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bring back humanity & caring; use yr voice & change world to better place. We all matter #disabled #eds #lch #homeed #frackoff please donate if you like my art

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@dsh100 Thought was almost gone this morning but it’s building up pressure now. Grrrr. Hope yours goes soon they’re horrendous x @chalkpithouse Good thinking. As it’s building again I think I will go try thatSad household here today Our much loved #rescue #guineapig Bobbie sadly died during the night. He had been a bit g… @crooksuprmarket Exactly what I did x @HelenDodds17 I’ll look into it c @MCDownes5 Just a small headache now thankfully c @andyfree Yes that’s a massive factor for me too. My eldest is same and she was suffering yesterday as well. I’ve a… @TuckerClemens I’ve tried many drugs over the years via my GP. Nothing really works I just have to ride them out. H… @HelenDodds17 I get one a month on average. What is that mag ster and why does it stop them for you? @andyfree That and some tension. Must admit it started to ease when the rain started last night so I finally managed to sleep. @twychy12 I think it’s caused by tension this time. Xx
@ThoughtfulKind Thank u x @dawnsmith07 I hope so too. The love will help I’m sure x @dawnsmith07 I could too if I was there! @kazzacoey It’s madness isnt it. @twychy12 Lying down keeping perfectly still no noise and closed eyes and it still hurts. Feel queasy and black dot… @barryoleary77 @CommunityUnity4 @UKLabourRadlett @jazzybry5 @katedodd3 @Calumets @Shazzyrm @stevewhiteraven @kazzacoey Maybe they’re being over zealous in preparing for riots to happen? Or is this the next wave of false fla… @ConmanSir Usually last a couple of days to at worst a week. Started last night some am hoping tomorrow is a brighter day xx thank u @gildy61 Me too thank you xx @twychy12 Oh please. It’s horrendous even my teeth hurt xxTo all those labour MP's who worked so hard to smear Corbyn. We are now seeing the fruit of your work. We have a g'…
Retweeted by kristinna @dawnsmith07 That’s so peaceful and serene x @dawnsmith07 Omg that looks so so delicious. Happy birthday and cake to her! 💖💖🥳🥳🥳 @kazzacoey Well if she’s not there and none of the family is it will be closed up ...??Apologies I’m not on much today ... #migraine from hell
@JohnFly76544564 @dmobesocean I did some reading up on employment law from some advise on here and we’ve sent a letter off xAnyone else see this new amendment to the law as another way of fracturing families and making it impossible for th… @Flojo18 @blondiesa They are indeed. Thanks hun x @Unicorn_999 @no2tories @poutingpou Yep that was my thought too @abiratoEFC @lee1_sandra Thank you for that. I know they should’ve paid her furlough @TheHarryHaz @wilmadog09 @ligomersall Letter done. Quoting section 44 employment act 1996 h&s @NickyKnox9 I think so! X @elbobaggins If she resigns it would mean no entitlement to any other benefits or help whilst looking for a new job… @no2tories @poutingpou Yes she’s had it for several years and her employers are aware. @poutingpou @no2tories So far they’ve been a really good employer for her. Very supportive. So this letter was a surprise @poutingpou @no2tories Thanks everyone for your help. A careful letter has been sent back. X @wilmadog09 @ligomersall Thanks Diane. @no2tories @poutingpou I’ve done exactly that. The tone of the letter was rather bully boy & I gather she isn’t the… @no2tories @poutingpou Will do once we get a reply from the letter we’ve sent x @suziegeewizz Suzie you’re a darling. Xx @no2tories @poutingpou They did offer her her own apartment initially but she’s barely 18 & suffers with severe anx… @OBeoneobrien @suziegeewizz The community union is better in your opinion would you say? Just want to get the best for her @David4rds Having read the section 44 it’s apparent that they should’ve paid her whilst she was off! They told her… @suziegeewizz I was thinking Unison too but wasn’t sure @AndyMilesco @ligomersall I know. I’m incensed for her @suziegeewizz Her employer doesn’t run a union and there doesn’t appear to be any union rep. She’s a domestic care… I was at a different beach yesterday to the one reported in the press. Or everyone must have come just after…
