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My (19F) boyfriend (21M) will do anything to avoid being a ‘simp’ do I (22F) make my boyfriend (23M) understand that he can’t drop out of law school to be a full time podcaster.
2020 (24F) husband (25M) set up an ENTIRE Taco Bell dining booth in his office and is upset I want it gone This is a thread, but it’s worth it I promise. On Reddit today, user u/NoNoNo_OhOhOh posted a page from accl…
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2020 boyfriend (27f, 27m) catfished my best friend (28m) and led him on so he could expose his feelings for me. a $80,000 cosmetic surgery
2020 (22m) admitted that he intentionally tries to make me (21f) angry sometimes because he thinks the “sex is… found out my fiance's(30F) fan page account for a popular TV show on Twitter and Instagram. Unsure on how to… (20F) husband (21M) doesn’t fart at all. It kind of freaks me out. Should I ask him about it?
2020 gf(f23) obsession with Pokemon is embarassing me @BasicIndieFuck Yes, they are. And they can't be discharged by bankruptcy. (M22) girlfriend (F22) is in 200k+ student loan debt (federal + private), and her parents took out 150k for stud…
2020 (24m) don't want to come off as weird to my apparent guardian angel (40m)
2020 (25F) boyfriend (25M) said he wanted me to look more like an anime girl. I thought he was joking so I told him I… (24M) GF (25F) destroyed my favorite pair of jeans
if you come frome reptile twitter to offer advice or commentary you are legally obliged to share photos of your reptiles boyfriend (22) wants to breed reptiles and turn the 2nd bedroom into a reptile room in our 2 bedroom apartment. @fgethearies It starts with a number and ends with a chan boyfriend(m20) thinks I'm gaslighting him cos nothing comes out my boobs when I'm horny
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2020 (38m) just found out that my brother (19m) has been perving on my wife (37f)
2020 GF 31 burned my nether regions 34m and my brother in law saw me naked. I’m mortified, how do I move on from this?
2020 brother (M27) does not respect my decision to disown my mom (F67)
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Retweeted by relationships.txtI (F23) fed sugar water to some bees and now they're swarming my garden and harassing my boyfriend M24. Advice?
His coworker is going to... [19M] coworker [25F] who hates me invited me over to have dinner and some drinks with her, why??! My (28f) best friend (29f) since birth gave me a bad reference for a job she told me to apply to.…
My [27M] wife [26F] watches our neighbor's boys [11 and 14 M] as their parents work a lot. The older boy has develo… (22F) boyfriend (27M) is afraid to wash his bellybutton.
2020 (28f) best friend (29f) since birth gave me a bad reference for a job she told me to apply to ICON. SHE IS THE MOMENT. GOTTA STAN.
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2020'm not allowed to be good at video games?
My neighbor is convinced I control owls (AZ) (self.legaladvice)
Retweeted by relationships.txt (F26) sister (F31) has befriended a fox and is letting him inside of her house
2020 (22F) boyfriend (24M) has left me to become a monk @ullistudy @TalesOfBeyond @asscredit fitted sheets ghost would be a blessing from god
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We've got a live one people
Retweeted by relationships.txt boyfriend's ex wrote a letter to me. I feel really strange and jealous even though it was a nice letter boyfriend isn’t okay with me being promiscuous in the past. @legaladvice_txt is this b*ri w*iss
2020 (19M) mom (43F) asked my friend (18M) out, now none of us know what to do (27f) boyfriend (23m) tried to throw out our bed so he could play a video game
My(27M) wife(24F) doesn't want to watch Avatar the last Airbender because "its series for children" what should i d… I fire Jeff (self.legaladviceofftopic)
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2020 want to break up with my (19F) boyfriend (20M) for excessive farting
2020 boyfriend(25m) loves blowjobs so much, i’m contemplating doing it bad to make him have less interest in it (25m) girlfriend (23f) has given names to almost every object in our home and it's straining our relationship
2020 over porn friend (32m) who has become my (40m) regular friend
2020 [19F] boyfriend [19M] picked out all of the good fries and left me with the bad ones. I feel like that indicates… it be creepy and weird if I [22M] were to send a letter to a cute girl I delivered food for?
2020 children absolutely hate that I make them workout. @findingmygay Check your DMs can also directly donate to black trans folk who have posted in the replies to this tweet (also feel free to re… you're like me and can't stand visual novels, you can just donate directly to the Okra project here: videogames, is now doing a visual novel bundle fundraiser for black trans lives. Funds… fiancé (25M) spent our entire savings (which we both were saving for our wedding and honeymoon) to buy a gaming…
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2020 girlfriends undies? girlfriend [F24] of 3 years thinks I'm [M23] Jewish