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@elow2ez o7 @peaupi yearly 2-3 posts
@witnessgg nah its fine, we just use it to find tickets we book through the airlines themselves @witnessgg Momondo and Skiplagged experiment with +/- 1-2 days and try one-way flights each way sometimes you canā€¦ @witnessgg and got BANGER deals on flights šŸ™leaving to Japan tmrw! Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone are our POIs @qpert999 you wouldnā€™t do this to me on LAN, just saying @NotReduxx @tarik Glad to see everyone exercising discipline!
@lintoosleepy @derrick_truong one of the most committed-to-process teammates ever, gl my bro <3 @ohaaiii @BASILISK_gg one of my fav teammates, GL riles <3 @ZexRow man of culture @DrewSparkR6 the dog is kinda fire sometimes @boxrTailored thimble are the most selfless players cause i know you were last pickCAR, TOP HAT, BOAT are the only real answers @maefuwaa youre not even there ....
@ValorLeaks Romantic partners: 0 @ElevatedSpeaks Sadly Iceland has awful day/night cycles around this time :< Kyoto is on our list! @nosyy_tv Iā€™ve been to CR, amazing country @zacklombardo trying to avoid NA for this break @yungcalc I love that place @Chloricc USA kekwany vacation reccs around this time of the year?? Pref polarized temps (either beach or snowy) @1Ksiaze Wooting 60HE @ItsS0TO do stuff that build confidence dummy
chilling for a bit then pro 10s @jovahnii GGs only homie, trading series vs you was fun af theres soooooo much more to life, gl homie @LiN_fps @sapphiReGG Hello brother Heather @randomnoobtv brain takes you farther aim takes you faster @tupperwareplays yeah im the best hypeman, it is what it is @JoshNissan play with deez @fembru_ttv guess
@dawnmoer yeah we dont gotta worry about that part until RADIANT @retrQtv vouch for my son <3 @kajiikoi i am mostly serious aim trainers are good if you have a set plan, otherwise youre better off using a rouā€¦ @_Od26 its like a sidequest that gets you max level faster than the main campaign @ExaltVAL @JerryzVAL practice aim @x0Starlight o7tips for every rank in VAL!! iron: practice aim silver: practice aim gold: practice aim plat: practice aim diamondā€¦ @Add3rTV youve been playing so well man, GGs. deserved @riseeFPS Break Point @OkeanosQT @OREsportteam ok, maybe not a jett 1 trick GGs my son @harmfoo @Governor_Val @OkeanosQT @Add3rTV @WedidOfficial such a wild run bro, GGs
@KingFPS__ :< @MissChievous_S2 @RelyksOG understandably @606Ericaa now you truly understand @oKrish_ šŸ˜”someone help, ive been stuck in bed for hours @Guiiimond @melanji honestly @melanji because theres almost no reason to ever need to input forward + back at the same time so SPACE being usedā€¦ @khanartistval much love brotha <3 dont be a stranger @416naru im trying to see the Fjords when its a little more green @416naru am i invited or what @katsumiFPS the next step is green tea, the GOAT drink for being in the zone
@alexisfps @melanji ayo??AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHā€¦ @ElevatedSpeaks @ItsS0TO @cohburg @Dark3stVal @furbsa GGs brotha, its been fun o7 @tdawggVAL GGs brotha, wp @THump 3am xdheartbreaking loss in double OT on 3rd map to 99S GGs :(((((((((((((((2-1 vs @YFPGamingLive i love when @Gucc107 types, it gives me superpowers @AE_RoompaTV GGs brotha, you guys have alot of potential @Kav2119 yeah we're good for now, ty!
@ahad mfs talk like a job outside gaming is a sin @sevvn a true soldier gets in before it heats up to get the 11min of cold water a week quota cold --> heating upā€¦ @POISEDFPS youā€™ve come a long ass way bro. witnessing your growth over time has been so rewarding crazy journey sā€¦ @Poach w t f @florscnt cohburg's brain turned off before that bo3, kid went demon mode @Moechillasama shit is ruthless bro :(my brain is FRIED dude, i dont wish this format on my worst enemybeat the homies on Ganaccis, i love those guys T__T we're on to Day 3 tmrw for the lower bracket marathon @Jaomock <3 @480wrap you took it down already? COWARDSjust played the hardest bo3 known to man LOL GGs to AoE, those kids are cracked actually we still have another bo3 T__T @480wrap finally šŸ˜we lost 0-2 to TN lost alot of unlucky rounds on Frac and they played pretty solid late rounds GGs, on to lower bracket run
@Vanityxz o7playing The Nation on main stream starting soon @ggbench soooo curious @juice_valo šŸ¤šŸ¼ @juice_valo only 4.75 KD? smh noob @animal8online @naystarRRR this might be the only open qualifier tournament for major event in the foreseeable future thereā€™s aā€¦ā€™s crazy how all the Reddit misos come crawling out of their caves with their Hindsight Harold hats on when a GCā€¦ @harmfoo @ScrewFaceVAL only a 100x? @ScrewFaceVAL itā€™s crazyā€¢ā€¢ as soon as I locked Jett, my comms went down and I overheated every scenario possible @CoachRuin w t f @Secret_Warbirds frfr @BearZ_VAL šŸ™rank 5th jett in NA LCQ šŸ™šŸ™ on the day, we play The Nation 1st match tmrw GGs, see you there :') @EleventeenRL @ItsS0TO we lost our fucks for this quali @n0thing OLED is so insane man, the true black goes hard!
@902Creed that is one? time @RealStrongLegs
Retweeted by ROY @vapenfps disgusting @Jazzyk1ns @Complexity slay @Hiko they are like children of Genghis khan mfs spawning dailythe last dance