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Thank you @RealitySteve for the walk down memory lane on your podcast. While my #Bachelorette days were long ago an…
Retweeted by RealitySteveThe contestants are cast long before the lead is ever chosen every season. This show isn’t about who the lead is. N… @SarahBethG812 @redstick_lady Ellen has announced a Bachelorette before (DeAnna) and Rachel’s season has a group da… show is all about who has a story they can sell to their audience. And Clare no doubt has a story. Not saying… came out of nowhere. He hadn’t even been on Bachelor programming for 5 years. It’s only been 2 for Clare since…’s my opinion on Clare IF she does end up being the “Bachelorette.” Yes, it’s random. And yes, she’s not on any… We might not have a “Bachelorette” chosen yet, but I can confirm one US city they are headed to when nex… those that didn’t see, this was the rumor that was posted on a FB Fan Page last night. I have no idea who this… #171 with Ryan Park (@Ryan_M_Park) from Ashley's season of the "Bachelorette" now up at:… Episode 9 Recap - Part 1! 🌹✈️Watch Part 2 below or the full video here:
Retweeted by RealitySteveI bought Luka a ramp so that she won’t jump on and off the bed anymore. It’s pretty high. She’s gonna blow out her…
"Reader Emails" now up at: incl "Bachelorette" talk, the overnight date schedule, and Chris…
He knows damn well what I do only helps their show and brings more attention to it. With that said, thanks again fo… anyone know what crawled up Chris Harrison’s ass and died before he went on Ashley’s podcast? I’d be curious t… "Bachelor" recap now up at: including thoughts on the overnights, Chad Johnson arreste… “Women Tell All” Spoilers are now up on my IG feed and story at: in the preview for the season, we clearly heard Victoria say “I can’t believe she waited this long to tell… just want to point something out that may or may not be important. The word “virgin” has never been uttered tonig… week will start with the rose ceremony before going into the “Women Tell All.” Tonight ends with the dinner po… @Dayton_Mom It was taped Friday. There was a studio audience. She wasn’t there.I’ve always loved the keys they include in that letter. Like any hotel made after, oh I don’t know 1920, uses keys… was really happy that Peters proclamation to “speak Australian for the rest of the day” lasted all of one sentence. Just no.Before you ask, no, it’s never happened before either on the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” where the final 3 lived t…
Update from Annalise regarding her situation with Chad Johnson she uploaded to her IG story last night. And yes, we… @RealitySteve and I are back after a little hiatus from He Said/She Said and we need some new callers who need a…
Retweeted by RealitySteveHere’s Part 2 of the video... Johnson’s incident with his girlfriend last night. She recorded it to her IG story for proof. The guy is outta… @millerlindak @mssassychick32 Because that’s when her and Victoria are standing there and Madison hasn’t shown up y… shot of Hannah Ann is from the final 3 rose ceremony when he eliminates Victoria, not the final rose ceremony.
Come Tuesday, I will share what I believe to be how this all plays out this season. There are some things I'm sure… for the finale showed clips of both Hannah Ann and Madison meeting his family, so we know now that it happe… Lindsay came out & they did a segment on bullying where she they showed the nasty, racist messages some of t… Alayah and Victoria P. situation came up, Alayah expressed that Victoria P. was a good friend, was supportive o… was cattiness between Tammy and Sydney with everyone talking over each other. Lexi was trying to talk to Tamm… on the hot seat talked about her journey, her being very emotional, seemed like a "Bachelorette" audition, &… can deny it all she wants. I spoke to the women involved. They know the truth. Hell, Victoria knows the trut… were only 2 women who got called up to the hot seat at the WTA: Victoria F. and Kelsey. Victoria F. apologi… basically Kelley wasn't invited which 1) is kinda bullshit 2) doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense 3) isn't ad… broke yesterday that Kelley told people she wasn't invited to the WTA. This is true. Why? I have no idea. But… 17 women at the WTA are: Katrina, Maurissa, Alexa, Kylie, Sarah, Kiarra, DeAndra, Savannah, Alayah, Victoria F… body language isn't great, but ultimately, Peter sends Victoria home, Hannah Ann accepts her rose, and when Pet… following week on March 2nd which is the "Women Tell All," that episode will begin picking up from there, which… doesn't storm off, she just excuses herself. Peter cries at the table, then walks after her. She cries on his… says she doesn't want to ask bc she doesn't feel comfortable, but there's things she needs to know for hers…'s dinner portion w/ Peter is where she tells him she's saving herself for marriage & she "woudn't be able t… to what I reported 2 weeks ago: Madison DIDN'T find out from Hannah Ann & Victoria first that Peter was… Madison's date, Hannah Ann tells Victoria that Madison told her she's saving herself for marriage. Victoria… Victoria's date is happening, Madison tells Hannah Ann she'd have a real hard time if he slept with anyone el… responds with, "In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum, but actions speak louder than words." That's… doesn't specifically tell him she's a virgin. Says that if he were to sleep with someone else, it would be… SPOILERS): This is going to be a long thread since there's a lot to cover. Before we get to WTA, you have to…
“Dump that loser, Madi!” Charles Barkley gave a warm welcome to Chad Prewett and the Auburn Men’s Basketball Team,…
Retweeted by RealitySteve(WTA SPOILER): Victoria F. is in LA for today’s taping.
