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Rebecca Watson @rebeccawatson San Francisco, CA

Writer, science enthusiast, curious person. I like surfing and reading and playing video games.

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Grant Imahara, host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' dies at 49
Retweeted by Rebecca Watson“grow up and try to act like a mature organism” - Robert Trivers, who said he thinks 14-year old girls are mature e… when you think 2020 can’t possibly suck more, it does. 2020 is the Battlefield Earth of years.
did leslie knope make this @SwordGerald @ArchyFantasies @fiftysitesbook @ahtzib @tattoosandbones I can’t see that because Dicky Dawns has me b… @pechaberi My secret is not washing my face ever basically
Find someone who loves you as much as Indy loves beach zoomies @jennifurret Ahhh congratulations!! @TrickyDickens Fuck yeah I loved that series!! @TrickyDickens Don’t even get me started that X-men #1 with the hologram card on the front is I’m the only one I wish I still had @pulmyears @scharpling He makes me love myself more, as I am impressed by my ability to admire and continue to foll… @TrickyDickens Speaking of cool did you know that wolverine was once a member of Canada’s alpha flight...? @joereddington Or just nerds from different universes @victoriarglez DON’T FUCK THIS UP VICTORIA @CHewitt12 My sexual powers are extremely effective but only when targeted at a very small percentage of societyUpdate my bf took the dog out & then came back in and leaned in for a kiss and I didn’t realize it was a *serious*… BF (watching X-Men): if wolverine is so old what do you think he was doing during WWI? Me, a giant fucking supe… @AstroKatie @GlennF @waldojaquith @GlennF @AstroKatie @waldojaquith As someone who says “jiff” and loves BttF I approve of this @LarryYellingNB No humans are in danger of being hurt.As a kid I loved all living things. By my 20s it narrowed to cats and humans. Then just cats. In my 30s it was cats… imagine calling the cops over someone doing something that doesn’t hurt anybody Also me, seeing a couple let 4…
@rstevens @willsmith NICE @GlennF We do that too! One other paranoid couple once every two weeks or so. Honestly that’s about what I like for socializing anyway haha @GlennF I’ll probably suck it up one of these days, as I am super low risk myself. but I’ve found that being a litt… @GlennF I’m still really paranoid about being inside. Last time they weren’t answering their phone for pickup and I… awhile back I wanted oranges and the website said they were $1.65/lb. It asked for a qty but didn’t make it cl… @itsa_talia Now that’s service @GlennF But then they’re like “we didn’t have that exact brand of hot dog bun so you get none but here’s the hot do… @itsa_talia It’s like they went out of their way to say “fuck you in particular”In my most recent Safeway grocery order they substituted the bread flour I ordered with gluten-free flour and my se… couple of days ago, I posted about calling out grifters. I take no pleasure in it. It sucks and it hurts public h…
Retweeted by Rebecca Watson @JDarnelPrimus Holy shit that’s amazingOur local independent theater is doing a pop up drive in playing Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can’t think of a better… @JessicaValenti This is like when everyone was excited Keanu Reeves was dating someone only 9 years younger who doe… @b_figgy IT IS A DELIGHTFUL ROMP and I honestly can not recommend it enough
@RiotousFemme @JDarnelPrimus ^what she said^ The joke is also that we think of "the plague" happening in "exotic" M… @JDarnelPrimus I'm so glad we agree that the US fucking sucksIf you're in a far flung part of the world where there’s a risk of you contracting plague, like Denver, CO, you sho… so I love @PFTompkins like any other reasonable person but I’m FLABBERGASTED at how often Twitter tries to get m… @maggiekb1 This changed my mind to make me watch!! I’ve been on a true crime kick but thought “ugh I want a mystery…
@RTC_Ento My humpback whale and squid were done by the awesome @graphic_ward! She is amazing. @ZachWeiner yes but you're still canceled so basically dead @ZachWeiner I want to cancel you so hard JK Rowling has to write an entire treatise about it in Harper's @jonrosenberg They're still active apparently so hopefully they see my DM! @jonrosenberg Also I googled to see if I could find the potato comic and I found this poor Redditor. I'll DM them t… @jonrosenberg hahaha yeah I believe one was "hamster sandwiches AGAIN??" @jonrosenberg PreHistory was my Bible as a kid. I still laugh when I think of one of the rejected comics that had a… @mmasnick (TM) says he’s anti-abortion now but he has yet to apologize for “All Mine” 🤔 @hood_naturalist “crab botherer” would be great on a business card, if those still existed
