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dude named rosstopher | @yuhuuur | he/him

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@xoxabstract why the left boob @LilNasX my fit to the #MONTERONUMBER1PARTY @xoxabstract no way it’s that good @xoxabstract never seen it @bori_antt so soon. @nopeyx the chosen one#NewProfilePic🔥 JLINGZZZZZZZZZZZZ 🔥
Retweeted by r ø s s @Behzinga OUR BOYS ETHAN WERE DOIN IT @Hauntterr LMAOyo where u at bro @Avalanche100T boom @DarienBMG POST IT @Grahamalott gnnnnn @LilNasX and still no albumi need itTOP 2 AND SHE AIN’T 2 @realJBA WOOOOO HAOOY BURTHDAY
@goombba @xQc i’ve been summoned. @22lexi_ @Boy1drr jesus christ ur so annoying please just shut up @Boy1drr surely it works @VinkolaJokic what he do now LMFAOjust one chance @KaleiRenay @22lexi_ nobody is talking dumbass this is twitter @HarryButAverage VAMOSSSS @22lexi_ ur cracker ass doesnt eat hot chips @22lexi_ ur lying u didnt even put one @xoxabstract and i just cut mine😁 @whotfiswill this again?Los Tontos is just an aubie slander gc Part 2
Retweeted by r ø s s @AubieAnderson @razau__ so much pain bg that emoji LMFAOLIVE TWICE IN ONE DAY WHAAAAT OH MY GOD I AM LIVE
Retweeted by r ø s s @Froste lmk when, we can go back and forth @TristanGHill LOLwho buying me the ion sheriff @xAidanZul ay dis mf from kansas
@TristanGHill people so braindead bro like how do u live ur life trying to ruin others @TristanGHill mfs be clout chasing and im sitting here thinking about how i would hate to be huge on social media b… @KeviSkillz OMG LMK WHEN U GET ONE I CANT WAIT @KeviSkillz OMG THANK U KEVI, WHEN R WE GETTING NEW KEVI PICTURES @KeviSkillz heyyy @may_wedda i remember i used to do stage crew in high school and setting up the board for the sound was so confusing good luck man @JhbTeamm @Froste what is this @timmyshakes oh shush @jakkuxd @shivisdumb LOL @oFabz still cant compete with ur sexy ass @timmyshakes ty timmy @jakkuxd @shivisdumb look away @FavsPriv @shivisdumb crying @oFabz @shivisdumb idk man @sebastianjii @shivisdumb i hadnt slept in over 30 hours man i was deliriously horny @timmyshakes hey @shivisdumb omg @Boltsiola ILY @Boy1drr @KaleiRenay gnanyways gn @KaleiRenay @FavsPriv @shivisdumb yea @ABA_Demonz @_MaddieSims chilll @WhosBreezyUK @shivisdumb yooooo @ABA_Demonz @shivisdumb real @xAidanZul @shivisdumb fr man @Josh_Tries @shivisdumb what do u want @exJackiee @shivisdumb yo @mackenziereynaa @shivisdumb LOL @Boy1drr @22lexi_ @Wis_Alt @mackenziereynaa @shivisdumb no thanks @connoraven @shivisdumb art @mackenziereynaa @22lexi_ @shivisdumb lemme clarify now, enough near for the THREE OF U @connoraven @shivisdumb yoo @ezbak3lovin nah bro @shivisdumb @22lexi_ yall tryna have a 3 way i got enough meat for the both of yall @22lexi_ @shivisdumb yea ok pal @xLambo_ hello! @xLambo_ @22lexi_ @shivisdumb u literally have nothing to do with this stfu @ezbak3lovin u perfect anyways @22lexi_ @shivisdumb unless u both gonna start scissoring and making out in my mentions untag me @YourEmbracee me too eating tho @22lexi_ @shivisdumb i saw the other reply @YourEmbracee wassup @YourEmbracee hey @22lexi_ @shivisdumb hater @whotfiswill @shivisdumb 😹 @kvrohs @shivisdumb ty bro @xLambo_ @shivisdumb BOOM @TheTopViking @shivisdumb this how u shoot son @kvrohs @shivisdumb chillin fr @DarienBMG @shivisdumb LET HER KNOWWWWWW @shivisdumb @Boy1drr @DarienBMG THAT MUSHY GUSHY PUSSY @Boy1drr @shivisdumb 😼 @DarienBMG @shivisdumb MY MANNNN @CartmanCG @shivisdumb 😏 @kvrohs @shivisdumb yoooo @notedub @shivisdumb they wouldn’t get it @Hauntterr @shivisdumb listen man @Wis_Alt @shivisdumb my fault @shivisdumb hey @notedub @shivisdumb vibes @j4zzyko @shivisdumb yo @goombba @shivisdumb look away @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew LMFAOOOOOO @shivisdumb nah lemme hear that mushy gushy pussy