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@pawsup28 Excellent! 🥒 @madamspellmn I’m ok thanks love. Hope you are too xxx @jsbroekhuizen Glad she found some lovely people to adopt! XxDonald Trump STRONGLY AND TOUGHLY denies knowing Ghislaine Maxwell.
Retweeted by Lucy Davis @JLCauvin Gold. X @jsbroekhuizen She’s so clever!♥️ @evesaloud lol! @FaceOfBoaz Aww! Xx @Robotmeile I am very well trained, that is true!
The old ‘leave the treat until I come back into the room’ routine. We practice every single day! She’s just so good… @Trevor56510778 @MOVIESTVMAD Thanku xx @Coffee4Dessert 😘😘♥️ @Coffee4Dessert I was so so ill! XxWorth retweeting because I’m missing our on-set shenanigans and camaraderie. Also I have almost zero memories of th… @gerismelc All of them!
@TheRebeccaMetz @MrAndrewCotter Getting me through lifeIf you haven't yet found the videos of Olive and Mabel, narrated by @MrAndrewCotter then do yourself a favor. This…
Hey @RealLucyDavis. I made this video a few months ago, but I ended up not posting. I hope you like. A lot of kisse…
Retweeted by Lucy Davis @sapasuprema Well this is the sweetest thing! Thanku so very much! What a lovely thing to see all those memories. Thanku so much 🐶🖤
@mirandashotto Is your friend English!? X @jaimesunicorn In afraid I’ve given you big cheeks!😂
@BRUTALPosters @edgarwright @simonpegg @nickjfrost @thedylanmoran @serafinowicz @Working_Title @PromoteHorror @mirandashotto What fabulous friends you have!!😂💗💗
@BRUTALPosters @edgarwright @simonpegg @nickjfrost @thedylanmoran @serafinowicz @Working_Title @PromoteHorror @BRUTALPosters @edgarwright @simonpegg @nickjfrost @thedylanmoran @serafinowicz @Working_Title @PromoteHorror @liamross2 Gorgeous xxx @mirandashotto 😘 @Rjespich 😘 @lucydavisdaily I tell her 🤧
Hi🍄 @Heiti693 Thanks Hanna 🤎💜🤎
@madamnereida I only did one... @Steve_Tibby @carrottofficial Of course! X @KimCharters1985 @carrottofficial ♥️
@CarolineFeraday @realDonaldTrump Bingo! @string1979 @carrottofficial Good thanks. Love to you xxx @Rikbartholomew @carrottofficial I going to start using it again! @DaveNewWorld1 @carrottofficial Sooooo foolish!😂😘😘 @KimCharters1985 @carrottofficial Ah that’s nice to hear! Hope you and your mum are staying safe and well xxx @luke2686 @carrottofficial Those bloomin’ moles! @lauren_holmes9 I didn’t know about it so I’m guessing not! Xxx @ianhickton @carrottofficial 😘 @ninefor22 @Gavavva @carrottofficial True story. @Gavavva @carrottofficial lol! @DenzelB10 @carrottofficial 😘😊 @Rikbartholomew @carrottofficial I love the phrase “I’ll be”! @ArronFrance @carrottofficial 😘 @DaveNewWorld1 @carrottofficial lol! X @hippyslapper @carrottofficial lol! A lot of people think that don’t worry! @ginge_davies917 @carrottofficial 😘 @string1979 @carrottofficial Thanks! He’s doing well, thanks for asking xxx @SAfricanAnimal @carrottofficial That’s cool! @vzezy @carrottofficial I love Australia! @liamross2 @carrottofficial 😘 @16aa235fa15f46e @carrottofficial KRO!
He’s obviously just landed me with a sarcastic comment! Happy Father’s Day pops! Thanku for all your kindness and h… @CaptCanuck66 I’ll try it! So long as it doesn’t upset her! @BeckyIES777 🌸 @awhoreforgomez lol I’ll try! @lenasoleas Thanku! X @TottenhamJedi They’re vegan cakes from a company called @BetterBitesBake
@66mitchell You mean hide myself under a blanket? X @FaceOfBoaz lol! It’s all about the good manners! @ellis_belle Exactly.Playing #hideandseek She’s meant to wait for me to say ‘come find me’ but never mind! @lucydavisdaily That of the sweetest thing! And I will absolutely use it!! Thanku🌸 @FaceOfBoaz lol! Exactly! @lucydavisdaily 😂😂 @rchngfrthemoon Aw that’s so thoughtful thanku!! I’m useless!🤦‍♀️ @pawsup28 It’s nerve wracking lol! @arusha_e ♥️ @FaceOfBoaz I know - they cut them off at birth over here, which is so awful 😢 @OutOfOfficePod_ I could have at least dyed my hair the color of my beard 🙄
@lucydavisdaily yes but only a few days ago and I’ve zero idea how to use it. So I’m just browsing and not posting at the moment! 😂 @rchngfrthemoon I’m only on there browsing at the moment bc I’ve no idea how to use it! I can’t even find my ‘page’… @pawsup28 Well yes but only a few days ago and I’ve zero idea how to use it. So I’m just browsing and not posting a… @jaimesunicorn lol! X🤯 @arusha_e Oh no! I can imagine how hard that is for you. I’m glad he’s going to his forever home, but my heart goes out to you xxx @Jinga11s Exactly! @thoschei_rights 😄🥰 @ellis_belle 💞💞 @bcuz135 lol!Little minx always wiping herself on my nice white couch! Watch her stop when she becomes aware of me seeing her -… it true that @sabrinanetflix has actual witches to help with the spells, rituals, and rites? @RealLucyDavis like…
Retweeted by Lucy Davis @Rjespich @sabrinanetflix @kiernanshipka I’m unaware of people who are witches being specifically hired to do that…
@thetaskoschei @M4DAMSATAN I love roller coasters. The only problem is that I once passed out on an extreme one at… @M4DAMSATAN Actually, I think I was referring to the theme parks!? I do love going to them! X @chikiguna I didn’t really!X
@TheOne04571674 lol, no it’s probably not a good thing! @VarahnTet Well it was also hard to not check it out? I don’t think I could have slept if I hadn’t! @Joviblu04 No. I did check to see but there isn’t. It was so weird. @lougalczynski No xxx @TheOne04571674 Unfortunately yes! @Anne15Ellie Aw that’s so sweet! Happy birthday love!🥰🥳♥️ @legodsy1 Oh good, now I have that in my head! 😂 @chriostoir_g lol! @M4DAMSATAN lol! I admit, I was fairly freaked out!