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Editor-in-chief of The Verge. Host of The Vergecast, everywhere good podcasts are served. I am in love with spectacle.

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@Godogs21 A mess? That’s a 1200mk2 into a Kenwood KA9100 looped back around into a Sonos Amp. Honestly don’t do this @justCalebm This should work? am pretty sure I all but stole it from my sister’s college roommate when I was 14 and I regret nothingHappy 40th birthday to London Calling, this trashed US original is one of my favorite things in the world @HoleAlexa Wow @brad_bauer @knguyen I grew up right on KR and was just home for Thanksgiving - it’s incredible
@tomwarren “You’re going to love these useful ports and functional keyboard”Our story was picked up elsewhere with “WI says no subsidies” but to me the real story continues to be that Foxconn… Foxconn chaos presents quite a dilemma for the conservative Wisconsin courts if the state denies subsidies and… hard has it been to pin down what Foxconn is doing in Wisconsin? Meeting with the state, Foxconn wouldn't even…
Retweeted by nilay patelI told Becky about Foxconn / Wisconsin drama and she said “this sounds like all my divorce litigation every single… @backlon All that AI and the Home can’t figure out that it’s in the same labeled room as the speaker!!!My new favorite weekend activity is trying to solve some dumb tech problem and discovering people have been talking… @HaSalter1160 That is inaccurate. The letters were “released” by us; no one else had published them previously.I usually don't get too worked up over things like this, but this AP / NYT story is a straight lift of ours, based… to not have our reporting cited at all by the NYT or the AP!
@sensiblemadman Duh @RamboSmitten I grew up in Racine!It’s forbidden to talk about this in politically correct circles, but Wisconsin Republicans are bad at math @ashleyrcarman Dude seems pretty pleased with himselfTwo numbers of note in this story: - Foxconn has pushed back the date of LCD production *again*, from fall of next…
Retweeted by nilay patelDocuments reveal that for months Wisconsin officials have been urging Foxconn to revise its contract with the state…
Retweeted by nilay patel @pierce will eat my hat if Foxconn produces so much as one five-inch LCD in Wisconsin scoop in the Foxconn drama based on exclusive docs from @joshdzieza: Wisconsin has been trying to renegotiate… @swodinsky @Adweek @Gizmodo Congrats!Let’s put Charlie in the position of having to build out a competitive fourth network to replace Sprint, no problem…“We ran out of money so we’re going to throw away all your stuff” is the dumbest startup heist ever. ⁦@danideahl⁩ o… SERVICE JOURNALISM ALERT @SchroederDarren How do you think Apple is making that money back, exactly? Because they are not just taking the hit. @jimmylittle And yet, all of them print money. Why is that?Tim: So, we’ve decided to kill margins by 6 percent in the holiday quarter Goldman Sachs: Yes, this fits our genera… anyone really think Apple is cheerfully taking a 6 percent hit on every product just because it’s happy about its credit card? CmonSomething pretty icky about Apple offering 6 percent discounts on its stuff if you pay for it with its credit card… @chillmage Omg love this new Microsoft tower PC!
Retweeted by nilay patelJoined The Vergecast’s @reckless & @loudmouthjulia on their most recent @verge podcast and discussed how @FaZeClan
Retweeted by nilay patel @waltmossberg Depends on how you define it — Facebook has done it too. But Apple News feels different to me?I am in love with this timeline of 32 huge moments in tech and science that @russellbrandom and @billiamjoel built… bunch of news organizations, the most important platform for the media industry, and Apple News @andyjayhawk wrote this in 2016 and it is still true — maps just don't have enough data in them good @lorengrush look back on the enormous success of the commercial spaceflight industry this decade, and t… finest pull quote
Retweeted by nilay patelA fun thing about the executives working at major entertainment corporations is that because they're all named Kevi…
Retweeted by nilay patel“We do not yet have the technology to predict cyles of Elon activity, thus allowing us to forecast heavy Elon seaso… @WillOremus @mcwm @gaberivera No, that doesn’t force unfollow. He might have mass-blocked everyone tho @panzer @waltmossberg I think he might have blocked everyone?A lot of fancy tech people have all decided to unfollow Andy Rubin on Twitter tonight @joeljohnson @hoonable They should just go for it and make the entire front end a gaping black voidCasey’s newsletter is absolutely required reading today @JGuthmann 300W!
@willkuhn Other way around I thinkGood @delrey follow on the Away story confirms that Away hadn’t intended to fire Korey until @zoeschiffer’s reporti…
Retweeted by nilay patel @octothorpe It is a revolutionary new approach to bi-amping a speaker, I am told @octothorpe No, it's a single channel. Dual Mono in this case means that it has both tube and solid state signal pa… @greengart Ha yes, I am just on the embargo list. But they are always eager to see if I want review units, which...… am pretty sure McIntosh sends me everything now just because I love tweeting it, so here is the new MC901 "dual m… @reginame48 Some things never changeI love this little app so much. Also if I'm using an iPod today I'm listening to iPod tracks only… is perhaps no greater wake up call to what’s happening in our country than being told your two year old’s cla…
Retweeted by nilay patel @Bensedits (I know) @chriswelch Damn man - feel better!Text from a friend in high-end commercial production: “Run Avid on it. Never Final Cut.” The second wave of Mac Pr… @iizLiz You can, but it sounds bad - it’s so small. @TheGadgetist_ro Small!My dude, the world's fastest ISP is run by a small government with about 30,000 customers. Scale is only importan…
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@sallyshin @CNBC @NBCNews Congrats!SCOOP: Chinese EV startup NIO lays off 141 employees @ its Silicon Valley office in third round of US cuts this yea…
Retweeted by nilay patelTalked to @TonyaMosley about Away, CEO Steph Korey's resignation, and what employees are saying about whether or no…
Retweeted by nilay patel @reginame48 Did you take the iPod on vacation with you? @Cirilla1253 Nope @imPatrickT Nope :( @S7arbuck Too many :) @avnyc It shows me the weather, a rotating photo from an album I picked, and the time behind the mute icon. That’s… @crecenteb Super small - four-inch screen. @dcseifert We have to review more uh Cast devices @crecenteb Too big, no google photos!I bought the tiny Lenovo Google Home alarm clock, turned off all its features and the mic, and now I have an itty-b… @mattyglesias The thing is that fast processors in iPads and iPhones mean that they last for a long time, which is…'s master plan of making slow computers for a long time and then releasing a fast one is working perfectly @A_Webster this has to be @knguyenHm I want one @fxshaw Hololens is not a spectacular failure! @stevesi @waltmossberg Shitbox *Dell* Chromebook - we definitely had a model in mind @waltmossberg The problem is that "the iPad" isn't a gadget — we limited ourselves to picking very specific models @film_girl Only Apple and Adobe can generate a news cycle around.... importing jpg filesFINALLY @loudmouthjulia and I interviewed @leetrink, the CEO of @FaZeClan. It was a ride! @GregoryMcFadden @waltmossberg It all but rescued Windows, and more things are like the Surface Pro 3 than are like the original iPad :) @waltmossberg Hours upon hours of argument around that one, but we landed on the Air as the more important model —… is amazing that the Magic Leap launched without any of the actual display tech it promised investors and the pre… the end, all face computers are destined for the enterprise, where your boss can force you to wear one this device will see more success under its new name, the Magic Leap AR Headset For Important Business
Retweeted by nilay patelThe one gadget I wanted but which was universally voted down: the Chromebook Pixel, which remains a preposterous, d… @davezatz @MikeWehner Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a thing that changed the industry!It took approximately 150 hours of arguing but we did it: the 100 gadgets that defined the decade