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@FreakazoidA no agent specific binds = zzz
@branted707 So Inspo 🤩 @crunchyyworld Specialization in valorant should be moreso for a role than a specific agent IMO 1-tricking an agen… @TenZOfficial happy birthday young Tyson! only the beginning for you 🥳 @GregoFPS @CSNaturEE @crunchyyworld Grego, I’ll believe in you even if they won’t The Skye’s the limits for you 🦜 @dustinamell TECHNICALLY, anime is Japanese production, but for me personally, I consider anything anime anime haha @SilverNyx_ @KnightsGG LETS GO VAL!!!!
@Guiiimond @GenG you'd be a dumbass to stay in CSGO ;p @Guiiimond @GenG here's to an org that signed your dumbass for more than 12 months!! 🥳🥳🥳 @dcopGG @LmtlssFPS I'm just saying bro, if you had that 1900s undercut, I could SEE ITDoesn't @dcopGG look like Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders from this cam angle? @chloe_hime7 Mistakes were made and now I have itunes giftcards XD
THIS IS HOW PROS PLAY YORU IN VALORANT... @RZUcs finally, a decent idea @TemperatureCSGO these sound like faxuals @SCJREAL if only all of us could be genius and sexy i am stupid af and ugly @actoffaxan it's already on here and I can't remove itWhat are the coolest things/apps to spend money on in the App Store? Can be free or behind a pay wall @Renegades Thanks Renebabes @1hadofhfo more like "then next, I literally can't fathom how fucking stupid i am"Sometimes I have moments of brilliance, but sometimes I'm a stupid mf yknow what i mean? @ExaltVAL
@daprcs POP OFF KIDDDDD @SureSureOkay usually comps with cypher/jett/reyna as a core since they are comps/agents that are more about mechanical resolutions @SullyCasts they had the shittiest split comp i have ever seen but they've fixed it up since then LOL @SullyCasts what am i looking at here LOL @leaf_cs nice ult screens kekwThe SEN vs C9B match on Split is a perfect example of why some comps just aren't reliable enough mech comps can ea… Skye supremacy @OfficialAproto @JMaldo_x1 so so so much can never ever be quantified in a meaningful way @JMaldo_x1 yessssssss, until the casters KNOW the players in the circuit extremely well, this particular problem ca… @JMaldo_x1 you really just need to choose 1-2 points and then move on to the action instantly And post-game analys… @JMaldo_x1 yup, i think more intangibles get lost because some of the casters don't really have an eye for it but t… @JMaldo_x1 the intangibles can never be demonstrated unfortunately :\ it's the double-edged sword of data and stats @_BrianCS @KP_fps @mel_anji hey Brian, I'm a man of my word!
@KOLER1337 @beastcoast ?!Rito, plis take mi moni @temcsgo @Bjorlulu @NinjaCommander the trick to seeing it is moving away from teh screen, not closer :p @Bjorlulu @NinjaCommander @Bjorlulu @NinjaCommander LMAOO, it’s hard to see it but once you do, you can’t Unsee it It’s basically half my face 😂😂 @NinjaCommander won!! @crackshottv Ooh this was a good try @Atraino3 warm @yazi3x close but not quite! ;> @Narukami_Music Smart, but no :p @LightCS_ tripping fahm @ebifried1 🤣🤣Ok wait this one might be too hard Upping the bounty to $10If anyone finds the face on this, $5 PayPalTHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME REACH 5K ON YOUTUBE! Here's a little montage we put together to celebrate :D…
