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@Dark3stVal nice exit frags
@melanji oh look, its the admins!! @EsportsDoug @Slandyyyy cat buffhow alpha the admin must feel after this decision💡 SPAM 💡 THIS 💡 LIGHT 💡 TO 💡 SUPPORT 💡 C9WHITE💡C9W gets DQ'd because they are 2minutes late BECAUSE RIOT TOURNEY CLIENT IS TRASH LOOOOOOOL @melanji @Immortals BOOOOOOOOO ADMINS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @melanji @Immortals ?????????? WHOS RUNNING THIS EVENT WTFwe need to see these tweets being put to the test there no stream for C9W vs IMT??? @yayFPS @Xeppaaa youve inspired me to never crouch again@ your fav duo @WedidOfficial @NRGcurrent @ethoz bro LOL
@st9llar green tea is the IGL drink of choice @AliMiller thanks for everything youve done Ali!! im excited to see what you are working on next ^__^ @MindOfDrice nice pfpwhat do you guys think of our new logo? @PlayVALORANT thats the same time the JWTS is releasing never before seen pics of the universe July 12 is officially a great day @VellyCardwell yes but without the ysis @BxbyJ_ 9.5
@TenZOfficial @finalmouse SHEESH @ethoz @JakeSucky HAHAHAHA @GeorgeCGed british ppl really do have terrible taste @ZexRow SexRow @JPARKJMC @dayV1Dlive @Nurfed @Apex177 my emotions are conflicted here @FaNbF41 happy birthday young cat @Dark3stVal first you get the W then you get the Women @alexisfps @alexisfps dude chill my gf is on here
@NiSMO_VAL this should be in the new Expendables film shit was a movie @cohburg #NewInternet @Jazzyk1ns YOUNG QUEEN @FaNbF41 @Subroza YESSIR @JoshNissan you need to start getting creative with your titles man.. need more click bait like "boomer yells at… @Apex177 I highly doubt RIOT doesn’t address the T2-3 scene. I think we should wait on their official announcements… @ShopifyRebels W
@NotReduxx how do you move like that while you're holding a cig?? @CoachRuin @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz thanks man :D @BcJFPS why not? 🤠 @Boltzy__ @KingFPS__ @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz tryouts @seshiriaa_ @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz im glad you arrived at the conclusion!! @aEvilcat @valesports_na #WeLoveMimiour team became official Friday we don't have much time together yet so my tourney expectations for the next 1-2 w… @KingFPS__ @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz thats what you got from that? @KingFPS__ @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz it would be a shame to lose later… @florscnt @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz you are always an honorary graduate of the kitten shelterROY'S KITTEN SHELTER has entered the VAL circuit @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal c:…
@derkeps LMFAOAlfajer rookie of the year??? @OfficialANGE1 :(**PSA: ALL PET OWNERS, YOU CAN LOOK UP THE BREED OF YOUR PETS ON IOS CAMERAS** you click on that button in the img…
Retweeted by ROY @NotReduxx all you do is smoke cigs, talk to egirls, and play VAL, I know you didn’t know about this @1flyuh 📈📈 @POISEDFPS high impact and poised are synonymous @LukeEnxy Bro I am so mindblown I can’t even think @Nurfed we don’t need technology, jimmys got us!IT EVEN WORKS ON PLANTS, WTF @Michaelelelele1 bro LOL**PSA: ALL PET OWNERS, YOU CAN LOOK UP THE BREED OF YOUR PETS ON IOS CAMERAS** you click on that button in the img… @Dark3stVal wow!! Great clip!! You are so good bestie @Dark3stVal You can trim on windows noob @Dark3stVal this clip could have been 15s but you’d rather have us watch you dodge a sova ult and recon for 14s @florscnt a little balance goes a long way young one @maefuwaa I love her so much
@Slandyyyy Ori and I gotchu @Ballatw Happy birthday BallaW @zillxst I do not approve this msg @Vansilli @C0Mtweets I won’t even lie I wanted to tweet and make that jokeeye bleach @ec1s_ 🥲🥲 @Existingee probably a combination of Fade, sova + jett nerfs, and chamber's dominance @yayFPS that is fairhow did we go from roasting 100T for having no duelists on Ascent to everyone running no duelist so fast???
@JeffLanda pls remove phoenix's speed penalty when casting the wall might make him feel less sluggish :) @valyngod REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR THIS ROLE AND THE INSIGHT YOU PROVIDE WILL ALREADY BE MILES AH… @simowastaken the greatest casters paint pictures @d00mbr0s congrats bro! your team's playstyle is extremely versatile and refreshing to watch @TeamBasiliskGG @nannerszx this guy was too sexy to be on a team thank you for removing him and saving us men from… @Rawkus @SexyValorant @dayV1Dlive @Warbirds_ @PlayVALORANT so now we have AI listening to the AI on my team? AI meta @c4Lypso_ @Critical_Val @andersin_val LAN EXP >>> can’t blame him for that one LMAO @ValorantEsports YESSSSSSSSSSS WE LOVE VAL WE LOVE VAL @LouVAL_ Internet connection ripwhen you 5-stack with friends and win 13-3, the only appropriate msg after is GGTYFS @bearkun successfully ratio’d by bearkunt 🫡 @cohburg oh no cohcoh @Critical_Val @andersin_val bro, you're a pro player invest in a better pc, the fuck is this @bearkun assist @ApothVal AYYY YOU KNOW HOW STICKY IT GET @ShyoWager 100%, i was in my bed vibing to a random playlist and some of his songs popped up and i was like holyyyy… @Glorinsz this album just isn't comparable to his others imo its like a genre of its own @AdamStone_ haha i cant ever get bored of music. i have a pretty wide taste @KingFPS__ LOL @JPARKJMC ~__~ @witnessqq i dunno dude. its a fucking vibe, i cant really explain it logically i hated it at firstngl, the Drake album grew me on ALOTTTT actual banger now wtf how did this happen
@Nurfed @Dark3stVal @NotReduxx The only girls you spend time with are neon, Jett, and Marlboros. Stop lying @GeorgeCGed Yea, thr green variant is actually really sick