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Editor-in-chief of The Verge. CNBC contributor. Host of The Vergecast, everywhere good podcasts are served. I am in love with spectacle.

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@CaseyNewton I’m going to auto-forward so many things to youMicrosoft’s new Xbox app for iPhone lets you stream Xbox games to an iPhone 😎 It’s coming soon, and here’s how it w…
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It has been 28 weeks since the President said Google was building a national virus testing website! Blame me for it being late this week. but it’s good — @dcseifert joins @reckless and I to talk about the…
Retweeted by nilay patelAll these game streaming services are going to run into the reality of the major ISPs prioritizing their own video…
There is no dive bar I love more than The Plaza in Madison, Wisconsin. Help 'em out:, this is insane and I love it more than I should blog! Amazon Echo and Alexa event. And Ring. And maybe Eero. And a thousand other things. Completely possible…
Retweeted by nilay patelCOOL JOB ALERT: we're still on the hunt for someone to be my editor and creative partner for DECODER, our new podca…
@alexstamos @CaseyNewton I am pleased to report that Internet Explorer 4.0 will be the default browser for Casey's new newsletterThe Verge dot com is pretty good today far the number one thing that jumped out at me as we worked on this piece was Sandberg saying Facebook deserves… of the number of emails, slide decks, and meetings that led to this result proud of my friend @CaseyNewton for starting his own little media company in a time of tumult and change, and… two things.😊 In May, my sources started sharing secret recordings of meetings inside Facebook. Weekly Q&As wit…
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@JoannaStern @reckless @karaswisher @CaseyNewton
Retweeted by nilay patelAbsolutely love this @ashleyrcarman story on the explosion of link-in-bio startups and how they work. in interface messages
we have a bunch of very fun stories going out this week about WORK in 2020 — how businesses are dealing with platfo…
Retweeted by nilay patelLet the kids theme their OS without Shortcuts hacks! has the correct take on this Tiktok thing. Give Walmart a tech newsletter.
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The more reporting I do on this the more it is a sleazy back room deal that protects no one and advantages Trump su…
Retweeted by nilay patelLet this be a lesson to all the teenagers out there thinking about messing with political rallies in the future. If…
Retweeted by nilay patelLarry Ellison’s statement about the TikTok deal shows that he is the only tech CEO who can talk to teens in a relat…
Retweeted by nilay patelWhat does it mean for Oracle to be the US government’s “trusted tech partner” for TikTok? Will Oracle fight FBI req… TikTok confirms Oracle/Walmart partnership details: Here’s the statement:
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At this point the major platforms should all have immediate crisis response teams and tools to defend individuals a…
@techsteveo That is the realm of monstersThe worst part is that you just know Trump is happy about it @paddypadman2 Right at an hour, and we always cruise our way to 1.5WeChat: Enormously popular with Chinese-Americans. Owned by Chinese company. Will be crippled in US Sunday night.…
Retweeted by nilay patel @Artie_Vandelay I was always accidentally activating Siri! Just as easy to hit the button with my thumbMy promise to every American: if elected, I will on Day One establish the Office of Don’t Do This In Notifications! ⁦@NicoleWetsman⁩ joins for real talk about the health sensors on the new Apple Watch and ⁦@cgartenberg⁩…
Retweeted by nilay patelPerfect headline a reminder that the Trump administration still has not said what specific bad things prompted all this chaos.… shit. Trump seemed to forget which city he was in at the end of his Mosinee, Wisconsin, rally.
Retweeted by nilay patelHaving fun hitting “don’t allow” in the 5000 apps requesting this access in iOS 14 for unclear reasons @AnneMarieSqueo Yeah, I think “ok” is about right. But normal is great @TechNinja150 @craigmillerlaw I don’t think he has directly answered many of the questions, in the way that many no… isn’t doing great at this town hall, but the idea of a President who knows and can explain that there are two…
This was extremely fun, and more journalists should try and explain themselves to smart students with good question… the microphone jack on a MacBook Pro requires the most insane set of acronym dongles in history to bring you sad news on this wednesday evening
Retweeted by nilay patelTalked to Mark Zuckerberg about VR, AR, and making glasses that go beyond “putting an Apple Watch on your face.”…
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vibes on gopro being back on top of the action camera game with the hero 9? (and send more cameras to go swimming w…
Retweeted by nilay patel @RDRv3 Hm i don’t hate the babyGood @NicoleWetsman on Apple Watch Series 6 and measuring blood oxygen — lots to find out about how well it actuall… already running ads on TikTok for the new Air. Not too worried about that shutdown, I suppose. answer, all on its own, is horrifying’s no way they sell this as $5 cheaper with ads. It will be a $5 premium to not see ads.
