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China's #1 Tech & DIY YouTuber Open Source, 3D Printing & Digital Fabrication, Automation, Infosec 1/18th synthetic 'It's all about merit until merit has tits'

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@MetSysAdv @Creality3dprint You setup out feed rollers like a table saw. @mad_monkey01 @pro_R3D @dizingof @joeltelling @NAK3DDesigns @PrintedSolid @Creality3D @nerys @3dmakernoob @FiveOhFour @Creality3dprint State of the art there is Babyplast, but it's still a long ways from being a consumer product. @nallath @filamentcolors @adrianbowyer @flowalistik @macropin @Creality3dprint Yes, most people have decided not to… @daveauld @Creality3dprint Yes @OccamsChainsaw0 @Creality3dprint T-PLA is a favorite of the 3D printed gun making community. IMHO it's as strong a… @rossatkin @quigdes @alistardean @adrianbowyer It's also hard to quantify the cost of your tooling being used witho… @Cqoicebordel @Creality3dprint @BLACKBELT3D Yep! Great product, trying to get that sort of tech into more hands. @RyanVandeWater @adrianbowyer @nallath @flowalistik @macropin @Creality3dprint Sweet! @adrianbowyer @nallath @flowalistik @macropin @Creality3dprint Not yet, but by revenue, getting there. Everyone is… @TacticalTea @Creality3dprint Not yet, aiming for under 6 weeks. New style so need to be sure. @nallath @flowalistik @adrianbowyer @macropin @Creality3dprint It's a calculated risk, the lawyers feel there's a n… @rossatkin @quigdes @alistardean @adrianbowyer Fortunately, there's a lot of low-ley 3D print farms churning out ni… @quigdes @alistardean @adrianbowyer Same... @quigdes @alistardean @adrianbowyer Why is that a problem? @NAK3DDesigns @magic_diego33 That's rediculous😂 @budgetplayer @JBrownStanAcct @SapphoQueer Yep, Social Credit as reported in the West is bullshit. Nothing like it used for daily life. @Goeland86 @jackalovski1 @Creality3dprint Yeah the resins are crazy strong, but I don't see them ever outperforming steel tooling. @barmijo @pati_gallardo @Creality3dprint The printrbelt worked, honestly just bad timing. It was based on @wjsteele's work same as this. @dizingof @pro_R3D @joeltelling @NAK3DDesigns @PrintedSolid @Creality3D @nerys @3dmakernoob @ChuckHellebuyck @dizingof @pro_R3D @joeltelling @NAK3DDesigns @PrintedSolid @Creality3D @nerys @3dmakernoob @ChuckHellebuyck @dizingof @pro_R3D @joeltelling @NAK3DDesigns @PrintedSolid @Creality3D @nerys @3dmakernoob @ChuckHellebuyck @pro_R3D @dizingof @joeltelling @NAK3DDesigns @PrintedSolid @Creality3D @nerys @3dmakernoob @ChuckHellebuyck @pro_R3D @dizingof @joeltelling @NAK3DDesigns @PrintedSolid @Creality3D @nerys @3dmakernoob @ChuckHellebuyck @adrianbowyer @macropin @Creality3dprint Thanks for the links! I really want to try and detail the linage of the de… @miyagi Don't do it dude, the pay is shit... @adrianbowyer @macropin @Creality3dprint 😁 @macropin @wjsteele I'm actually in favor of reasonable IP protection, but Makerbot/Stratasys did the community dirty.No @wjsteele made this design with a tilted Z axis to circumvent that patent, a design he both graciously Open-Sour… @Dormouse42 @Creality3dprint I imagine every day- and work towards making it a reality😊 @Dormouse42 @Creality3dprint I hope I can make them cheap enough lots of people can get one😊 @BernPress @Creality3dprint Oh sure @AnotherHowie @Creality3dprint I don't know about "better" but it changes the whole way you think about support. @LapTop006 @Creality3dprint They did! There's a few floating around, hopefully, more will come. What's important is… @TheBDunn @Creality3dprint I'm hoping people do! I'd love for this to take off as a viable commercial option for so… @cdraff They are great little printers😊 @BernPress @Creality3dprint Multiple print heads? Yes, but not really what this is made for. @DominiqueBreton @Creality3dprint 😊👍🏻 @Tom_Huth @DanielDumbrill It's popular! @KKMan20xx How many Chinese restaurants in NYC do you think are 100% owned by Chinese? How many Western restaurants… @KKMan20xx Oh, it's a grab. But China has no high-ground. I've seen countless foreigners set up businesses here and… @bornity @Creality3dprint Ah, easy to source belt material, can say what though. Use of v-slot rollers instead of sliders or rods. @richms @makersmuse @Creality3dprint So if you think Mars/Space habitat- a printer like that can make an I-beam, st… @ehn Yeah, definitely not good news for consumers. @ConcernedHk Yeah I'm not going to get behind any claims that China treats foreign businesses and foreign business… @bornity @Creality3dprint It's cheap and reliable. All the fancy features in the world mean nothing to me here, I j… @Haladmer @Creality3dprint Not sure yet. I'm focusing on