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Parisian native @Loumar93 blends hip-hop, bass, and futuristic beats in this DJ set: Ximya and beatmaker FRNK of XXX talk K-pop hype, crafting Language and rapping in Korean and English:… @JusNowMusic in London, Interface performs a special solo DJ set as part of the Notting Hill Carnival… head honcho El Buga steps up with trippy dub and an array of Latino club rhythms:… Beat affiliate @questionmarc_dj goes beyond the boundaries of ballroom on Top Flight with @chalravens:’s bedazzled funkeiro @mcbinladen whips up the freakiest vibes at the Hasta Abajo showcase:… encyclopedia Riobamba spins her signature style at the Red Bull Music Festival Santiago:… DJ Adam Turner shows his love of deep, melodic house, delivering a selection of hypnotic sounds featuring t… spins gems from his vast collection of Latin club music:
Only the fiercest blends and choice selections of Latin club heaters from the Peruvian DJ and producer Deltatron:… @tomasadelreal steps up with a fierce performance of her numerous viral hits: off in the mix for Top Flight w/ “Miss Honey” a 2019 techno tinged update of a track by the same title in h…
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioQween Beat affiliate @questionmarc_dj goes beyond the boundaries of ballroom on Top Flight with @chalravens:… City dons @__SHIGETO and @CharlesTrees of @PGSOUNDS present some unheard Detroit electronic goodness from… Give the Drummer Some series is becoming a radio show @RBMA in February. First season guests are @questlove, Ber…
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioGo check out Munna Mike, one of @nazzzuk's new favs:
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioA MUST read: Sheldon Pearce's (@jiggyraps) profile on Earl Sweatshirt (@earlxsweat) up on @pitchfork:
Retweeted by Red Bull Radiohosting peak time today < 333 playin a nazuk ass mix of new music i love 😈 tune in now
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioPeak Time guest host @nazzzuk serves up daily music news and tunes, and @PoRican talks to Korean rap duo XXX about… Lydia Lunch at @LeGuessWho was a real highlight. She read a passage of one of her poems to me, I was so baf…
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioWe catch up with the transgressive no wave artist and Lower East Side raconteur Lydia Lunch: explores the emergence of dub music in Japan, and the styles it has helped shape, from jazzy experime… cordially invites you to a set of fully orchestrated Tropicália sounds - from Marcos Valle to Herme…'s David Nerattini explores the history of DC’s unique Go-Go sound, from Black Heat and Trouble Funk to Chu… French DJ Antigone presents an extended techno workout in the Danish capital: performs a new piece of work titled “Grand Exorcism”, featuring writer and performance artist… affiliate @GigantaMusic finds the groove with her bass-heavy house steppers. Recorded live in Athens:… on finding her voice and the power of a cover + a tribute to ATL queen Speakerfoxxx:…'s @Sam_Hall___ displays his digging prowess, seamlessly stringing together vinyl treasures from across the… bumpy beats and deep psychedelic textures from the LA-based @homiethecromie: Pittman is once again in top form, this time supporting rising UK selector @Sam_Hall___ as part of Red Bu…
The self-proclaimed art kid from Baltimore @primelard unpacks his street raps and 2018 LP Swamp Boy with…'s Portage Garage Sounds all week! @__SHIGETO and @CharlesTrees kick it in the studio with @vinniemassimino and s… up, we pay tribute to ATL club queen Speakerfoxxx. RIP ❤️“I really wanted to be an archeologist until my dad said, ‘Everything that needs to be found has already been found’” - @Wafiaaa
Retweeted by Red Bull Radio"I never really allowed myself to have fun in music, because I carried and burdened myself with a lot of the weight… Time correspondent @tenaciouspm talks to Brisbane-based artist @Wafiaaa about archeology, cover songs, and wri… up in 45 min 👉 @tenaciouspm talks to @Wafiaaa about archeology, cover songs and her Iraqi-Syrian heritage +…
Retweeted by Red Bull Radio.@rapsody reflects on her rural upbringing and global aspirations, and why teamwork is key: with Mainframes (@Machines4Lovers and Noleian Reusse) get extraterrestrial in the D:… duo @NGUZUNGUZU explores their hyperreal club sound at Afro-Caribbean party Rail Up: Mundial, listen b…íncipe Discos' @DjFirmeza plays rattling riddims at Afro-Latinx party Rail Up: Mundial, listen back:…’s disco deviant Aresibo takes us on a psychedelic eastern trip:
