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Im Rin! Guild Master/ Ret Paladin of Months Behind Us-Mal’ganis. Bendy af. Always tired.

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@iamUltramad Nosebleed seats are like $30 for preseason. 👀Just in time for the game I’m going to. Heeellll yeah buddy @Flintshott I’m sick of it @hekili808 😡Yo people really out here not wearing masks and also standing right up on my ass. I’m gonna stop showering so peopl… @DrAstheria That’s what I’m sayin!
PP JOKES GOOD LONG LIVE PP JOKES 😡There’s like 3 games and a book that I’m in the middle of and I hate splitting my time like that so instead of fini… @Stiven_SRB Try ice it if you haven’t! It should help keep the swelling from getting a lot worse.
Why is it so much work to actively take care of yourself? I just wanna coast and deal with the consequences later.My insurance didn’t want to approve Simponi every 3 weeks (instead of the usual 4) at approx 95k a year so now we…
@JoannaNoBanana Good medical care is collaborative. End of story. Some people don’t have that privilege either. But… @_kib0 @Ketsuki_WoW @jdotb @Wowhead @FanbyteMedia
On a scale of “not bad actually” to rewatching “Inside” for the 10th time, how bad is your day going? @OddNMacabre Sending good vibes 🤞
@LordSkeletorEsq no.I CANT GET OFF BERRIES AND CREAM TIKTOK PLEASE HELP I KEEP SCROLLING PAST EVERY VIDEO OF IT ASAP BUT I KEEP BEING H… feel like a sign of getting old is feeling like shit when the weather changes season to season. Anyone else? It’s… @BadMedicalTakes Now is a good time to take this down.
@EiyaWoW You vs. the girl blizzard tells you not to worry about
Retweeted by Rebdull @Wowhead
Retweeted by RebdullDude I can't lmao
Retweeted by Rebdull @Dravvie @DesMephisto RIGHT @codykek I just don’t like the motive behind it. It’s like they think forcing modesty will make people think they a… @DesMephisto @DesMephisto Especially odd to turn one portrait into a bowl of fruit. @tsuxdxd They do be good tiddies and she do be powerful @tsuxdxd This is not even to say I think we should only have practical armor in fantasy. I like booby armor. It’s f… @tsuxdxd Women: this armor is impractical. Her whole chest is exposed. Men: oh shit you’re right don’t worry we pu… don’t want big boobed girls to grow up thinking they have to wear a tank top to cover their chest in order to be taken seriously. @tsuxdxd RIGHT. Like as a woman sometimes I want my tiddies out. Why can we have powerful big tiddy women??? We got… I just think you could fix the issues in your company instead of turning a woman into a bowl of fruit
Retweeted by RebdullThey even killed her expression. The first one is like fuck y’all I’m better than you and the revision is just all sweet and shit wtfIs it an unpopular opinion to be a little pissed at this? I like tiddies. If men can’t see past the tiddies that’s…
@naerchan That makes a lot of sense.
Like today I want to clean my bathroom but maybe I end up reading for 8hrs straight with no breaks for food or movement.I take adderall for chronic fatigue and usually it’s great. I get a lot of the todo list done. Sometimes though…som…'s been 10 years, but you still can't skip the bridge cutscene in Throne of Thunder.
Retweeted by Rebdull @vandroidhelsing It’s guest host on morning television vibes imo 😬 @patronusisotter She spelled “eat” wrong
I HATE people who don’t yield to people already backing out of their parking spot. Like we don’t have eyes in the b… @internetjim I’m out so I gotta drag myself out of the house. @internetjim
Bbs please. There is no need for box dye anymore if you have a Sally’s nearby. 😩
@indiegarona Congrats! How are you feeling?
@Dravvie Yikes.Like I get being less scared cause we are vaccinate but if we could stop putting gasoline on the fire that would be greeaaaat.People really are pretending we don’t have like 3-4x more new cases a day than we had this time last year.
