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Rebecca Caine @RebeccaCaine Da Bush, London.

Vaudevillian and proud Vaccine guinea pig. @UnitedAgents.

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@KylePKJP Hmm @ginamehta Not sure foxes grasp that concept...
@KylePKJP Oh. Great idea! @KylePKJP Caine and Unstable? You don’t want to read my tell all bio? Xx @georg_louise Excited. @georg_louise Welcome to skin care obsession. Let me know. I’ve loved both products you recommended @georg_louise Korean! @georg_louise What is it @georg_louise Who are you now?! Keep me updated @KylePKJP Really...? @Lee_Siegel Now lining the cat litter tray. @HelenaDix Awful @SzekeresJoe Awful @gmeanwell Christ. Sod right off with your grotesque propaganda. Scary times.Right wing crap pushed through our door. @SylviaJerjomen1 Lots of London foxes. @XtinaBianco1 That’s the male. Poor things couldn’t detach. It’s like cats @gjbic It’s a jungle @MildredYuan This is a man who will not let me watch David Attenborough because animals eat each other. @MarGetSWales Yes!! @AlanHenry @DoraAwards @CanadianOpera Me too. @AndersonBooz Always @ShentonStage @DoraAwards @CanadianOpera @ShentonStage @DoraAwards @CanadianOpera @MarkDourish @DoraAwards @CanadianOpera BOOM! @Oscar_C_M_ Yes. Looked like they were waiting at a bus shelter on a rainy day. @ShentonStage @DoraAwards @CanadianOpera Darling, I auditioned to replace Brightman and fell over. I never did Cats.More fox sex. Oh no that’s ME winning a @DoraAwards at the @CanadianOpera PLAYING a vixen. add the relevant Janacek on Instagram. mother to be. coital lie down. attached. FOX SEX happening in my garden RIGHT NOW. @dipilky My mother homeschooled me in Italy in the 1960s. She found bursting into tears and claiming if I really l… just ate half a worm in an apple and my husband is upset for the worm. @helenrclarkson Scary but genius @Peeteer Nooooo. Disappointed @AnnaJaneCasey Angel, take some iron!Basses in tight trousers. Amazing. @willtuckettrb @vonstrenginho How can the basses sing so low in such tight trousers. @LaRadarina Mad
@helenrclarkson Please don’t go the way my last forensic scientist friend did...We are all trying to hibernate. To wake up to Spring and an end to all the worry. @elliotjclay Now come live in the Bush with the cool people. @elliotjclay @helenrclarkson @aldog3000 @CBTheatreFilmTV That’s WONDERFUL @TheatreFlashba1 @ActingforOthers Miserable floored diva! @SzekeresJoe Thank you. @SzekeresJoe Thanks. The old diva shot from above trick. When I stand up it’s like the melting Nazi in Lost Raiders of the Ark. @TheRealNickJury Just screaming rnUpdate. I’m vocalising because use it or lose it. Especially when you’re 109 in light lyric soprano years. @AuroraEstella It’s pure luck!I have made art and it’s entitled Why Get Off The Floor and Vocalise As The Arts Are Dead @OReillyMiriam Women our age sometimes feel judged, some feel encouraged. Younger women love it. @OReillyMiriam My inspiration! @LucidWhim Noooooooo. Awful. I hope that changes.
@Joannechocolat Tons of love, Joanne xxx @jackbremer It’s a slow news period. @ShentonStage I went. Twice. You could buy 15 pence tube tickets then. @jackbremer I just got this. 🙄 @margaret_luckus I don’t either. We realise we have been very lucky whilst so many others need to be done. I hope it happens soon for you. @spuddoc Nothing sporty for me. Something silver topped. @CVFry @MarGetSWales Oh Marj! Hilarious. Typical actress.Maxine Waters introduced as “young lady”. Patronising in extreme. Can’t wait to have a stick so I can whip peoples legs who do that. @CVFry It’s fine line but worth it @Oscar_C_M_ @kevinddaly I do too dear max @Chuck82Tea Thank god @MarGetSWales Fantastic colour!! @CVFry Have you rung them. @CVFry @MarGetSWales No makeup. Cannot be arsed. Apart from lippy @EasternPewee Amazing! Well done you!! 👩🏼‍🦳 @kevinddaly We are having a day of it. Unit, Tim, me. Bunting. I’m thinking latkes and Mexican food. There will be… @rickybutt6 ❤️ @TheTringhamA Thanks darlin. In the meantime my family have been vaxed so I’m just DELIGHTED. @DrRWhiting Waiting in the car with heart in mouth it really happens. Has your ma been vaxed? @CJGillett @BrittenOfficial Owen Wingrave in Chicago. Steu rushes up to the lunch table with a thunderous face. “M… @CJGillett @BrittenOfficial Wot about jazzy shirts? @klast00 Fabulous colour!! Lucky you! @CJGillett @BrittenOfficial Dear Steu @klast00 Amazing. @amiescool ❤️ @singingshoes I did nothing! Just let it gooooo @Shelle02 @smmorin12 My grey army. ❤️ @gbPizzaCo I’d look better eating one of your fabulous pizzas. 💔 @MarkDourish @sopranomorwood @DoctorChrisVT Thanks, Mark. @smmorin12 I bet you look softer and fresher! Weird, isn’t it! @jamesarnott We have been SO LUCKY. @sdbsager It’s been an amazing journey!My ma and husband are getting their second shots today and I feel GREY8! mum has a penicillin allergy and has been denied her Covid vaccine. She’s in a nursing home - a sitting duck and…
Retweeted by Rebecca Caine @boulezian @MarcusRashford Utter hero. @MarcusRashford You’re wonderful. I wish you were my son. @Joannechocolat Sending you so much love, Jo xxxWomen are still facing woeful inequalities in theatre and film and it is likely to get worse post pandemic. Depress…
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Smells like hope... @DowBruce @seyvoice Own it. X @seyvoice @DowBruce Did you have a filter, Bruce? @SarahJaneBerger @reece_dinsdale You won’t remember me from Guildhall, Reece but what Sarah says is true. X @AngelAzzarra 2. Cat hair. @LPittPulford So sweet.