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yo fr | @xanful 🦄 | @Z3STlE | @_notteryn| @DukeMBB | @bengals | $jallen104 i am 18 years old until i turn 19

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@Yuhuuur watching 2Hypethis is really deep and true if you think about it @Yuhuuur wyd @sttarena um wtf⁉️ @sttarena you killed it. @Yuhuuur daddy @LosPollosTV it’s starting lineup bro @Mako i ate chicken quesadillas @_vndy @lrgpriv @Mako @grjffy @6rendo @xLambo_ @reaIlysexy @xanful @prakdip @_vndy @lrgpriv @Mako @grjffy @6rendo @xLambo_ @reaIlysexy @xanful @prakdip i’m in bed going to sleep @lrgpriv @Mako @grjffy @_vndy @6rendo @xLambo_ @reaIlysexy @xanful @prakdip hey @pSavvGG haters smh @xanful me* lol idk who m is @xanful i would just like you to say merry christmas to m!! @BleacherReport @FOXSportsSouth DJ slowed down to make sure he was there lmaoPUT HIM ON A POSTER 😱 (via @FOXSportsSouth)
Retweeted by jack 💫💨 @Llamafanaccount it’s okDON'T JUMP WITH DJ STEWARD ‼️ @swipasnipa 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Retweeted by jack 💫💨DJ STEWARD AHHHH @CorinnaKopf why are you laughingBRAKEFIELD BABY
@SamManlol @scaruki don’t listen to the haters they jealus @Llamafanaccount smh @xHitan 🖕 @fandomhuub it’s ok i guess @prakdip idekwtf @JSanchez2345 @captaindaddyxl @Luciano40083520 @imrayman22 @DailyLoud not really bandwagons lmao it’s just people c… @JSanchez2345 @captaindaddyxl @Luciano40083520 @imrayman22 @DailyLoud i will again say pop smoke because saying peo… @JSanchez2345 @captaindaddyxl @Luciano40083520 @imrayman22 @DailyLoud pop smokemf said pop mumbles half the time he need to open his earsi hate people this dude ret*rded fr @rosstoefur ok post picture of ur abs @JSanchez2345 @Luciano40083520 @imrayman22 @DailyLoud first of all dababy did not carry a single thing. and no you… @JSanchez2345 @Luciano40083520 @imrayman22 @DailyLoud pop smokes album was also better so maybe that’s why it is above his @22lexi_ want @22lexi_ i was popcorn maybe @JSanchez2345 @Luciano40083520 @imrayman22 @DailyLoud it was 5th because it was ass @okleslie @eilselko gmm morning @Daymeeein lol check priv i didnt see this @jakkuxd i did like mamacita, ill listen to the others nowwhat ar ethe good songs on jcfc 2 ill listen to thoseshoutout justin bieber for clearing this finally @yung_juice_box5 leave him alone. @IcyVert ruining christmas for me thanksshoutout tjay and lil baby @lrgpriv @xanful thank ugoat number @Mako @visionofviii damn girl you fine as hell
@pokimanelol nice hairtwitter verified the right Karl first @KarlJacobs_
Retweeted by jack 💫💨WOOOOOOO @yung_juice_box5 thank you @Xotic holy shit this is sickps5 pro leak hit my dms on the lap top ? It’s over
Retweeted by jack 💫💨 @may_wedda jealous of johnny @Boy1drr i really think its 10 @22lexi_ nice picture @LilNasX i personally like both the horse song and the santa songmy hands are cold. @Attacksx #relatable @wtfKobra freakyhis cock huge @lrgpriv bro look at his pants do you think that’s his cock cause if it is that’s fucking massive!😭
Retweeted by jack 💫💨 @vicbuckss yo chill @YousefAlKari @lilyachty rations of what @celerythick @lilyachty yeah he’s in the background dumbass @lilyachty TEE GRIZZLY!!!!Curry has 5 rings: 2015: Won 2016: Draymond suspended and bogut hurt so it counts 2017: won 2018:won 2019: KD and… dub they got the best pg in the league!
@Daymeeein @JoeyTheSuperJew the japanese denim high note 😩😩that’s a lot. time to turn one on and go to sleep @22lexi_ 3300 @jizzle @22lexi_ @Froste sorry @jizzle @22lexi_ @Froste 😋 @Banzaifyy no @fandomhuub sorry again @fandomhuub sorrymy night is better. kentucky is 1-2thats a 2 @Tre3Jones can you reverse the draft and come back or something @DukeMBB maybe coleman or williams or tape will play next game? we can hope!coming back from down 16 to lose by 6 with a late game fight. not too upset but offense needs workdamn goldwire lmao @Froste @Corpse_Husband @Spotify real?maybe coleman or williams will play next game! 🙂🙂good game goldwire you tried @Tre3Jones miss you.hopefully kentucky will lose that will make my night a little better @PallassCheeks exactly, coach k not putting in any of the shot blockers on the team. we got a 5 star center just chilling on the bench rn @PallassCheeks not playing any of the bigs on the team even though these small lineups are not working at allquestionable coaching by coach k tonight. @DukeMBB WHY IS MARK WILLIAMS NOT PLAYING @22lexi_ me?