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VFX Artist. Video editor for @theschmucksquad and @abridgilliance I will 1v1 myself if left unsupervised.

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@realDonaldTrump Putin put a bounty on our soldiers. How much is he paying you to do nothing about it? Is he paying you to kill kids too?Cueing up a massive list of tutorials for me to watch through. It's been a while since I've done a proper tutorial… @JamesLee03 @MrFarmahini Ouch why you gotta be so accurate XDVillain: *threatens literally anyone Luffy has had a friendly interaction with* Luffy:
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @Sydsnap You mean Quibi is actually doing things besides being a failing youtube competitor?This is very Jurassic Park of them @Sydsnap There were multiple things concerning about that message... @SirWrender MADE!? You’re telling me he’s got a multiple choice backstory on that? Awesome @PyrOMG hit me @StormSage13 @PyrOMG This was the only right answer
Retweeted by Redbeast13Honestly one of my favorite things about getting notes back is that satisfaction of going through the edit and checking them off."Don't mistake inconvenience for oppression."
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @PyrOMG I guess I'll hurry and get you that render?if people today were on the titanic
Retweeted by Redbeast13You’d think they’d want to consult educators how many people choose the wrong answer for this one
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @PyrOMG Get ready to be impeached. @PyrOMG What topping should I order with my pizza?
@PyrOMG What's up American people no Pyro Souls stream tonight, working on health care. @saltydkdan Some of my favorite work everything I'm going to need for a PC is very complicated. I'm thankful that I have the amazing @jdcoolha minors: signs you’re getting groomed on the Internet. A thread.
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @25_th3_Sage @crozier97 @pziegler1986 @KyleKulinski Cases spiked when beaches reopened. Two weeks later we got thos…, so the states recording the most COVID cases and hospitalizations are now recording the most deaths. The same p…
Retweeted by Redbeast13SO MANY VOTER REGISTRATION DEADLINES, REGISTER NOW!! Don’t wait till it’s too late! 👉 👈 S…
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @revrrlewis Life is full of risks so lets send our kids to school where they can potentially die from a pandemic. You monsters.Trump is trying to force schools to open even though it's still dangerous. Do not throw your vote away on a joke th… @realDonaldTrump @CDCgov "As my father lay dying alone, Donald went to the movies. If he can in any way profit from…
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @jdcoolha It says something when THAT is a valid excuse.It's remarkable how stupid our president is. @realDonaldTrump They're reopening CUZ THEY HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL! How stupid are you? @TheHawkAbridged If she actually plays Granny then I have hope for the DCEU @PyrOMG No jok votes allowed this time. That’s what got us in this situation
jeez would everyone calm down it’s just a massive flock of crows descending from a grey, eldritch, doom-tinged sky…
Retweeted by Redbeast132020 was like “I know a place” ... and took us to hell.
Retweeted by Redbeast13This is insane. 🤯
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @AP @superninja5506 Oh hey Trump's trying to kill kids nowEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos is assailing plans by some local districts to offer in-person instruction only a fe…
Retweeted by Redbeast13Downloaded a 3d model, but all the faces are broken up into triangles. I recall hearing that it's best to have each… @PyrOMG Oh hey some good news.Y'all wanna save the world?
Retweeted by Redbeast13Playing around with some textures on a model that I downloaded. I'm hoping I can update the textures on this model… @PyrOMG Oh look, a 30 minute tutorial on Cinema 4D for a plugin I don't have.Wanting a dog all my life only to finally have one now is such a surreal experience. Everything she does I'm like '… call me: Ted Teddy Red RedBeast Alex Storm Twins The other one God damnit which one are you! @TheCmikePro @SirWrender I plan on buying one solely becuz of him @PyrOMG This explains why Coffin asked what chair I got. Sorry to hear about this dude. @jdcoolha Oh hey it’s like Fox News is bad about Trumps image.You uhhh You guys hearin' about this Earn It act? The one with the fluffy text about "protecting children" but it…
Retweeted by Redbeast13And ppl literally fought me on this. Algorithms have changed. You have to seek it out now, it’s not trending. Prote…
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @Coffinjockey DO I HAVE 90 FREAKIN IDEAS ON VFX TESTS!Just let this sink in.
