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@tofubrasileiro Spoken like a poserpunk isn't dead it just leveled up games are an artform @daveexplosm Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its are the shit @alwaysJiji @Nickegbg Sweden eats poopBeethoven didn't go deaf from syphilis to have orchestras perform for a bunch uncultured virgins with Dorito dust all over their fingers @eddyburback I want a Mother announcement or nothing
@OdaNobunaga89 @NotKevin420 @elonmusk I'm slowly dying dude @DeaditeBoi They are both bad @elonmusk Being in a wheelchair is either playing on hard mode, a glitch, or new game plus @JeRK_NamePun @NQuicksilverTD I do that for comfort @LaughyTha I know that @LaughyTha Your dad's boipussy begs to differ @BirdmanBrrr @Gusbuckets That section was full of manga, henti, and all the books you see in the checkout aisle at a Dollar General @JuniorDeuce52 I'm very sorry for your loss, but no, that's not my disease @MaxxPrimeHigh They want to set up a meeting @n8ivejesus @NamelessNeuron @okenzielogan She's such a gamer that Herobrine doesn't even scare her bro @TheNumba1Guy Life is too long to be uncomfy @brutus_was_here I do enough for this family @okenzielogan These are actually my gf's pajama bottoms and that's my shirt lol @rickyberwick You're the only one complaining baby grinch looking mf @Crousanator This my baby @NQuicksilverTD I've been using electric transportation longer than any of you ever have @rickyberwick Relax Napoleon, Charlie Brown doesn't want his tree back anyways you're good @JonesyBeGone Pitfall was one of my favorites on my grandpa's Atari @rickyberwick Not the first time you overhyped something tinyTo celebrate the amazing environmentalist Greta Thunberg being nominated Time Magazine's Person of the Year my fami… @Oddly_Art I can at least respect that Nostalgia Critic puts in effort outside a green screen and costumes @TheyHateJason @JoeySalads @givezerofx @andymilonakis further reconciliation, I think YouTube cracking down on bullying is a giant step in the right direction Angr… @Khent87081523 @AriesKcar @bitchute That's fair, and I do appreciate it I also wish other bigger creators would fi… @Th3MadManc @andymilonakis It gets the job done @_Ready_Up Exactly @vryuniquename I think I'll be okay, but I definitely don't do the right things in order to grow on the site either lol @AriesKcar @bitchute Lol good times @_Ready_Up Yeah but he use to think that Fortnite was the best video game ever, so his input on anything doesn't matter @AriesKcar @bitchute That's a little extreme lol @Khent87081523 @AriesKcar @bitchute Like I said before, it was really only a matter of time before YouTube decided… @AriesKcar @bitchute I don't do anything that YouTube would delete my Channel over, but I don't do enough to fully… figured it was only a matter of time before Content Cop was hit with some of the guideline bs Sad to imagine wha… @OG_Sumna @Kektroh @AntlerWeasel You get if @dinkypp No I didn't @Phantom_McBane @Twitter @TwitterCanada I'm honored
@taylersdanlos @rickyberwick @taylersdanlos @rickyberwick I give him the effort he deserves @rickyberwick @taylersdanlos No you just can't stand @taylersdanlos @rickyberwick With a stranger apparently @taylersdanlos You know nothing about me though @LilAndrezi @DKedYT I'm happy you can read @taylersdanlos You literally know nothing about me and I consider you a friend smgdmfh @MarkRanDoMX I respect your interruption. I will take that into consideration in my future poon hunting @MaxxPrimeHigh Im gonna keep try my best @NJOverclocked Jealousy looks cute on you sweaty @ISockHeadI You're not John Green you fucking liar @5w0rd5a1n7 @BusterRepukken @pepipop True @DesertMoon2 @taylersdanlos You get it @ohgoodgrief_ That's one word for them I guess @LilAndrezi @DKedYT It's okay *continues being not a virgin* @taylersdanlos Harry Potter is for children, doesn't stop middle aged women from getting dumb triangle symbol tattooed on them @Philminator @Eminem @MikeTyson @NickCannon @50cent @drmrme08 @hilo_takenaka @johngreen @Psybelle_ @STUBZx Speak for yourself @STUBZx I'm already spoken for anyways @JonkBlonk Fuck this was good @hilo_takenaka @johngreen He would've saw it eventually @GianniVPaolo It was bullshit @Rohannok John Green, The popularity of The Fault in Our Stars was supposed to get quirky dying dudes like me a mad amo… @JoeyBerk That's the best case scenario @andymilonakis Much love💖 @MakeAManOuttaU @MakeAManOuttaU @mitchdostine Honestly @tweetoftheBeast @BrittChenteale @SimianJimmy I still haven't tried it yet @notkombuchagirl @tayallard Sorry, I'm taken @onelastchance19 I only have 3 younger brothers relax lol @daveexplosm "What if I dissed eminem?" Cannon diss tracks are as intimidating as Kim Jong-Un threats @daveexplosm @eddyburback 50s songs be like Shoo wee doo wee... @michaelreeves08 TV needs more Michaels @BrittChenteale @SimianJimmy KFC Cheeto chicken disagrees @SimianJimmy @BrittChenteale At least by good shitty food @GokuSenpaii One of them told a joke @sadfatkidd You definitely had the budget, but you also has a coke problem @TheRadioChicken @andymilonakis I have emotions too @andymilonakis @based_autism @JohnSwanYT You bring out my inner Boomer @Pello09 That's because they aren't. They're just a bunch of mistakes @MC_HandAxe Yes @TheNeverCat I feel like that's just Will Ferrell naturally @Squeak47262 That just sounds like a good time @jess689_ Easily one of the most insensitive thing you have ever said and now your shins are doneYou think you've had to make hard choices in your life? Imagine how stressed out live action Christmas movie direc… @dummyboy93 Owner @slxxpyhoIIow They are great people and even better friends