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Founding CEO Humanity Forward, Miss Iraq, ملكة جمال العراق. مديرة المنظمة الاميركية الانسانية هيومانتي فورورد

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@iraqi_first I would but many followers are conservatives and I don’t think they would like to see my bottom lol @Foldedspace Lol @fr8tur smart answer!LOL 😆 answer! And for those who said Sophia Loren are kind of right since I hear that a lot but not for the video… only clue is the “black & white” was told I looked like an actress I love can you guess who 🙃 @IlanYLevine It doesn’t hurt at all... the pointe shoe on other hand (kill me now!) @big_moish1 🤣If you hate your feed then do some en pointe 😫 other news, I’m accused by number of Insta followers this is “not my leg” during a warm-up 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😅 one media outlet that ALWAYS report the truth and is non-biased. Can’t think of any... @ian_pudding If this article was written about Rep you would consider it and it would be trending all over twitter.… @ian_pudding Did the Russian state media pay our law enforcement to get involved? We at least have to acknowledge w… course now he endorsed #BidenHarris2020 i’m no longer a supporter 😄 @Kinch045 My dear they cannot publicize something that will cost Dems election... you know they don’t like TrumpThat’s literally why I automatically didn’t support her, my choice was @PeteButtigieg even though I don’t agree ent… ballot harvesting is not a partisan issue. It's been used & abused in states like North Carolina and Califo…
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss IraqOne good Democrat who still have my respect 👏🏻👏🏻 she’s been vocal lately about all the BS Far-left media been putti… me something new... didn’t I say a year ago on FOX why does @IlhanMN never stand up for Muslim women in Iran w…’s this not tending? I thought twitter experts said nothing could go wrong with ballots 🤔
@Nervana_1 Analysts my ass... lolYesterday, an expert analyst argued that “It seems to me that #Turkey has never had an interest in this conflict re…
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss IraqThey keep shouting fascism but this is the very definition of fascism; forcible suppression of the opposition. I wi… confirms @Twitter is propaganda tool owned by DNC. I will learn on my own if I want to, you have no right to e… engaged in all armed conflicts in Libya, Syria & Iraq, his support for Azerbaijan against Armenia, conflict…’m sorry I just don’t care about “the remains of a fire” in Lebanon when I know that 500’000 people are in distres…
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq
@omaralbusaidy Why’s the guy who hit them smiling!!!! 🤬🤬The U.S. must communicate to Baghdad and Prime Minister Kadhimi that Iraq has two choices: tilt away from Iran or b…
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq @604Raincouver Actually the fools are those who refuse to acknowledge another person right to like or dislike some… understand you want to win the elections and hate Trump and think he’s inhumane etc, but plz stop incorrectly us… feed is mostly Jewish posts angry at @JoeBiden comparing Trump to Goebbels and I can relate. They did same comp…’m too hard on myself to think like that. Most of the time I don’t realize I did something significant until othe… morning 💕 Starting the day with real music @RealSarahIdan This is what Sarah is talking about...
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq @Meshach57280426 @cocoroc83197272 It’s possible @d_mess64 You’re wrong, there are Palestinians who messaged me on Insta asking me not to show their messages out of…’s Palestine got to do with US problems? At this point If you still can’t see this is the work of Muslim Brot… @JonSutz We need to care what they think to talk sense into people, because this is the propaganda they’re using to… @JonSutz I know but they think of Ashkenazi Jews as “European settlers”
@itruthman1 They already hate their own country, but the hypocrisy is being part of the system and using the democr… new PA who’s willing to sit down with Israeli leaders and discuss Peace Plans, not one who live on donations and… true activist for Palestanians must address the main problem that makes two-state solution impossible, We must st… far-left who are pushing Palestinian terrorism as “social justice” and paint Israel as “occupiers” by their ow… @Sarahnumber404 Except this would never happen in a red state and you know it. The far-left have been pushing Pales… I missed 1 tweet, the hijacking of 2nd airplane in 1970, flight from NYC to Heathrow which Leila and another… event even Zoom refused to host on their app, but our American universities in blue states are part of this and… operation 56 US & European passengers were used to bargain for the release of seven Palestinian prisoners in Bri…, Leila & PFLP member hijacked TWA Flight on its way from Rome to Tel Aviv. Khaled boarded with a hand grenade… cancelling an event with @PeaceNowUS to honor Rabin- the man who shook Arafat's hand & signed the Oslo accords,…
