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@__RiseAgain__ SAAAAAY GUUUUH! in Turkey 🇹🇷
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsI love romance novel covers
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsYou ever just think about South Park Wario
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsTickle tickle
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Retweeted by Jay Williams @BrittPettibone Happy Anniversary Brittany!
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsI can’t stop fucking laughing @GordonRamsay
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Go Fund Me for little Cannon, shot while riding his bike. Where is the justice?
Retweeted by Jay Williams @fredoalladeen Thanks man!Zant Reborn Krita + Affinity Photo, artwork © 2017 Stella B. #Art #DigitalArt #FanArt #LegendOfZelda #Zelda
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsShinkiro + Metal Slug. Two great tastes that taste great together.
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsHere's my take on that Wonder Woman 1984 variant cover (inspired by the classic 80's art style of Patrick Nagel)
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsShinji & Rei - Evangelion Asuka is next! Follow along on patreon if you like, both Shinji & Rei are available for…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsLMFAO
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsI might be a few days late to this party but I saw a lot of people were redrawing a particular variant cover DC mad…
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Rei Ayanami - Evangelion
Retweeted by Jay Williams @HotepJesus LMFAO 🤣So did this as a warmup yesterday sometime. Without making this long, this cover needed some pizzazz - especially…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsSurprise surprise! Mainstream comic book companies hire people who know fuck all about the source material they're… on eBay is selling an inflatable Michael Myers that's THIRTY-FIVE FEET TALL.
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Retweeted by Jay Williams @yoloswagstudios I laughed so loud at this 😂
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Retweeted by Jay Williamsposting these again, can't believe its been 3 years already, RIP Rich. Skyking forever.
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsOur artist took a shot at redoing that wonder woman 84 cover. Needless to say she fucking nailed it!
Retweeted by Jay Williamsposted an update to the rei piece I'm working on through patreon, the high res will be available for person print u…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsAnyone have any idea how I can get this story to @TuckerCarlson? He knows my wife but we don't have a line of conta…
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Here's Robin Eisenberg, the artist who did the "body positive" Wonder Woman 1984 variant cover. Seriously @DCComics
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Retweeted by Jay Williams @onewalleee @onewalleee I love how this is a remix of a song from "Donkey Kong Country" @HyperBoraean 2016? NOT AGAIN!The Rape of Proserpina is a large Baroque marble sculptural group by Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, executed…
Retweeted by Jay Williams @dickandcomix I'd buy that cover.
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Retweeted by Jay WilliamsThis post sounds like a massive cope for making such boring and bland art. finish coloring the Darkstalker piece I did few days ago, I am pretty happy with it^^
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Carmine Infantino, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Gil Kane...all amazing former DC comics artists...are ALL doing SOM…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsWhen you hate women so much that you think the sexual abuse of teenage American girls would make a funny and cute m…
Retweeted by Jay Williams @HyperBoraean @giantgio I want this framed on my wall. Chris Chan's own Antediluvian cataclysm mythos.
Retweeted by Jay Williams @giantgio @LevPo LMFAO 🤣The third Glampocalypse illustration. For this one I went with more light and no airbrush, only the custom oil pain…
Retweeted by Jay Williamspeople talk about degeneracy, they should consider degenerate content they consume. if you care more about drama ch…
Retweeted by Jay Williams @yoloswagstudios Mel Brooks is actually involved in this 😂Man,this really sucks. I remember seeing him liking my posts. Seemed like a chill guy. My prayers go out to his f… this shit the fuck out of my timeline.
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Retweeted by Jay WilliamsOh boy, can I relate!
Retweeted by Jay Williams @thedcnation @RoosterTeeth @eisenbergrobin @PabloRomeroArt did it better
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsHere it is! The full #DEATHSWORN wraparound cover inks! #COMICSGATE
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsWonder Woman drawings
Retweeted by Jay Williams @thedcnation @RoosterTeeth @eisenbergrobin @PabloRomeroArt did it better @thedcnation @RoosterTeeth @eisenbergrobin You missed out on the real deal ladies of the 80's with this cover
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Retweeted by Jay WilliamsRooster Teeth has announced they are now going through their video archives and deleting any content they think doe…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsI have no sympathy for these people. They have destroyed so many people's lives and sources of income and now they'… Cry me a fucking river communist scum 😂 🖕 drawing featuring Morrigan,the iconic succubus from the horror themed fighting game franchise by Capcom known a…
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Antifa activist submits false 'terrorist' report to the FBI, preventing a conservative couple from starting a famil…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsThe insane story of me being falsely reported to the FBI as a "terrorist" has been told by @MiaCathell at…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsRelationship goals.
Retweeted by Jay Williams @HyperBoraean I NEED MILK!!!! @HyperBoraean
Retweeted by Jay Williams @ProSephTheFox a dumb older animation I made
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsExactly! The “reboots” are a way of reworking their agenda on the classics to replace them for modern audience!
Retweeted by Jay Williams渋谷でゲームあるある再現してみた
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsI just heard Akira Kazama of Rival Schools is coming to Street Fighter V - here's some art I did of her awhile ago,…
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I don't mean to keep complaining, but people need to see the pure hatred and vitriol of Antifa. They want us dead.
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsThe KISS flag has been retired
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsSome warm up work[Darkstalkers] before I get back to work on the commissions..... Not sure if I should color it wit…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsKaneda commission!
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The Antifa activist who submitted the fake tip to the FBI abt me, delaying my visa by years, didn't just cause hear…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsJesus, looks like a nuke just went off...
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Retweeted by Jay Williamsplaying with brushes
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@HyperBoraean Bird is a fucking basketball player
Retweeted by Jay Williams87 comics came out in stores this past week, and no one cares. Everyone is talking about CYBERFROG and #ComicsGate
Retweeted by Jay Williams#faceyourart #artistsontwitter
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsLIVE NOW! Early Christianity and Byzantium Art History
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsLMFAO! This can't be real 😂
Lady Alchemy : M u t u s L i b e r by @magnumopusprod Page 1, 6, 12
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsLady Alchemy : M u t u s L i b e r by @magnumopusprod
Retweeted by Jay Williams“Hi, I’m former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, and I could not actually go another day bearing the moral burden of not…
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsNOOOOOOOOO! Not the Diabeetus guy 😩
My 9yr old’s first book review, I guess
Retweeted by Jay WilliamsThe end goal of the evil is to turn the world into an H.R. Giger painting, the end goal of the good is to turn the…
Retweeted by Jay Williams"Roxanne" #digitalillustration #digitalart #pinupart #80sart #art
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