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Follower of Jesus Christ. Treat others like you wanna be treated. Huge fan of Marina Sirtis, Star Trek,& Dr. Who. Quote on background is from Marina.

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@deannadestroi But you do put out some great Imzadi stuff so she might wanna see thatRT if you love @NewYorkStateAG
Retweeted by Bekah @deannadestroi Oooh she's beautiful!
@MarinaSirtisFan Same @glitteratiglue I have a couple of stories going but w work it's been really hard to focus and get them out. @glitteratiglue I have to tell you, I am on AO3 and I'm te reading your fic and OH EM GEEE! You are mind blowing! I… 105. #ASonnetADay
Retweeted by BekahThe truth is this would NEVER have happened to a 6year old, white girl-child. Not in America! Not now, not ever! Je…
Retweeted by BekahIt will not be easy. I accept that. Regardless, it is what WE MUST DO! These acts are trauma inducing, cataclysms t…
Retweeted by BekahIt is the same kind of sick, delusional conditioning that makes it socially acceptable, normal even, for a man to s…
Retweeted by BekahYou must decide or be convinced that a human being’s worth, their value, is written on their skin. As policy and pr…
Retweeted by BekahFTR - It is not “training” that causes a cop to put a 6yr old girl-child, facedown on asphalt, with weapon drawn, n…
Retweeted by Bekah @RealVAJames @BatlethBabe Why don't they count? @deannadestroi @kay_tee_79 @deannadestroi @kay_tee_79 I was hoping not. But I realized that my responce in the first place was cringeworthy @deannadestroi @kay_tee_79 I'm really sorry, I was going off of our previous discussion and I obvs dont know what shitposting is @deannadestroi Sorry... bad lama😪 @deannadestroi Shinzon & Deanna? (You said shitposts only) 😉Stand UP!! enough!
Retweeted by BekahAfter a Year of Investigation, the Border Patrol Has Little to Say About Agents’ Misogynistic and Racist Facebook G…
Retweeted by BekahThe United States Postal Service is vital to ensuring that people have access to essential goods like medicine, toi…
Retweeted by Bekah @astrid_klos Looks yummy! @fluffyguy Yes please + @kay_tee_79 @deannadestroi Idk that they were both ready any sooner though... Will needed the right timing to go fo… @deannadestroi I honestly only watch it for Imzadi moments & Deanna kicking ass in spite of the fact that she was violated AGAIN! @courtneyboches @heidipwinder @kay_tee_79 @glitteratiglue @MarinaSirtisFan @deannadestroi @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 @deannadestroi I can see your points, I don't know that i completely agree w them, but i understand your point of v… @deannadestroi You're right, maybe it was once, he left her on Betazed and then got stuck on Nervala 4 for eight ye… @kay_tee_79 @courtneyboches @heidipwinder @glitteratiglue @MarinaSirtisFan @deannadestroi @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 really didn't care what happened to Thomas Riker after he left the Enterprise. He broke Deanna's heart twice! At… @garak1234567890 "Worf has two what?" @CaptainSven2 Honestly, it would be either "The Child" s2,ep1 or "Dark Page" s6 both from TNG @heidipwinder @kay_tee_79 @courtneyboches @glitteratiglue @MarinaSirtisFan @deannadestroi @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 @astrid_klos @astrid_klos I understand my friend, but it's ok, you are trying to keep everyone safe. I hope this friend didnt make you feel bad. @astrid_klos @AstrimaPrd I understand lol @astrid_klos @AstrimaPrd Astrid, I wouldn't put it like that lol but yes she's in quarantine for 14 days lol @astrid_klos @Marina_Sirtis Oh wow @astrid_klos @Marina_Sirtis Marina pops in and out but I think Twitter, sometimes, gets her cross, as she would say… people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @saminman01 I was also half asleep when I did it lol @MarinaSirtisFan 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 ohhh myyy @saminman01 Did you see mine? @MarinaSirtisFan @saminman01 Well... again that is a pretty big cry for help you put out there Melissa lol @saminman01 @MarinaSirtisFan Yes you're backup! @deannadestroi That's a good reason @Marina_Sirtis I'm voting for Biden, because I can't take 4 more years of mental depression