Retweeted by kristinnaThank you everyone for you sound advices. We have written to them and used the section 44 employment rights law hea… @sue_lees @LeighDayEmploy Thanks sue. X @fansofoutlyre Weirdly it’s only my Twitter that’s working 🤔 @peoplemattershr @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 Thank you. I’ve used section 44 and quoted it through the letter she… @nigel_guisboro @peoplemattershr @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 She can not afford to join one. It’s not I’m not int… @Izzywildheart Thank you loads x @Baileyphoto1 @HarrisPownall I’ve just read it. Wow. They should’ve been paying her whilst she was off under that l… @peoplemattershr @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 Less than a year @ianwestell @AP_Doramaqueen There’s no mention of dismissing @peoplemattershr @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 I think we will draft a return email to them re a risk assessment @lady_onabike @s9tmt I’ve told her not to resign under any circumstances @Baileyphoto1 @HarrisPownall Will do thanks @ianwestell @AP_Doramaqueen Yes this letter says all about duty of care but I don’t see any with their final return or resign line @LeftWingKim @peoplemattershr @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 Aha thank you xAnyone else having #internet #issues today? #bank #apps not logging in etc with recurrent server errors? @garywilson2013 @rozzleberry @EnviroFra @Citruscrush @fantasticmusic @Gaynorann46 @zeerlin12 @Hardeep216
Retweeted by kristinna @AnnePM4 It’s ok he’s hopped back up the tree to his mother and the nest. @chealy72 Thank you. I’ll look into that now. @peoplemattershr @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 Can they force her to work with covid patients when she lives with s… @Malfunctionin14 I know. @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 None of your advice helps. I want to know if they can legally force her to resign @woodhead_alan @inthegroove01 They aren’t in a trade unionAny employment law specialists out there? If a person works in a care home but lives with 2 people on extremely vul… @dawnsmith07 @chezzy51 @chelleryn99 @gletherby @BenJolly9 @wilde @K4Owen @blunted_james @knnon_a @citizentommy @NannetteSimon Thank you xxx @ThreadBear3 @citizentommy @gletherby @dawnsmith07 @chelleryn99 @BenJolly9 @wilde @K4Owen @blunted_james @knnon_a
Retweeted by kristinnaIf @JackieKane I know it does. Haven’t found anything like that round here but some friends do say £20 consult fee at… belief. .... @docrussjackson This is becoming less about a virus and so much more about control.
Retweeted by kristinna @Peston It's called inevitability. We've bn put in 'moral panic' mode with #COVID19 seen as a threat to the values…
Retweeted by kristinna @msvalthompson I’m thinking maybe not injured just awkward as not used to using the wings just yet. @JackieKane Oh that’s good to hear. @JackieKane Yes the rspca was an automated service that hung up basically and the vet we spoke to said all would put the bird down. @dawnsmith07 @chezzy51 @chelleryn99 @gletherby @BenJolly9 @wilde @K4Owen @blunted_james @knnon_a @citizentommy
@JackieKane That’s good advice. Thanks @brogs66 And we would happily do so @JackieKane @BSEYoga Am doing @JackieKane @BSEYoga Oh please do show it when you e finished. @NickyKnox9 Doggy is just feeling sad now. He’s been drinking and keeping it down this evening thankfully. The chi… is a rally interesting read @dawnsmith07 @chezzy51 @chelleryn99 @gletherby @BenJolly9 @wilde @K4Owen @blunted_james @knnon_a @citizentommy @dawnsmith07 @chelleryn99 @gletherby @BenJolly9 @wilde @K4Owen @blunted_james @knnon_a @citizentommy @chezzy51
Retweeted by kristinna @dawnsmith07 @chezzy51 @chelleryn99 @gletherby @BenJolly9 @wilde @K4Owen @blunted_james @knnon_a @citizentommy @Elise_Editing @wilde @RespectIsVital No one can breath for the stench of worldwide capitalist corruptionHe’s been hopping back up the tree .... hopefully he will get to his nest and mummy soon. aren't there special provisions for the shielding group? Is the government going to set aside a time slot just…
Retweeted by kristinnaJust had an "acceptable child deaths" meeting with the Prime Minister. Here are the acceptable child death rates we…
Retweeted by kristinnaThe smell of corruption - investigation needed. Housing secretary Robert Jenrick faces calls to resign after £30m p…
Retweeted by kristinna @beverleyhb57 Thank you so much for that praise. I’m my own worst critic tbh xx @chezzy51 I tried to play with words on them both! @MickDavies1968 Thank you x