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@47GLYPH @nrbil @jammyzx @Boltzy__ @madafps Sheeeesh jamal @nrbil Somehow knows the where opposition is every ranked game. +rep Gamesense. @Jonaaa6_VAL @nrbil Agreed @Evergreenily I Taught Vanity how to play the game. I taught TenZ how to aim. I Taught Nate how to manage social me…
@careertwitch a squadron to queue snipe. DMs are open. @JoshNissan Was a pleasure 🤝 @1flyuh @neT_valorant @1flyuh @neT_valorant @neT_valorant Inferno @nrbil U mad? U Gonna cry? @WRAI7H U mad? U Gonna cry? @cohburg @Complexity U mad? U Gonna cry? @truoVAL U mad? U Gonna cry? @Caders_ U mad? U Gonna cry?
@sevvn It's C9 now @sevvn mocking#1337 :>) @1mehzy LARRRRYBANKSSSSSS @wubbyval @dynamiicVAL @Scrounge_ me and dip been running it up in blue lagoon @wippiecs @v1c_cs You would be broke
YOOOO @st9llar WEVE DONE IT @Zellsis V1 pays you triple that amount in a month... cmon @Zellsis $5K @Zellsis I'll have a talk with my people @nateschanker NATTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @mooseloff U Cant lie that was the most fun you've ever had in a whileJust played a 5 round game with "TEALSEAM mocking" on my team as jett and can now safely say, those 6am games vs th…
Retweeted by mockingIt's the end of an era, We won, good job @mooseloff ,we killed the dreams of men who wanted nothing more than to fi…
@CooperCSGO Why didnt U jett dash @1flyuh @RivalRoom Classic Xavier "5-0 on the day of the @RivalRoom $5k heres TWO 1v5's that i got today, lfg onto… @regan_travis Good. U deserve it. @Virtyyyy @BaitAcademy @regan_travis @POTUS45 🤤 @regan_travis U mad? U gonna cry? @wubbyval MIKAEL BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWL # FORKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK… @Torrify_ Glad I Have fans that I Do not know of
@KingFPS__ @VIRTUOSOVAL PS P1 Noble Virtuoso “Hardstuck D3” King Fps @47GLYPH @s9cred @inskyfps mic check is spec @Corey_OW @jadachez You forgot to thank me for letting you ride my lambo and staying at my mansion. Tf bro?? @neT_valorant @TheGuard @Dronecsgo @harmfoo Wtf I thought I was playing @1flyuh @v1c_cs Classic Xavier "it was a good song." Carlson @1flyuh @v1c_cs Classic Xavier "i love alvin and the chipmunks" Carlson S tier Comment @Vanityxz @Zellsis No
@mac1_val @SpringLane_ @FBI I gotchu @FBI @FrostyValorant x_Phr0St33VAL0R3Nt_23Merry christmas @bearkun @Asunaa @Subroza Put a time limit u dont know what this guy is capable of @Subroza @emiru My friend @v1c_cs Says hello. @plat1numOG
@Yoshii_TTV @_Lotuss @Caders_ More like Joogsquad to AK @POISEDFPS The high you get from high sens the first hour you are on it is incredible until you realize the fact th… @leaf_cs Good job. @Vanityxz I'm Getting on @Zellsis @Vanityxz @leaf_cs Look at this awesome giveaway guys⭐️CHAMPIONS VALORANT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY ⭐️ ✅like & retweet ✅tag 2 friends ✅follow @Zellsis ❗️ ❗️ PICKING WINNER 12/…
Retweeted by mocking @OkinFPS @Zellsis @ryannn dotn fucking tag me @Zellsis @ryannn
Say less fam @skubacs @KnightsGG glyph @47GLYPH · 31s Replying to @skubacs and @KnightsGG skuba “Logan Jenkins” cs @JoshNissan @dynamiicVAL YOU have NO idea how pissed I am. NO ONE has any idea of how pissed I am. Even a single mo… @JoshNissan @dynamiicVAL U mad? U gon cry? @jacobcavern @dynamiicVAL It’s not about kills, or clutches, or impact in the game. It’s about passion, dedication,… @zander_fps xxx_zxNd3RRR_xxx
@kiwiramune @sevvn How do you know my intentions? Are you a sorcerer? You come to me with an authority of the highe… @sevvn Manifest this CoSad Day #Nothappy @Vanityxz I GOT THAT DEODORANT ON MY DESK WOOOOOO @Slash9r @Vanityxz Say less @RossyUA @Virtyyyy Do that on astra @Vanityxz Post THE pic when they least expect it... @DerrekOW @fragadelphia @currydtx @Shanks_TTV @POISEDFPS @neptunensic Whoever came up with the name deserves the noble peace prize @minaweeb @MLGAnakin @v1c_cs @CommunityGaming Anything for U my love @Boltzy__ @v1c_cs @CommunityGaming @ChurmZz @khanartistval No + Stfu
@Vanityxz What she sees 💯 @ethoz @nateschanker @Kanpeki_XD HbdIntroducing Lenny Time. @realmocking @sugarfreeOW @TkazFPS @dippelVAL @s9cred
Retweeted by mocking @codeyluvskittys Dont make me post ur keyboard @WARDELL416 @OP_ACAD OP academy mug plz @ltsCamo @Vanityxz ? @Vanityxz I loved it all, and I will always love you, whether it be as my best friend, my first love, or my lover. @Vanityxz Give love to your grandparents, mother, and father to me. You were the sweetest yet most damaging thing t… @Vanityxz and how I cherish our sweet memories but this is a final goodbye to my heart and to you. I wish you the b… @Vanityxz I will go back to how I used to be before I met you, yet different at the same time. I can love myself no… @Vanityxz The quietness of not talking to you on the phone, and the mass amount of time I have because you no longer are my priority. @Vanityxz When it was December, 2016, and my heart was pumping not by fear but by the promises you gave me. This isn’t when I fell for @Vanityxz So it really questions how much harder did I fall for you when I got to hug you, smell your scent and feel your warmth. @Vanityxz or bounds me by chains you never placed. It’s really funny how I fell in love with you just by seeing you… @Vanityxz ou, with your slim body and your big lips, and you, with your lies and your broken truths. It’s hard to s… @Vanityxz Harder than I could imagine I could ever love anyone, as I said before, I thought love was pointless and… @Vanityxz ough countries away, 5000 miles away to be exact, you, somehow, took up every little inch of my life and… @Vanityxz t’s good and I’d just like to share what it really means to love someone, and how it damages and effects… @Vanityxz This isn’t going to be a professional format, not an essay style nor a proofreading document. Just someth… @steph_ecx U mad? U gonna cry?