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Pulitzer & Nat'l Book Award finalist & winner of the ALA Carnegie Medal for THE GREAT BELIEVERS. Artistic Director at @storystudio. Daughter of a refugee.

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@CharlesFinch Coconut water, greasy grilled cheese, a banana, a bunch of vitamin C, Motrin, a migraine pill, dark c…
@kevincorke This is untrue; take it down.But we wouldn't have ANY deaths if we didn't test them to confirm that they're dead. is what he’s doing when he still has to face voters.
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@joyhuilin What about it?I think this goes in my top two magazine covers of all time, along with Kurt and Courtney on the cover of Sassy.The Occupational Hazards Of The Writing Life: A Handy Guide To Recognizing And Outwitting The Demons w… are: Just Say Yes: Writing About Sex w @ElissaSchappell Place: From Where To Why w @pitchaya Staying In…! New! Batch! Of! Faces! for @StoryStudio's Pajama Seminar master classes! @tuffhawk13 Yeah, no, they haven't. More into Hunger Games, etc.Holy crap, Simone Biles 😍 just happened to a friend, and I can't stop laughing., the thing about Best in Show -- doesn't it open on a scene of Parker Posey and her partner talking about how… Christopher Guest mockumentary would be most appropriate to show tween girls?Very happy to see @NorthwesternU join the amicus brief.“You cannot have untold, obscene wealth unless you have untold, obscene poverty. That is the law of capitalism.” —Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @AmyAlbano OH MY GOD, PERFECT 😂😂😂 @StacyLOliver Right???I feel like Nancy Reagan really could have put herself to better use by showing up in the truly terrifying episode… @JimZarroli She was trying to resist the temptation! But there were some kids in a treehouse doing drugs, I think?… be clear, the Nancy Reagan regurgitation in quotes up above -- THOSE were my lyrics. They're not... even lyrics? @67LuckyJim INARGUABLE.While we're on the subject, can anyone explain to me why exactly Nancy Reagan showed up in Punky Brewster's backyar…'m disappointed in myself that these lyrics didn't even rhyme. But wow, I MEANT them. I was really feeling it.I really hope the neighbors found it hilarious and didn't, like... take it personally?I'm particularly alarmed now to remember that for some reason I composed this on a wander around the neighborhood,… was heavily influenced by Nancy Reagan's multiple Special Appearances on the sitcoms of my youth. To wit: "No… @dahosek SHUSH, that is an iPhone 11.When I was about 10 I made up a "Just Say No to Drugs" song and sang it into a tape recorder. Even though no one el…'m getting so much out of being a fiction judge this year, and although I was really looking forward to the ceremo… couple of years ago I found this photo on the wall of a hotel. This is very definitely a time traveler posting on… the open letter led to this thread, then it was all worth it. @MGableWriter Oooh, I like that strategy! @kaaripitkin Yes, except that in many places (for instance, the entire state of Texas) there are NO elective surgeries right now.And Kayleigh keeps needing to get hers sanded down once a week, so I can see why she'd make this assumption. be fair, there's no better time for a nose job because your bandages will be hidden under your facemask every time you go in public. @PeterMoskos OMG Piano Legs Hickman 😂So it's not COVID, it's nose jobs? Pandemic nose jobs? @FrancesArtist Oh that's so lovely! @PeterMoskos Oh nice! Where can one find this?You know what's a SUPER bad idea? "I just need a good last name for this character, I'm gonna hop on over to Twitte…, Day 191: Write a story, poem, or essay addressed to Kermit the Frog. It does not need to be ABOUT Ker… @byjennabmorgan Amazing shrine!!!!
@PaulDFriedman is finally happening! Audio version of MUSIC FOR WARTIME, which was published in 2015, will finally be out in… @forrrestgirl I mean, I know what he's trying to say, like, phonetically, but I -Okay help, everyone's happy about the SCOTUS decision, but when I look at CNN it's saying nothing will come out til… is not the main issue here, but in a tweet that's allegedly about math: Is this how he thinks you write hundre… coming from my prompts are sending me to the moon! @PKhakpour It's bad enough when it's an accident -- two books called Life After Life coming out at the same time, a… @PKhakpour Good god. @KOvnicek 😵 @butwhyevernot Wowwwwwwww! 😵 @lady_donkey 😲 @Hana4House 😮 @DavidHawkins40 @mrbruff This is how religions start. @c_smrstik 😲 @danimalpena It looks like a Dr Seuss character! @MarieMyungOkLee 😂 @robynTmurphy Wow!!! @AnxiousPenman @verysmallanna I think it came from the Terrance McNally play Noon, and most people don’t know they’re referencing it.I think this is why the "cancel culture" moral panic gets under my skin so much. *So* many of Americans' false unde…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @HeyThatsMyBike0 Wowwwwww, I love this.The lighting is terrible, but here's a picture I took once of a tree that got really tired and sat down on a guard… @dleeschro So easy to climb!!! @ChetDeFonso @PicturedRocksNL It looks like it's ready to walk away. @JulieM_273 What ARE these? @mrbruff That is terrifying. @NicholasSiegel That's amazing. I'm assuming that "witches" in this context means "women with opinions"... @riva_lehrer Not yet! @brettrushforth That's gorgeous. @sawers WOW. This looks like southeast Asia? @globalgyno It looks like it melted! @DavveroDomini Oh WOW, that's a great sitting-in tree!Show me a picture of a really weird tree. Thank you.
Chicago museums coming together to let penguins visit dinosaurs is one of the better parts of 2020. @redditships @MaraWilson My bullshit detector is going off on this one. @byjennabmorgan @GaryLeising @perhappened NICE!!!!!! @PaigeCWilley YES!!!If you're a college president: Think about implementing a new course requirement for all international students? Co…'ve always wondered, in past presidential elections, why the ads were so bad. And now the ads are out here making… @robertloerzel OMG the fuzz on those antlers!!!#366prompts, Day 190: Write the first line of something. It must include a thunderstorm, the Miss USA pageant, a s… @MargiePulley 😂 IDK, figure it out! @RealWroth, this does not apply to you.#366prompts, Day 189 (yesterday): Your main character's computer breaks down completely mid story. Sad Mac and eve… @bibliographix1 @BookCellar Ahhh, excellent taste x 2!uhhhmmmmmm.
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiOkay here is a quiz you can spend 45 seconds on: @EndlessJeopardy What is "Rosanne Rosanna-dam-a"? @PolitcalCapitaI We're on a mission from God.Y’all this is life-changing. Do it.
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiEveryone buy Her Grace's book immediately, do not pass Go. you to all who attended our event with @ConnieSchultz and @rebeccamakkai! Tomorrow, these copies are headed o…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @chapmanchapman @CharlesFinch @Mimimo12 Omg YESSSSSSSok but what about cancel couture
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @antoinewilson @alyssaharad @duchessgoldblat @ConnieSchultz Antoine you are hereby drafted to my nonexistent virtual trivia team.So in my defense we’re on a lake and rode the kayaks out the other night to watch neighbors’ pyrotechnics but reall…