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20 | Bleach | @_ruukia ♡ 8/20/21

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Quanxi #MangaColoring #chainsawman
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Retweeted by Reaper @notYaki hey yaki @NoHandleDgm damn son we need to help you out 😭😭 @NoHandleDgm How you be talking about bitches everyday don’t but you don’t have any @rod_flare MY TOP 2 ahhhh @rod_flare @YinkaDrip2Hard @GrimmjowreaperX @aviirito @CoolDavid_15 tag me 😑Starting Tokyo Ghoul
Retweeted by ReaperStarting these two mangas soon😩 If you’re a mutual of either of these RT need more of this on my TL 😮‍💨
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Retweeted by Reaper @renccn i fucks with this cover heavy @BLACKCL99908043 😭😭idc what yall think byakuya’s character is a masterpiece
Retweeted by Reaper @coolguymark21 we talking about tokyo ghoul not resident evil @_ruukia I love you the mostest @Calamatuim noLmfao bro said if you "listen" in Japanese then you should "read" in Japanese too
Retweeted by Reaper @Zoro76505251 @RedLightning420 don’t encourage him @soulzkings this why your mother doesn’t love you @shinxryuna why your shit so blurry nigga @chris9y4 sexy asf @_DIVlNE @rod_flare i went off fr @chris9y4 where you get yours from? @Eater__of_Souls a nigga high we lit rn love y’all ❤️ @shijapologist chicken blood @Saintlil4 not this shit again @shijapologist no way niggas are saying this looks like brownies i’m sick @SaintedJay your peoples fr @_DIVlNE @OgRelik_ you matching with bam forcing you not to switch @OgRelik_ @_DIVlNE actually sickin @blank99551532 no @Tnuggss went off @_811at 😭😭😭 @Jaz2smoove @rod_flare 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @oii_senpai @bumassdude ghouls in tokyo @OgRelik_ nigga not my twin said fate is clear but don’t even know what RE: is 😦 @The25thBam_ @rod_flare @OtakuNathaniel we don’t care bro더 안그릴거같아서 그냥 올림
Retweeted by ReaperToji... Jujutsu Kaisen - Coloring Done by me #JJK #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by Reaper @_DIVlNE @rod_flare nvm you want off @_DIVlNE @rod_flare fuck yo opinion @Tn_Quincy like what 😭 @GioObtainsBread ong you just making dub watchers look dumb @ripeli3 what was they thinking’all truly just be tweeting words no meaning no thought process behind them @gostodementol I need to niggas so cringe @dxvanteog 😭😭😭This evil shit gotta go Blow. #csm #chainsawman #makima #denji #pochita
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Retweeted by ReaperI will NEVER get over this
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@Kuwu_ji one of my favorites formsI still get chills
Retweeted by Reaper @Mira2Saa every timeThe OST, The Emotions, this entrance was straight peak @notcjounin best dad in anime omg THERES NO WAYY😭😭
Retweeted by Reaper @_ruukia new mari edit🍋
Retweeted by Reaper🌸 the loml, byakuya kuchiki ♡
Retweeted by Reaper @Xzavier040 it’s not 😩one bit of news we got so far @simplyblacklol love to hear that keep me updated @thechillninjas gmgm @Zerand345 gm king枠付けてちょっと満足してる。
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