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Hardcore Legend, NY times #1 best-selling author. Lover of chipmunks. Book your cameo video at IG is

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This guy loves reindeer. Just wanted you to know. @RealMickFoley due to a pregnant wife, sleep pattern is a mess, I find myself watching all of the year 2000 during…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyHelp the #FBI identify this woman who allegedly unlawfully entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6. If you have infor…
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This guy gave me nightmares as a kid! Scariest villain in any G-rated movie ever! #ChildCatcher camera catches foxes playing with dog toys in family's backyard 🦊💚
Retweeted by Mick FoleyHey guys - can we identify this guy in stripes who assaulted Officer Daniel Hodges? Officer Hodges said the guy w…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyI love chipmunks. Just thought you should know. hour until the #DustyClassic continues on #205Live! If you don’t watch, I will curse you with FOMO.
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I love my country, and will do what I can to protect this fragile democracy. If you're one of those "shut up and wr… if you think trying to violently overthrow our democracy should result in some consequences.
Retweeted by Mick FoleyIt doesn’t take much to be kind..
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThat's quite a lineup! Who is on YOUR Mt Rushmore of wrestling? the world with less judgment and more curiosity. Less fear, more empathy. Less hate, more love.
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Mick Foley Drawing Numbers in the Royal Rumble 😂😂
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThis little fellow could use your help. Please take a look and share if you can, donate if you're able. @GavinRuffer moved to New York City 25 years ago. I came of age, fell in love, and became a father here. Seeing our City in so…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyLook at @wizkhalifa paying homage to #DudeLove Thanks Wiz! #MSK certainly got my atattention! An impressive @WWENXT debut from @DezmondXavier & @zachary_wentz
Shad Gaspard would've turned 40 years old today Happy Birthday to a legend 🙏
Retweeted by Mick FoleyYouTube suspends Trump! But only for 1 week. With YouTube's "3 strikes" rule, Trump gets to incite violence 2 MORE…
Retweeted by Mick Foley4,327 dead in a single day from COVID The attempted overthrow of our democracy on January 6 Unprecedented securi… @DeweyHaveTo Yes, you are!Incredible! Thanks to all the fans #CobraKai
Retweeted by Mick Foley @MattJ0rdan10 @blackishabc @TheGoldbergsABC Bob Newhart Show, All in the Family, Happy Days, Mary Tyler Moore Show,… Foley fact: My two favorite sitcoms are @blackishabc and @TheGoldbergsABC Two very different shows - but bot… @Jarrius Thanks Jarrius - one of these days, I intend to donate a liver or a kidney...and you will be my inspiration!Thanks for all the well wishes. If I got up from this, I’m pretty sure I’ll kick out of COVID!…
Just curious: Can ANYONE remember ANY instance of Donald Trump expressing ANY concern about the danger of domestic terrorism? Me neither.Everyone on planet Earth should just do what Drew McIntyre asks of you.
Retweeted by Mick Foley“Death is the only remedy for what’s in that building.” This is Trump’s MAGA army. Who is this guy? If you ca…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThanks Andrew. I really appreciate you reaching out. of you have been asking how I’m feeling after my positive COVID test. All in all, not too bad - but I get fat… @laurastevenson @DollyParton That’s so cool Laura! As a great songwriter yourself, I think Dolly would be very flattered to see that photo!Time to read this amazing Christmas gift from my son @DeweyHaveTo - the ONLY item on my wishlist. My mom says I f… 80th birthday to one of my favorite tag team partners - Abdullah the Butcher. He not only struck genuine fea… @DMcIntyreWWE the very best for a quick recovery following his COVID diagnosis.
My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.
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I'm trying to imagine the President pooping without tweeting...and I genuinely feel a little bad for him.😢
@btownmoose @Dodgers @MarcAnthony At one point, I was dancing a little to the music, and I saw that Tommy was groov… sorry to learn of the passing of @Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda. I only met Tommy once - in Puerto Rico at a f… news of Tommy Lasorda passing He bled @Dodgers blue He said he wanted to see them win 1 more #WorldSeries Glad…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThere is nowhere to run, no place to hide... @JohnCena's voice is EVERYWHERE!One take away from all this: @MittRomney is a genuinely good man. Maybe he’s too conservative for some, not conse…
It's going to be tough to wean 70 million off the Kool-aid if they're still going to Fox for their news. Maybe Han… doesn't die in darkness, it's dying in broad daylight.
Retweeted by Mick FoleyWhere is the @FBI press conference? Where is The President? Why isn’t the VP holding a press conference to talk abo…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyI like presidents who DON’T have to release bs statements through a spokesperson because they’re banned from social…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyI have been fearful of Trump inspired violence for a long time. Here is a discussion I had with @HausRebel on… @RealMickFoley I’ll always be your neighbor ❤️
Retweeted by Mick FoleyMy former next-door neighbor @soledadobrien for the win! it just me...or are Mitch & Pence in the midst of a surreal babyface turn? Reminds me of the hated… should be removed from office. Cruz and Hawley should resign. This was an attempted coup. You lost,turned Geo…
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The 25th Ammendment should be invoked immediately.