@theErdTirdMans @RichWielgosz If it makes it simpler for you, his followers also flooded secular organizations with… @LeonieHilliard @RichWielgosz I can't say...from what I've heard he didn't seem to keep it much of a secret from th… gyno started out as a successful translator, which brought her to rural West Africa where she met women who didn… to today’s new followersAt the gyno for a pap and not to be too explicit but there’s something extremely disconcerting and funny about wear… @Tintern_Film that makes me sound like a Japanese horror ghost so...sure @ceejaysola ditto(Apologies for mixing "canon" metaphors but somehow I find the fan universe meaning even funnier than the religious meaning)Also from now on I will ALWAYS think of scientific theories as "canon" and unproved hypotheses as fan fiction. The… (JUST ENTERING THE SKEPTICS' COMMUNITY): wow so many people who really love science, this is awesome ME (15 YEA… @my1rstthrowaway Okay, what about the Harper's letter (or my Tweet referencing it) says "fuck conversation" to you? @ceejaysola @addeenofy34 Ah yes, only "unscholarly" biologists could possibly disagree with Saint Dawkins' ideas. S… @my1rstthrowaway You're criticizing a trans person for politely declining to debate someone responsible for anti-tr… @addeenofy34 I know a lot of biologists who would disagree with that "yes" path @RichWielgosz Reason Rally in Washington, DC, plus several other atheist and science conferences that Dawkins only… I feel sympathy for the people who worry about “cancel culture” and then I remember that I was canceled a… @my1rstthrowaway Richard Dawkins is that youHas anyone made a handy list of the best dunks on the Harper’s letter signers? If so can you give me a link and als… @MelMall haha link to what you've learned
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (HANGING OUT IN INTELLECTUAL HEAVEN): "I was a philosopher imprisoned for criticizing Stalin… through this list to figure out who I'm surprised is this pathetic (Mark Oppenheimer, huh) and who I alwa… woman may actually be the stupidest person on Twitter @birdchick 🥰
@katimorris_h Cool, that's what I was basing it on but wasn't sure if there were other species I might be confusing it for! Thanks! @robjGoldberg the snowy egret is white and gold and the great egret is blue and blackMy BF and I have become slightly obsessed with figuring out the various bird species around us, esp the herons. He… charlie daniels, hunted to death by a russian aristocrat, if you got your degree from University of Phoenix and you think you got a good deal for your money, then cong… you responded to this with "Harvard is a money-making scam" congratulations, you aren't good at reading Tweets (… of Phoenix is trending bc Harvard's tryna charge full tuition for students to take online classes. There… lynching on July 4, 2020. A Black man went to the lake with his friends. Nearly killed by White supremaci…
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2020 year is 2220. The hottest musical on Broadway is “Trump.” Trump is played by a black man. Racism is declared le… likes to howl along with fire trucks but we noticed sometimes he seems self-conscious. So now my bf and I howl…
@ryanmegan #1: joey @bonefig Ooh I have a Calathea and it’s beautiful but I’ve heard they’re pretty fussyUPDATE Lawrence Krauss finally blocked me so I can only imagine what this is. God I hope it’s an article defend… @sink_or_swim @JeanGreasy Oh yeah when I lived in Boston they still had Blue Laws. Puritan nonsense. I think they f… @JeanGreasy Understandable. My first thought was Cape Cod. No bears and lots of green space but MA in general is pretty racist. @JeanGreasy If you overlay those three maps and you’re focused on the southeast it looks like your ideal vacation s… @JeanGreasy I gotchu Indy goes for a walk and pees, poops, and pukes from eating grass my bf and I call it a “PEE-GOT” and we have…
The unique experience of being a woman is saying something in an off-handed way specifically designed to not hurt m… @KendraJames_ Got the link to Reddit? Dershowitz’s strongest defense that he’s NOT a pedophile is how much he seems to enjoy fucking himself, an 81-… fund in honor of my friend’s colleague who died treating COVID-19 patients at SUNY Downstate Hospital.…
Retweeted by Rebecca WatsonHere’s why everyone should follow @lizzo on Instagram @TheirNameIsLola @CaseyExplosion I have no idea who you are