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Oh of course Pete was talking about the cultural revolution yeah sure @mikedallape Damn when is this ep droppingEven if you disregard the possibility of Pete thinking the civil rights movement was too revolutionary, that quip w… Pete and/or his surrogates try to walk this back, don't buy it. The many movements of the 60s (civil and gay r…
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @valeriesoda @YahooPriest @PeteButtigieg Pete is, at this point, entirely driven by the insurance companies to stop… @valeriesoda @YahooPriest @PeteButtigieg That's simply not true, Pete's plan was written by health insurance compan… shit this but not evil shit the Pete Buttigieg campaign just came out in opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. #DemDebate #RatMode
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴please just end this debateCheck the polls, @MikeBloomberg. #DemDebate
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @ChapoFYM some straight bullshit thoI mean this is obviously corrupt but also imagine spending $1750 to watch a fuckin debate instead of building a hig…
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴finally why the crowd is so pro-billionaire hmm hmm
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴Everyone-Not-Named-Bernie-Shut-The-Fuck-Up Challenge @JokeHartzler the insurance companies have taken over this debate, it's everyone vs bernie on this
@jobforaheffa't believe bernie voted this way 30 years ago on an issue he's since evolved on. I would never vote for a politi… @lydorito enjoy! I hope you budgeted for one of these too @caitraft See if you can just call a doc first, also ask if activated charcoal tablets would be okay. They're great… @limitlessjest I hope you listen to the song 'No Children' by The Mountain GoatsFUCK @BarrelJumpist Change your display name and maybe even username if it's personally identifiable or linked to your r… @JaneOst_ He's gone @mikedallape Trying to sincere-post a reply because she might just be incredibly ignorant @BridgetPhetasy You only have these things if you aren't poor. Being poor in America is a completely different world, please learn empathy @runolgarun King Arthur Flour is also 100% employee owned @runolgarun Hell yeahThe reason one might be called a RAT is if their campaign RATs out a low-level rival campaign staffer for mocking t…, don’t you think it’s a little cruel for you, a guy whose parents just purchased him a 1.35 million dollar st…
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One of Nainan's jokes is a riff on the Chelsea bombing where the punchline is that it was a Galaxy Note 7…
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴hell yea dude @StealingValerie get rid of Indiana too while you're at itWhat the actual fuck is this
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @benlar15 @howintensive uh BIG TEXAS is not "shit" right has haribo fruit salad, left is too much spicy stuff @howintensive great content! I gotta go with the right one @brycas no pissing during better call saul @mhalle @AshaRangappa_ @bibolshevik has been saying this the whole time @streetfrogradio good luck Casey dude @BeLikePete @PeteButtigieg 2% Pete
5. stop fuck lyyying
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @jordha Damn Nook owns a whole airport? @itsmesleeves't wait to hear how South Carolina is a backwards swamp that doesn't know how to tally a poll @ZacAKAMadu thank you sir I've been trying to explain to my friends how Bernie winning actually means he's losing maybe this will helpnow this is smart Tools is proud to partner with @FPRI to combat the Russian menace and defend our Democracy
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @selectedwisdom @FPRI Thank you sir this makes perfect senseWait for it..
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @tomwatson ok, centristOh wow the flat earth guy launched his rocket, and died
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @stevemacwv @BernieSanders @ninaturner 2% peterDon't tell @realDonaldTrump this because he'll get very nervous—we're going to beat him in Texas.
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴🎶memories, light the corners of my mind 🎶
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @PeteButtigieg @Dissensual White women voted for Trump in 2016 when Hillary was running. Who gives a fuck about courting their vote. @Dissensual most latinos speak russian right? @dave_schilling saddest thing I've seen in years @MurderBryan I hear these are good as hell @manchelster eat a chili dog and fart up the theater @kurtmschiller @acablart someone has to keep facebook in business @LizMair who cares what you think
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @acablart for those of us who are blocked (like me) @ShakeNBakey @ShakeNBakey default wallpaper ass
@Jwm13131 @HenryJGomez who? the one who lost you mean?it should be noted that this guy lost to a republican in deep blue Maryland for the governor's race because he was… @daveanthony they seemed shocked that voters who care about healthcare voted for Bernie...have they ever actually l… @jackallisonLOL go to the steyer defeat party and use the open bar @BAKKOOONN Plus it's about building a movement around exciting policies, not half measures. The half measures won't… prolonged drought, a new wife guy
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @mikedallape I think this is disqualifying and you should step down from your presidential campaign @Shea_LVRJ @JulianCastro @ewarren this is against the rules I hope the rule-loving Buttigieg supporters arrest this man @jphillips6030 @NotTheFakeJA @chrisjollyhale @BernieSanders Thanks @jphillips6030 @NotTheFakeJA @chrisjollyhale @BernieSanders What the fuck is the "National Intelligence agency" see… @ComradeNoticeMe Our country is being deprived of cool bread shapes due to the heartless Germans @joncoopertweets @ChrisDJackson @JoeBiden @ComradeNoticeMe Plus we only get the one plain coiled pattern but that site I linked has waffle patterns and more! @ComradeNoticeMe No it's all crap. I bought the best option on Amazon and then I let it sit in its sealed plastic b… @ComradeNoticeMe Gahhhh why don't these exist in the US @CoachRomney @JoyAnnReid @BernieSanders @bibolshevik can you run this @JoyAnnReid through WMT? Her account may have… @ComradeNoticeMe will be my best friend only if you smuggle some brotformen for me from Germany so I can avoid shipping costs @jobforaheffa Whothis is fucking dark
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴 @0KF0X Nook is Trump but Isabelle is Bernie @USA_Ricee @BugConOfficial @BobbyBobylon @doughboyspod Burbank is great! There's a really big Ikea, Bugcon,I welcome the hatred of the crooks who destroyed our economy.
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴I have a feeling this is going to stay relevant for a bit!
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴Careerist scum @joekennedy is really trying to primary a green new deal democrat from the right! @JaneOst_ It's almost easier to vote smh @JaneOst_ @BAKKOOONN David Lynch's new movie looks cool
Most of the discussion around Bernie's FP in his camp is that he's *too* hawkish and explicitly anti-Russia, such a…
Retweeted by muffinparty™ ⚠️🔴It's shameful that certain pundits are buying into the angry Bernie Bro narrative clearly being pushed by Russian b… @ComradeNoticeMe I might share my Plex server with a best friend 😏