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"A recent Newspoll has found most Australians – 56 per cent –" susceptible to NewsCorps's anthropogenic climate cha… @PlatypiPolitics Sorry about that, I'm 30mins in the future, and refuse to watch that garbage fire anyway. @dev_dsp @kkfox78 I've read that it's the opposite, a signal to be more alert; wake up everyone! @roomorgue Today I learnt dyscalculia exists, although I'm not surprised, I'd never heard of it until now. Thank-you! @johndalton This reminds me of that argument about how many days in a week on a bodybuilding forum.
@sehurlburt @kisielk Also might be worth strapping your ankle with rigid sports tape? @AccidentalCISO @SwiftOnSecurity If it makes it any easier to suspend disbelief, the DeLorean is actually 'teleport…
@martinkrafft Congratulations. Both my basketball teams are also the top of their respective ladders. Hopefully we… @c3convertase But you have access to catheters ... I'll see myself out.So the moral here I guess, is that QA is important, and version control isn't just for software, but also physical… draws are packed across both boxes. Box 1 containing; 3 x part 18, and 2 x 15 & 16, and box 2 contains the rest… anyone interested, only one draw had part 15 & 16 too short, so I tried getting those replaced, but checking an… across an interesting hardware error today, and was able to deduce how this happened (aside from the obvious Q…
@martinkrafft I know it used to, no idea about current state. @khhsocratica @FlyingRobotGirl Can't like this tweet enough, every apartment building needs a workshop / tool library. @ibeardslee They only make change for customers? @voltagex So does Melbourne, technically ... all our trams and trains are DC
@LuluRoseMcNair @armomelb @canoeparty @abcnews The ANZACS in Vietnam fought under the Blue Ensign, so I don't belie… @armomelb @canoeparty @abcnews It mightn't be the national flag, but they're still Australian flags. @armomelb @canoeparty @abcnews "The Australian Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islanders flag in 1995 were pr… @armomelb @canoeparty @abcnews @KDandenell @klagor It's a different kind of pain; I've been stung on the hand by a blue bottle, it hurt for a few… @DrASK @MayaPosch Ditto, except I have worked on a medical records system, but wouldn't work on medical devices (e.… @beajammingh @acyberexpert Nope, I don't see how the two are related. (They might use the FastMail app instead?) @beajammingh @acyberexpert They maintain Cyrus IMAP @Asher_Wolf Does he also know how it applies to sails? @cyantist @G8090Tom @sbcrosscountry @mlanetrain @ebwhamilton @cjblain10 You've never lived in Melbourne, Australia – plenty o… @aussiastronomer "In a row" implies consecutively made shots, there were 22,043 attempts.
@seanodiggity This is a really good point, and now seems obvious in hindsight, thanks for your insight. @seanodiggity Is an EULA strictly copyright, though? @taliaualiitia This unfollow bug is a renowned Twitter bug, it's been happening to me occasionally for *years*It sounds like a really loud neighbour, was wondering which one to complain to, but I guess Queen are my neighbours tonight!Perhaps I've understated just how loud and clear this is, I can hear every note and vocal, well enough to sing alon… can clearly hear the live Queen gig from 2.5km away, that's one decent sound system, hope I'm not expected to have a ticket ... :-) @seopirath Prioritise for familiarity, unless you've got time to learn the quirks. @upulie An apartment I rented way back, had enough room for the fridge in the kitchen, but no way to fit up the stairs.
@BartNLutherKing I'm also reporting them all, solidarity! @mjg59 You just made me realise I also have a need for this. @hacks4pancakes Wait until you're old enough to be invisible, physical pentests would be a cakewalk. @akareilly Been there done that (Poll Dorset stud), have also done hay carting as a summer job. I'm in tech now, an… @hyc_symas @vielmetti That wasn't 386BSD, but I think we're just splitting hairs here, my point was, Linus saw a ne… @hyc_symas @vielmetti Yes, it existed, but wasn't available when Linus started work on Linux. Unless I'm mistaken, it was a while ago. @hyc_symas @vielmetti I'd speculate that if Linux remained the hobby of a single individual it wouldn't have ascend… @hyc_symas @vielmetti You can still be kind and refuse to accept the status quo. @hyc_symas @vielmetti But as previously mentioned, an example would be the branches of BSD. @hyc_symas @vielmetti Perhaps they decided to contribute to an existing project? I'm talking about a hypothetical a… @hyc_symas @vielmetti s/planned/planted/ stupid auto corrupt. @hyc_symas @vielmetti Yes, but do you think in lieu of that seminal work, it's possible someone else may have planned a similar seed?
