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@RealKeithLee I am sincerely a huge fan of you & Mia. I am also a teacher for 75 of the most limitless children you…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeHomework for whomever can handle the reading material... #iAmVanessaGiullen Search that. Read. Learn. Then. Go…
Happy Birthday champ.
The next shipment from #KettlebellKings is in! One might say it's getting pretty serious. #GrindWell #LetsWork @shane216taylor @Erik_WWE @Ivar_WWE As much as I don't like going back to watch battles I was in....this is a frigg… DESERVE JUSTICE!! #SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor #VanessaGuillen 🤎🤎🤎
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeBreonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeGet a special look at next week’s Winner Take All Match between NXT Champion @AdamColePro and NXT North American Ch…
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee @itsvedatime @itsvedatime Keep your head up lovely. You're pretty friggin awesome. Embrace that and keep moving forward.
This gofundme for the family of Shad Gaspard is still active and will end soon. If you are able, please do not hes…
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee"It's my chance to deliver, and I'm not going to let anyone down." @RealKeithLee looks to turn N-X-T ➡️ N-X-Lee in…
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee @deezl19 @RheaRipley_WWE @AdamColePro @WWEAleister @WWEBrayWyatt @WWENXT I wish you strength
BASK IN HIS GLORY next week on #WWETheBump! @RealKeithLee #NXTGAB
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeI’d like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL OF YOU that want a Real prospective of American history and the TRUE Historical an…
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Acutely aware of the pain today brings. He was my birth, my knowledge, my preparation. Home when I was homeless.… @RealPaigeWWE WHAT!? What server though?
Condolences brudda. And yes... Yes to all of this.
Ya know....I don't ever say much because I don't like involving politics in my conversations. But come on man....…
The @RealKeithLee effect... #WWENXT
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeNext week: The Great American Bash Returns! Two weeks: @RealKeithLee looks to become the first dual #WWENXT and Nor…
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There can only be one. #WWENXT @RealKeithLee @AdamColePro
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee IN HIS GLORY! @RealKeithLee is still your North American Champion and the #1 contender for @AdamColePro's…
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee @TomCampbell @darealdenzelwwe 😂😂😂 sleepers were wise. Not having air is quite the burden. What a battle! But still....forward march. Someone is…*Attack on Titan* I M I T L E S S STILL the @WWENXT North American Champion: @RealKeithLee! #WWENXT
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.@RealKeithLee is HYPE. Don't miss tonight's jam-packed #WWENXT!
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeBeen in this guys shoes. I'm fortunate enough to be too big to get tossed around. Traaaaaaaaaaaaash. On USA. can you rule it a suicide BEFORE an autopsy?? Then you have a rally for the police afterwards w/o covering the…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeAt some point in life I really hope I see a Election decided over Policy, Not which dumpster fire you would least l…
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee @dustinsuckseggs Now that you found the strength to tell your story...all that's left is to try and let it go, for… @schultz_chris I expected someone of your level ignorance to show up...even though this isn't for you. Why are you…
Today....I have shared something with you that neither my closest friends, nor my family knew. And now, I shall fi… out of spite. Not because I want to cause anyone harm. Not out of hate or anger. I simply want you to know...… @Erik_WWE @shane216taylor I was meditating. I dunno what you're talking about. @shane216taylor't judge me! 😂😂 Miss ya bruddas up. #FirstOfMyKind #Leegion #BaskInMyGlory #iAmLimitless
@catherinekelley 💜🧡💜 @VanessaMtKraven Miss you as well. 💜 @VanessaMtKraven Father’s Day!!!!!
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@LookItsBrittani When you find your courage....I'll be listening. Closely.Happy Father's Day. Make sure your kids feel strong by allowing them to handle you like this today. But really thou… good form there boss @LaynieLuck Man Texas has known him for the scrub he is for ages and still rock with him. They can't identify a can… @LaynieLuck You should have hashtagged this. @IslaDawn Perhaps you should my dear.
@MillieMcKenzie0 Yes ma'am. Same to you 💜 @MillieMcKenzie0 I am very....very sad. I had found you to be rather amazing since I met you. Never ever would I ev… I come from murderers aren’t fired, they’re arrested, booked and sentenced. If they think this is enough- it…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeGenerations of greatness. #Juneteenth
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeMost men never consider or understand the fear of rape and sexual assault that women feel on a daily basis. It ta…
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Retweeted by Hopeful Lee @CornellGunter Bundle is the way to go my man*sigh* . Wrestling world.... . We absolutely MUST do better. Period. . We have enough trash going on in the world right now.
I'm hopeful I see you again soon.....champ. But first....other matters require my attention.👀👀 Regal reached DEEP in his bag of tricks. Quite literally speaking... EVERYTHING is on the line.’m seeing a lot of people complaining that they’ve had enough, they are tired of the protests, the complaints abou…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeProphecy Ender. Moment Maker. . . . Now it's time to be a History Maker as well.🚨BREAKING🚨 Next week @RealKeithLee puts the North American Championship on the line against @JohnnyGargano AND…
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2020 @RealPaigeWWE @catherinekelley @DeonnaPurrazzo Yo. Happy Birthday Virtuosa. I hope it was most excellent. @CornellGunter I'll sort it out. I learned I was more concerned for Johnny's wife than Johnny was. .... .... .... ......That's weird. gonna lie....I wanted to make certain the ladies would be okay. I know Mia is. Candice on the other hand.... 😵😵…
@JWFon @AdamColePro @WWENXT @HulkHogan🤔🤔 Consider me very honored. Worry not. This isn't my final form.
@SimoneGJohnson Unfortunately my dear, I can only assume that is exactly the purpose of those particular words.....…
@DABrewerWWE 👊🏾1 eye. 1 hand. But it's hard to stop the whole vehicle. I M I T L E S S Still your @WWENXT North American Champion, @RealKeithLee! #NXTTakeOver
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee.@JohnnyGargano has been one of the most consistent Superstars of #WWENXT ... but I don’t know anyone can stop the…
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee.@RealKeithLee reigns 𝑺 𝑼 𝑷 𝑹 𝑬 𝑴 𝑬 at #NXTTakeOver: In Your House.
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee @DeonnaPurrazzo @Malcolmvelli the cops who killed #BreonnaTaylor
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee💜🧡💜 things go through my head tonight. thing I must publicly express is: 1. That main event was BONKERS…
By far, the best way to start your #NXTTakeOver Sunday. 🤩💯🙌 @ShawnMichaels @MiaYim @RealKeithLee @TheRealXPac
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Why you gotta bring up old stuff @DMcIntyreWWE @WWEonFOX Oh yeah, happy birthday brudda! excuse to use this Halloween footage is cool with us. 😎 @ShawnMichaels, @MiaYim, @RealKeithLee, @TheRealXPac,…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeI understand your wish for the prestige draped over my shoulder. However...I lack patience for your antics. Come. I…
@089968Raph_ @RealPaigeWWE Yikes man.... *sigh*If you still haven’t figured out why the protesting is going on. Why we’re acting as we are is because we are simpl…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeI thought burning, stepping on, desecrating the flag was disrespectful, not kneeling in front of it
Retweeted by Hopeful Lee @RealPaigeWWE's hard to tell, but it seems as though he was just trying to speak to them. That's just ridiculous 😞Condition....Disgruntled. relate.
The protestors surrounded the Muslims so they could pray in peace, this is hands down one of the best protest video…
Retweeted by Hopeful LeeTitus O'Neil gets fired up calling for peace, honest dialogue | FOX 13 Tampa Bay
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