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Prince Blue @realprinceblue Outside WIP Human Resources

Host of Real-Time with Prince Blue. Retired Police Officer/Army Veteran. Father/Philly Sports Fanatic. Twitter Live MWF @ 8pm. #FlyEaglesFly #TeamBBW

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@MsCarla123 I did it for a few weeks. It was ok. I had a different appetite then. Now I think I may be able to do i… @aubreypower On the list to watch!!! @PierreB3_ “The nobody works as hard as me” I just want to win. Blah blah blah. Some don’t have issues with it. And… @PHL4for4 I have. But due to my diabetes. It wasn’t optimum. But now I think I’m pretty much doing a version of it… @KellyDaBunny This weekend I have barely made it to 1200 calories. It’s weird. @jelynchjr 😂😂😂😂 Heat fans upset about Butler slander. But I will tell you is his act has worn thin at all his stops. Just say… I think I have done it. My appetite has shrunk. I can’t even get 3 meals in. It feels weird. Not gonna lie. I…
@PhillyFreck215 @ThaBless3D1 @realprinceblue @Zel5Zelly He’s too soft for this city, they don’t make big enough dog…
Retweeted by Prince Blue @thebirdcage2107 @PhillyTheKid215 @thebirdcage2107 @PhillyTheKid215 Dirty White Russian sounds kinky @Spectpooheagles @MainEventTV_AKA @ShouldJustDelet @_dhuggs @Zel5Zelly Good luck with Sam Darnold and Mono @MainEventTV_AKA Then gonna call Philly trash but play in New Jersey and shares a stadium with another team. LOSER.How you gonna be scared, then talk shit away?
Retweeted by Prince BlueThat guy drinks white claws
Retweeted by Prince Blue"im scared of Philly" he said.
Retweeted by Prince Blue @KarateMark215 @MainEventTV_AKA’s what I heard 🤷🏿‍♂️ @realprinceblue Obvious, no?
Retweeted by Prince Blue @Zel5Zelly you got something to say about Philly? You gonna learn real quick what Philly is all about.… his favorite drink? 🤦🏾‍♂️ @jaybink2585 @Rongs215 @RosaChanda Damn. I never thought about that. We so damn focused on what they “can’t do” wel… @jaybink2585 @Rongs215 @RosaChanda Speak on it Jay. I sometimes wonder if we don’t give Embiid and Simmons enough c… @levismom82 And then have the nerve to label a kid when they get older. Knowing they have failed them all the way from the beginning @levismom82 Well I don’t doubt you won’t make sure it happens and be on their asses @RosaChanda @Rongs215 I agree with you sis. Jo is gonna piss the NBA off. I also like that he gave his feet and kne…'d really prefer he keep his workouts private. NOTHING positive can come from these clips. On this app in particul…
Retweeted by Prince BlueSchool? He eating it right now sounds good to me MWF @ 8 🤷🏿‍♂️.... #Pretzels @Gina_Marie215 Thank you Gina. I don’t want to go back @YourProcessGuy @jdprice1978 Been apart of two riots. They really don’t be wanting smoke. They stand in the back of black people an… @1aeh5400 @Gina_Marie215 No ma’am. But I am going back to it starting tomorrow. My weight loss has slowed. Gotta kick it back into gear @DumbPhillyFan @philyfan4life is getting close. We are so excited and beyond blessed. Thank you all for putting up with the… @Steven_Younger_ @Primetime_23 @BobDigi69 @ManUnited0710 @The_Meatball_84 @fukujang0627 @LiveLoveLupe @Kayne_Martin @thebirdcage2107 Same. I just want them to be safe when they return. I wouldn’t mind a reboot in 2021. This year is a wash @TreyDelphia @thebirdcage2107 I’m a gentle giant 😂😂😂. Appreciate ya bro. Everything is good man. Hope yours is good too @Ruin2day @Rongs215 Bruh. Look like I don’t accept no fake ID’s City Greens pic is from 5 years ago. I look like my wife’s security guard 😂 deep is your love. He freestyled the whole song. Teddy did the beat. Listen to it. He’s just talking and not rh… @dooner6 She still hasn’t answered me. Neither do I. @NotUrAvgHoodrat No. I just forgot it’s a damn holiday lol. I just looked and saw no email. 😂😂😂 @ChipReiderson @realprinceblue Peart on drums Maybe Daltry front, but Plant would be my pick also