@alienor3000 He's giving it to his own charity, and it's far less than the corporate tax rate. @nick_tacik @WongKarWax If you want a free resource, check out it has plenty of good inform… @hyc_symas @vielmetti Linus himself has famously said he has taken credit for the work of many. I'm sure others cou… @JeremyPoxon @DancingDanB
Retweeted by Joel @stilgherrian @max_au @darrenpauli Strangest looking Selectric typewriter I've seen, it's missing a few bits. @bynkii "morals and ethics are in fact valid reasons to declare something as a failure" I'm sure Dawkins himself a… @DrMCScrewhammer @sewnikki75 @FrstNameUnknown @lutzanthony27 @esme_g @lisrencz @trumpetdawn @n8cermak @Neferure1 @KMKTweetsNow @doodlebeth @Imani_Barbarin My house is about 150yo, and I wouldn't even get in the front…
@hotpaw @MGubitzer @jeriellsworth No, thank you Ronald! The OCS was amazing, and really shaped my early computing experience!#PSA #AUSPOL
Retweeted by Joel @Tres_Villain Our politicians should be ashamed, and fear more than a tongue lashing for their inaction on inequity… @Tres_Villain It's not like he punched the PM in his fat fucking face. @waldojaquith Reminds me of
@mattblaze A function of having more than 10k followers, I suppose. Must be awful. @DoctorKittyface @c3convertase Why do they still teach it? Some kind of historical artefact? Are they aware it undermines their credibility? @Asher_Wolf @lkanies @webhat It's a screen replacement/substitute/replacement (or improvement allegedly) @afcowie Not really, I think you'll want tlmgr, and if all else fails, find(1)? @afcowie You mean tlmgr? (or texconfig) @robn I'm sure you could still put a computer in it (p.s. neat project!) share these tranquil moments
@AnarchoBob @rapturehelmet @Basseyworld Although that's probably not what you had in mind, and involves a lot of travel. @AnarchoBob @rapturehelmet @Basseyworld Someone still has to maintain them, a friend of mine used to replace light globes in lighthouses. @AaronTampaNole @WildcatsWoody @RitaPanahi @ringsau @MarinaMarraco @fox5dc South African airlines 737-800 had recli… @CliffBeck4 @RDChem871909 @CokeEDokey @sarisataka @BarrettSallee @MarinaMarraco @fox5dc I'm 6'7, it's impossible fo… housing. @BarrysChins @misskylie77 While critiquing your (correct) spelling, note how they typed "abo it" rather than "about… @clonezone @pjf I'm referring to the brace style, as per the retweet we're replying to. @clonezone @pjf It's most definitely *not* K&R, at first glance I thought it was Allman style ... but, then I saw t…
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Retweeted by Joel @farmboy_andrew @BarrysChins We completely sold all stock, 50 year old stud, I think my brother kept one or two ram… @farmboy_andrew @BarrysChins @DoctorKarl We sold our family farm 4 years ago, not enough water or feed for stock, i… @martinkrafft @aimee_maree 🤦 @martinkrafft @aimee_maree Does it really say it's possible to transmit via email and messenger!? @mipsytipsy c.f. weasel words, intentionally ambiguous statements; the motivation 🤷‍♂️
@voltagex If not, you could always experiment mixing apple juice and mineral water in different ratios. @voltagex How about Appletiser, is that near enough?Hey @TaikaWaititi, how many RTs for you to direct this (me) indigenous rappers next video?
Retweeted by Joel @baxters Rum, man!
Too many open tabs? Declare bankruptcy by bookmarking them all in a folder named YYYY-MM-DD and closing all tabs, s… @timpoliti @stilgherrian @paulkidd @NewtonMark It _is_ aluminium. @tveastman Although I've started seeing it on menus here in Australian cafés, especially "chai latte" @tveastman This seems like a North American thing, saying "chai" to mean "masala chai"
@Taco_Lad The end result being they're also mocked and shunned by everyone they encounter in person. @sehurlburt Vision is equally, if not more wild, when I first learned how our brains process visual information dur… @sehurlburt Fwiw, I arrived at the same conclusions working with audio recording, reproduction, and compression. @DanielGlenn @98codes I'm still looking forward to someone telling me how you test global distributed infrastructur… @threddyrex @havochaos @BuckeyeGuyJFlo @JenMsft @mairacw @livelovegeek @TashasEv @girlgerms @gitstaash @threddyrex @havochaos @BuckeyeGuyJFlo @JenMsft @mairacw @livelovegeek @TashasEv @girlgerms @gitstaash