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@TrippyN2L Did U optimize her PC @Vanityxz @mac1_val @rikugoat @frostyZK @frostyZK same . want to kiss?I am more nervous in ranked than I am in matches @FrostyValorant @valyngod @madafps i have more followers than ur org @khanartistval My sens is too low this will be a whole body workout @madafps @madafps
@JerkTBE @Ban_Val @neT_valorant @Ban_Val Hello @wippiecs Can u translate. @neT_valorant @Ban_Val Excited for our 3 blocks today. We play scrims to win. Good luckCan the GOAT of tac fps (@Ban_Val) explain what happened?? @bumpaah @Vanityxz what did I do to catch strays like this manme have good aim me a good player 🤓💯💯
2022 @JoshNissan @careyfrozt I am your fucking father kid @1mehzy @Vanityxz woke up from a nap @JoshNissan You’re one to speak
@zander_fps #NeverDone's time. NA has been saved. @JoshNissan NoGood morning. Rise and grind ☀️💯💯 aches my heart that people will never know how Good @techVALORANT really is @1mehzy @Zellsis @1mehzy @Zellsis Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2022 @zincval Apologies redheadI cry myself to sleep knowing I will be a low sens player forever and there is nothing I can do about it @1fiziq @frostyZK @CMSwayZ Dont ever disrespect Swayz ever again he owns you buddy @Ban_Val Ok @threeFPS Me and @Bonesllb @zekkenVAL @crunchyyworld @OkinFPS @WedidOfficial @atlidx @fuglaa Same @khanartistval @PlayVALORANT @riotgames U deserve it after what u are about to do to us. Screw you. @trentFPS @leaf_cs Here @ExaltVAL When you are in a dickriding competition and your opponent is HackNaija @frostyZK @slowiscool No its mine1-2 @KnightsGG ggs to them Need to stop playing like pussies on every map other than breeze / need to play together more, unfortunate loss
Someone q 🙏 @slowiscool YeahHello North America, Please offer us at 6:00 EST on Pracc for a warmup against Knights ban Yours truly, Mocking @Zellsis Im literally asleep with your mother at the current moment, that is a fake mocking you bum @v1c_cs @Shawn12590 to lose my job after tomorrow please don’t do this to me @realmocking 😢
Retweeted by -1-0 TLP 0-1 Ballsack 2-0 @Complexity Onto playoffs for Knights ggs @currydtx @JoshNissan
New Valorant Agent set to release in Patch 5.01 @seshiriaa_ @mooseloff @ShopifyRebels Ok @keencval Is the Captain @mooseloff @ShopifyRebels Ok I will Give tdawg the chance instead to build Lenny Time academy @mooseloff @ShopifyRebels Pick up tdawg as 6th man @mac1_val @ShopifyRebels @dazzLeGO @ShopifyRebels Sir loafman, may You sign my mousepad? @madafps @ShopifyRebels @vinnerwinner @vinnerwinner
LIVE WITH @realmocking
Retweeted by - @zekkenVAL @FaZeClan @ChurmZz No @zincval Care to comment? @leaf_csWho wrote the VCT script
@frostyZK @nmgreeen @benjyfishy @snirot @1flyuh @NRGgg Tenacity pro Flyuh @Bo_Hoogland Bones is the greatest player in north americaAgent Codename : "Mage" -Can now rip apart the ground and turn it into a wall -5000 shield but 5 health -can dash updraft -has 4 tripwires
@GeorgeCGed still won't make a difference when he gets consistently outshined by 10000 other agents @currydtx Ok nav (curry)
@ShoT_UPcs @1flyuh I like how you think1152 x 864 @FrostyValorant @Elocxle Hello, I am his people. According to my findings we are going to patch this at this very i… @Rawkus Can I join @slowiscool Thanks @OfficialANGE1🧙‍♂️
Retweeted by -i will single handedly make yoru meta in north america, the possibilities are endless with this agent thank you john ritoMixtape dropping before LCQ @verizonfios if you don't fix your internet I might have to have morbin step in to resolve the issue @JoshNissan @Vanityxz Lets get rid of Vanity and join C9 together my KingThis is the worst thing I’ve read in my 23 years of life
Retweeted by - @khanartistval another reason why nyc sucks @alitheowbot Dced 4 times against the greatest player in north america "marko" @Nurfed i have 1000 ping at the current moment @Ban_Val Heyyyyyyyyy
@khanartistval @builtbygamers You signed up for it, it was your faultExpecting the BBG House now, thanks @builtbygamers @mooseloff If you 5q and win against us you can have the Lenny Time state of the art facilitySomeone 5 q against us, winner gets our vlr ranking @Bankroft Nice mate @Bjorlulu😂😂💯💯 @Teagu3_Val @TSM ahahahhahaha 11-11 ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahaaahahahahah… @tsm A played bad , but this round was also very awesome!
@in0Xfps @neT_valorant Glooks mate @neT_valorant @in0Xfps permission to let guard net fill @in0Xfps @Vanityxz come playneed emergency fill asap for match @ 5 EST (smokes)
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