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@qtspiegs @FnPaycheck V @Janieled @DevourTkay @visionwtd Wwww thanks for that host a couple days ago daddy @Prudas_ Kids crazy 😭😂 @XavicVFX @NyndeeALT That’s why pinas my new editorgod teir 😱😱 $25 SOLO FFA ZW (45 PEOPLE) (3 lobbies, Top 5 from each lobby move onto finals) -reply with your ign to e…
Retweeted by Use code ‘Revised-YT’ #adLike and vouch me please I beg you all @zhuricfn Twitch Revised1 8.8k earned
@Formula I want to join team @FormulaVouch me & like fb everyone who does @PlaIism 3k on yt epic twitch revised1 @DevourTkay Sheeeesh daddy tkay @Formula Noti + host @sippydzn Thx @F8Tito Ily @ChallaceVFX TikTok show support 🙏🏼 also if someone can manage this that would be great
So turns out we playing playvs 2nd place rn @yapperfn Ladder @DreammzFN 2ndi cant finish out my games... rip @Formula Bet always down to do content I have you added twitch Revised1 @lolcurty @OutcastRegion I miss you too daddy @lolcurty @OutcastRegion 😩 @XavicVFX @KarvFN @PrdgyJul Gonna miss you railing me @PrdgyJul Gonna miss you @OpalFN_ Could be you bu you playing @OpalFN_ PlayStation cup some shit skin not gonna play it my PlayStation not working @aoribtw You have no gas deleteNeed someone to carry me on console for Eu to get the skin @TenzyXI I’m up as usual @wtfexsu @wtfexsu @Jbcao_ Hbd duo partnerI need like & vouches @PlaIism Twitch Revised1 10 k earned @OpalFN_ @Arkhram1x Vouch @Reflexloll @BHVannessa @JETSKIIfn @WhosRexi @wtfexsu v @Formula Won’t make it far without you @jimipapifn Fuck me
@XavicVFX @XavicVFX @nutiffyy Zone got updated it’s shitHow many likes can I get on this @ItsBylah Holy fuck bro @CartoonPaul ❤️ @DripJoshhhh And I still wanna rail you @DripJoshhhh I want you to rail me @Formula No sleep on the plane @wtfexsu @zetherist VVouch he’s a demon me please @PlaIism 10k earned 35 ping twitch Revised1 @aoribtw All dead bro there’s mine ☠️☠️☠️☠️ @CartoonPaul Brooo @aoribtw Your shit join cord
Retweeted by Use code ‘Revised-YT’ #ad @KarvFN Hbd 😎 @ShaggyFN_ No one your ass @PeterbotFN Run it back? @RodlinOT @FaZeSway Fuck now I’m hard @aoribtw I mean he’s better then you I don’t see why not @aoribtw @KarvFN @GrapesFn 🥺 gonna miss you
@Diiscc @Formula Sheeeeesh @Dxrkze_ Autocorrect #freedxrkze @Dxrkze_ #freedaddy @RockettItz I wish I was the middle of that cake the way your gonna eat thatFollowing noti gang (delating in 5) @RockettItz Omg hbd now come fu*** me @KarvFN @PlaIism V @Jaysbtww Gs @apostleFN Gs @apostleFN Gs bro
Unfollowing inactives, like and reply for a follow back @lolvilet ‘Gemato tasaki’ It’s a alt account @Jbcao_ @E17Dannyy @Byzic W @DripJoshhhh Sheeesh @NyndeeALT @NekkoSucks You win a gold ladder
@AdonisFN 👾👾 @wydrain It’s fake love @DevourTkay 😉
@sprybtw Noti @Shadow_Gaming7 then click the 3 lines then click locker and log inI’m just built different @E17Dannyy Dam 1 day @WalayYKM You making a movie series?Oh yeah got follow botted 8th day ina rowbanger stream❤️ 320 subs total, thx @MLGJRated for the host @AdonisFN Same 9th day and running 400 followers a day @PlaIism @RockchalkYT @Kwungle If you already got affiliated on twitch yes otherwise I would suggest to do YouTube to start building a community @SznVoyager @Kwungle Uh not my business but it’s a really good way there’s tags and a lot of other ways for exposur…
@Zpxyszn Hbd 🥳 @NyndeeALT @THEBIGQBKJL @RockchalkYT @WalayYKM @DripJoshhhh @Lawsonnfnn @HavocLMAO_2 Dangerous ⚠️ (10,000 Arena Points) editor @pinawydJersey Concept [DRAFT] for Insight! Support is appreciated! #InsightGGS
Retweeted by Use code ‘Revised-YT’ #ad @aoribtw POV: your shit at the gameGood morning peeeps 😎 @riftmull 👋🏼 ina call by myself