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This is the ONLY verified Twitter account for James Woods. ALL others are fake. I am on NO other social media (except a private Instagram). They’re ALL fake.

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A slightest glimmer of joy in the dreadful saga known as 2020. #RockefellerOwl
One of the coolest Disney soundtracks., sir! my favorite joke in the movie. hadn’t seen #Hercules for years and watched it recently. I couldn’t believe how wonderful @IAmSusanEgan is. So sw… concur. You are such a talented artist. Well, I should say both of you! @athinakku and @IAmSusanEgan (my little n… we were almost always alone in the studio over the two year period working on #Hercules. I believe that ph…, I’m very pleased. Thank you so much! teaser...'s New App Store Move Changes the Game for Indie App Developers - Inc.’m so pleased to hear from you. Thank you. don’t have Facebook, but those of you who do might want to say hi to #GabbyMurillos, and perhaps help her through… said. Thank you. am always happy to share a story that lifts our spirits. A young autistic teen in Florida quietly repairs America… a lot more of this. Police don’t want to get sued. They will ignore pretty much everything now that prosecut… are any mainstream media organizations doing an in-depth investigation of Dominion?When our governor is out eating with 15 people, inside, without masks, without social distancing; that says: I don’…
Retweeted by James WoodsSmile for the night. Sweet dreams. who enjoys true crime shows knows about cell tower “pinging”, triangulation, GPS, etc. used by law enforcem… Stones, of course. Dylan. The Band. Strings is a sensational guitar talent. I suggest you check him out @BillyStrings is a sensational guitar talent. I suggest you check him out do need “Location Services” for some apps to function properly. Under “Location Services” every app will offer… do need “Location Services” for some apps to function properly. Under “Location Services” every app will offer…’s a setting called “Location Services.” Settings/Privacy/Location Services. an iPhone go to “Settings,” then scroll down to “Exposure Notifications.” Do not choose “Turn On Exposure Notifi… is one of the new settings on your iPhone...
A friend on the east coast said her colleague tested positive for COVID. After she recovered, but less than 14 days… Swamp denizens are slithering back... he can share a limo with #KillerCuomo! reason they hate Trump is because the hogs from both parties swill at the same trough. One man alone tried to b…, your book speaks for you as a real artist. You might enjoy the oddities you’ll find along the way.’ve been told by so many of you that you can no longer get notifications on my tweets, “like” my tweets, nor reply…
Yes, because I had misspelled Brennen’s name. I’d like to blame auto-correct, but it was actually my mistake 100%. best part of this trip is actually not really planning at all, and quite frankly not expecting much. Just hit t… had a blast talking with Brennen Matthews about some past trips exploring the American experience on #Rte66. Some… #WarOnLawEnforcement was declared during the Obama years and ramped up by the Democrat #BLMantifa riots of this… once in a while I’ll read liberal threads on Twitter. It’s like being an undercover investigative reporter in… 1970T. I love it. 2.2L, dog leg 5 speed shift. Just so much fun to drive. Porsche 911 T - Jay Leno's Garage via @YouTube // I love this car.
Just a fun read and some surprising info about a “long-lost” America that still exists. editor of Route Magazine sent me a lovely missive after I posted a pic of the current cover: “I just think that… are America’s heroes. They are in the line of fire every day. While the Democrat Swamp may want to defund the… could go wrong? are funny though... activist cadre at #CNN will be out of business with Biden. Throwing softball questions about his favorite ice c… Oscar Wilde... Darwin Award takes on a whole new meaning... leads with his right, which makes this even more charming for some odd reason... minute save! A great moment in sports. Superb narration.“Weisman said three of his friends were also randomly attacked in Manhattan this week — one in Chelsea and two on t…
2020 Newsom is a world class hypocrite. And a liar. must be a Democrat. I merely quoted an article. I made no comment on its merits. You’re as jittery as Jack Dors…“There's no real use for bitcoin. All you can do with Bitcoin once you buy it is sell it, but you need somebody els… good for a laugh! #CNN “news” is useless, social media is propaganda, algorithms destroy free will, and your vote no longer counts. Th… on a human level; absolutely vile on a political level. These nursing home cruelties are nothing more… "I rise this morning in defense for Governor Gavin Newsom who recently defied his own idiotic COVI…
Retweeted by James WoodsTweet reply of the week! 👇🏼 the economy runs itself?
#Madness has promised to raise the refugee cap from 15,000 to 125,000, expand the number of guest worker visas, form… to CNN from 73,000,000 Americans: “GFY!” circulating at Harvard to stop former Trump administration officials from attending, teaching or speaking… 👇🏼 Ritchie was a fantastic director. No matter what I wanted to do, he directed me to do the opposite. He was…
A few years back my buddy, “Teach,” and I took a trip on #Route66 across America on our way to the World Series of… Political outsider becomes President and resuscitates a dying nation. Record job growth, tax cuts, natio…, but it’s pointless. You can’t beat the cheating.’re kidding! smells 💵💰🤑🤑🤑, thanks. election fraud? public service brought to you by...fake news! #GoFigure is for those of you who thought Tapper’s tweet was from the ⁦@TheBabylonBee⁩. No, it was real, and here’s the… okay, Jake? Are your wounds survivable? Praying for the brave warriors of CNN... 🙏 class must have eluded the #WapoWankers staff real journalism. @MrAndyNgo mainstream media are all on the same DNC mail blast... the result may be, Chuckles needs to understand he doesn’t tell the Court what it may or may not do. sickening.“Democrat” lawmakers schmooze at Hawaii getaway, pandemic or no pandemic - /// There. Fixed… beginning of the end...👇🏽, it’s the new American Revolution! election guaranteed one thing: nothing will EVER curb the polarization between the two parties. ahead... in TN... While there's still daylight, residents in the area of Valley View Road in Joelton should walk their…
Retweeted by James WoodsHere’s more info about Jordan. He’s 4 feet tall, weighs 75 pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes. If you see Jordan…
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A desperate plea from a woman in Maryland whose 46-year-old husband was diagnosed days ago with kidney cancer: “The…
Retweeted by James Woods🚨 Endangered Child Alert 🚨 A statewide ECA has been issued for 9-year-old Jordan Allen Gorman, out of Cheatham Coun…
Retweeted by James WoodsFor the “little people” bail, free crap, lying, burning, looting. #Democrats Cancer Charity Gave ‘Zero’ For Research; Millions Spent On Salaries, Travel
Retweeted by James WoodsReplace “skeptics” with “fake news talking meat puppets” and you’re right on the money. is an insult to those who worked two jobs or missed college opportunities altogether, but super-duper for thos… was a stunning medical achievement. Joe Biden will greatly enjoy “plagiarizing” it in the future.