @babyqueen an… Dork's cover feature with Dominic Fike online, in full, now >>>
Curtis Waters (@imcurtiswaters) has announced his debut album, and it's coming in just a few weeks - check out his… (@vistasmusic) have shared their exceptionally jaunty new song, 'Comfort' Pax (@GrandPaxCNTL) is back with her three-song 'Wavey' EP - due later this year - plus a new video for the t… @readdork profile is up!
Retweeted by DorkGlass Animals (@GlassAnimals) are going to host a ‘Live In The Internet’ broadcast, with special guests, performanc… Me At Six have dropped a new track, and announced their next album Pablo (@soypablo777) is miserable about leaving a party with his new single, 'Leave Me Alone'… do you mean ‘Dork, your Instagram Story has gone all weird. What the hell are you on about?'Bastille (@bastilledan) are celebrating their time together so far with new single, 'Survivin''… tomorrow? See you here. ☁️
Retweeted by DorkRead our cover feature with Tate McRae (@tatemcrae) online, in full, now >>> Dork's cover feature with mxmtoon online, in full, now >>> tomorrow? See you here. ☁️ Dork's cover feature with Cavetown online, in full, now >>>
We’re on air now - tune in! Zealand punks Die! Die! Die! stand for their own truth with new single, 'I Seek Misery' Dork's cover feature with Chloe Moriondo (@kidzwithbugz) online now >>>’re up for the Mercury Prize this week, but before that - this week’s Down With Boring features special guests… & The Shitboys' debut album is coming next month - check out their new video for 'If You Believe In Eating Meat… Dork's cover feature with Arlo Parks (@arloparks) in full online now >>>