Hello, iPhone and iPad app developers. I know you’re working on short notice. iOS and iPadOS 14… tomorrow?! But if…
Retweeted by nilay patelOK, one more time: A bundle of stuff you don't want is still a bundle of stuff you don't want.
Retweeted by nilay patelSo much of what I have to say about Apple One is encapsulated by Apple having to put a literal footnote marker on "… I also just say it's hilarious that Apple puts their event livestreams in the top level of the Apple TV app, li… away from the Apple event -- we're liveblogging here:’s our liveblog! Come watch the Apple event along with @reckless and I
Retweeted by nilay patelIt’s becoming tablestakes that every content platform eventually has to build a hardcore automatic copyright enforc… event day — ⁦@backlon⁩ and I will be live-blogging when it starts at 1pm ET, but here’s a little preview of w…
@greengart 100 percent doubling down on a mistakeHelp @design_law help @lee_ball ? This video is very oldCan someone please send me a transcript of this pitch meeting, I need it very badlyI don't know how I missed this but one of Ford's Mustang Mach-E promo videos has people eating chicken wings out of… worst kept secret of all time is here! Scientists have detected a gas within Venus’s clouds that they say could…
Retweeted by nilay patelGoing on CNBC at 1130AM ET to talk about this strange TikTok / Oracle outcome. I think @russellbrandom's summary th… @billylubanski @DingusFrisky @plante I think this admin has made those C+ students more confident in their abilities than ever @bikerglen Even assuming all those things were true, CBP tweeting like this would be incompetentThe staggering incompetence of this administration is really something else ByteDance originally was going to make @Microsoft its “tech partner” (cloud host) w/minority interest ear…
Retweeted by nilay patel @backlon That stadium being dead quiet was suuuuuuuper weirdNvidia buying Arm and Oracle emerging as TikTok winner (but as a “partner” not owner) is really distracting from how good Rodgers was today
BREAKING: Microsoft says it's not acquiring TikTok. Details:
Retweeted by nilay patelThe fake NFL crowd noise is so strange - it obviously isn’t reactive to the game so it just sounds like they’re pla…
Millions of people are unemployed, the senate refuses to pass extended benefits and senators are basically just pol…
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Apple doesn't ask Netflix or Disney to submit movies / TV shows individually into the App Store. Apple wants a 30%…
Retweeted by nilay patelLove that @ZoeSchiffer is covering SCAMS. Here's a super dumb coronavirus scam! jumped on the Vergecast this to discuss Surface Duo and everything Xbox with @reckless and @backlon 👇
Retweeted by nilay patel @Bart18ley @karaswisher Yes, but we’ll have a little transition
“We ignored the climate despite escalating warnings for years and now the sky is on fire” is not quite as grabby th… 2020 theory is that wild conspiracies are taking root so easily because they at least offer the imagined comfort… @peterpham @JasonHirschhorn @SamsungMobile It is a super impressive phone, I just wish it wasn’t covered in AT&T adsBig scoop from ⁦@kellymakena⁩ — Trump’s next FCC pick is far more eager to regulate the internet than most conserva… @theSimonTucker @anotherhelen @karaswisher Vergecast remains, I will keep hosting it with @backlon! @fmanjoo thank you!Big Verge podcast news: we're relaunching Recode Decode as Decoder with Nilay Patel! Very proud to carry on…
Retweeted by nilay patel @jdanielcook @DaDookieMonster @karaswisher @backlon It will continue! @gavinsgadgets Vergecast feed and the Decode feed, but we'll be sure to tell everyone when the new show launches next month @aibcameron I have no idea why I haven't been doing that more often! @pierce @karaswisher david i have some personal news @DCOneFourSeven Yes, but we'll have a little transition period @tinch @karaswisher ofc @DeftCrankshaft @karaswisher Same feed! @yeleajay Thank you, and definitely staying on the Vergecast! @airpoddogs @verge @karaswisher The Vergecast chat show will continue! @Megan_Nicolett @karaswisher Finally a design system I can get behind @newjawncity @karaswisher Replacing them, but we'll do a bit of a transition! @migueldequinto In the end, the greatest story is man vs self @MrDanimal Still doing the Vergecast, can't let my baby go :) Interviews will eventually move to new show, but we'l…