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Ministry of Communication - Ghana: Ban George Lutterodt From TV & Radio in Ghana - Sign the Petition! via @Change
Retweeted by JamJamCole Jonathan Reynolds Ko-Jo Cue Eminem Joe Bechem Hallelujah Voices ❤️ 50 Cent reminds us every single day why he got shot 9 times.
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Retweeted by JamJam#YPartyPressure later today with my g’s @kulaGH @Endwd_DJ and @DjKrept 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Y1079FM
Retweeted by JamJamStill weird to see Pundit under my name ... Join us on @orange107.9 as we talk Entertainment. I get somethings af…
Retweeted by JamJamWe’re actually living in a world where the person sitting beside you could be a cake
Retweeted by JamJamYou don’t have to have an opinion about everything.
Retweeted by JamJamAugust Alsina donkey f**king jada. Jaden calling Tyler the creator his dad. Willow writing a letter to Tupac tha…
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Retweeted by JamJamPlease please recognize that the child's mother passed away during this fire. She was already engulfed in flames wh…
Retweeted by JamJamJust know. if you ever bring me a plate of hot ass watermelon we gotta fight in the parking lot immediately.
Retweeted by JamJamThis is what women want.. The simping, ever loving bum who'll stay and wait for her to enjoy the escapades then ret…
Retweeted by JamJamNormalize entanglements
Retweeted by JamJamWill Smith when they cut the cameras:
Retweeted by JamJamA Ghanaian, Ms. Valentina Mintah has been appointed as a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Exec…
Retweeted by JamJamI can't stand unread notifications. It makes me uneasy.
Retweeted by JamJamAugust Alsina: “I could die today knowing fully well I loved her her” Jada:
Retweeted by JamJamThe “I cheated on you” statement be hard for them. They’ll rather say “I needed to find myself and find what mak…
Retweeted by JamJamBe like Our Movie Producers Speed Up oo
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I never thought I would be doing this but my little brother is MISSING His name is Marley Montaque. He’s 6’1 155 pd…
Retweeted by JamJamthe disney channel stylist
Retweeted by JamJamguys i have some three days banku there, i beg
Retweeted by JamJamthis has made me begin to question the nature of our reality. am i a cake? are we all cakes? in an eternal expandin…
Retweeted by JamJamHappy birthday to my brother @sarkodie , it’s your day! enjoy to the fullest 🙏 #MissMoney
Retweeted by JamJam+1 today 🎈💛🦀. [go stream my songs, thanks]
Retweeted by JamJamwhat do you think “Bastard” means??
Retweeted by JamJamWow this is crazy...
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You think you’re matured on social media ern @jefferynortey okay Gimme wisdom or go to Benin Shot by…
Retweeted by JamJam @AnthonyKwabenaG That scenario i agree.Baby, I don't need no lean I don't need no alcohol Babe you dey high me Asay you dey high me @MagnomBeats @AnthonyKwabenaG I dont know how it became a ”thing”. Detaching yourself because y’all argued?ZAACOAL 🔥🔥🔥 Ghanaian entrepreneur is producing larg scale charcoal from coconut husk. No felling of trees for cha…
Retweeted by JamJamThis saturday on #ypartypressure @JonnyStone_ @kulaGH @Endwd_DJ @DjKrept 😍😍🙌🏾 @Y1079FM
Retweeted by JamJamI don’t care if you’re high, drunk, just got home from having sex, Full from your meal, Just looked at porn, I don’…
Retweeted by JamJamKabutey dier if he breathe sef niggas dey vex.
Retweeted by JamJamPlease help
Retweeted by JamJam😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Movie Villain VS The Real Villains
Retweeted by JamJamWhere’s the disconnect?
Retweeted by JamJamThe babe initially refused to stay in her man’s house that night because she had an appointment with a side piece,…
Retweeted by JamJamListening, processing and responding appropriately (or not at all) is a necessary life skill
Retweeted by JamJamLinkups that make me forget I have a phone >>>>>>>
Retweeted by JamJamdont go broke trying to look rich. live within your means, my dons.
Retweeted by JamJamAlmost 4 months later...