Retweeted by Mick Foleyagain: McConnell needs to lead a delegation of GOP leaders to the White House to tell Trump that he has to resign i…
Retweeted by Mick Foley👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
Retweeted by Mick Foley#25thAmendment ...but you get the point! and Senate members: 1) I hope you are all safe 2) Any chance of working a quick #Article25 vote into today’s agenda?Hey @Twitter at what point do you shut him down and stop letting him incite a coup? You are close to being an acces…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThis is a moment of profound national humiliation. The worlds oldest Constitutional Republic has been turned into a…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyIf these were BLM protestors -- we would be witnessing a blood bath ....racist white supremacy privilege at its finest today
Retweeted by Mick FoleyHey Vince - how about throwing this sorry son of a bitch out of our Hall of Fame? @VinceMcMahonTell me more about law and order.
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThis is on you, Mr President. Every single injury today is on you. thought this was the Blue Lives Matter crowd?
Retweeted by Mick FoleyI went back to December 13 on President Trump's twitter timeline... I did not see a SINGLE hint of compassion for… of you man. @RRWWE is one of the main reasons I got invited to my official WWE tryout. In the past, there w…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyGeorgia, Georgia The whole day through Just an old sweet song Keeps Georgia on my mind Ray CharlesThe internet is undefeated...
Retweeted by Mick FoleyWe’ve heard some remarkable American stories, but this from @ReverendWarnock, 11th of 12 kids, is special: "The oth…
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Thank you for your honesty, and for your strength in getting the help you need. God bless you, my friend @RRWWE enjoying the interactions with @iamcardib & @WWE stars... @trishstratuscom @RealMelina @SashaBanksWWE of all of you under lockdown in the UK - and wishing you the very best during a difficult time.If you read one thread today, let it be this one. And pray you never have to meet this woman or anyone in her shoes.
Retweeted by Mick FoleyI know this is #RAWLegendsNight - but how GREAT was it to see @SonyaDevilleWWE return on #SmackDown I see a title…, I’m digging the @LaceyEvansWWE @RicFlairNatrBoy interactions on #RAWLegendsNight I’m interested to see…
@TheRock @WWE This grizzled veteran still marks out when @TheRock tweets about me.This was a massive and historic moment in pro wrestling during the infamous “Monday Night Wars”. It all hinged on o…
Retweeted by Mick Foley22 YEARS AGO, TODAY JANUARY 4, 1999 THE NIGHT THE CHANNELS CHANGED! Thanks to everyone who played a part in the… you to everyone who supported me on @BookCameo in December. Your thoughtfulness allowed me to donate $5,000 t…
This baby bear stumbling around trying to catch snowflakes is what I needed today...
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I tested positive for COVID following a December virtual signing, and have been isolating in a hotel room for the p…
@DeweyHaveTo @FundamentallySD @RexChapman I think that’s @BillWalton channeling his inner Dude Love. The best tribu…
That moment when you open your Christmas gift from @BeckyLynchWWE - and find a hand-made squirrel picnic table and… @RRWWE Thank you @RRWWE - and Santa wants to apologize for striking you with that giant bag of toys on Christmas Ev… all of you a much better new year than this awful 2020. I hope there is health and happiness for all in 202…’s something joyfully surreal about seeing @ZooeyDeschanel sing @SteveEarle’s #Someday - one of my all-time fa… will always remember Dawn's kindness to me. We shared in creating a cultural landmark that has continued to bring…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyEmotional night. It’d be nice if we could all continue the positivity and love moving forward. We shouldn’t need a…
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December 29th 1998, RAW. 22 years ago today @RealMickFoley beat @TheRock to win the WWE Title for the first time, a…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThank you, Jon.
Retweeted by Mick FoleyThe New Day's @TrueKofi and @AustinCreedWins paid a heartfelt tribute to the late, great Jon Huber on tonight's epi…
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I have an article up, “Remembering Jon Huber” at I hope you will take a few minutes to re… is a great idea by @CMPunk - a great way to show Jon Huber’s family we care. Please count me in for 100% of my… to hear the passing of @MLB HOF Phil Niekro Famous Knuckle ball pitched 24yrs @Braves @Yankees @Indians
Retweeted by Mick FoleyI cried with so many grown men as we told each other “I love you” the last two days. This industry can be dark and…
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This is a great glimpse into the early days of Jon Huber’s career. His pride in his performance, and his love for b… You
Retweeted by Mick FoleyEvery kind word you read about him is true. Every person that says they loved him is genuine. Everyone of us hurt…
Retweeted by Mick FoleySo much pain comes with losing someone like Jon. But everywhere I look, I see an entire industry paying respect and…
Retweeted by Mick FoleyI just heard the news about the death of Jon awful day for wrestling fans. Just two years ago, my son Hu…