@hekili808 @Moofzy @Barokoshama The shamans work for the bourgeoisie
Why does this ffxiv dude look exactly like @JuliaLepetit ? So pretty. did this last week. 10/10 would do again. @Ketsuki_WoW The perfect “fuck I forgot to eat but it’s bedtime” food
@tsuxdxd @Woliance -yet- @twinhelix61 Lmao im sure some do just none I ever met @twinhelix61 Just you know…were useless but thought they were real healthcare professionals.School nurses are the worst.
Sometimes I like to bait people in the replies to just see what sort of “well if you ate whole foods and exercised… @o_Jack_o @BernieSanders Will do buddy @o_Jack_o @BernieSanders Can you teach my immune system to not attack my joints and organs? If you can I’d happily…
Third Pfizer has been way easier than the first two. Had some fatigue yesterday and my armpit is swollen. 10/10 with it for 7.5G @Nimyane So I slept all day yesterday, felt real icky for about 4hrs with a slight fever but by night time I felt p…
@MaryaleeScarlet Data looks promising on the third for my situation so I’m feeling good about it. @MaryaleeScarlet Immunocompromised people didn’t always have an adequate response to the first 2 so they are recommending a third. @Nimyane Oh no! I managed to get by with a LOT of water and cold meds. My armpit got very swollen though.
@Nimyane I'll report back! The woman who did mine said to expect the same as the first and second. @serephita I’m immunosuppressed so I got in as soon as I could @retrozelda DongI yolo got a Pfizer booster. Wish me luck. 7.5g here I come. @BeIatar Ya Im hoping its just like the last 2. Drink a lot of water and keep cold meds close.Has anyone gotten a third Pfizer? How Pfucked am I about to be?
Reminder again: if someone keeps popping up on your feed that costs you spoons then mute/block them. If your Twitte… @ForAzerothWeb @DesMephisto @WarcraftDevs Which is fine except small servers are almost impossible to recruit to. E… @ForAzerothWeb @DesMephisto @WarcraftDevs It’s to save on server costs…or so I’ve heard. 🤷‍♀️ @DesMephisto @WarcraftDevs We literally left, and so did most of the other mythic guilds, because we were in the sa…
@barkflight I was just on it for a year and a half it suuuuuucks. Hope it’s not that long for you.I don’t think I was ugly or anything on it but it wasn’t…my face.I’ve been off prednisone for a couple months and I started looking at selfie’s from before I went on it. My face al…
@twinhelix61 At least it’s done lol @twinhelix61 Narrator: it did not. 🤷‍♀️Scheduling doctors appointments is not a great way to start a Monday. Phone calls. 🤢
@firecatrich @HulaHoopsy @Holyzorea @Fruggiee @GuiltyasFeral @LimitXyronic @MogPolice Y’all are only so nice becaus… @HulaHoopsy @Holyzorea @Fruggiee @GuiltyasFeral @LimitXyronic @MogPolice Please explain to me the difference betwee… @HulaHoopsy @Holyzorea @Fruggiee @GuiltyasFeral @LimitXyronic @MogPolice 3 bad things come out of Canada. Canadian…
@gollumlover69 This is so dangerous too. Mixing cleaning products like that. Like literally just use some toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. @calligraphymmo @Holyzorea @maximum I wish to rub his tum and tell him it’s ok to be uggo @hekili808 I block if I really want to drive the “fuck you” message home and mute if I don’t ever want to hear thro… @DialecticalMthd @hekili808 A perfect example of a good time to mute someone. Unsolicited advice with no context to the situation. 🥰Mute or block people who repeatedly say shit you don’t like. I swear it’s so much better for your mental health tha… @Valomir Always here for the homies. @Valomir My pro tip is get comfortable with the fact that you’re gonna hate/be dissatisfied with 90% of what you cr… sucks. That is all. @Sereannon Idk tho cause its been happening to me on and off since launch @Sereannon Ugh that would be very annoyingHow is the lag in Korthia SO bad even when there's like 4 people around?!
Enjoy a curse tweet. As a treat. @ScathicGaming Lmao basicallyI don’t wanna go to pt.
@JeffAHamilton @Felcatto It makes my raid leader brain malfunction. @JeffAHamilton And in the wake of destruction there is only rage.