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss IraqISIS is an ideology as well... I guess we can’t call them terrorists. However I do agree with @latimes Trump is… @josephproudusa @JoeBiden Nope, nothing will happen means like today more protests and riots mean even more then what we have todayWhat do you predict will happen after #Election2020 if @JoeBiden winsWhat do you predict will happen after #Election2020 if @realDonaldTrump wins @MosheTabrizi Musa. You’re not ex Muslim you’re obviously Shia doing Taqqiya and supporting this party, your ridicu… @MosheTabrizi 🤣 Syria is literally run by Ba’ath socialist party! The full name of their party and Iran gov have fu… @MosheTabrizi Because China and Vietnam are not socialist Islamist countries. Read my twitter and understand it before you post @MosheTabrizi And why does socialist Iran, Syria, and socialist Muslim regimes don’t build diplomatic relations?… other words... @AOC let me check with my Islamists partners first to make sure they’re ok with this event and i…
@MPPregent 🙏🏻💕The U.S. Election will determine Iran's fate, Iraq's future, & the region's stability. That's why I'm doing what I…
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq @ChaimDeutsch @Bryan_E_Leib @Google @StopAntisemites @NYCJewishCaucus @AmericansAA @MJHnews @HolocaustMuseum @AuschwitzMuseum What the...منتبهين عدنا العرب من يعصبون على رجل و يريد يسبه اول كلمة تجي ببالهم "كلب" او "حيوان" بس من المرأة تسوي شي ما يعجبه… died! 🤣🤣🤣 You guys got imagination @swilliams909 🤣 didn’t occur to me til you said it, maybe he was trying to lead me somewhereSeriously, his eyes! 😍😍 a walk and I ran into this Cutie! 💕😍😍
@HenMazzig They do! I’ve had conversation with many of thoseWe need more centrist voices, I’m sure there are few but never given a huge platform because they don’t work for ei… @HSajwanization @zoom_us Yeah but Facebook allowed it and everyone saw...the far-right and far-left are as bad as each other
Retweeted by Sarai (Sarah Idan) Miss Iraq @matab399 الانسانية موجودة و لكن للاسف السياسيين لا يعترفون بيها و يستخدموها فقط عندما يفيدهم الامر، من تصير بموقف… @matab399 كلام واقعي و لكن صعب على الجاهل، و الانسانية ليست مصطلح سوا لعديم الانسانية و بعيدة كل البعد عن السياسية… @k_krahul Her husband not her children but yes! What kind of a sicko she is... @matab399 لو ابوية مجرم قاتل للملابين لا اتبره من عنده او عالاقل ما امدح بيه بكل وقاحة و احاول ارجع نظامه، معناه هي… @matab399 عادي تدافع عنها لان بس غلط على بلدك ما دمر بلدك ما دخلك من حرب لحرب ما عدم إهلك ما سوا مقابر جماعية، ما ا… other terrorists and pro terrorism she lives under protection of Jordan, with hopes she can revive her father’… if Hitler’s daughter were still alive and tweet posts calling her father a hero with caption “the history w…شكلك خايفة لان ان شاء الله راح يصير سلام بين السعودية و بين اسرائيل شنو إحساسك و انتي تتفرجين حلم ابوك المريض بازال… @FridaGhitis @HillelNeuer @UNWatch @JoeBiden 8 years under Obama he didn’t promote racism and sound like a perfect… @FridaGhitis @HillelNeuer @UNWatch @JoeBiden Removing Saddam wasn’t what made Iraq a mess, it was Obama’s withdrawi… @FridaGhitis @HillelNeuer @UNWatch And I hope you understand my problem w/ current Dem leadership. btw I was only 1… @HillelNeuer is UN, dictators oppressors worst nightmare and humanity’s hope. Support his organization… @CriticalRiposte @JoeBiden @BarackObama Yup he’s no better, but at least didn’t snatch them from schools promising… @RSom67 @JoeBiden @BarackObama Because he also betrayed the Kurds, I saw the videos, many innocents died, I just can’t...Even the psycho Saddam didn’t commit such atrocity! And REMEMBER this is the regime @JoeBiden gave billions to unde… @NebulousNix @G_Alhumaidah @TechAmazing It’s KSA they did this on their national day and original post was by their gov and princes...
@FridaGhitis I see them for who they are which is why I believe Biden is worse, if Trump killed 200K Americans Bide… @FridaGhitis I’m not even voting for him so you don’t need to tell me but truth is Biden isn’t better in fact he ma… @FridaGhitis Oh plz... those words were taken out of context and you know it, you know him as well as we do he’s wa… @JewWishAshke Nope it’s those who criticize Dem leadership @TwitterSupport I want to believe you 😂🤣🤣🤣 I want to believe you... @realAlexIvanov I don’t think just yet @memeanddddme Nope @Thani75 Oman 🇴🇲Sudan or Oman? seems to be fixed now thank god! It was really weird considering how followers sent me earlier my acc was restri… this @Twitter war on free thinkers or what???!