Retweeted by Bekah @heidipwinder @kay_tee_79 @courtneyboches @glitteratiglue @MarinaSirtisFan @deannadestroi @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 Maybe
@RWTTROBMARTINEZ @MarinaSirtisFan Told ya @StarfleetQueen1 😉 it's ok I figured you were in shock @MarinaSirtisFan @deannadestroi @RWTTROBMARTINEZ Duh lol 😘 @deannadestroi @MarinaSirtisFan @RWTTROBMARTINEZ I just figured anyone who had met me for 5 seconds would know better lol. 😉 @RWTTROBMARTINEZ @MarinaSirtisFan Hehehe have you seen mine? @MarinaSirtisFan @RWTTROBMARTINEZ Someone thought mine was real I think... had to comment back to them @heidipwinder @kay_tee_79 @courtneyboches @glitteratiglue @MarinaSirtisFan @deannadestroi @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 @StarfleetQueen1 Yes but did you read the tweet I was quoting? I needed help! I'd been kidnapped @belair123belair 😳🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 @cassatoria @deannadestroi @kay_tee_79 If I may, I would see it at least one time. It is worth it for a few sweet… @MarinaSirtisFan @kay_tee_79 @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 Oooh which one? @kay_tee_79 @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 That's what I thought too! @cassatoria @zazzlepop95 This scene makes me so angry at Picard... I just wanna punch him in the face. @cassatoria Oh hush hunny! Yes! And what about the scene in "Man of the People" when Bev has to kill Deanna? Will i… is a beauty. Sonnet 104. #ASonnetADay
Retweeted by Bekah @cassatoria I was ok till you brought that up... @MarinaSirtisFan I'm on my way and I'm bringing backup! @MarinaSirtisFan @drtroisickbay Unfortunately it was part of the real stuff I think... 🤦🏼‍♀️ @MarinaSirtisFan @drtroisickbay there was that "morning after" scene in that ep where she is seeing things through… @MarinaSirtisFan Heheheh @MarinaSirtisFan @astrid_klos Hey am I on the list? Hehehe @astrid_klos @MarinaSirtisFan I can't speak for Melissa, but I will say, you're obviously an awesome fan of Deanna/… @MarcieStarfleet 👇‼️As a Lebanese person: If you're going to donate, please donate to the Lebanese Red Cross. They're not owned by th…
Retweeted by Bekah @Michelle_Fit_ @Marina_Sirtis I live in the US & I don’t understand it. I miss Obama so much. We took that sweet ma…
Retweeted by BekahOne of our favorite #STLV moments from last year 🤗 #StarTrek
Retweeted by Bekah @FinalFronqueer Sending hugs my dear @drtroisickbay 😳😮😧🤣😂🤣 @MicheleGenny for me too! Troi is a second rate character who should have been killed off instead of Yar @vampiresiren2 @dnstewart67 I was at a pts home when the news came on and I saw this. Usually i don't comment, as h… @vampiresiren2 @dnstewart67 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I am laughing at the "stupid end of the spectrum" comment and as for the actual p… @kay_tee_79 I'm on my way!!!! @kay_tee_79 @MicheleGenny @cassatoria I'm w thw 40 yr olds... @yehling_vicki She is very wise & when she gives advise, ppl need to listen. @xena428 Ohhh yummmSonnet 103. #ASonnetADay
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@MarinaSirtisFan @PamFerris1948 @MsKathyBates That's terrible @kay_tee_79 I cant "like" this... I dont want you to self destruct 😪 @deannadestroi @MarinaSirtisFan This was the best I could find... @MarinaSirtisFan I said goddess... lol and yes she is @EasilySteel @MarinaSirtisFan @DannyGreenPerv @Marina_Sirtis @StarTrek You got it my dear! @kay_tee_79 @pdpatterson @Marina_Sirtis From theater to TV star, model to pandemic era goddess, @Marina_Sirtis was,… @Mr_Picard THAT would be EPIC! @MarinaSirtisFan @Chrissy1350 Hehehe I'm on it! @Chrissy1350 @MarinaSirtisFan 😂🤣😂🤣 I LOVE this!!! And many a fanfic was born lol @kay_tee_79 @EasilySteel @MarinaSirtisFan @DannyGreenPerv @Marina_Sirtis @StarTrek She is a lot more like @Marina_Sirtis than ppl thinkA deep dive into Deanna Troi's Betazoid abilities 💫 #StarTrek
Retweeted by Bekah2,977 people died during 9/11 and the US started endless wars in the Middle East, 158K+ deaths have happened becaus…
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