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Editor-in-chief of The Verge. CNBC contributor. Host of The Vergecast, everywhere good podcasts are served. I am in love with spectacle.

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@lordstrom It would not - it would almost completely destroy conservative talk radio and have little to no effect on anything elseAlso jfc the last time the FCC tried to regulate the political speech of broadcasters it was called the Fairness Do… cannot pull the “licenses” for cable channels since they are not broadcast over the airwaves. And pulling the… head hurts
“A regular phone that happens to fold in half” is the goal, as ⁦@backlon⁩ keeps noting. The Z Flip... doesn’t get t… 14 is an ideal chance for Apple to lower its walled garden. Rumors over default app changes are a good step, bu…
Retweeted by nilay patel @iB3nji @_mtau @crapdragon @verge Our work is expensive to make. We'd appreciate your support so we can keep making it. @bijanstephen this is a death wishI preordered the good oneAn RC Cybertruck costs more than a Cybertruck deposit @RichLightShed @Great_Katzby @loudmouthjulia Test content was all loaded on the phone right? Has anyone seen the sw… @LaurenGoode If Max is printing enough stuff to generate a constant 1kbps stream of data I’m honestly kind of proud of herYou ever just lie awake at night wondering why your laser printer is constantly sending tiny bits of data to the in…
@crapdragon @nattgarun @verge Sure, if you live in CA there’s a link at the bottom. Or you can sign up for… won a patent lawsuit against Flywheel, and then Flywheel owners learned their bikes would shut down in an e… how even the slightest whiff of antitrust enforcement makes companies change their behavior and Amy his-and-hers Jettas driving home to their house in Lake Forest to continue quietly hating each otherDying out here looking like exactly like the gap between an influencer marketing campaign and putting an actual… spent all that money to disable the snooze button on these debatesElizabeth Warren unleashed is a remarkable thing to watch.
Retweeted by nilay patelButtigieg calling himself a "Microsoft Word guy" is weird because I would argue that Word is least hot word processor, in this essay I will
Retweeted by nilay patel @mcwm Protocol activate @loudmouthjulia No no this is a real thing @loudmouthjulia Better to be a pirate than to join the navy @loudmouthjulia I’m guessing you didn’t break into the party
After promising to definitely spend the next year building a 5G network from scratch using unproven technology, Dis… do like the idea that "podcasts" are now an office supply @SwiftOnSecurity did you know the display is unsupported on anything but a mac because all the controls are in soft… @stanhoraczek Nope :(The Galaxy Z Flip does have a folding glass screen — as @StarFire2258 reports in this deep dive into the tech, it'… @hughesish Just trying to wrap our review for next week!"We'd like to stop people from sharing and talking about our stories" - dying newspapers @RDRv3 BMW: Robot CamryWhat do you want to know about the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR?Excellent profile of @susanthesquark by @mslopatto, with this simple, powerful observation about the cost of doing… @jpwallhorn Sure. Why does internet access in, say, NYC suck?
@abidc They are happy to have fewer competitors in the market which will allow them all to raise prices @d0mth0ma5 It’s because they will get to raise pricesA fun fact is that AT&T and Verizon did not oppose the T-Mobile / Sprint merger @JoannaStern I don't know if they have prints but we just got Max this shirt and I am obsessed with it @JoannaStern @stevekovach @robotodd Steve I'm going to need revenue numbers hereAlways love talking to @scottbelsky on the Vergecast, especially this bit about the dynamic between Photoshop and p…, ACSI is promoting this study in the wake of the T-Mobile / Sprint decisionInbox: "The American Customer Satisfaction Index shows that large M&A deals commonly have a negative effect on cust… the rate this is going I’m going to have to plant a tree every time I share a photo
@davexbuxton So now I have to delete them too? @davexbuxton Why would I put photos in three places @jimmylittle @backlon It’s the file browser in Gphotos on the web @adspedia Gphotos doesn’t have a share sheet extension @OldManJade @backlon (It is not possible) @scottbelsky @dflieb I am happy to facilitate this meeting on a podcast at any time! For now I will quietly set the… @backlon @altairbueno1 This works and is also deeply depressing @dflieb @scottbelsky But I don’t want to have photos in three places? I just want to send the edits to a shared alb… @rahulsood That would sync the entire iOS camera roll, not the 20 photos from Lightroom I want to uploadHm @scottbelsky @dflieb can y’all talk @backlon What if I told you this delightful rethinking of a file browser window didn’t allow for multiple select @chillmage “With support for flash drives in iPad OS, now you can import photos to cloud services using the postal service”I’m done editing a batch of photos in Lightroom for iPad. I want to send them to Google Photos. This is, as far as I can tell, impossible?
