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You can now buy the book of #ThankYouBakedPotato - all profits go to provide free hot meals for NHS workers #FeedNHS

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@Moominba Amazing @BanksSarah2 cuuute @MrsDBradbury I will find out for you and let you know xx @TunesLennie @BBCCatrionaR Thank you Lennie xx @BBCCatrionaR xxxxx
I don't get why people compare Boris to Churchill. He doesn't look like a nodding dog at all.Hello again @KateRobbins @_MikeMcCartney_ XxNew Monkey Cage today - a brain scrambling show on black holes and holographic theory (among other things) with…
Retweeted by realmattlucas @Author_Artist Ah I'm not in the show anymore I'm afraid but I know you will love it! x @MiyamotoBen @greg_jenner I’m not sure I understand what you mean. It’s a glorious-sounding name and I’m celebratin… @MiyamotoBen @greg_jenner I’m not making fun of it. I think it’s wonderful.So I finally went back to school today and I was stopped at the gate by one of the teachers because apparently I'm… @TheSarahMiatt @macmillancancer How lovely xxx @simongregson123 @MichaelStarke57 hahahaha @matthewdmarsden @thegoalzone It's going to be so strangeLadies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest name of all time @Smudge64 hahahaha @mcewanglass What a lovely baked potato Daisy, thank you so much for showing me xxgood morning
@werdna67 @StuartHoltom Thank you xxxxxI made a phenomenally silly thing with non-exotic animals for @RealMattLucas Reasons To Be Cheerful on @Channel4 at…
Retweeted by realmattlucasLoving the new theme song! More Reasons To Be Cheerful with @RealMattLucas tonight at 6.45pm #C4BeCheerful
Retweeted by realmattlucasCatch me tonight on Channel 4 at 6.45 with @RealMattLucas on Reasons To Be Cheerful Much fun! #C4BeCheerful
Retweeted by realmattlucasi've put on so much weight in lockdown i actually need to go on two diets @PaintTheCityBl1 i know, it's so baffling @dickie_frances I will hold you to this @memike72 @OED i've been doing this for years but my tummy isn't fooled @Geewine @OED hahahaha @drnjshelton @OED i stan this @mouthwaite xxx @RealMattLucas @OED snaccident?
Retweeted by realmattlucas @BFI Looks like Emily Howard to me @BFI ... @davidwalliams @RealMattLucas
Retweeted by realmattlucas @Alnicholls xxxx @LittleMrsC @OED I like that. Thank you Pooh Bear x @benjaminbutter Hello Benjamin Butterworth x @BBardotforever hahaha @Superfast72 Could well be xx @claire1832 Still there, still there. Thanks for asking though xxgood morning @rtalalay @dialob_diana Ha, that's my mum who tweeted! x @RealMattLucas To be in both ‘boys from the blackstuff’ and ‘GBH’ is really leaving your mark on telly. He was superb in both.
Retweeted by realmattlucas @johnbradleywest I quite agree. x @Benny_Boy1978 Do you never sleep? @17Bebbie xxxx
there is a person called barry biffle Angelis was one of the greatest TV actors I've ever seen. His work with Alan Bleasdale was tremendous. What a loss."It's the end. But the moment has been prepared for..." #DoctorWhoLockdown FINALE! WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME & THE DO…
Retweeted by realmattlucasWell recording childrens stories for the bairns we can’t visit during lockdown just took a trip into the absurd.…
Retweeted by realmattlucas @ourrachblogs Yay! Hope you both enjoy xSorry to bother you @OED but is there a word that describes the two bags of crisps you eat while dinner's in the oven? @amanda_trows @JamieBarnard90 @simonmars xx @harry_apps Miss you too lovely Harry x @simon_schama I love you too xHello again @gmcguk hahahaha @nataliey88b4 @Inspire_Ashton @MissHDoyle @MrsHarveyKS1 @MrsHepworth_KS2 So lovely to hear, thank you. I am glad it…😂😂😂 @mattjholding hahahaha i love it x @RealMattLucas preparing lunch today was interrupted for a very good delivery is helping #FeedNHS
Retweeted by realmattlucasgood morning @AllanJTaylor Hi there, very well thank you. Best to contact please xxx @RaviAynore Thank you, that sounds good, I will x @LizJarratt Fabulous! Thank you x @jangoandbump Maurice Piper
@Pudden1976 very well read!Some baked potato magic!#ThankYouBakedPotato #StayAtHome #mattlucas #learnmagic #haha @RealMattLucas
Retweeted by realmattlucas @Dawn_French very @jaydeadams @Channel4 yay x6.45pm on Sunday eve. I pop up in these larks.#C4BeCheerful @RealMattLucas.
Retweeted by realmattlucas @Aim0zz Yay thank you Amy Potato! x @helerobinson52 Hi hi best to contact pls xxx @Pudden1976 How lovely. Thank you Xx @su_parnell Hello MissMoolie @Wozzablue A very happy birthday to Claire for tomorrow and thank you so much for the work you are doing, you're a star Xx @Garthicus Thank you Alan. So sweet Xx @MandyBurnside You have a gorgeous and very clever grandson Mandy xx @PeteJBadger Ha ha. Good for the veg? X @JesusOBrien17 Good idea @bluebox99 @RiaJones67 Thank you Jenny Xx @TheMaDeva @woowoo6401 @singinghands @UpsandDownsSW Wonderful, thank you xx @FrayMollyfray4 @stjosephsps @MrsFinlayP4 Wonderful xx @Isabella_Trust @LivPaCL8 Pleasure Xx @BtBrownlie Xx @PeterBr17864561 Thank you that’s lovely to hear Xx @amanda_trows Happy Birthday Callum for tomorrow Xx @WickesCompany Thank you Xxgood morning
@ManMadeMoon yes, as long as you wash one of your hands @RiaJones67 Thank YOU! @Paul_WilkinsUK hahahahaha @Cherylbaker xxxx @emmafreud indoor wee, garden pooTo clarify, you WILL be able to use the toilet if visiting a friend's garden, but you're not allowed to do a poo. It has to be a wee. @Golfhackno1 hahahaha thank you MichaelsShe knows all the words! @theatreworksuk1 How lovely. Thank you so much xAnother #ThankYouBakedPotato duet, this time with @daniellipton95. You can download the original song and buy the b…