I can’t emphasize this enough. Peter is not with his producer. This is a bogus rumor that people will not let go of… #170 w/ Jacqueline Trumbull (@trumbullina) & Washington Nats analyst FP Santangelo (@FightinHydrant) is now… Episode 8 Recap - Part 1! ❤️🌹✈️ Watch Part 2 below or the full video here:
Retweeted by RealitySteve @JaclynSwartz @NickPetersonTV already blew that up cuz he’s a schmuck with $250,000
You can now cross Hannah B. off the list for “Bachelorette.” This would be during filming and clearly she can’t do…"Reader Emails" now up at: incl what's diff about this week's podcast, some overnight date… shoutout to @RealitySteve for joining @trumbullina and I on the show today and sharing the story of how he infl…
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What I reported a few weeks ago now becomes “official” - Bachelor Summer Games is happening "Bachelor" recap now up at: which include your Hometowns review, a breakup in Bachelor… Overnight Date Spoilers are now up on my IG feed and story at: posted it the day after tonight’s rose ceremony, it’s been in the spoilers all season, I’ve mentioned in pretty m… is me. Always deflecting. Always the victim. It’s sad actually. Tomorrow I will give more on the situation and…’re lying Victoria. Just own it. In the words of Rachel Lindsay, “You know what you did.”Hmmmm so they have 3 hometowns in the first 65 minutes. Meaning 55 minutes left with only one hometown and a rose c… hot take from this date: Peter is not good at basketball.I think it’s funny that Kelsey, Hannah Ann, and Madi all promoted their hometown dates on IG today... ...while Vic… you all ask, here’s my answer: I have no idea why they blur Merissa’s face during her talk with Peter. But h… that Peter gave Hannah Ann a “Things I Love About You” letter, that’s gotta mean he has a “10 Things I Hate… order you’ll see the hometowns tonight is Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison, and Victoria. However, remember the or…
Not everyone was following in Oct when tonight's dates happened, so here's what you need to catch up on regarding V…
Krystal Nielson & Chris Randone 'Have Mutually Decided to Separate' via @BACHELORNATION
$10,000,000. You didn’t hear? Oh yeah, it’s everywhere. Weber’s Ex-Girlfriend Merissa Pence Reveals She Knows Victoria Fuller: She's Not 'This Coy Person' #169 w/ the "Chatty Broads" (@chattybroads), Bekah Martinez & Jess Ambrose, now up at:… It’s Bri Stauss (IG: bristauss). yeah, in the finals, Trevor and Jamie sang an original song then “Speechless” by Dan and Shay. Chris and Bri san… asked Jamie and Trevor if they were in love and Trevor replies they were falling in love and they plan to c… Chris and Bri and Trevor and Jamie are a couple. Chris and Bri told each other they loved each other on camera… deliberation, judges determined Chris and Bri were the winners. They won the opportunity to write and record… SPOILER): The final 2 couples were judged by a panel of 5 judges: Kaitlyn Bristowe Jason Tartick Taye Diggs Jewel Rita WilsonBri Strauss (IG: bristrauss - currently deactivated) Watson (IG: tellemwatson) Gabrielle (IG: jamiegabriellemusic) SPOILER): Prob not the finale spoilers you were looking for, but finale to “Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart”… Episode 7 Recap! 🌹✈️ Watch the FULL video here: @BachelorABC
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I mean, it’s not like Victoria immediately gets defensive or anything when something about her past is told to Pete…"Reader Emails" now up at: incl a ratings breakdown, Madison filming in AL yesterday & what…
Madison currently filming something with production at Town Creek Park in Auburn, Alabama. "Bachelor" thoughts now up at: including debunking the producer theories, & I tell you… Follower of Christ. She also thinks. And she advocates for human rights. But she calls someone she sees on… Hometown Date Spoilers are now up on my IG feed and story at: 3-on-1, in particular the edit that Kelley is getting, is a master class in Editing 101.For someone who’s so quick to judge and mock the other women so easily, Victoria F can barely hold herself together… second Natasha got sent home, and Kelsey knowing she had the date the next day, if she passed first grade math,… Peruvians? None of you? None of you trolling around the city could’ve taken any pics? Shame on you.That’s right. Madi is anti-leg wrap. This was her on the hometown date next week. Absolute, 100% refusal to wrap th…, so Madi jumps into his arms but doesn’t do the leg wrap?