Retweeted by JamJamTrue love ❤️ #Happysunday
Retweeted by JamJamMoney can buy comfort no doubt but happiness NO. Happiness is an inside job. Look within it’s free and accessible to all. I love you
Retweeted by JamJamWhen I was young, I was so obsessed with money i named our company Refuse 2 Be Broke and me Payday da pralem. As i…
Retweeted by JamJamLove this @cesc4official story about Antonio Conte and Diego Costa. 💙 #CFC
Retweeted by JamJamlmao this how my brain look when people ask me stupid questions
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Retweeted by JamJamGhana Psychology Council came out to bar him from speaking in the capacity of a counsellor on tv and radio because…
Retweeted by JamJamIf it was supposed to be like that it would come like that
Retweeted by JamJamlook what i made
Retweeted by JamJamThis is how they teach history in the Fire Nation:
Retweeted by JamJamK. K. Fosu’s ‘Na Thru Me You Make The Oga’ is one of the greatest diss tracks in the world. Maybe, next to Tupac’s.
Retweeted by JamJamGood morning. Remember that Ghana did not write the WASSCE in 2010. It is possible.
Retweeted by JamJam @MisterrAdjei One of the best books i’ve ever read. Still have the PDF just incase i loose the physical copyI read this book a lot like the Book Of Mormon. It’s the only book I made a lot of personal notes and I keep readi…
Retweeted by JamJamI want this 2016 feeling again
Retweeted by JamJamblack owned also shouldn't mean $45 for a t-shirt that says melanin
Retweeted by JamJamSupport for 13 year old Kwaku’s dialysis treatment
Retweeted by JamJamMy chest😭💔😔
Retweeted by JamJamThe show villain. The actual villain.
Retweeted by JamJamThe series villain. The Actual villains.
Retweeted by JamJamyour entitlement shows in so many ways beyond you getting angry your friend don’t support your business. sometime…
Retweeted by JamJamNOW PLAYING "Kyer3 Me” by @KofiJamar feat @s3fa_gh 🔛 #YLounge 🍹🍷 w/@TheRealNaaDzama x @djbongogh x @SabogSa
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You enjoy music better when you're high I promise🤝
Retweeted by JamJamIf Kiss Me Thru the Phone had come out during Coronavirus it would’ve been the #1 song in the history of music
Retweeted by JamJamIf your child sits too close to the TV even after numerous attempts by you to stop it, it's probably because they'r…
Retweeted by JamJamBurger Highlife Proper.
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Retweeted by JamJamMallam for benin give chairman egg say make e break am for ground in the morning. Slay queen come take the egg do indomie.
Retweeted by JamJamCongrats @onua_zionfelix on the opening of your new studio space. Your story should inspire many other young ones c…
Retweeted by JamJamFeminism in Ghana is an elitist movement. No one talked about women empowerment when Honorable Akua Donkor run for president.
Retweeted by JamJami feel like people just awaken and say hmm what can bother me today 😡😡
Retweeted by JamJamLieutenant Odame Luxury Melanin
Retweeted by JamJamMy lil sis takes my clothes and does this 😂 #RIPPopSmoke 🙌🏾
Retweeted by JamJamAll you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt❣️
Retweeted by JamJamI will be going live this Sunday with the @_thehortor on Instagram to feed you guys with bangers. Set your reminder…
Retweeted by JamJamKobe Bryant’s death is still fresh in my mind.
Retweeted by JamJamMISSING‼️‼️ My Cousin Ade Alldaz Oladokun has been reported missing for 5 days. He resides in the Washington D.C.…
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Show respect to Jorginho the current Vice Captain.
Retweeted by JamJamhold tf on...
Retweeted by JamJam"I haven't eaten the whole year, buy my art"
Retweeted by JamJamLmaooooo dem don dey sub dia papa 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by JamJam“JUNGLE BEATS, HOLLA AT ME” Everyone in 2014:
Retweeted by JamJam @paa_kwesi01 @the_law_himself Taju. Abeg uuu. No banku. PampiiOpen tho..
Retweeted by JamJamPeople point to Never Mind but I've been talking mental health for a while. Listen to Burger Highlife. I mean you…
Retweeted by JamJamfrom d sugar mas streets 🇰🇳 to getting an award at buckingham palace from Her Majesty.
Retweeted by JamJamThis the one!
Retweeted by JamJamI read this two different ways 😄🙈
Retweeted by JamJam#PopSmoke got his own emoji wtf W
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