Retweeted by Prince Blue @Chickie31976 Thank you. And yes. I don’t play that shit. I joke a lot. But me pissed off isn’t a pretty sight. Mat… @TheGlennHubler @ChipReiderson @Ruin2day @DumbPhillyFan honest and even keeled. Thank you Carlos @ChipReiderson @DavidJo55757507 @Paybizzy76 @ChipReiderson I wanted to go Page. But Slash made me pick up a guitar as a black kid in apartment 809 in the projects lol @levismom82 He would have had a hurt one after I kicked him in it. @TasticFlap And they’re bold with it. He would have gotten his ass whooped.When @ChipReiderson hears that I added Rick James to my super band lineup Lead: Robert Plant Drums: Rick Allen Gu… at least one episode of Amen on Sunday morning is an acceptable church substitute. So sayeth Reiderson. G…
Retweeted by Prince BlueHe would have got his face rearranged. Soon as we had a break. TRUST ME everybody knows how shitty black people have it and they still act ignorant or do dispicable shit to us🤷🏿‍♂️ @g_bass24 You’re fucking joking? No way!!! Omg. That’s extreme. And then when somebody is slapped. They’re wanna cry @Pairadachs What the hell? Like one is proven to help human bodies. Pros and cons. And one is just flat out wrong. Lol @tolson00 Should have dropped more!!! My brain is friedWhy do some vegans or vegetarians act like self important assholes? I got time today. To compare slavery to meat ea… wife is a vegetarian. And what makes me love her is she doesn’t walk around being a judge mental douchebag about…’m very intelligent. But I don’t get this at all. What the hell does this mean? Explain go hard on the 4th and vets day. Threw down on the grill for about 25 people at the lake and now time for me to b…
Retweeted by Prince Blue @fuckallyall215 When I think we had all of them at once and Brett Brown couldn’t figure it out makes me want him gone even moreMe on the Saturday Zoom last night @NotUrAvgHoodrat forgetting it’s the 4th of July from Matthew’s mom The jail he’s in has no AC and she said he sounded different on the phone. He’s having he…
Retweeted by Prince BlueI smiled once for y’all. That’s all you get
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Caption This😂👀👀👀 Slip Floss Album: diabolical diabetic Single: White Powder
Retweeted by Prince Blue @realprinceblue Rapper name: John Ross album name: Port of Philly #1 single: everyday im smoking
Retweeted by Prince Blue @John_Ramboi 😂😂😂 @jengletweets @JBlevinsNBA Crazy chemistry. And rumor is they didn’t really get along that well. Either while filming or during the later years @JBlevinsNBA The Toy and Stir Crazy got me hooked. Been a fan since @MainEventTV_AKA @JBlevinsNBA🇺🇸
Retweeted by Prince BlueThis is my muthafucking QB!! Debate your trailer park mom with two teeth and a lazy boyfriend named Jim Earl Nights Harlem Nights 😂😂😂 @KarateMark215 Elite assassin. Saved the world with meta humans with nothing but his mind. Gadgets and elite martia… @JustinEmeryShow I bought it from Rugged Wharehouse for $3. Had it for 5 years. @levismom82 😂😂😂 @MattGrumbrecht @realprinceblue Your rap name can just be Royal T or you can go by Big Royal or Prince. I feel like the nicknames a…
Retweeted by Prince Blue @realprinceblue Big Turf Money Talks Ballin Go off Big Turf ✊🏾
Retweeted by Prince BlueName: Blue (...just Blue, like Cher) Album: Blue’s Clues Single: B*tch Aint Gota Clue aka The Karen Song
Retweeted by Prince Blue @realprinceblue The double entendre game is gona be sick when you start spittin bout Blue Blood 🔥
Retweeted by Prince BlueMy name is blue and I’m a blood. It’s a mind fuck😂 @ChipReiderson Wholesome Boneless Wings and Sunshine Spread love, not herp
Retweeted by Prince Blue @realprinceblue -Self Made -Bacon & Egger Vol.3 -Breakfast Time
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