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On TV early in the morning. Love border terriers. Views all my own. Patron of Help For Heroes. DUFC supporter. This is my only account.

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Good. Love this series him
One of my fave things is watching Honest Trailers - and this one is a cracker - Deadpool (Feat. Deadpool)… him take a bow - genius xxx incredible woman. Proud to know her. first woman to be elected as Rector of @dundeeuni was @reallorraine who took office in 2004. This picture was t…
Retweeted by LorraineFabulous @wearesuperbird Ernest #Shackleton was born on this day in 1874, watch our photo gallery video with audio of his incredible lif…
Retweeted by LorraineCongrats!! want the sun to rub my shoulders too
Retweeted by LorraineMy fave pic of The Boss’ll need to bring my harmonica and spoons for my official installation 😉
Retweeted by LorraineIf you do one thing today, make sure you #CheckYourBoobs (and follow our incredible @RealTittyGritty)
Retweeted by LorraineThis is a fabulous picture by South African contestant Wim Van Den Heever was highly commended in the wildlife phot…
Retweeted by LorraineLooking forward to this! are currently sitting at number 22 in the @iTunes charts! Can we break the top 20? Link -…
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Genius signing @RuPaulsDragRace't miss @armiehammer on tomorrow's show! He'll be in studio with @reallorraine discussing his latest role in new…
Retweeted by LorraineLove them! #ValentinesDay We love #Falklands wildlife! 🐧 If you're stuck for a present there's still time to adopt your…
Retweeted by LorraineFolks. I've started a campaign to try and make the book a #bestseller. I've dropped the book to the lowest possible…
Retweeted by LorraineThis is brilliant xxxx one may be the sweetest #Valentines message you see today! 21 years ago, @reallorraine crowned Ron and Beryl 'Brit…
Retweeted by LorraineBig congrats Jim!!
See you on @ITVLorraine @reallorraine tomorrow with @mark_wahlberg x
Retweeted by LorraineOn @lorraine tomorrow presenting a little Valentine’s Day piece, it’s actually well cute yanoe
Retweeted by LorraineAnd suddenly all is right with the world again
Retweeted by LorraineDon’t forget to pick up a card and write a few heartfelt words to your Valentine. Also don’t forget that a brand ne…
Retweeted by LorraineAngus is SO getting one of these xx himself she won’t be best pleased! Unwrap the chocolate xx him pic! See you soon xxxx him The law meant to protect endangered animals allows trophy hunters to kill them! Governments are meeting soo…
Heartbreaking it so much Gaynor. @SethMacFarlane obviously adores #startrek because @TheOrville has captured the optimism, h… time, you’ll have to bring Alex & Freddy with you 🤘
Retweeted by LorraineSorry Hannah!!! Just a retweeted from a fellow @TheOrville geek sad- hope they are found and reunited with their family xxx do. It’s amazing! nominee @Mabel discusses the pressures of social media on young people and how songwriting and keeping a jou…
Retweeted by LorraineI love this guy - check him out! I'M QUITTING MY JOB TODAY AFTER 8 YEARS.... Am I craz… xxx is always a safe bet for Valentine’s, just maybe not as a 3am surprise. Have some cake and enjoy a new ep…
Retweeted by LorraineI cannot begin to tell you how much I ADORE @RealHughJackman’s brilliant Patricia xxx!!!!! for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see me at @GlasgowComedy.
Retweeted by LorraineCan’t wait to see your work. Let me know if you need a volunteer to carry your tripod! are a delight! Good luck next week #BRITs to decide which one is the cutest!! rehearse ??????? to @reallorraine for the t-shirt love this morning! You can get your very own here -…
Retweeted by LorraineWe are all fighting over it!! a joy! Cracking book. Big congrats #Diversify
As the discovery of Shackleton's Endurance draws closer, read the incredible story of the man who, alongside the 'B…
Retweeted by LorraineLove him and see this fine fella and his brilliant band. Be in at the start of something BIG!!!!!
Retweeted by LorraineSounds as good as he looks. And he’s only 1/3 of @wearesuperbird!!! Great to start the week with some live music t…
Retweeted by LorraineAnd none more fearless that the brave #TomCrean
Retweeted by LorraineLove him!! make @reallorraine viewers swoon as they look unrecognisable 22 years on from MMMBop
Retweeted by Lorraine📻 Tune In to @BBCEssex TODAY at 2pm for a special chat and acoustic performance from Joe on the @theejellyman show!…
Retweeted by LorraineGet @reallorraine's Monday look 🍬 Jumper - @OasisFashion Skirt - @Zara Shoes - @Topshop #OOTD #Lorraine
Retweeted by LorraineBloody hell. Imagine having a lovely part of your country infested by a load of immigrants who can’t be bothered t…
Retweeted by LorraineGive Betty my love and hope she gets better soon . Hope she’s home with you today xxxx him
The search begins -
Retweeted by LorraineOne of THE most beautiful places in the world you to our SUPER ( :) ) “models” @PeterEgan6 @reallorraine @numanofficial & @BillOddie for standing up for wi…
Retweeted by LorraineWe are heading into the heart of the Weddell Sea in search of Shackleton’s lost Endurance. We need to navigate thro…
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Whit an erse feckin love @TheOrville loved loved this film xxx Chope MP is past his sell by date and not fit for the job. What is the motivation of a man who wants to take…
Retweeted by LorraineOh this! Utter genius stuff from my phone. Not to scale. @TheOrville #TheOrville @planetary_union @SethMacFarlane
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Wow this fella @humanleagueHQ on #bbc4 right now. @garyjkemp watching @Topofthepopups on @bbc4 1981 @SpandauBallet - Chant No 1. what a tune !!!!! My youth - great memories xxxx'Love Island show-offs are ruining teenagers' ideas of how they should look', says @realmissfiona
Retweeted by LorraineGreatness has left us. Thank you for paving the way Albert 💔
Retweeted by LorraineLove them’s our Paul @Stuart_Miles !!! Sheer class fail me. Why??????? Disgraceful forward to presenting @BBCTheOneShow along side @MissAlexjones tonight. Tune in from 7pm!
Retweeted by LorraineAgreed. Brilliant groundbreaking film. feckers. Shame on them. magazine has a 20% discount code for Max’s online fitness class, log onto and enter M… news @JohnBoweActor - loved him. Terrific actor. think I remember the tasting session ...
Retweeted by LorraineYou are a superstar! Cracking band @wearesuperbird and proper music! Xxxxx you more! You are a complete delight. them -This is the most fabulousy camp thing I’ve ever seen!! I need to get me one of these!!!!! glad you asked - it’s @wearesuperbird and they are fabulous!!! Check them out.