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This is unbelievably thirsty and desperate 😂 know we know but when your actions and words don’t match all that ground you gained for the community is lost. A… @JayPharoah 8.5/10 show tonight highly recommend @REESElaflare You in the talk regardless but fasho would’ve been the one if you had more time. People value streams…
“Who cares if he's wearing a Kunta Kinte T-shirt, isn't the original sin of this country slavery?” Max Kellerman t…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTI hope they got that 100k ready for the fine 😂 cause asu bout to be Oregon this week.ASU will upset Oregon this weekend.
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTWe have finally reached the Steroid ballot 😬 who deserves it @jbaggybags Yes I agree goat talkA movie didn’t take Juve Pogba for granted but Man I wish we could see levels like this again the screen to vacate the help for the backdoor sooooo nice @jbaggybags Exactly that was the best player for me to look up to as a young kid going out there everyday. Now I ca… @jbaggybags Swagger without disrespecting the game. Not quite vanilla basic baseball and not quite Dominican pimp job. Somewhere in between @ServiteSports @ServiteBSKB @JonathanKhamis Coach really said “get up” 😂😂😂 if only y’all knew.@ServiteBSKB season is offically here! After months of hard work during the offseaon, your Friars return to action…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTRIP Bernard Tyson @jbaggybags I feel like his cultural impact was big and that adds to his legacy. So fair enough from a pure basebal… @jbaggybags Ok I’m sorry but you’re on Twitter probation we aren’t ready for this convoOne of the best things I heard from a player I worked with this summer on why he has stayed in the NBA so long...…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTStephen A selling out for 8Ms a year 😭😭😭 is the bread that nice? Where do I sign up @stephenasmith someone tells you Kunta Kinte alludes to slavery, and not freedom, it tells you who they are.
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTLet’s trade pennies for dollars too 😆 to the game yesterday and his ability to do this without fouling is extremely impressive. His hands are like m… @REESElaflare Nah Ik Ik I just feel like the summer vibe would’ve took over. Maybe got a better mainstream push. Re… body on the perimeter moving @REESElaflare dropped this summer it could be AOTY 😬Noël je croyais que vous n’interfériez pas dans les décisions du sélectionneur!Sachez que c’est moi et moi seul qui…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTNo one: The Astros:
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTAsu scared me first 10 mins. Ended up being a good winASU-Oregon this Saturday will be played at 5:30 on ABC.
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Do players not understand that scouts are looking at body language on the court and how you’re presenting yourself.… 📍
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTY’all ain’t like pink until dipset. You ain’t like brown until Travis 1’s. Boy I do not care about yo opinion. Lol…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTThe evolution of @reilirich over the last 4 years has been great @SlamStevo Too much of a gray area but I love itGreek league is really turnt for no reason 😂 @Toriieebaby At least you knowIf Joe Girard can play like this for Syracuse consistently, he'll have an establishment named after him on Marshall…
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To this day I’m still mad at the Louisville receiver for not tryna run that dude over and score birthday king just called a carry with the game on the line lmaooooKobe Williams Mix🥤🥤🥤@yaboiijuicee
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTLol or he set the screen and his man was open bro had an amazing summer too.. prayers for my guyDamn Miles no no no 😭😭😭Credo @ServiteSportsI’m so ready to watch her for the next 4 years boy the Pg at northridge got nice tooNorthridge getting rocked but Brendan got a Chopper
On everything they not ready 👀 @sabrinahaines
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTT @saucysauceb Carti my favorite and thug is like 4 or 5Over the summer, Mike Tomlin made a yawning gesture when asked about facing Odell twice a year. OBJ didn’t forget…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTPurpose.
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTThis doesn’t include my downloaded music which I listen to more 🤦🏾‍♂️ I just realized that @saucysauceb Surprised me tooProud doesn’t even come close to describe how I feel about our teams effort tonight. Haven’t had this much fun sin…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTOn my quest to visit every baseball stadium.. 13 left 😆 back and I’m so readyThere are some people you watch and you just know Garrett with the Blitz: The League dirty hit
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTWelcome to the family, @babydev5 #LaFamilia
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTRandom man just walked right past me, didn’t say hello, didn’t break stride, and simply said, “they should throw hi…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTOBJ!!!!!!!!!!!!Who got BET+
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTT𝗠𝗩𝗣 𝘅𝟯 For the third time in his career, @MikeTrout is your BBWAA AL Most Valuable Player!
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I got replaced by 40 on a feat and I ain’t even mad 😂
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTT @RCGbell Straight dog @realnoahscott 631 hours
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTYea....... we know 🤷🏽‍♂️ @AI_Academy @OrangevillePrep
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTT504 hours 127 artists lol thought it was gonna be more.. and I guess I’m a future fan every time I see a video it shocks me Vogel played Alex Caruso 53mins the last 2 games and KCP only 12
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTWhen you’re with GOD it doesn’t matter whose against you..... 🗣GODFIDENCE
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTT“I don’t believe in the prosperity Gospel. I believe if you read the word of God and you understand it, there’s tri…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTT❄️ We Are The Storm 🥶 🎥: @MikeZunigaFilms #credo #BuiltForBattle #PlayoffBound
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@AJG_20 Yup right thereFree agent guard Iman Shumpert is signing with the Brooklyn Nets, league sources tell ESPN. Nets have a 16th roster…
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTLouisiana chicken been had the glass but y’all wouldn’t know bout that yep I said it SORRY TRAE 😭😭😭😭 might be the hardest caption of all time APOLOGY NEEDS TO BE AS LOUD AS THE DISRESPECT WAS...
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTTo this day people don’t understand how big this was for their culture y’all can’t tell I’m excited!
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTSeen at the Moda Center ...
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTLiterally going out in AZ
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTKinda cool being in phx when going to suns games is a trendWhat a crazy week. First shoe. Sold out in one day. 🥶
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTCall of duty players have that grown man rage. (Via u/NotEagl3)
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTDevin Booker when KCP comes on and guards him:
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTa celebration of black film through the decade (2010-2019)
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTCollege Basketball. Where the unexpected becomes the ordinary.
Retweeted by NOAH SCOTTSam Cunliffe who would’ve thought