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@AIexTBA2 i can’t believe her man @okleslie need to be stopped @okleslie no @BoltsxShai robert looks like a dumbass @Mlord7000 bruhhhh #truaf @mynameisalliyah fr i agree !you went crazy @KidCudii think up up and away is my favorite @andyju_ bruhhhh @MattComplex @ayedriiii ? @CashApp $jallen104 @ayedriiii hellodope in my stomachbruh @ayedriiii bruh @oklesliev2 JOE MOMAMAAAAAA🄱🄻🅄🄴 🄿🅁🄸🄽🅃 ᴅᴜᴋᴇ ᴇɴᴇʀɢʏ
Retweeted by jack jba 🌬💫 @yung_juice_box5 no i’m not good @yung_juice_box5 this blue up fr no cap slime slatt
@xberrt him with that simple guitar at the beginning is great @TristanGHill hotboii florida rapper @terynberrys daddy daddy @meltoosilly pictures* there are 2 so plural #genius @meltoosilly nice picture 👍 @BWAMatt A WHOLE LOTTA CAP @Boy1drr @gentlm4n @boldkaos golf tiktok is the best @scarrfries @Boy1drr @gentlm4n @boldkaos i think i’d just be scared @Boy1drr @gentlm4n @boldkaos wtf is that @xanful holyyyyyyyy f @xanful u hav 1 million billion? omg @xanful selling for 1 million billion @xanful all i have is @ jba lol @Daymeeein already stocked up on videos i’m good if it goes down @leahdb98 suppies @HarryButAverage LOOOOOL @mynameisalliyah idk bruh @WhosBreezyUK a mf going to the dentist at 8 am bruhhhh @WhosBreezyUK good morning vreeezyy @terynberrys @dogboneberries @CrypticNo ohhh @dogboneberries @CrypticNo @terynberrys it’s brick telling people to do it? LOOOOL @CrypticNo @terynberrys the new bitcoin #soon @CrypticNo @terynberrys you still in? @terynberrys @CrypticNo wait it’s still up there @terynberrys lmfao could never be me cause i’m smart af @terynberrys loool that shit some assIconic
Retweeted by jack jba 🌬💫me going to australia to meet alliyah @dxukkaj he needs to be sending me money @dxukkaj no @yung_juice_box5 @mynameisalliyah it might have to be that way unfortunately 😭 @yung_juice_box5 @mynameisalliyah if she follows u ur my enemy. @terynberrys @awnuhaha i actually dragged her cause i’m niceIn the sky yea in the sky yeah @xanful mine broken too! bruh. @GayPotato92 bruh. @GayPotato92 DO ITTTTTTT @ayedriiii i’m listening to hotboii @ayedriiii STOP IM NOT JOINING!!,;&:&/ @Z3STlE @ayedriiii @oFabz my worst day ever fabio i swear @imcjol chicken @WElRDB gn* @WElRDB go aaron kitten @oklesliev2 how tf lmao
@kanyewest bruh @kanyewest bruh @Mlord70001 i would vote for harambe @awnuhaha wendys nuts @kanyewest show search history @ohbrendo bruhhh @xanful bruh 😹 @ayedriiii that’s nasty @ayedriiii watching youtube wbu @blindmanwalkinn what is broh teach me @ImMashed_Potato ong @ImMashed_Potato chillax bruh u gonna scare the hoes @ayedriiii bruh @TheDogOG not just you man @andyju_ bruhhhhh @dxukkaj epic bruh moment @dxukkaj oof @dxukkaj big of @awnuhaha u have 2 bodies @dxukkaj bruh fr @tacodoh bruhbruh mode activated @oFabz @atSerpentine pass @DixonYamouf @ValorantUpdates what @TristanGHill @xanful LOOOOL @xanful @TristanGHill lol oops @xanful @TristanGHill u mean it 🥺 @awnuhaha @Ninja @liImorg i need sugar momma @Boy1drr hope you get the job @awnuhaha U find ass he’ll @dxukkaj ...