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I FOIAed the US Navy for training materials related to its controversial @Twitch channel. According to this July ma…
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @nicebirdasshole It IS as good!!!!!This one is muy spooky!!! comes near, so here is a little thread of the spooky videogames I made that you might want to try out for…
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @nicebirdasshole Very nice! excellent framing of the subject, and the slight upward angle to me indicates an intric… @nicebirdasshole take still life pix on ur phone Try to compose Da Perfect Shot of some capri sun pouches Like even… if every game included content warnings and accessibility toggles and details 🤔Play #HoloVista by @AconiteCo: Because $4.99 is Cheaper Than Therapy™️oh. huh. okayI finished #HoloVista and this game really slapped me hard and told me to let go of undeserved guilt, huh??? What n… all need some wholesome Slimey the worm content. 💚
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @corygraham90 I saw Blair vent @nadya I’ve been playing every night in bed before sleep, and I’ve just started Friday. I don’t know The Specifics,… @corygraham90 cory sus @corygraham90 I was thinking about itWhat ever happened to this anyway
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @corygraham90 "i want humans to have the resources to stay alive but not only with the bare minimum" is that the platformgood a time as any to watch the thing (1982) on repeat for the next [checks calendar] 40 yearsme, a democrat: listen up haters…the democratic party doesn’t 👏 owe 👏 me 👏 shit
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @ellameno OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDi wonder if anyone at work has ever seen my twitter or is following it right now to spy on me . . .. . hi, if so!like i was looking at her like "i'm way further left than u could probably ever hope to be" so sure in a way i was offended (i wasn't) @ellameno "u can't hold a cup w one hand u deserve to d*e LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" is honestly what i hear @ellameno u were so benevolent :) looking after those who obviously can't look after themselves in any capacity :)… where i work got some b/h mugs and she was opening the box in front of me and was like "idk these might make u… am not sure how to label my political ideology can someone help? i kinda just want people to not die? what party is that lol @ellameno and u know that teacher is the kind of person who would be like "and in heaven... they're perfect........" @ellameno hi i need to lay down for a sec lol be back .............. in augustguys… circling back on this... any updates
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @JackdawDotTV gestures to americaour democratic leadership really yass queened us all the way back to the 18th century huh
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkinsbreaking news: the bad guys are cheating :(
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkinssafely chewed and swallowed a bunch of pringles :(wish i had a pretzel to ch*ke on right about nowkinda wanna vom rn lolwhat the fuck
@ellameno @plentyofalcoves Prob find them at literally any asian grocery I see em at the supermarket I go to @plentyofalcoves bts and rise collab when @retrogrademeagn @plentyofalcoves Yeah shannon why can’t you be happy your mom got you the best bts boy @worstgeneratio @hashtagsubtext fun secretDay 21 #Acetober “family photo” are we demonizing a socialist/progressive perspective?
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @ellameno OM NOM NOM NOMi love broadchurch @worstgeneratio I DO NOT SEE IT but also I rarely see paul in motion so that contributes @ellameno pix @worstgeneratio Broadchurch whips ass tho @worstgeneratio @hashtagsubtext uh lmaoWho gives a shit
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @ellameno DON’T MATTER!!!!!!
@yearinla I’m pist I just got to my couch and roku ain’t got twitch smh @femmeincomprise I’ll watch it for uA quiz thing I made back in 2012, challenging people to identify angry bald videogame men who have been separated f…
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @thecowboycarrot I slept VERY WELL because of this tweet alone @emilynoelleb__ I wish you weren’t @devonshandsmelt lol @JackdawDotTV NeverIt took me this long to play it bc I only now changed my apple pay so I couldn’t buy it 😭The art is fantastic!!!!! Even if you’re not into hidden object stuff, just looking around at everything and really… visuals are stunning and the music really adds to the General Vibe quite well games like this absolutely deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as ones you’d find on a more tradition… whips ass god bless @AconiteCo WOW!!!! Like a really good dream, but there’s something off about it and y… lady had an easier time voting in fucking SPACE than I did in Kentucky today
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @ellameno omg he's a gamerWe can and should do better than this. Long lines will discourage so many disabled voters.
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins
$5 and up patrons can now hear track 2 of my upcoming album!
Retweeted by Rebecca S PumpkinsGuess what gang that’s exactly what it says gg pbs newshourNow I will actually read the article :)Because some of us are approaching middle age? Because there are many of us? Because the previous generations fucke… you a member of the TTRPG community and want to talk about one of these 10 subjects for #CritBitsCon? We have s…
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @CriticalBitCast @BiggieKK anything with gerry’s dad hits too close for me so Almost But mostly I cry because of la… @thecowboycarrot good night to me because I’m me @shelpylee Are y’all gonna elaborate or ....
do y’all know how time works reverse engineered mcdonald's internal api and I'm currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every…
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @plentyofalcoves 😞 @OxyOxspring 😞clicky clacky snacky @CriticalBitCast save one for meeeeeeTim Heidecker announces first stand up special No one has ever done one before! We can’t miss this ignoring how obama only gets involved to sabotage people who are doing the work, can't stop thinking about how…
Retweeted by Rebecca S PumpkinsALSO UNFAZED: The media's refusal to acknowledge the GOP's constant disenfranchisement of Black voters as an intent…
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @_PariNova tyyyyyyyyyyyyMany thanks to @RyeCarrigan for selling me a computerliterally had no idea video games had so many pixels until today
can u tell ppl to wear masks even while outside @cityofokc I wish ppl would wear masksquick q @cityofokc @davidfholt what are you doingOur GM sign ups are open for the rest of October for #CritBitsCon! We have 10 game slots and would love to fill as…
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @thecowboycarrot 😎 @nervousdj ohhhhhh @nervousdj no you’re djThis is no joke.
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkinssaw this guy looking at me on my way into work..... might go back and say hi ☺️ @thejenna I am but a lonely pro se plaintiff in the courtroom of life 😞 @thejenna I did not consent to you recreating my likeness, beautiful as it may be
I love Sohla.
Retweeted by Rebecca S Pumpkins @aminder_d THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! 🥰🥰 @_bombastus .................... @_bombastus if the damn post office would deliver your shit i'd have u coveredaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…