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Pulitzer & Nat'l Book Award finalist & winner of the ALA Carnegie Medal for THE GREAT BELIEVERS. Artistic Director at @storystudio. She/her/your highness. ITMFA

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My @nugradwriting pedagogy students are presenting a free weekend of writing classes! (You can take up to five.) Th…'s the difference between satire and parody? In "Writing Humor" on 12/4, @writeclubrules will break down the ta…
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@KristinZiemke @artsclubchicago @ncte 🧡There's still time to bid on a personalized holiday postcard from @rebeccamakkai, author of the acclaimed 2018 nove…
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiI've been feeling super bored and antsy and was like, maybe I should learn Italian or witchcraft or something, and… was fun! I got v political in a church! it too much to ask that people name their children in alphabetical order?
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i feel like if you can prove you got below a C in high school chemistry you should be able to bring big liquids in your airplane carry on
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiLoooooooooook! @rebeccamakkai's 2018 novel "The Great Believers" was hailed by many as an instant classic. Bid on a personalized p…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @HeyBDub (sorry, that was unhelpful. had to click the search page. BUT when I do it's already set to Google. Which…, it's FIXED on Chrome, hallelujah. But I'd love to fix it in Safari too... @HeyBDub This is what I get... in the Safari URL window doesn't give me the option to edit my search engine at all.Okay, so right-clicking in the window in Chrome lets me edit my search engine, BUT here's what happens. It won't le… @DroughtIsOver Thanks -- yeah, I checked my settings; I think I likely have a bug :/A computer question: My default search engine AND homepage are Google (on both Safari and Chrome) but lately if I t…'t been able to put down @rebeccamakkai's "The Great Believers" all weekend, and now can't stop thinking about…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @sam__fields 🧡 @DennisAbrams2 Ive felt the same way for years. Regardless of who benefits, it’s a ridiculous system.
My @nugradwriting students are hosting a weekend of FREE writing workshops for the public next weekend. Please come… @lisapeet1 She looks MIGHTY proud of herself.(I know it's not literally decided by Iowa; but letting two of our whitest, most rural states go first is bananas.… @ThrityUmrigar 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡Iowa should not decide our candidate. Iowa should not decide our candidate. Iowa should not decide our candidate.… Can you imagine a woman with the same credentials getting this far? on my postcard so I don’t lose this definitely-not-a-popularity-contest pleeeeeeze @ibwrites @ibwrites Wait, can I set you up???? @eieio1234 I love that whole building! @JenJaDi @suzannecorcoran @vanessa_hua 😮 @MikelS75 Do you put butter in there first? @laurakmoretz 🧡 @brendanbeirne Me toooooooo! @PeterMountford 😤 @MauriceRuffin Tbc I knew the main thing, but I’d forgotten the FIL’s involvement @MauriceRuffin As one does.... 🙄 @MauriceRuffin 😵 @JAFoleyNWside Ooh, this is good intel @lniese 😍 @j1M1LL3R Ooh, I’ve been there! @weaverdoug 😂 @JAFoleyNWside I always want to ask for extra dirty but then I worry the server will think I’m flirting @ThrityUmrigar 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 @MikelS75 Wait, WHUT how
@Delta @GarthGreenwell 😂😂😂🙌🏻 @vanessa_hua Ooh... tell me more. Why is it better than just, like, a blender? @joewmaine Why tweet this at me??? @matty_zaddy Seconded!Recommend your favorite thing to me. Any category.
