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Writer, science enthusiast, curious person. I like surfing and reading and playing video games.

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Look, is it shady that I'm asking you to come to the Tenderloin on a Sunday night at 10pm to see an underground sci… a lil reminder that we are @sfsketchfest TOMORROW at Pianofight! With @JustinRYoung @keithlowell
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@BBW_BFF where would women be without men to tell us to enjoy our livesReminder for those in the Bay Area! This Sunday @Quizotron will be at @SFSketchfest with @keithlowell at least I know I'm gonna get a recipe at the end of the first oneY'all love to make fun of recipe blogs with the writer's life story you gotta scroll through, but no one talks abou… monkey's paw, I wish for everyone to just fucking accept it when their favorite politician fucks up, because p…
@NightAttackShow @acarboni hold up I just saw this pic on my phone. I regret nothing'd like to take a moment to thank @NightAttackShow for having me on last night & also apologize for my behavior &… (@acarboni) suggested we start drinking very early before tonight’s show and it was a GREAT IDEA off I ain’t no snitch taking a Lyft to BART so the driver can spend the entire ride trying to hard sell me into having him drive me…
Good news if you’re coming to tonight’s @NightAttackShow: I’m getting my hair done just for you. This special event… @sweaternshorts They suit you!! @tremereGroupie @taitaisanchez @CarriePoppyYES It’s honestly like the second gayest thing ive ever put in my mouth @LadyCorax @OhNoPodcast I would join it if there was bc banana slugs are dope @MelMall @OhNoPodcast The owners wanted to open competing dog grooming salons but sorry this is bank street @SamOgden @GOP @senatemajldr @USSenate That’s actually the special at the Oakland coliseumToday I learned from @OhNoPodcast that the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot is located at 465 Mystery Spot Road so I guess t…“I’ve drank worse things” - @CarriePoppyYES reviewing....this
@JeffCGD Ah that's good to know, thanks! @mysticl @elonmusk thank you, none of those things had ever occurred to me @elonmusk tagged him just in case he's feeling silly today and wants to send me one in, like, galaxy colors or somethingHow come @elonmusk is all flamethrowers and launching stupid shit into space but then he makes a Tesla and the colo…, we’re really doing the ding-dang thing! Live Night Attack! Come see @shwood @JustinRYoung
Retweeted by Rebecca Watson @SF SketchfestI finally finished Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing. It took months bc I couldn’t understand Spanish. Now I am fluent… yeah, I set up the date despite/because of the profile pic. He seemed fucked up and I was ready to die. 🤷‍♀️I talked to a guy off the Onion personals (~2005?) whose profile pic was just his shadow over an empty grave. I got…
@HuntGump @MaraWilson ^^Hey I'm doing COOL STUFF this week for @sfsketchfest! - sneaky pop-in on @ohnopodcast at Cobb's TUESDAY -… I asked a lady her dog's name and she told me his AND her own name. I'm like, uh, thanks but literally no one… I see a city name trending first thing in the morning my assumption is that there was a mass shooting there, w… @ClayT1000 No, an ex gave it to me without provocation and when I moved out without it he shipped it to me so at th… Alexa will now be know as “Alexa B”I can’t watch The Bachelor this season because one contestant is named “Alexa” so every ten minutes I hear “SORRY,… also thinks vaccines cause autism so this is nice and what a great actor but also my lord this is not a smart man of the #49ers but I’m worried that there will be riots. Has anyone checked on the Panera in Palo Alto @Ian485 The only reason the raiders don’t have the worst owners in the nfl is bc Kraft is an actual naziThe Eagles didn't make it to the Super Bowl but I feel better knowing that: 1) My new(er) hometown's team (49ers) (…
@NickAlpers @crtnycldwll @StGeorgeSpirits We were totally alone for the majority of our hike!I took my friend @crtnycldwll to Muir Woods & Mt Tam today and she said she loved the smell of it, so when we got h…
I woke up at 7am to drive some friends to a National Monument. I just sent them the projected weather and some advi… feel like this plush doll is racist against yodas
@CworthDynamics Next week: ANKLES? @hodgman @TheRealGZA @netflix @DRMWRX OMGA new report says you should only watch this video if it's very important, and only then at 360p. The easter egg is… @BatesPhysio @arikia @skepchicks >_> <_< fuck yeah @BatesPhysio @arikia Maybe you should join a group blog that could use someone writing occasionally, like, idk, @skepchicks just sayin
Check us out at @SFSketchfest! Kaveh will be performing (competing?) at @quizotron, the world’s greatest science/co…
Retweeted by Rebecca Watson @SF Sketchfest @jessphoenix2018 this guy is a heroI guess this is a good time to state for the record that I'm excited about the possibility of a Sanders/Warren or W… @IMudlet You know what else is a stupid idea? The tweet you just sentOk so a debate costs about $5 million. A Forbes article suggests that shooting our garbage into the sun will be abo… Christ they’re still doing debates?? How much do these things cost the taxpayers and for the same price could…, @SFSketchfest is really bringing the midweek radness this year. Hilarious friend of @Quizotron (FoQ)…
Oh hey I'm livestreaming Into the Breach, in which I kill alien bugs. Yesterday we realized that I'm the bad guy an…! Are you gonna be at @SFSketchfest? Come watch me, @Veronica and @rebeccawatson guest on @NightAttackShow! 1/22…
Retweeted by Rebecca Watson @SF SketchfestThis is my pettiest characteristic: years ago when I got my 1st tattoo I posted it on r/tattoo. It was immediately… booking a flight to japan so I can straight up murder a kid with a blue shell's dangerous, it's can we really milk the shit out of this?