@ViathanCS I'm honestly not even sure myself man I almost feel like ban-ban-pick-pick-ban-pickDo we know what the veto process is going to look like with 6 maps?? Has there been any announcements from Riot/NSG on this? @poisedFPS sounds about right @pl1xxval yup, if you win bonus, you start half 4-0 and have 9K credits @soulcas_ @FPX_Esports 🔥🔥🔥 @TenZOfficial I believe in you Tyson. Just imagine you’re playing OSU but with paddles, a wheel, and gear shifting @ZERHL @Caroselol It’s ok fam, you’re just a baby skye now but when you’re a big boy Skye, you’ll know what a Skye step is @ZERHL @Caroselol Also not a Skye step but I respect the fake flash 🤣🤣 @ZERHL @Caroselol Didn’t see a single Skye step in there but you definitely bulldozed! Looking good fam @pr0phie Welcome
Our VALORANT Pros Check out Breeze for the first time! AND they did a little 3v3 Action. Who do you think poppe…
Retweeted by RNG ROY @daprcs It’s def a trip and a half. I love it @eel_shy oh yeah haha, that was me. I needed 200xp to finish my battlepass ^__^ @eel_shy when was this? lol, I don't think that's me @katsumiFPS @Warbirds_ @mel_anji why am i getting spammed with the stronglegs meme
Retweeted by RNG ROY @RyanAtRBM This reads like satire but it isn’t and I’m at awe that people can be this confident spewing BS @Warbirds_ Hell yeah, live your life king @Warbirds_ @mel_anji Blue Skye SupremacyI am: ⚪️ Single ⚪️ Taken ⏺️ An Esports Org Looking for: ⚪️ Women ⚪️ Men ⏺️ Head Coach for Valorant Apply He…
Retweeted by RNG ROY @Bjorlulu I am equally curious as to why LOL @flexinja I’ll fight them!! NOBODY TALK TO FLEX LIKE THIS OR ELSE @hazedCS the difference in the flow of the game/maps with and without Astra is CRAZY @aEvilcat @Renegades @SoniqsEsports @pl1xxval Skye doesn't like being cheated on She knows when you cheat on herI'm so sorry not sorry LOL @pl1xxval @QueenBobsta @nerdstgamers @Renegades @Cp2fps @winsumfps @retrQtv @randyySAVAGEVAL @Warbirds_ Thanks again for everything NSG do… @mudsvlr @SoniqsEsports KEK @Moechillasama @SoniqsEsports hey, you know we'll be there fam @iyencs @crunchyyworld i feel like i'm using all my brains cells whenever we play HAHAANOTHER W IN THE BAG!! 2-1 vs @SoniqsEsports. I love playing these guys and the rivalry is starting to push both o… @crunchyyworld hey, you know where to find us at the next event fam always a pleasure bro <3. the layers of mind… @Ange_AMIL abusing them newgen mechanics @hiyohello_ @Warbirds_ you say downbad i say upgood @nurfed25 @SoniqsEsports yeah dude, pistols and bonus rounds are hard LOL @nurfed25 @SoniqsEsports was hoping to play someone new for once.. you guys were the chosen ones :'( @bearkun @pl1xxval @SoaRGaming crunchy is a killstealer, we all know this @pl1xxval @SoaRGaming if all of you did shit, who the f popped off????? year is 2177. We're at the NSG 2021 Summer Championships #705, @Renegades and @SoniqsEsports are facing off o…
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@480Wrap @Renegades @SoniqsEsports @retrQtv @Cp2fps @pl1xxval @iyencs 🤣🤣🤣 @gg_frantic @Renegades GGs bro! @bwillsCSGO I struggled with this HARD then I realized the inability to enjoy time off is a coping mechanism to str… @Moechillasama @Ban_Val @Renegades I'm waiting for you in the ring @randyySAVAGEVAL @eUnited @retrQtv sheeeesh @pl1xxval @SoaRGaming that was the worst attempt bro, FOCUS UP ON YOUR GAME LOOOL leave the shit talk to crunchy pls @pl1xxval @SoaRGaming lose now or lose in finals m8 you choose @ahad @sSef_tv .. is this a troll? LMFAO @SyykoNT @sSef_tv @TheUltraLex @vaxee_corp Literally NOT EVEN CLOSEEEEEEEEEWe beat @eUnited 2-0 and we play winner of #SquirtleSquad vs #OOKERS! GGs my bro @phoFPS <3