This is incredibly lovely. I love all the random penguins and their support. Cleveland! I'll be in Rocky River tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon to talk about The Great Believers. Please join… can’t watch directly (too nervous) so I’m going off everyone’s twitter reactions to the hearing. You’re making it… literary weekend! TONIGHT @EmilyMandel @NEOMFA TOMORROW @rebeccamakkai @RRPL
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @adamm0rgan Like, getting them to work in locks. That part.I only just tonight put together, thanks to @sarahjeong, that *both* science fiction and computer programming were…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @miss_speech @WendyMolyneux Same. Like... I’m 50/50 on this @jeremyashley Mercury is just about communication, not haircuts! You should be fine!! @FlorenceMcC 🧡🧡🧡Thank you so much! Word of mouth is so incredibly helpful...Three more... Instagram account @wordstoyourmother has been doing fan art of The Great Believers, and it makes me so happy. @bookisloadedgun I started a laundry limbo basket in my bathroom. It’s where the jeans, sweaters, bras etc that can be reworn go!Personalized postcards from your favorite authors make unique gifts for literature-lovers. Bid on one from…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @ElizabethAnneF Same!!!It’s true!!! @rsblock Definitely. It’s usually coffee for me.Want to release your creativity through writing? In Maria Villarreal's "Catch and Release: a Yoga and Writing Works…
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiAlso: volume estimation. Like, how much rice will fit in what Tupperware. A toddler would do better. @selina3sticks What I really meant was pumps. Soap pumps, lotion pumps. I break them all. @hoosusannah No, sadly I mean regular soap pumps, or lotion pumps, or anything with a pump. It works for me like th… @rapscallison Wait, is it the puff of air one? I have NEVER been able to do that.What are some things you're exceptionally bad at? My list includes volleyball, keys, and soap dispensers.
Oh this is so lovely! It’s for “mid-career” writers, so, like... somewhere partway down the football field from tha…
That dagger tho 🙄 legit thought this was a still from The Office! Join us tonight at 7 for a conversation with @laraprescott & @rebeccamakkai about Lara’s debut novel THE S…
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiI just tried to make air quotes with mittens on, and let me tell you: no.Big fan of @rebeccamakkai's standout 2018 novel "The Great Believers?" Bid for a personalized postcard from the acc…
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiCalendar / #FeministAgenda: 6p Dangerous Beauty Project @MorgansonFulton 7p @laraprescott @rebeccamakkai @wcfbook
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiChicagoans! Hope to see you at this event tonight, where I'll be chatting with THE @rebeccamakkai at @wcfbook!
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiSO MANY amazing authors here! #SusanChoi @lsjamison @LailaLalami @Urrealism @viet_t_nguyen @ValeriaLuiselli
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiYou’re literally describing prejudice against women
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiEvery morning as we finish our showers, the dog whines outside the door. It is so she can come in and drink shower…
@rebeccamakkai's "The Great Believers" was a standout on the literary scene last year. Bid for a personalized postc…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @jeremyashley I’ve been thinking about it all day and filling in the storyOkay I've watched the Renault commercial five times now, please just take all my money @rebeccamakkai I imagine she would get bored with teeth eventually and move on to skulls.
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiWhat if the Tooth Fairy existed? Wouldn’t that be THE MOST TERRIFYING THING @annmariek_h @laurenspieller 🧡🧡🧡 @MultiHarphonic 🧡🧡🧡
.@united just got me safely to a snowy ORD. I know they’re not perfect, but I kind of love them. @TheEvilWitches It’s just so much chewing.This was SO. FUN. 8💚2*whispers* you can buy books from indie bookstores many indie bookstores even SHIP BOOKS to WHERE YOU LIVE just s…
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiThe perfect pairing with cold & snow? An Open Bar at The 4th Annual CHIRBy Awards! All tickets include local craft…
Retweeted by Rebecca Makkai @capthss @BasuAshis I mean, a billion cents would be ten million dollars, so idk. Someone could earn a million doll… on attending the 2019 @ChicagoRevBooks Awards on 12/6 but also looking to spend a few days at @Ragdale wit…
Retweeted by Rebecca MakkaiNo one ever earned a billion dollars.
@LucasWMann Alice Munro’s for years (like, recent years) was “Alice Munro’s stories appear in The New Yorker and the Paris Review.”