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LMAOO Biden is increasingly displaying that he is cognitively incapable of participating in this Presidential Electio…
Retweeted by Bryson GrayNEW: What's Up With Joe Biden?
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @RealBrysonGray @sparkledocawake How about we all go into Apple Music and download @realbrysongray songs? We need t…
Retweeted by Bryson GrayWow. Republicans are soft. y’all are leftists posing as republicans. Got it. don’t know who needs to hear this but you can’t change genders.Never Forget that Joe Biden thinks that any black person who votes for Trump... “isn’t black”. That’s Pure Racism.
Retweeted by Bryson GrayJOE BIDEN IS NOT OK.
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @RealBrysonGray "I'd rather be real and broke than fake and rich." 👏🏼🙏🏻 This statement/position should reflect ever…
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @600Breezy @supitsshekinahWhy is it that every celebrity that tells you that you’re opprssed....are successful and living in rich gated communities?The 27 Year Old Chicago Rapper Killed today Downtown Chicago left a message telling fellow Gang Members to stop sho…
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @atensnut LMAOYou lost us at “My Heart”.
Retweeted by Bryson GrayJoe Biden and Democrats are now blaming Trump for covid and how it effected our economy. This was the plan all along. @RealStone0016 @nfrealmusic Thank you!Lmao Trump is my favorite President ever. Idc. replaced you with Artificial Intelligence fans & then showed you the George Floyd body cam footage two months…
Retweeted by Bryson GrayNever Trumpers are a bunch of losers and they hate America
Retweeted by Bryson GrayThis is how you create racists.
Retweeted by Bryson GrayI know it hurt ⁦@CNBC⁩ to their HEART to have to write the TRUTH about Trump! 😂🤣😂 Especially bc they all tried so…
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @realDonaldTrump We are @LegendaryEnergy My bro 💯My car won’t start. Hopefully it’s just the battery.Damn, this right here 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @RealBrysonGray, @Tyson_James_ Killing it.. love it
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @sirhottest Yeah FBG duck been popping since 2012 though...but it’s just for people that was into the drill sceneChristianity is under attack worldwide. Closed churches isn’t a coincidence or the half of it.
Retweeted by Bryson GrayOprah is allowed to openly blame & bash white people all she wants. It’s encouraged. If she criticized Jewish power…
Retweeted by Bryson GrayThis is why I’m voting for Donald Trump!
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @SlimMarley615 😍😍😍 @realDonaldTrump 🔥🔥🔥 @RealBrysonGray
Retweeted by Bryson GrayIf you can go outside to loot and riot then you can go outside to VOTE!Thoughts on question below. I say heck yeah
Retweeted by Bryson GrayWe The People should not stand for this any longer. The media is against us. Trump is for us.
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @stclairashley Yeah that’s crazyWow. We’re trying to show people that Trump supporters are kind. This dm is weird. @DaVonTooMuch_ That’s because I start trends. You follow them.Good morning family! Working on my christian album today. No breakfast yet! How are y’all doing this morning?I just want to thank y’all for helping me prove everybody wrong. Hopefully more people will unapologetically stand… I’ve NEVER been fake. I was turning down record deals at 17 years old. I’d rather be real and broke than fake a… cousin in Atlanta with a lot of connects black balled me because I refused to “fake it until I mak… mom literally called me livid and said that I would have to choose between politics and music or else she would… literally just had one of the biggest songs on the radio in NC a year and half prior...all the DJs were rocking w… venting on twitter... but I really don’t think a lot of people realize what I risked and gave up to stand on… @5krym @supitsshekinah @KingVonFrmdaWic @supitsshekinah @600Breezy @supitsshekinah @600Breezy @supitsshekinahSomeone called me. I’m back talking about Chicago’s talk about what’s really going on in Chicago. Listen.’s the biggest threat to America ..... a democrat
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @_realjgoodwin No sex before marriageLook up how “drill music” became popular in other countries and how they attributed drill music to the rise in stabbings. @OpenSystems_ Red zones on the south side has 24 hour police surveillance and its gated. @dayworldeater You obviously don’t get it. Thinking like this is why problems aren’t solved. Let me help you. BD k… @JuicySARSBurger Look up how they diss rival gang members in songs. They’re usually talking about real people. @dayworldeater The war started after lil jo jo died. Why did he die? @MikeyMerlino Because I watch all of the interviews from the people in the gangs in your city. Am I wrong doe? @Rebelfortruth1 Drill music is killing music. Drill means to go kill rival gang members. They make drill music to d… @JuicySARSBurger Keep digging. It’s deeper than music though. Learn the code that they use in songs. @BGal1964 It is about’s about blocks...not drugs. Deep dive into Chicago’s drill music culture and you will see. @Carlos44612613 @mfastronauts He had just made a song dissing dead rival gang members. This is just part of the process in Chicago.The reason nobody has any solutions for Chicago’s violence is because I don’t think people understand what’s going… @dayworldeater No. It is the cause. FBG duck died because of a song. A lot of the wars in Chicago started because o… you want to really know what’s going on in Chicago and why there is so many killings...type in “Chicago drill mu… @UncleHotep *drill @UncleHotep Nah bro all of Chicago frill music is about dissing the dead opps. I thought he was off that until his last record#BREAKING 🔥🔥👍 Sounds like Durham is done! Trump has seen the goods! BREATHTAKING!
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @washingtonpost Are y’all trying to put a positive spin on......communism?I just told my momma that I was lowkey a nerd and she said “’re just a hood rat that can absorb a lot of in…
rapper, FBG duck, from Chicago was shot today. He recently made a song dissing dead rival gang members, which is co… percent chance for Joe.
Retweeted by Bryson GrayI was on the chad Prather show! is the original Call out page.
Retweeted by Bryson GrayOprah is worth more money than 99% of white people in this country but she has the audacity to talk about “whitenes… making criminals martyrs. @Senselescommon 🤣🤣 @sirhottest Lmaoooo exactly bruhThis will piss some people off but as a person that was born and raised in the black community....I’ve NEVER met ANYONE name “Barack”. @mary_karling @RealBrysonGray Maybe I do like Rap 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @Senselescommon Im 29Obama didn’t make me feel like I could be president. He was your average life long politician. Trump made me feel l… we flood the internet with videos of patriots STANDING for the National Anthem? I’m proposing the…
Retweeted by Bryson GrayInconvenient fact: There is zero evidence that George Floyd's arrest and death had anything to do with race.
Retweeted by Bryson GrayDamn, What does someone need to do to get this damn virus? @JackPosobiec
Retweeted by Bryson GrayMinnesota withheld the full #GeorgeFloyd body cam footage for one reason and one reason only: they knew it would im…
Retweeted by Bryson GrayBryson Gray - WARRIOR (w/ Tyson James) (ROUGH) via @YouTube @SheaButtaBaby__ Nah I do that to my girl and I’m not toxic 🤣Russia. Ukraine. Covid. Economy shut down. Riots. Without any breaks in between. All during election season. Coincidence?If you like it or not @RCW_VNV This is why you’re one of my favsGood afternoon Just your daily reminder that there are only two genders Trans don’t exist only demons The dev…
Retweeted by Bryson Gray @FlorioGina This is the facts!It’s hard having civil discourse if one side is having their views censored. @ktruth83 He refused to go in the car and was asked to be put on the ground. @ktruth83 What does the autopsy report say? @HipHopThinker Yeah that’s why I’m shooting tons of videos to help!Far left “activists” are burning crosses now. They are the new KKK. Prove me wrong.Amidst the scorn, and despite being called c**ns and Uncle Tom's, a few of us black Trump supporters took to the fr…
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