Rising Australian lo-fi house producer Mall Grab plays his signature style of dusty basslines and celestial melodie… & The Possé bring their effortless blends of house, funk, disco and acid to the stage in Sydney,… Lil’ Tony, Finland’s club scene would be a different one. The Helsinki house veteran brings the true school…’s masters of DIY disco, angular no wave and weird rhythms twist up the dancefloor:'s music has a physical and emotional intimacy to it that comes with years of devoted study, listen… ambient composer @edwardlgordon (Laraaji) creates an uplifting atmosphere, listen back:… welcomes the indie hip-hop advocate and resident at NYC’s monthly A Party Called Rosie Perez… weaves through the heady jazz atmospheres of Britain from the ’60s, listen back:… hours worth of Fender Rhodes wizardry, from @herbiehancock to Soft Machine: Nerattini explores the back catalog of legendary drummer Tullio de Piscopo with two hours of big band celebra… Impact returns to his hometown for a set full of quick transitions and boundless energy, featuring MC… activist and radio host @jossymitsu draws a selection of deep steppers and jackin’ basslines for the rav… warms up the Harlem celebration of Patrick Adams: tears up the dance floor at @RBMA Weekender Montréal, listen back: sound explorer Gray Chalk brings his foggy cosmic atmospheres and chuggy house grooves to @RBMA Weekender Züri…
@dan_beaumont draws a mix of modern anthems and deep burners at @erolalkan's @XOYO_London To The Rhythm residency:…’s anarchist DJ duo Selvagem roll out their blend of tropical funk and sunset sambas, listen back:… hip-hop stalwart MF Classy Chris gets down with a selection of romantic soul and slo-mo funk for the lover… co-owner of @BigCrownRecords gets down at the label's pop-up in Brooklyn, weaving through West Indian soul and… perform polyrhythmic Brazilian street sounds with a downtown New York edge: birthday @Raekwon The Chef. 👨‍🍳 inside Rotterdam’s renowned record store, label and distributor @Clonedotnl — Europe’s iconic hub for future-f… 39th birthday, @zaytovenbeatz 🎹 Vasicka (@minimal_wave) celebrates 40 years of the pioneering label @MuteUK, featuring @depechemode, DAF a… Mirage to Nona Hendryx, @KirkDegiorgio takes us back to the sequenced synth stylings of the 1980s:…'s David Nerattini probes the strange and wonderful world of Italy’s minimalist composers, including Luciano Ci…’s DJ duo Frank Spirit take a joyous journey through uplifting house and classic disco anthems, listen back:… Shade all-stars close out the basement at Berlin’s legendary @GriessmuehleBer club, with a bonkers mix of viciou… brings her special brand of gutsy DJing to the Bass Union party at the Red Bull Music Festival in… throws down her signature mix of revolutionary beats and transgressive rhythms: once again proves her diverse range as a DJ, throwing down banging club remixes of pop and R&B, and e… is a DJ with a femme-forward attitude, dedicated to the empowerment of womxn, children, and Filipinx… rap queen and vocal ally for the LGBTQ community @CupcakKe_rapper performs a headlining show in Chicago:…
.@Sofritosound digs deep into Ghana’s highlife tradition and its global impact: returns for the new year on All the Raps with violently cranked 808s kicks and drunken master rap styles:…’s techno queen @khandmusic serves up an hour of relentless four on the floor rhythms:… legendary trip-hop and d&b artist Luke Vibert joins @vivianhost in the studio ahead of his North American tour.… oral history of what happened behind the console during the making of @WuTangClan's debut album…
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioLongtime @CloneRecords staffer Pim discusses the shop’s origins and presents iconic records from the likes of Drexc… takes us through two hours of the sunniest R&B, soul and disco from Leon Sylvers III and the family… pays homage to the Motown guitar great and Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters’ powerhouse Wah Wah Watson… Nerattini mines his collection of jazz-tinged blues and hits paydirt with Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walke… composer, vocalist, and DJ Eva Geist opens up the “Disco/Darker” club night at Berlin's Prince Charles:… rising UK vocalist @_iamddb delivers her up-to-the-minute jazzy rap anthems live on stage in Switzerland:…"I played Italy once, and people sat down during my set." @Hodgebristol talks about his early years and his upcomin… RBMA alums @HieleHiele and @Milan___W captured in the mix at the Academy’s 20th-anniversary party:… Juju and @jujujordash perform a thrilling live set in Copenhagen:
An assortment of Detroit's finest dancefloor cuts curated by the inimitable Omar S: to the full @redbull_radio show with @MaxGlazer from 01.09.19 on Soundcloud.
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioAnthony Naples, Juju & Jordash, Eva Geist and more – @FirstFloorRadio is back with the week's best new electronic m… part of her week-long takeover, @khandmusic pulls up to the studio with an essential selection of innovative dan…"Everywhere where I went, a dog would show up" @Hodgebristol on spending time in Brooklyn 🐩"Just to let you know, the crowd really likes techno' – I've heard this sentence so many times" – @HodgebristolHe'll be on in an hour, but we're live now!
Retweeted by Red Bull RadioBass futurist @Hodgebristol talks about his recent EP for @BHeroique, his recent influences, and all the dogs he's… Colman talks about the early days of @HospitalRecords and @LondonElek, the evolution from studio project to li… picks African and Caribbean tracks that have shaped Colombia’s technicolor renegade sound systems:…