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Translator. Journalist. Poet. Russian @PoltergeistPost. Adore T.L.Beddoes/strange and macabre books.

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My gothic novella THE ATROCITIES was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award and it's perfect for the Halloween sea…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaI don't know the artist's name but it looks bloodborne 🖤
2020 on something Hoffmannesque art by Vanya Zhuravlev
#Bloodborne #PlainDoll #soulstober2020 #soulstober Day 31 - Hollow
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I translated this for Darker long ago and still think that the story is great. It seems that Other Mother became Ot…
New fiction, another creepy one for Halloween month. "Are You Being Severed?" by @rhysaurus , about a man who acci…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @OminousDominus6 @kelliowen_ @bobford And I love La Setta by Michele Soavi, great story and visualAlfred Schnittke. Faust cantata. Death of Faust. Mephistopheles who turned himself into Helene of Troy claims Faust… subscribe you my record label on YouTube! Have some great releases coming fall and winter!…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @EffectiveInter2 also I like Mr Vampire(1985), funny and naive 😄 @EffectiveInter2 Speaking of comedies - Re-animator, of horrors - Rigor mortis (2013), and…'m absolutely thrilled to announce that Trepidatio Publishing @trepidatiopub will be releasing my short story coll…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova"Try drawing solace from your half-dozen viewings of the Texas Chain-Saw Massacre when they’re prepping you for bra…
Joanna Chrobak Greed, 2011
@rackhirarcher Отдайте лето нам, у нас снегI found an old story. How old? It had the wrong name on the top and double spaces between words. But it also had a…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @rackhirarcher Дети старого червя нежно смотрят на тебя xxx МЫ ТЕБЯ ЛЮБИМ xxx
@rue__fm Акутагава/Хигучи, Робеспьер/Пшибышевская.Marcus Fjellström is great, all what he did was amazing and original, life is so unfair 💔
@kelliowen_ @jessysielski Well, the main story was interesting but it had nothing to do with Barker while frame one… @kelliowen_ I didn't recognize a short story about cockroaches. Could you name it? (( The old movie was better, mor… translated A Doll Full of Nails by Ville Meriläinen for @Horrorscopepub , art by @rackhirarcher It's a gothic fa… E is amazing 🖤 @farahrosesmith @rackhirarcher I agree 👍👍👍), by the way this art also reminds me of the story. It is a portrait of…
2020 translation of The Fallen Boys by @AaronDries was nominated for Russian Masters of Horror Award, so the book is… to @farahrosesmith's "Irrational Dress Society" by @rackhirarcher
Leda (Detail), 2015 by Gail Potocki.
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2020Главный редактор нижегородского издания Koza Press Ирина #Славина в пятницу подожгла себя у здания УВД по Нижегород…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaDevastating news from #Russia - After years of harassment by authorities news editor, #IrinaSlavina, died after set…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaСветлая память #ИринаСлавина
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaJournalist Irina Slavina single-handedly ran an outlet covering politics & corruption in Nizhny Novgorod. Her frien…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaCamilla: No mask? No mask!
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaI am really mesmerized by the pontiff, Machiavellian and iron-willed. I think he is greater than Steerpike. He was… @farahrosesmith Great, hope to see it on screen!
Got some pics!!
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @Vylar_Kaftan And I like your dark stories: Galatea, The Suicide Witch and Break the Vessel are amazing.Soon: Renata Litvinova's The North Wind. The trailer has Paul Willems' vibe. Glad Shagin got the role, I dreamed of…
October Round Table Interview #1: Weird fiction authors share the classic horror films that frightened & inspired t…
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Jennifer Connelly in her "other" Italian film ETOILE 1989. A beautifully dark fairy tale dir. by Peter Del Monte.