Retweeted by Redbeast13So you don’t have a tragic backstory? Now you do! #ttrpg #dnd #rpg
Retweeted by Redbeast13
Texas Doctor: I got 10 calls yesterday for young people who will die if they don’t get ICU support, but I only have…
Retweeted by Redbeast13I have been a victim of targeted harassment on a multitude of projects I’ve been a part of. There are days where I…
Retweeted by Redbeast13BOO ME!
@keithboykin "There is no racism" "This is a lie from the media" damn did they fall for the con man hard. @EamonFrasher @SirWrender I can absolutely see this being used for that or even wedding videos. Very curious as to… @ERodBuster1 video just proves something I've always suspected, that 360 drones would 100% change the game and @SirWrender @Coffinjockey Doing an editing stream tonight! This going to be fun!✖️Nightcrawler
Retweeted by Redbeast13Summer Taylor, one of two demonstrators who was struck by a car while protesting in Seattle, has died. The second p…
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @KaiserNeko @Megami33 It might be my favorite of the Digimon intros and she did an amazing joblike this tweet if you actually KNOW someone who currently has or had COVID-19........ just tryna see something 🧐
Retweeted by Redbeast13This re-imagined fan edit of #TheRiseOfSkywalker's finale is BREATHTAKING 🤯 (YT jon h
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @TheHawkAbridged This was so much better!Watch the police smash in the window a man’s car after he was wrongly accused of concealing drugs. He was driving…
Retweeted by Redbeast13Thread summarizing the different stories on 6️⃣8️⃣2️⃣, where Norman OK police doxxed a City Councilwoman for budget…
Retweeted by Redbeast13He did run the country like a business and put enriching himself and his donor class above all else. You just expe…
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @Havenadian And you were great as Mordred. Didn’t know you were so good at battle shouts lolQuick update on this. THIS IS very legitimate. Tiffany has been sick for over a week with 100 degree fever, coughs…
Retweeted by Redbeast13We can all use something more positive to do a VFX stream today at around 8pm EST/5 pm PST. See you thenOh my god @JoeBiden just absolutely destroyed Trump.
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @StormSage13 @Coffinjockey @PyrOMG guys. Guys. GUYS!
Hey guys, can I ask a favor? I had a blast recording for this and it came out really cool. The team behind this put… UP! NEW GRAPHICS CARD. NEW PYRO SOULS. NO CRASHES (GOD I HOPE). TONIGHT 9PM EST/6PM PST!…
Retweeted by Redbeast131. If I have to see it so do you! 2. The group shot in the end hurts me. It hurts my soul.
Retweeted by Redbeast13I'm currently rocking a -5 time we post a Digimon episode I keep feeling tempted to add PARODY to the title cuz an alarming amount of co… shit is getting serious now. Unbelievable!
Retweeted by Redbeast13Holy fucking shit, they're just straight up denying residents access to their homes without an armed police escort.…
Retweeted by Redbeast13why you might’ve been hearing fireworks more frequently
Retweeted by Redbeast13Hey I did a few lines in this. Was a lot of fun. See if you can spot me. THE HELL! know everything feels like a mess right now, so here’s a bunch of baby ducks.
Retweeted by Redbeast13Happy #4thOfJuly 🍑
Retweeted by Redbeast13 @Ezekieru He's basically saying he's not going to do anything about a virus killing hundreds of thousands in the co… his plan to tackle the virus is to do nothing about the virus. Why does his base want him re-elected? I finish my fight scene in Cinema 4D I think I'll try learning the new Blender EEVEE. Blender Guru is doing a… @abc3340 "Without knowing the science behind it" ... are you kidding? @matthewmercer @LauraBaileyVO Critters are legion.Just wanna remind y’all we were tear gassed for protesting in the same city a month ago.
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More on 6️⃣8️⃣2️⃣ in Norman OK: after police shared the home address of an uppity City Councilwoman, and a random M…
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