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Joined Twitter 5/17/17 do I [21M] convince my girlfriend [21F] that magic is not real and she is not a witch? @bunnyfoxes @local_kaiju straight women can top @sexiestmaninVT the former. do you look at the butthole during doggyDo you stare at the butthole during doggy?Do you stare at the butthole during doggy? do I break it to my daughter that she can’t date her neighbor boyfriend … because they’re siblings?…
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2020 hooked up with a girl and my dog ate her shoes, now she’s demanding I pay for them?
if you reply you must include this gif (35F) caught my boyfriend (28M) masturbating to nude pictures of himself @AITA_reddit maybe if they threw in a few frozen bananas (25 M) roommates (same ages) are mad at me because I have been putting canned oysters in the breakfast smoothies…
2020 (25F) coworker (40?M) told people that he was my son's (9mo) father to your DMs @TheDuckManeWanna generate horrific Among Us drama with the rest of the twitter peanut gallery? Join reply duck superstar…
2020 boyfriend doesn't think I'm trustworthy anymore due to how I play a video game (F28) just found my husband’s (M32) word doc of the women he’s slept with. There’s more than he originally told m…
2020 [52M] girlfriend [34F] of 15 years wants me to become a stay at home dad. there a none-weird way to incorporate a used condom in our anniversary gift? @AirborneYYC This has been ass washing chat, with your friend, @redditships. @AirborneYYC Just use a lota. Some plastic water bottles can also do a decent job. related, but I'm disappointed lotas/hand bidets didn't take off during the great toilet paper shortages of 2020
2020 (21F) boyfriend (28M) says he doesn't need to wipe after pooping because he has "good fiber intake" (31f) husband (20m) doesn't want to eat all of a sudden because I told him he was gaining weight. Is he overreac…
Special guest submission from @redditships (not actually askreddit but same energy)
Retweeted by relationships.txtMy boyfriend howls during full moon
2020 knowingly peed in our closet drawer...
open for a surprise
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Retweeted by relationships.txtUpdate: My friend hit on a Taco Bell worker and then treated him like crap when he called her. I went to talk to hi… roommate moved in today. We’re complete strangers. He stole something immediately but returned it when confront…
2020 Jewelry Box Appears By Kitchen Sink. Contains Teeth of Multiple Species. Advice? (cw: photos of teeth)
My fuckbuddy is kind to my cat and my cat likes him. I’m starting to have feelings for him because of that
@such_hockey_wow It gets better! is a reference to this (infamous) post: husband (M 26) won't stop washing his face with my (M 26) socks
@TheDuckMane @TBQuarterly I would like to see this submission (30M) girlfriend’s (29F) is completely blind to her bad sense of humor and it’s ruining an otherwise perfect rel… night my friend hit on a worker at Taco Bell then treated him like shit when he actually called her. Would it…
@idleNefelibata @wateress_ thanks for looking out - if I do setup a cashapp I'll tweet directly from this acct instead of as a replyMy phone is on its way out so things may be a bit sporadic until it's taken care of. [22F] just found out that my roommate [24M] has been telling people that I’m his girlfriend
2020 [24M] with my girlfriend [30F] sort of a year?, feeling a bit offended about my girlfriend asking me to stay at… @petthekat it's for the best @petthekat they're different users from the same subreddit-- tooafraidtoaskCan the nipple be bigger than the boob? can I stop my upstairs neighbors from having loud sex during my Zoom classes? by @lol_crescendo
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im obsessed with this post rn
Retweeted by relationships.txtMy cousin put bees into my car, and I ended up in an accident because of it. Is there any legal action I can take a…
Retweeted by relationships.txtTell me about a time where someone was NTA. Good stories only in this thread!
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Retweeted by relationships.txtBuying a nightlight for my gf
2020 (25F) husband (25M) is getting sadder and sadder the longer he works from home. How can I help? (30m) stressed by how young I (20f) look. @aislenes don't)’m (36/m) in love with a married woman (27/f) and she feels the same way. How do we proceed? 11: Lardaceous Leviathan Levels Chunky Challenger The votes are in! You’ve crowned the Earl of Avoirdupois,…
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[23/F] I recently found out that my Dad [54/M] has a foot fetish. I don't know if this means I need to change my be… @AITA_reddit 🙃I made the mistake of reading my mentions and discovered Incest TwitterMy (F21) boyfriend (M21) finds incest hot and I can't see him in the same light? Is this normal for men in their 20…
2020 do I(21M) deal with not being super attracted to my girlfriend(22F)? just fell through a trap door and landed 14 feet below onto concrete in a retail store. What do I do now? (self.l…
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(yes, she is) told a woman the meaning of her daughters name and now everyone is upset with me boyfriend is 53 and he says he isn’t ready for kids yet
@Roderikrolf wife (38F) is extremely resentful with how little I work (38M) (M32) girlfriend (F33) doesn’t understand the zero times table. Should I leave her?
2020 boyfriend says I cheated on him by getting a tattoo on my butt. @wisdomstatement obligatory to @legaladvice_txt had landscapers cut down all privacy trees and my favorite plants . Would you be mad? [31M] thinks he's a good photographer but he's not really