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#Hypno #Domme. Addicting. 18+ #Lesbian #Poly #Trans She/Her. ~ CashApp: $RebelGirlBloodAxe ~ Amazon:

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@girldrawsghosts @angel_0f_deathx Fleet Domme?
Same agenda, new slaves.
Retweeted by 👑 Erika Bloodaxe 👑It’s so easy to drag people for the willfully-ignorant things they *can* change about themselves, like being a raci…
Retweeted by 👑 Erika Bloodaxe 👑 @Jo_G640518_ You’re insanely pretty. It’s kinda silly how pretty you are. 🤷‍♀️ @treydayway You could get on the Seattle city council. @treydayway Lower Decks is pretty good tho @foniker @treydayway That’s why I buy locally sourced weed and congratulate light weights. I don’t care for drinkin… @treydayway I don’t drink. I tried it. Doesn’t really work on me. I would have to drink more than would be worth it to get drunk. Pot tho. 😎The first on screen female US President was socialist Betty Boop @wumother Name every Riot Gurrrl zine from the 90’s. @RateHowIrate @benjanun_s @Peter_Horton A rich actress attached to one of the most powerful men in America got the… @shiraisinspired Lettuce @trgrrl I want a bigger butt and can not lieOur lesbian farm will produce strawberries, cucumbers, goat cheese, and intense BDSM porn @trgrrl Big lesbian energy @treydayway *appears with weed and video games* You like Street Fighter 2?
88 times better than Windows 10 @rrpre @ladyattis Wow, I only have Windows 10! @VikingJonesy @julcasagrande @SarcasticSadOne Is there a time you don’t want to be smacked? @Jo_G640518_ Then send me all the homely girls 🥰 @designingerika @TheWnQW Hey, you’re still a virgin if it’s in the butt 👍 @designingerika Which ear? @Jo_G640518_ You’re so pretty 🥰 @stinger121988 @puntmedaddy That gif is more of an 8 tho 😂 @puntmedaddy 4 @kayyybearxo I’m thankful for having them @JailedQueensAlt Stoned AF @angel_0f_deathx 🥰🥰🥰When you've had enough therapy to recognize your own shitty behavior in someone else and you're just like, oh wow,…
Retweeted by 👑 Erika Bloodaxe 👑 @Currtis25Harr @treydayway Cage and Keanu tho 😄 @treydayway I want Keanu Reeves and Nic Cage to do a badass movie together @angel_0f_deathx Pink, purple, blue @chainchompist @bonkey_bong What makes her so good? @trgrrl @bonkey_bong She’s being talked about more and more @SwimmingTablets Play hard and teach him the classic openings. He’ll be playing Russians at tournaments in Geneva by 7. @L_E_HAHA @SexytotheNorth Trans people were much less happy. @hypnotransgirl @benjanun_s Hypno Dommes are nothing but trouble. #GameRecognizesGame @Poppy_Zone @benjanun_s You don’t catch mice with rope @xybergay @benjanun_s Same thing we do every night, Tayla... @benjanun_s @futwolfhardware @heyitsJudeD @SweatyGardener Pretty sure it’s the spider robot girl from Beast Wars @heyitsJudeD @Girl15Gone Maybe I’ll need to offer classes for aspiring Dommes @heyitsJudeD Let me show you into my office and we’ll discuss an apprenticeship 😉 @carl_plinkerton @goatgoblet @jessiegender Kim must suffer 22 times a season @jessiegender He’s the O'Brien of Voyager, except instead of making him suffer at least once a season it’s once an episode. @jessiegender Will you making a video about the allegations against Rosario Dawson now that her Mandalorian episode…
#MST3K “American oil products help keep our chickens of the future fresh and on time and will continue to do so lon… No longer! @BawdyLilBitsy @angel_0f_deathx Mine was named Zardoz @angel_0f_deathx There’s an MST3K marathon today. Nothing is better. Nothing! @bonkey_bong I prove that untrue five days a week @treydayway I’m deeply offended Trey. No one! @benjanun_s 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀The congressional Overton window and the public Overton window are so deeply out of step on government aid and heal… @ADDiane More like amazing @amylou8251 @KissMeAgainDoll @KissMeAgainDoll @amylou8251 Sounds good but I’m a lot kinkier @MommyBigDick @Pale_Green_Star Thanks! Have a good Canadian Thursday 😂❤️ @MarieAllOverAg1 I wait to hear it sometimes. @flashtyn @Nick_Plott You pulled a jewel heist? Probably shouldn’t advertise it. 😂❤️ @rajandelman My friend in college loved it. Shockingly he later came out as gay. @rajandelman @rajandelman The creator of Aeon Flux also made a show about Alexander The Great that is even closer to this. @TheDeniseCrosby I think it’s pretty obvious Nemesis would work a lot better with Sela as the primary antagonist. N… @baegedcos Awesome 😊 @baegedcos I understand. I have gone full purple and it is glorious. @baegedcos Could add a streak though @teioh But if you Twitch stream building and painting them then it *is* work 😉
@Nope_No_way_FU *eats and entire pecan pie without pause* This is what gods feel like!!! @comes_night This more or less actually happened to me.He-Man, you are a fool!
Retweeted by 👑 Erika Bloodaxe 👑 @girldrawsghosts @KwameWahkan666 Just trick an elderly teacher who was abusive to you into giving up their SSN usin… @girldrawsghosts I too need to start a website for racists that lets me buy free cars. @BawdyLilBitsy @GregMcNic @GregMcNic Can I get Burgers, Pizza, Ice Cream and Pie? I would be the healthiest bitch on this planet. @LJokerella “Fuck!” @babbles @JennaEllisEsq Teddy invited a black man to The White House over 100 years ago. Trump only does that now if they win at sports. @JennaEllisEsq Just as long as some words are put next to the image of a historical figure, whatever the words are…
Retweeted by 👑 Erika Bloodaxe 👑 @JennaEllisEsq "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said horses with bigger, veinier penises" - Henry Ford
Retweeted by 👑 Erika Bloodaxe 👑 @JustVent6 @JennaEllisEsq That’s Ohio NFL team numbers @4everNeverTrump @JennaEllisEsq Also he was a progressive. Progressive Republicans vs conservative Republicans was a huge fight then. @JennaEllisEsq Teddy was a progressive. The Republican party had both a conservative and progressive wing then. He… @sherrysworld Tried hypno with a Domme? @NewBabyGirlMum1 @Cycloptomese March was yesterday and yesterday was 90 years ago. @OldManGulli @zei_squirrel At least one actual discovery was made then. @zia_kat @zei_squirrel Without the charm and less coherent @BanishedBernie @zei_squirrel Yes. She has DNA. @SultanofGeo @zei_squirrel Yeah, that was some special racism @veryreallauren @foodi @zei_squirrel Hasn’t changed him. @thesmogmon @zei_squirrel That would be unscientific. /sjordan peterson is trending because he is apparently writing another "12 rule for life" which I think warrants a tr…
Retweeted by 👑 Erika Bloodaxe 👑 @chelseahandler @jennmasonNFB418 The best reason is the same reason we always had: Because we can. @honeyslutbb @xxxcryingvagina That’s a Sir-Mix-A-Lot level butt @Amanda_lea_2001 @honeyslutbb “And, well things just kinda happened from there...” @quarantinebeat @treydayway Seen her as David Bowie? 😍 @treydayway Rich white people with golden hats, Trey! Golden hats! @miseryhighlight Whoever it happens to suffers damage to their ability to socialize with people who aren’t raised t…