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creator of metas // father of Skye & IGL for @renegades // reach me via DMs or

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@KingFPS__ @witnessqq L + stop copying my agents @witnessqq @KingFPS__ assisti don't trust anyone with a rotating minimap y'all are freaks
@RossyUA VOUCH GL HABIBI @mel_anji Farming impressions off the broke mfs?! that’s a new low @shoesyval It’s ok. Stay followed and you’ll learn my methods @shoesyval 1 of them should be Roy’s tweets aren’t good @GrandMythical My 5 black shirts that are stainedthe 2 biggest caps of life: 1) white deodorants that are "stainless" 2) i'll get teammates who'll use their micsman I feel for the players at LCQ they’ve been mentally preparing for a stressful event for weeks and now they ha… @witnessqq @Warbirds_ @GeorgeCGed we swapped off because viper is just too ez @yayFPS @Shanks_TTV LMAOAs requested : Big Randy Fortnite
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damn, that's heartbreaking :( @Vansilli last pick reyna, ok, you're forgiven @Vansilli are these your true colors man? i am fucking disgusted and i feel ashamed a fucking reyna main? are you fucking kidding me man? @KenEmpowered @Dream_val @midnightmass nah nah, it's good, finish it ^.^ @senithw_ my thoughts move quick, keep up kidtwitter spaces this twitter spaces that how about y'all make space for your mics and fucking use them in rankedi'm so happy to announce that I made it to the finalist stage of @thegamehers awards!! if you would like, please vo…
Retweeted by RNG ROY @flexinja WOOF WOOF BARK BARK @Dream_val @midnightmass I loved that show until the last episode and then the ending completely ruined it for me ;( @Boltzy__ That’s where innovation is supposed to be inserted but yeah I think most teams are preferring KJ on asscent @Boltzy__ I like cypher, KJ is kinda meme atm tho @C0Mtweets Yessir, may the most deadeye win @Boltzy__ Deadeye is a senti pretty sure @witnessqq Fracture just came out and it’s pretty solid actually I just wish they’d make some changes to asscentI’m ready for a new agent already @ItsTraZix @penguinVALORANT alt or scroll down
@penguinVALORANT voice activ >> but SPACE is a great key @bumpaah it's ok man, if we're ever in the same lobby, we can share responsibility so we dont gotta carry the world like Atlas @bumpaah Wdym? You don’t want to: -IGL every round -therapist -comm for 2 ppl W/o mics -entry AND clutch even tho… HAVE COVID NO THEY DONT NVM WAIT THEY HAVE COVID NO WAIT, NVM AGAIN THE F IS GOING ONNNNNNNNNNNNNLet’s just cancel the lan and send renegades to champs
Retweeted by RNG ROY @nosyy_tv fuck i checked today and im still ratio'd i'll hold this L :( @ScrewFaceVAL @PlayVALORANT remember the times i prepped you MONTHS ahead of the skye meta by team flashing you con… is a guarantee at least fail doing something you lovewow I am at a loss I met him recently and he seemed like a genuinely good person RIP :( @Average_Jonas 2000 kids will never know 😔 @Average_Jonas SHAWTY GOT THEM APPLE BOTTOM JEANS BOOTS WITH THE FUR BOOTS WITH THE FUR THE WHOLE CLUB LOOKIN AT HURR @T1BcJ Shorter neck, faster brain comms, ez gamer buff
I love that RIOT is investing in older, more experienced talent AND young, inexperienced talent the future is looking bright for talent :) @HPforGamers @IRedgarI excited to watch :) @upl0adGG yessir, we stay hyperfocused on the goal @upl0adGG i miss when you supported me 25% of the time and roasted me 75% now its 100% roast 😩that stage is so nice i'm not quitting until i win a mfing major @nosyy_tv don't.. don't do thisTHE BREACH KING OF NA! @Guiiimond I’ll make it next time and we’ll cuddle like last time @Guiiimond do it, just fucking do it eh? do it eh bud? @Hiko Kid you watch Japanese cartoons?? @OfficialXETA good luck young xeta ^__^"should i play ranked today?!"
@thwifo i'll be your initiator @GoldenboyFTW @OneSaltyNut Life's too short to not be a little crazy @Vansilli @EsportsDoug @VellyCardwell i'd tier 3 sub to get to workout with you guys @1dianazzz Hereditary Haunting of hill house (show) Haunting of bly manor (show) Midsommar
@frostyZK @valyngod Nah your key saves to your hardware/Microsoft account @Warbirds_ @NotMyBagel @harmfoo If you know you know @harmfoo Rise grind anime pen sleep repeatTIL you can use a trackpad on iPhones to correct typos instead of trying to get there by tapping/dragging on the sc… @randyySAVAGEVAL @retrQtv Is there anything below dumbest mfer ??"seeing canadians is like seeing unicorns" -@retrQtv this man always says shit that leaves me at a loss of words
Retweeted by RNG ROY @retrQtv what can i say, creative genius @kellysama_ also, seeing life through 4:3 blackbars made it so difficult for me to feel like i'm in the moment because of the glasses frames @kellysama_ it's honestly the small things like being able to see when: -you wake up -you shower -watch TV in any… @kellysama_ hands down, the BEST investment i have made @karbonMAYne ty, you're a real oneall these likes and RTs but no follows, y'all fake as hell @ItzBoltzy @venture_fps @Complexity green tea because of L-theanine (a compound found in green tea) @thi9f @Renegades i don't.. ily im jk but let me play the game on IB man @thi9f @Renegades fack ulost 0-2 to KCP can't win a pistol to save our lives man FUCK LOL
@HarmonVAL1 no, that's my next evolution @gmoneybtw body shot andy what can i say man @KingFPS__ we breed the best players, what can i say @RustunL on god was a great warm up. 10/10 vibes + warmup @saevalorant @Renegades get your confidence after this event so i don't gotta get owned by youi've become what i hate the most... @DnorValorant It’s all about opportunity meeting dedication @YaBoiDre @WedidOfficial Rekt m8HoYeon Jung, Squid Game star, said in a recent interview to Vogue that “it was harder to win ranked Valorant game t… @_Sarand OKAY SARAH
@Renegades @retrQtv birds is THE worst explainer and I am the world's best guesser, proof is in this videoRNG Valorant play Catchphrase, who you picking as your team mate? I'm picking @retrQtv 💯 Watch Full Video:…
Retweeted by RNG ROY @UberShouts damn, sorry to hear bro :\ @PlayVALORANT @BxbyJ_ W @karbonMAYne Yeah I don't know why people in this thread can't comprehend UNDERSTANDING an opposing argument vs PRACTICING the argument XD @tetchra this is a weird blanket statement tho, no? we've been sacrificing individual freedoms protecting minority… @CoachRuin these are VERY different scales and VERY different times, surely this isn't the go-to for anti-vax sentiments ~__~ @VALUSIA__ the argument to not take the vaccine or any vaccine really @RNGDrew yeah that seems to be my POV here as well @Mauisnake i have to expose myself to counter-arguments otherwise i'm just living in my own echochamber and i can't… @priusOBS 1 more time @Charisma_bb can you provide a source to that? sounds wild if true @PardonTheShay true but how is this relevant here..? @Yazzyxz understandable, i also don't want to be a car @Charisma_bb so there is a fear of being used for capital gain under a social-wellbeing umbrella? @GeorgeCGed @MindOfDrice