Third time I’ve said it this month: nothing screams “this product is broken and not ready” like avoiding reviewers
@futurepaul Funny how that works! @futurepaul The cheap oil had a steeper price: the massive organization was inefficient and repeatedly prevented wh… @futurepaul I was incorrect in saying it the way I said it, yes - but the fundamental case was over fixing prices,… @futurepaul They cut prices because they had invested heavily in railroads and were using the transport fees to dri… @CaseyNewton Paul should start a competitor to YouTube and compete in the free market
Things moving fast at Michigan after ⁦@ZoeSchiffer⁩‘s latest investigation @MKBHD thank you for the callout in this great Bill Gates interview! loling at the fact that email is impossible… University of Michigan’s school of information just suspended its recruiting relationship with Clinc:
Retweeted by nilay patel @LaurenGoode @jtemple @hoppysport Hmmmmm I gotta learn to stop signing things you give me at the barThe first few sections of a project I worked on throughout most of my time @verge are up! They're all about how to…
Retweeted by nilay patel @mdube74 @verge @backlon Right, just pay and it’ll all go away. Or keep yelling at me, whatever works. @mdube74 @verge @backlon It is used to sell advertising per our privacy policy, which is linked at the bottom of ev… @mdube74 @verge @backlon I literally gave you the option: ! @mdube74 @verge @backlon Great. Pay for itI unabashedly love this. What else could scare the GOP into campaign finance reform? @mdube74 @verge @backlon So hostile when you can just sign up for and make them all go away!
A professor at the University of Michigan is stepping down as CEO of his buzzy AI company following multiple claims…
Retweeted by nilay patelCongress is going to spend the next year debating how to reform the DMCA. It's going to be dumb. Here's… blockbuster @ZoeSchiffer investigation: the CEO of buzzy AI startup Clinc has stepped down after multiple… is owned by Lenovo, and it's doing sort of fine on the low and medium-end of phones. They had their shot t… rushing out a mediocre folding Razr before folding screen tech is ready is a case study in missing the opp… @migueldequinto We have reported on that extensively. But I think that's kind of irrelevant; you could extend the p… other tension is that extending copyright law to offer more protections to individuals who create things like d… piece hits at the extreme tension at the heart of user-content platforms: these things couldn't go viral if th… @mims please don't do this to me @KarlBode @robpegoraro @dsilverman @verge My new idea for telecom regulation is that judges have to let a panel of… @reneritchie @MaxWinebach (I would argue that Apple’s ability to pull devs along has been shown to have real limits lately) @ShiraOvide Ha thank you! A high honor coming from you @ShiraOvide Never forget (everyone always forgets) @ShiraOvide Just $3.2 billion in new investment destroyed against this familiar promise!
@greengart Helio Ocean!MWC being cancelled is an excellent opportunity for all the telecom execs banging on about 5G changing work to real… tiktoker just showed me how he films videos for tiktok and youtube simultaneously and my mind has been boggled
Retweeted by nilay patelHoly shit @marinaepelman @waltmossberg @JoannaStern I am excited for everyone to get their proprietary Bixby Buds! @backlon I put in the RCS bait just for you! really have to stop letting us on the air together