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaКрипота. Weird and creepy stuff. definetly need more @gemmafiles , I love her stories since reading "Year Zero". And speaking of French Revolutio… by @farahrosesmith because I love her Modern x Gothic - it's so cool to write like that in the 21st centur… by Reggie Oliver and @MichaelTCisco , they are great but their works are shamefully unknown in Russia. Bone Key by Sarah Monette, it's so old-school and charming. and Other Weird Tales by @CSlatsky Every story here is a gem. I can't say which one I like most. Translation Day! 💌 Yesterday I translated a sinister, fiend-inspired and absolutely adorable story by…
И да, давно никого не отмечал, хочу сделать это. Просто поделиться своим хорошим настроением. Это не флешмоб, это п…
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My digital paintings for @RaisedWolvesMAX from #RidleyScott streaming Sept 3 only on @hbomax Submitted on…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaCortázar and cancel culture the village. the weather is fine. the air is stale. all people are hollow. found dead preacher. took a pic.…
art by Misha Voronov clerics on vacation 😎💀😎 #DarkSouls3 on The Eldritch Index (@EldritchIndex), an Interview with Jeffrey Thomas (@Punktowner).…
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❤️💕💀 @EffectiveInter2 Beautiful
If you haven't seen Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's visual masterpieces Amer, The Strange Color of Your Body's Te…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @kelliowen_ It's the third part of Argento's witch-trilogy. Also if you like giallo, try Strange colour of your bod… @kelliowen_ Rigor Mortis (2013), Suspiria (original), Inferno, Mother of Tears.Movie about shooting Brotherhood of the Wolf, directed by. Pascal Laugier. Cassel and Belucci are amazing.
Hi! Enjoying my tweets, or learning about Covid from me? Please support me! Read my queer psychic thriller: "Her Si…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @RealCliveBarker Today I was speaking about how talented you are and now I read such wonderful news! Need to celebrate!!Guys! I’m here! I’m back! It’s been a long silence, I know, but I am returning to the fold with a new novel, DEEP H…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @EffectiveInter2 Welcome to Silent Hill?There you can read an extract from “The Bloody Countess" by Alejandra Pizarnik - in English, and the original is Sp…
Saw a comment: "WHY DOESN'T MARIA FRANZ OF HEILUNG GET MAINSTREAM POPULARITY!?" yes. A woman decked out in corpse…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaBy the way, here I've heard Heilung for the first time and thought they were Mongols, but then made out the lyrics… was one of the photos that inspired my story THE WYTCH-BYRD OF THE NABRYD-KEIND, which is now available in Rus…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaI read "Solution" by Brian Evenson on @tordotcom today and found it haunting. Maybe you will as well.
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📷 #Concept #LaHilandera Ya podes ver la película “Matar al Dragón” de Jimena Monteoliva @crudofilms en la app de…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaA Subterranean City by Thomas Lovell Beddoes read by Max Thornscape… Electrique is one of my fav singers. Her voice is mesmerizing @GrimscribePress @gemmafiles ❤️ the cover!
First Omnibus volume of five of my out-of-print books arrived. Huge respect as always to the magnificent Selwyn Rod…
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Trade paperback and electronic editions of the newest nightmares by @gemmafiles are now available for pre-order! El…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaAn Interview with horror writer Lucy A. Snyder on THE ELDRITCH INDEX! #womeninhorror #eldritchindex #halloween
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaI would love to have ANONYMA published as a limited-edition hard cover with illustrations, if anyone is interested…
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @farahrosesmith Happy birthday) you are great!Russian review on @farahrosesmith's ANONYMA ❤️ interview with @farahrosesmith 😎💛 to extremely talented @farahrosesmith ❤️ art by @rackhirarcher
@MichaelTCisco Paul Willems' La Cathédrale de brumeSusanna Clark’s Piranesi is a labyrinthine journey into that which connects us and also keeps us apart. A journey…
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Spin your fears into story gold this fall. Our 2-week workshop with horror heroine Gemma Files starts October 29!…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaI colored a thing!
Retweeted by Katarina Vorontsova @pamelamorris65 😢 I miss summer already.
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaTada!! Coming this fall on @Netflix, something I worked on that’s been cooking for ages. #TheHauntingOfBlyManor! Su…
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaI want to translate something about vampires, old-school and atmospheric. Now I haven't such a novel but begin with… @farahrosesmith My granny was really cool in 70, old lioness, and thinking of my own age I hope that I will be like…
@bobford The cover is awesome :)Sometimes, the scars are on the inside. Burner. Coming soon.
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaThank you to @tdelucci for taking my short story, "Jōren Falls."
Retweeted by Katarina VorontsovaThe Sea Was Angry by Armand Rosamilia @amazon @ArmandAuthor @severedpress #horror
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