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This is what comedy is supposed to be. Chapelle is one of the few left brave enough to not worry about offending th…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙This is what "progressives" call "progress."
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙WATCH as Trump takes first lap at Daytona in “The Beast”
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙Notice how no one's talking about the President of Ecuador meeting with President Trump this week at The White Hous…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙Check out I'm with 45 Red Mug! Available for the next 1 day via @Teespring: 2k Firearms stolen from #LasVegas Gun Store – Why wont the #FBI & #ATF Investigate? #FastAndFurious All FOIA's sent off in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation in the last 2 weeks have again been Denied in D… FBI/FAA Deny AFMG FOIA’s on Las Vegas Shooting Again! did Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange say about Seth Rich? Flashback Friday in our Investigations (VIDEO) Brett Kavanaugh’s Text Message to Susan Collins Revealed Male Teacher Assaults Female Student Over ‘Women for Trump’ Pin California City Becomes First to Ban Background Checks on Rental Housing and Apartments Rogan drops Truth Bombs in the Seth Rich Murder Investigation (VIDEO) Sets The Internet On Fire With Meme Of The CENTURY out our NEW 'Cult 45' Trump Blue & Gold Hoodie. Since the left wants to label all President Trump supporters… Rich and the Mystery of Multiple Police Reports Biden’s $1.5 Billion Dollar Secret Just Went Public 19 Year-Old Brilliantly Explains Why He Supports Trump and You Should Too Craziest Part of #SpyGate You’ve Never Heard About Biden’s Sister Sent Campaign Funds to Her Own Consulting Firm Admits Illegal Wiretapping of President – Issues Apology (VIDEO) Federal Judges and counting approved in the first three years of a Donald Trump Presidency... This is the leg… @realDonaldTrump PROGRESS!
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙The One Video Every American Needs to Watch in the Seth Rich Murder (VIDEO)‘I Love Big Gay Ice Cream’ is Bloomberg’s Latest Campaign Ad (We’re Not Kidding) Video Included… how no one's talking about the President of Ecuador meeting with President Trump this week at The White Hous… @realDonaldTrump @JackBrewerBSI @foxandfriends @FoxNews you to @JackBrewerBSI for your kind words on the great progress we have made on our powerful African-American…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙 @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump Seth Rich Investigation Notes Released John Bolton DENIED Publication Approval by White House 3 Days Before Leak! Giuliani Becomes Center Of Brand New Democrat Witch Hunt as Trump takes first lap at Daytona in “The Beast”! FBI’s McCabe Leaked Intel About Seth Rich, New Lawsuit Says President Trump Take First Lap at Daytona 500 in ‘The Beast’ Rejects Supreme Court Decision on Trump Travel Ban Bloomberg Could Pick Hillary To Be His Running Mate @SenJohnThune @realDonaldTrump Dems continue to peddle their socialist fantasies, GOP economic policies have made life better for Americans.…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙WATCH: Top Bolton staffer sides with TRUMP (VIDEO) @SenatorTimScott @realDonaldTrump @cvpayne @FoxBusiness @cvpayne on @FoxBusiness this afternoon to talk about how my Opportunity Zones are working across the nation…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙 @realDonaldTrump ready to go to the Daytona 500. Will be GREAT!
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙 @realDonaldTrump week the Fake News said that a section of our powerful, under construction, Southern Border Wall “fell over”,…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙Leaked Ellen Ratner Audio Talking Wikileaks & DNC Leak! John Bolton Took Six Figures From Ukraine Oligarch a world of Conservative Censorship, make sure you're following me on these other platforms.… OH: Carter Page Files Lawsuit Against the DNC Almost 20 Years, Air Force Will Fly Brand New F-15s Trump Signs Order on Travel Ban Due to CoronaVirus (VIDEO) List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously.. President Trump Taking Lap at Daytona 500 and Giving the Command via @realmattcouch
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙REPORT: Hillary Nervous As Bill Barr Turns Up Heat in Reopened Email Investigation Giuliani’s Latest Move Should Be Making Joe Biden Nervous Is the FBI Hiding Records About Seth Rich? Staffer ‘No One Gives a F**k About a G** D**n Pronoun…People Want to Know How to Create a Job’ (VIDEO)… Clinton Admits There Is Only One Way to Remove Trump From Office… Hack That Never Was- Special guest Matt Couch LIVE with Patriot News Start your engines!!! #LookinGoodFeelinGood 🇺🇲 #MAGA #KAG
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙Is Joe Biden Done?
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙GOP Strikes Back — Graham Says 3 Investigations ‘Being Prepared’
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙OH MY! Emails About Seth Rich Between Strzok and Page RELEASED
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙MAGA: President Trump Taking Lap at Daytona 500 and Giving the Command
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙MAGA: President Trump Taking Lap at Daytona 500 and Giving the Command MY! Emails About Seth Rich Between Strzok and Page RELEASED Strikes Back — Graham Says 3 Investigations ‘Being Prepared’ Joe Biden Done? MY: White House Twitter Account Drops HAMMER on Pelosi in EPIC Tweet! Liberal Media is saying that Trump is pandering to Nascar fans to try to get their vote.. The Liberal Media i… @bealexh That's a good routine!All this bill does is separate the lying cheating husbands from the open poly amorous husbands. DECRIMINALIZATION O…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙What's your Sunday routine like? @RealMattCouch What kind of Faith leads this person to except money from Soros?
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙 @CristineSmitty @toby_dorena @Robbie93894981 @RealMattCouch That's a problem everywhere. People screaming Russia wh…
Retweeted by Matt Couch 🎙THANKS, NANCY! Dems Impeachment Sham Has Trump’s Approvals Skyrocketing Doubles Down on Seth Rich Cover-Up best way to make a crime go away.... Don't Investigate... Don't give the public any information.. These are t… Trump Effect: President Influences Buyer’s and Market noticed the Democrat Congresswoman Dina Titus on Fox News this morning was ignorant enough to bring up the Las Ve… Former Romney Spokesperson ‘He’s Betrayed His Party & Millions of Voters’ ANNOUNCEMENT: Source Privilege & First Amendment Rights DENIED to Matt Couch, The Fight for Truth Continues… Omar Marriage Scandal Takes Major Turn After New Details Emerge Matt Couch on the American Joe Show (VIDEO) Mayor & Former WWE Superstar Glenn Jacobs (Kane) SLAMS Democrat Walkout at SOTU Rules Pelosi Destroyed “Document Of The House” @Wright_way_USA Thank You my friend!Joe Biden: "I'm going to beat Donald Trump Like a Drum..." Also Joe Biden: "Finishes 5th in New Hampshire..."LISTEN: Matt Couch on Freedom Declassified Discussing Seth Rich & More! GOP To EXPUNGE Dems’ Impeachment Of Trump If They Win House Back Rich Isn't Going Away! Because I haven't let it.. How many of you are aware that I'm being sued by the two m…’S BACK! James Woods Makes Triumphant Return to Twitter to End Historical Week for the President… Dem Strategist on Fox News just now said it's a good idea for Mini Mike to tie himself to Grandma Death for ele… Unveil ‘New’ Charges Against Trump Days After Senate Acquittal