@JessicaValenti @meghan_daum @nickgillespie So this dumbass made up a new wave of feminism, complete with bullshit… Manheim Steamroller send tweet
@timminchin Not worrying, just farming that sweet internet karmaLike if I had that kind of money I’d just buy a yacht and any time I felt sad about people making fun of me on twit… being as rich as Ricky Gervais and still being so incredibly sad as to spend all your time searching your n… @CarriePoppyYES @ZirkuaZruda Okay! @CarriePoppyYES @ZirkuaZruda Oh okay good! Yeah I just see breeders kinda like diamonds. I might think it’s gross b… @CarriePoppyYES @ZirkuaZruda Did this get aggressive or am I misreading? FTR I am voting for Warren (or whoever the… @CarriePoppyYES @ZirkuaZruda No one knows what? @a_tooloulou @CarriePoppyYES If it makes you feel better to say it’s bad faith that’s your call. But no one would e… @ZirkuaZruda @CarriePoppyYES No one I know would ever surprise me with a dog from a breeder. Please don’t twist log… @CarriePoppyYES I isn’t where people are looking. Literally no one (targeted by the media) cares if she a… microbiology Twitter, I need your help identifying this marine microbe I filmed in Antarctica. About 1 minute…
Retweeted by Rebecca Watson @SF Sketchfest @DrGr4f1x You can’t be this thick. Trump and Kraft are currently bff white supremacist pals. Come to terms with it. @DrGr4f1x Lmao yeah pretty sure I’m hilarious @GarrettTaylor @DrJenGunter Yeah, no. Obviously she’s using the @seriouseats method, which is awesome but doesn’t work that way. @jpscribbles @heefy The Nazis, I think. New England’s team.I like the Baltimore Ravens. They’re the only professional sports team named after a poem. A perfect team to cheer… @CarriePoppyYES I assume breeder, which would sum up everything I think about her: progressive enough where people…
@pulmyears Forget it Paul, it’s BoomtownThe dry cough working up my throat, waiting for me to start to fall asleep @sciencecomic Whoa congrats!Holy crap this is awesome!
@brockwilbur I beg to differ with Little @bergopolis This is exactly the result that the US military was hoping for and the main reason they allow Marvel to… @SkepticPimp pimp is a very common name it's trueI have basically no problems. The worst one is that male trolls call me "Becky" to infantilize me but...that's lite… @sheena_gibbs I SHOULD worry about that more, considering that my boyfriend says if I die first then the dog gets b… @OhNoSheTwitnt let's burn some sage in remembranceI got a dog & now all my nightmares are about how the dog is lost or sad or in danger. Thank christ I never had a k… @starstrickenSF FUCK YEAH @godoyflavia @TwitterLA Fuck yeah!Twitter memes are made for people fighting colds who can't sleep, so: Egg: Nogged Steak: Alive Milk: Soy Alcohol:… @godoyflavia @TwitterLA Yay, congrats!
@paulandstorm @hallublin Happy birthday Hal! Is it gauche to say this in reply to someone else's birthday wishes on… @CarriePoppyYES @drewspurs obviously yes @quizotron @keithlowell @hipsterocracy @thehouseofpod @DoctorYasmin me, conserving all my energy to get over this c… news, pals! @Quizotron is back for San Francisco Sketchfest! Get yer tix and join us Sunday, Jan 26 at Pianofi… @drewspurs @CarriePoppyYES This is not the way to settle this argument. You KNOW the correct, scientific way to set…