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Mostly interested in Games, Movies and everything beautiful.

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Ultear (Fairy Tail)
Retweeted by MardockFire Emblem x Advance Wars : Lash / Dark Mage I spent far too long on mimicking that background, lol
Retweeted by Mardockyou know what getting better at art out of spite is extremely OP, do not understimate the boost proving people wrong gives
Retweeted by MardockDress for the occasion (April 2019) full hi-res set with nude versions:
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Retweeted by Mardockhi guys! i finally launched my patreon. if you're interested check it out! thanks to yall for the support🥺❤️ こんにちは…
Retweeted by Mardock🤍🕷️🟡🕸️❤️
Retweeted by Mardockwip of somethin new exclusive to patreon for next update ファンボックスの次のアップデートのため作業中の一部です。 patreon :…
Retweeted by Mardock @ex_pulse 4. You like nipple piercings😂
Retweeted by Mardocki should make some new ocs so I can draw them non stop
Retweeted by MardockHow would you guys describe my artstyle?
Retweeted by Mardock @Aesdev3 Sorry Bro, didnt see your original tweet. Whats wrong, how could we help?Commission for @RoninDudeArt Thank you my friend!
Retweeted by Mardock作画の資料用にコスプレしてくれた宮森さんです
Retweeted by Mardock @Haohi_Oterin One of my favourites and very unique. Shapely/feminine designs with great curves that are both really…原神 スクロース 🧪Sucrose
Retweeted by Mardock尻といえば #デカ尻ンピック
Retweeted by Mardock @ArtduRanch Here we go again ! Good luck everybodyNew #artraffle time! To participate: -Follow this account. -RT and leave a comment Ends August's 20th Good luck!…
Retweeted by Mardock毎年恒例欲張りセット #バニーの日 #パンツの日
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Retweeted by Mardocksometimes i like to go back and just work on unfinished sketches i have lying around my folders while im having som…
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Retweeted by MardockMaid Jill #va11halla
Retweeted by MardockCommission - Shyrihanel
Retweeted by MardockJune 2021 girls are already on Gumroad
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Retweeted by Mardock蛍ちゃんの清楚な水着を考えました✨🏝️
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Retweeted by MardockMarine's big ass ponytail 👀 #マリンのお宝
Retweeted by MardockI'm a little late, but happy anniversary, Three Houses! If it weren't for Fire Emblem it's possible I wouldn't even…
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Retweeted by Mardock#今月描いた絵を晒そう 水着の季節だったから・・・!
Retweeted by MardockErza, sketch.
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Retweeted by MardockI urgently need money and I work drawing. I accept commissions. Please, if you see this message and you cannot orde…
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@iarhiee His expression would make a great profile picture👍 @dzzzny He has his doubts but is still offering the job. That females are on average weaker than men is fact and hi… Peach - Mario Kart (2020)
Retweeted by Mardock「テア」
Retweeted by Mardock水着長門
Retweeted by MardockToday is my birthday! The best gift for an artist is a repost of their work :3 Thanks to everyone who supports me,…
Retweeted by MardockYou can support me on patreon and receive extra,sexy variations of each illustration, as well as monthly exclusive…
Retweeted by Mardock妹の冒険
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The Gerudo Vai Zelda content pack is now live, available for $5! It includes three new fun outfits for Zelda, alon…
Retweeted by Mardock @yoracrab I cant believe a crab drew thispyra - painting #Xenoblade2
Retweeted by Mardock @OfficiaIGuy9 @ex_pulse Yeah change your profession from 2D tiddy to 2D bootyGwynevere, Princess of Sunlight just a fanart i made last time i played dark souls...
Retweeted by Mardock @jdotkdot5 Sounds like cuck boooi🤍
Retweeted by Mardock @jdotkdot5 Now draw your oc saying "nice cock bro" @jdotkdot5魂の差分
Retweeted by Mardock「おい!うるさいぞ!」
Retweeted by Mardockぱん🥯 #タベガール
Retweeted by Mardock#ICYMI – the first test of Europe's future space brain🕹️🧠🛰️ ESA's #OPSSAT Space Lab recently became the world's fi…
Retweeted by MardockNow this is just incredible!! Ömer Tunç's #BannerlordCreativeCompetition entry is truly a wonder. The sky, the suns…
Retweeted by Mardock @Katyushacos @yukkikuma_cos Happy bday kati🥳! Your makeup in these pictures is so pretty, you look way to gorgeous🥰 @BANBANKO_ Love the placement of your name on these pictures👍😌 @Maido_Nyxi @JackaryDraws @JackaryArchive Over 6700 media files, you are really an extreme case😅. A Gallery functio…デカ尻ンピック そろそろ新しいの描きたい所!
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Retweeted by MardockWiP - Maid Jill
Retweeted by Mardock @Haohi_Oterin She is a real cutie, makes you feel sorry for seeing her sad @Haohi_Oterin Is she chained up for breaking the tea cups?
SY #DigitalArtist #characterdesign
Retweeted by MardockAnd Starfire, cuz I never shared it here obviously #Starfire #cosplay
Retweeted by MardockObligatory bikini vacation photo from my trip to Hawaii ♥️ It is the first an only time I’ve purchased something o…
Retweeted by MardockAt NYCC! Come see me at the Marvel Costume Contest at 5:30! ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by MardockMore of my Starfire cosplay because.......I genuinely feel like she’s one of the few cosplays I have that actually…
Retweeted by MardockIt’s my birthday today 🥰 Oh and I did a Hinata cosplay lolol. Quarantine makes it more low key than usual but hub…
Retweeted by MardockY’all asked for more Raven’s more Raven 😅 Who’s your favorite Titan from the show??
Retweeted by MardockDiana Wonder Woman cosplay based on Bronze Age II Wonder Woman ♥️♥️ Also inspired by José Luis García-López’s Won…
Retweeted by MardockKorra posted up for Asami like “Hey” in Miles Morales voice lolol Bikini version because ppl over on IG asked 😅😅
Retweeted by Mardock*steps in quietly just to share this other photo from my Urbosa swimsuit shoot* I know I don’t tweet often but....…
Retweeted by Mardock @Xharik I appreciate that you think I did so good that you can’t tell the differences or see the lack of armor 👌🏾
Retweeted by MardockI came to feed y’all things since I never post here. I’m sorry lovelies!! Look at this swimsuit Urbosa I designed…
Retweeted by MardockClassic or Miles suit? *i ask.....knowing everyone will pick Miles because of the afro*
Retweeted by Mardock @cutiepiesensei Your stretchmarks on your thighs are also hot, looks really great with your skin🥰 @JackaryDraws The only thing that I really dislike is when i want to see the art but under media files are only reaction gifs and memes.花园w 💎💎💎
Retweeted by Mardock @SG_Torbarian @TarkeCat And after leaguestart you had no access to any of those? Personally i highly valued ailment…
#成長してたらRT見た人もやる <-2018 2021-> late but i wanted to do this
Retweeted by MardockBaltimore from Azur Lane in her Evening Breeze Minuet version, 2nd reward of the August Patreon Pack.
Retweeted by Mardock @James54403020 @Haohi_Oterin He already drew syl and tbh that prior one was even lewder @Haohi_Oterin There were many moments when i was thinking "I wish i had a syl in my life" while reading the books. @SG_Torbarian @TarkeCat Most nerfs are focused around skills and ascendancy and what you play was always your choic… @_Silvervale_ @Veibae Vei is just confused because she is always turned on and horny💜🤍🧹🔔🐈🎀🤍💜 original character design by Mika Pikazo
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