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@quainiac AMANDA!!!!!!
@PenguinTeen @adibkhorram YES @zlikeinzorro 100x more kissing u say 👀 @aidenschmaiden 🎶you left your keeeeeeeey in the masoleuuummmmm doooooown in dixiiie🎶 DAD THERE IT IS 🎶dad there… of note that I am working through the stories in @MissDahlELama's THAT WAY MADNESS LIES anthology and (as I've… have finished reading a book for the first time in a few weeks and it was WITCHES STEEPED IN GOLD by @CiannonS an… we have an important announcement about the moon Raquel: an important announcement about MOON? ok i got u those looking for ways to help those in Nigeria 👇🏽
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@kaitfeldmann listen i dont know what i expected when i googled green pants book but ive been laughing since i foun… @KosokoJackson ok great @KosokoJackson ok i will bring snacks do u have any allergies i should avoid @KosokoJackson do u need a sidekick @ALNL omgIf you’re trying to catch up on what’s happening with #EndSARS, this provides a good overview. CW: Police brutality
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸This also happened in India when the Kashmiri people were protesting. I’ll link an article below that talks about h…
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸💔 I was told 78 people were killed throughout Nigeria today. There are likely more. This was a massacre. This is a…
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Did you know that LGBTQReads has a Bookshop? We do! Help indies, authors, *and* the site by making your purchases h…
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸If you haven't educated yourself on the horrors happening in Nigeria, do so now. Info on what's happening and how t…
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸 @mrjaycoles 👀Fun fact if you are listening to the fantasmic soundtrack on your way to work, the next time you turn on your car y… he has added a photo of me @whimsicallyours @suchdainties @Ashe_Samuels @PenguinTeen @PenguinClass gjklagjklwe;jgkje;klgjsleyall i do want to clarify im not mad or anything i just think its funny and in context, she stops for mini-photosh… ur dad does a “drop your beautiful daughter” challenge on Facebook and only posts a picture of your sister @AdriAnneMS i thought you were saying "It's ... so gay ..." was the tagline lmaooo @iamrainbou let me look at our shelf when i get into work!
could i name the entire yallwrite author lineup off the top of my head? honestly its a strong possibility at this pointi don't know what to talk about at book talks tomorrow i need a small-ish topic within realism for 7th graders that i can hype 10 books in @justabookeater_ But it’s so good @TLT16 @kierstenwhite Making the protagonists younger does nothing if the intended age group is scared off by the size of the book! @emerylord I really adore thisListen I mean my ideal thing that combines all my interests would be to have an imprint at Disney that develops IP… @kierstenwhite It’s a definite gap!YA about 13-15 year olds that is under 325 pages @CodyRoecker i love you!!!!
@ashposton Yeah @blondewithab00k 2-33🥰 I have a publishing related vague tweet can’t wait to tell y’all about it in a few years 🥰 @getnicced @brownbookworm @WriteinBK Three of my fave humans 😍 @CodyRoecker I love you bb I’m in the same mental place with regards to future but we will get there and one day we…
@brightlyanna Also two of these are nuts which I’m not super into @brightlyanna Milk chocolate is already meh but the chocolate coating on candy is extra ew @QueenOfRats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALEX CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~they are all bad~ @jennifercarolyn The truth is that most cake in general is gross @mixbecca among the beasts and briars girl serpent thorn girls made of snow and glass beneath the citadel either of margaret rogerson's🤫secrets are fun @shavnamorgan Grandmother was 100% Scottish, mom teaches Scottish dance, a good portion of my life has been attending Scottish functions :) @shavnamorgan AyeHey book people who are mutuals if you have kids that are super bummed about not trick or treating and you want me… @beingabookwyrm 🙏🏻My alarm went off just as I was about to moderate a panel so now I feel like I’ve skipped out on something I said I’d do thanks a lot brainI work this morning so I’m reluctantly awake but Im also realizing I’m not ready to be waking up to an alarm three… @theLasagna requirements are 1. empathetic 2. will let me drag them to disney 3. will engage in banter @jifueko @thoughtsof_rach oh my godsee the problem is, when i look at movies i haven't seen, i think, WILL THIS BRING ME AS MUCH JOY AS THE 2019 CHA… @CodyRoecker I just don’t remember any part of it! @tay_simonds and @ashposton are gonna watch it with memovies i still haven't seen either at all or all the way through -nightmare before christmas -hocus pocus -the mum…
@justabookeater_ @sosaidvictoria Me tasting wine: ah yes this is a grape, but worse @theLasagna THERE IS NO DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE OF THISI’d do the imagine dating her meme but no one wants to date me so it’s irrelevant 🥰 @rosiesrambles When you’re at school, but the lights aren’t workingStumbled upon young Rachel’s most cherished possession @kierstenwhite ive already changed my mind on my official ones like 14 times in terms of the book lists i cannot im… @_smromero but of the listed options, apple is the best @_smromero key limeOkay what scent should I have in my diffuser while I clean my room *either pirates or flight of passage @amparo_ortiz Can I be the random character you inexplicably keep running into who HAS to be magical because how el… made an appearance in my book talk today! Got a project you’re working on? Need some company and/or motivation to get words down? Join me on behalf of…
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸 @amparo_ortiz @ashymareads I know everyone is sharing @tylergaca’s dystopian tiktok but May I present for your viewing this one about G… @sbennettwealer 💕 @glitzandshadows And it fits SO PERFECTLY like this truly feels like it could be a leather bound old timey book I’m obsessssssedI just looked at one of the illustrations again and cried because I’m so in love with it @Megan_Manzano It will be worth the wait I promise @glitzandshadows You’re gonna flip it’s so beautifulFriends I have to tell you I have read HOW THE KING OF ELFHAME LEARNED TO HATE STORIES and quite honestly if i c… almost described a book as “it’s Han Solo...but in space!” And then I remembered where Star Wars is set @rosiesrambles @ALNL IDENTITY CRISIS TIME @rosiesrambles @ALNL what if this whole interaction was actually ashlee as both of us @rosiesrambles @ALNL i arent wrong @ALNL do u want my twitter password i can give it to u
@MissDahlELama oh legit @MissDahlELama case you havent seen enough lesbianism today, may i interest you in this gayass excerpt of an upcoming historica…
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸 @TochiTrueStory accurate 🙌 congrats tochi!!!Hey y'all! If you're in the US, make sure that you've filled out your census, as today is the last day! Census co…
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸 @nina_lacour I have a 21.5in HP monitor that I hook up to my MacBook Pro when I’m at my desk (I also really love be… @rosiesrambles @kierstenwhite Yeah they’re banana apple muffins
Haircut puppy! I have the honor of moderating this amazing @ArchieComics/@Scholastic panel, featuring authors @micolz
Retweeted by rachel stroll-eek 🕸hello mutuals is anyone around at like 8pm central time i need 3 people to help test and see if the google sheet i'… @MarkDoesStuff @mara_fitzgerald I— @MissDahlELama You’d like it, very bi