making sure it can do simple, strong, functional prints- r… @makersmuse @Creality3dprint I have a feeling it will choke on your torture cube😅Agreed, but I'm wondering how much of China's complaining is for show? US adopting some of the same anti-competitiv… @MaitreyaBhakal Agreed @TBlaze83 @Creality3dprint Don't have final numbers yet, should be under 1kUSD if I can. @magic_diego33 Yup! Need one of these: @dryCoffee @Creality3dprint Well @wjsteele is a pretty amazing guy😉 @jackalovski1 @Creality3dprint They do, but they aren't very durable yet. But ok for a few thousand units.Not only can you print objects larger than the printer itself- swords for cosplay etc. It has a far smaller footpri… CR-30 aka. 3DPrintMill that @NAK3DDesigns has been working on for us has been my pet project for the past two y… those of you not into 3D printing, but curious about where the cutting edge is, this is the @Creality3dprint pr… @Adam_W83 @Noahpinion @PerniciousExcl1 @Austen @vc @rabois No one is taking on anyone. If you don't understand what… @Adam_W83 @Noahpinion @PerniciousExcl1 @Austen @vc @rabois Americans engaged in and profited from the opium trade i… @nstrassfeld @fs0c131y Not at all, I have very little experience with this- but thanks for erring on the side of caution😊 @transfix @fs0c131y There's still no evidence that it was collecting more than say, Facebook (which is still too much of course).True though... @vipergtsrrt10 @NAK3DDesigns @PrintedSolid @Creality3D @nerys @joeltelling @3dmakernoob @ChuckHellebuyck @YouTube O… @CheesyZingers @SecPompeo "But China does worse..." they whine as they allow their democracy to collapse around the… @fs0c131y is a very reputable mobile security researcher, this is his audit of TikTok. His conclusion is tha…
Retweeted by Naomi Wu 机械妖姬 @abracadocious @mivox wow, cool guy👍🏻 @SecPompeo Do as you say, not at you do (again). But yeah, everyone should stop doing tha… @zharng @nise_yoshimi @stillreezy Yeah, I've got loads of SG friends, they acknowledge the issues, but overall are… @nise_yoshimi @stillreezy I think he was bad (and Deng was certainly no angel), but I think Singapore does a lot of…'d propose a corollary to Box's "all models are wrong". All founders are bad, some founders eventually have good… @ThunderSqueakAK Context below, it was stupid enough he deleted it. @Shir663399 This since is expensive, about 8-12kUSD @repkord @TheEdgeofTeck @Creality3dprint @joeltelling I thought the production quality was great honestly! Next level👍🏻 @TheEdgeofTeck @Creality3dprint @joeltelling @repkord Great show! @crypto_yield @LBRYio 3D printing expert here- it's not stupid. Things change, tech gets better. It's hard to stay… @PurpleOranji @option8 Smart! @PurpleOranji @option8 A lot of fakes at the moment unfortunately... @TimDeagan @jwickers @fs0c131y Yeah! I love those stories, very cool mindset. @jpucheu @Noahpinion @goofrider The US government was directly involved and supported the trade.Video now live! @DanielDumbrill and his adorable clan visit the Lair to bring me Momo- my new rescue husky!…
Retweeted by Naomi Wu 机械妖姬 @MitchBlatt @PerniciousExcl1 @Noahpinion @Austen @vc @rabois Of course @bonkaconga
@Ironeng @Noahpinion @goofrider Semantics. @christinelu @vc @rabois Hmm?
Retweeted by Naomi Wu 机械妖姬So you can see the stupid, since he's blocking everyone @Ironeng @Noahpinion @goofrider "Significant" @rossleonardy "By pointing out the US was involved in the Opium Trade a hundred and fifty years ago you are actuall… @The_Moon_Mayor It's just the source, if another guy had said it to him it would be a cool historical tidbit. It's… @Verminlord_Nate I give him the option, they should be deleted. I just get tired of dudes freaking out like this wh… @alexfinanciero @QuixotesDonkey Honestly, this was just him being unaware of America's role in the opium trade and…, Native American's were not subject to genocide and mass relocation- if you disagree you are actually saying the… @cmcmahon451 That's why 6 years posting hours a day and social media gets you😅 @pablowapsi I like it! @Younggrumbler Americans too, kind of left out of their history books.People who are shocked that Chinese exist on the Twitter and object to statements like this. dude on the internet screaming into his pillow because he said something silly and a woman saw it🙄… @Noahpinion And I pointed out that the US profited and was involved in the Opium trade. Nothing about fentanyl. Tha… @Noahpinion @goofrider LOL, desperate attempt at reframing is desperate😁 Posts are all up dude, everyone can see y… how you RTed what claim said I said- not why I actually said. It's almost like you're...lying Noah? Why not… @Noahpinion @goofrider Where did I post anything about fentanyl?