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@wingzOFC gaming hahah
@1kotaaa :)) @GryffinFPS @Ninjasik HHHHAbiggggg announcement soon :) @SeptFPS @GryffinFPS i literally don’t try to help anymore when he malds. i’ve told him how he can be better he doesn’t want to listen @GryffinFPS @Ninjasik @SeptFPS HAHAHAHH @SeptFPS @GryffinFPS hahahaahahhahaha @SeptFPS @GryffinFPS HAHAHAHA @Saiyan6k @casethx hahaha workin on it @Saiyan6k @casethx ahahah she lives in texas i’m moving to texas who knows what will happen @casethx thanks bb @casethx i wish that was the case it’s a weird situation family friend. flew in to hang out for a few days but def… @1kotaaa thanks @SeptFPS let’s gooooo @ysk1ng goodmorning baby @Ninjasik @SeptFPS right @SeptFPS gonna need these when i get ondrunk rocket league with a woman!!!!
Retweeted by Rebel is alive! :)dayton, is watching us suffer ggs boys.
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i'm tryna be a bitch lap dog no kiz. -@Corddae
Retweeted by Rebel is alive! :)sick gang @SeptFPS it cold @Agr0fps @ysk1ng happy birthday :))) @Ninjasik @ysk1ng @SeptFPS @lindseybreezyy gg go next @RebelBTW @SeptFPS @lindseybreezyy
Retweeted by Rebel is alive! :) @ysk1ng @SeptFPS @lindseybreezyy 😭😭😭😭 @ysk1ng @SeptFPS @lindseybreezyy BRUH ITS BEHIND MY BACK YOU CANT SEE THE DUMPY FROM THIS ANGLE MY B @SeptFPS @ysk1ng @lindseybreezyy sittin here readin this thread eatin bread @ysk1ng @Agr0fps HAHAAHAHAHAHAHTL CLEANSE CAUSE I CAN'T STOP[ FUCKING LAUFGHING @Agr0fps IS MY FAVCE DUUO ASLJDKGHASLD
Retweeted by Rebel is alive! :) @SBGMarc agreed. @Chrisclaridge99 fuck yessss gotta love the deals @Chrisclaridge99 just vibing with the fam hbu bb @SeptFPS yes indeed can’t wait to see you again brother @Dilpickle1 yessirrrrr i love it @SeptFPS i know but i hate seeing the homies sad i just wanna change our lives for the better 💙🥺 @JonF_ frick @Dilpickle1 yeah man it’s been solid i hope the same for you g :) @Novitic_ poggers @GryffinFPS !!! @SeptFPS don’t be sad. we have so much to look forward to man. 💙💙 @Dilpickle1 just chillin with the parents man :) @GryffinFPS thank you gryff🌸 @desireebisby @HershTV hahahaahah just jokes that’s funny thowhat’s up everyone @desireebisby @HershTV it was you!
@SeptFPS :) @SeptFPS more love for you than you know 💙🦋 @irreposcible ayeee! you too homie good to see you again 💙 @Capppped always brotha 💙💙 let’s game it up tomorrow @quinnleaf 💙💙💙💙happy thanksgiving friends 💙🦃. i’m very thankful for all the friends and family i’ve made in this online community. love you guys @PsychologixalNL :) @TGREYYY thanks tommy 🥵 @britt9n it’s firegoodnight twitter stuff that happened between us hurt me more than her, she doesn't even know it. Its official im broken :/
Retweeted by Rebel is alive! :) @Viperous thanks sidney @ysk1ng 💙💙 @Novitic_ yes! @ysk1ng vouch he’s pretty good @pres5leyy @SeptFPS ok sept that a bit out of pocket
@xoxabstract @SeptFPS @pres5leyy weird gig @pres5leyy @SeptFPS that’s a half n half smart that ain’t dumb! @SeptFPS right! @SeptFPS :(((( @SeptFPS playful banter bitch @SeptFPS texts @DovahFranky textsfound a car. hope it works out. this could be incredible. @SeptFPS SHEEEEEEEEEESH @SeptFPS CRAZY MAN OUT HEREwelcome home m3
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Retweeted by Rebel is alive! :) @ZanContent oh stop it 😩 @SeptFPS @Jumkeji he didn’t deny it!! @Jumkeji @SeptFPS HAHAHAHA @SeptFPS @Jumkeji he hates it when i play with himgoodmorning pals @SeptFPS YES INDEED I AM! @Taylorrr312 thank you 😮‍💨 @Novitic_ thanks man! @stmchach3s ilysm @4Head4Dayz @ShitBmw @4Head4Dayz @ShitBmw so clean to see one like this. my buddy just finished restoring one like it and S54 swapping it @rushs :)goodnight gang @PepitoEsparza @yelotree 🥺💙 @SeptFPS let’s goooo @SeptFPS YOU BOUGHT IT? @yelotree unreal bro. so proudⓘ this user wants that one girl
Retweeted by Rebel is alive! :) @ysk1ng everyone hates me. @ysk1ng heyhenry media henry media henry media