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@yekmoney @WobBurner Looks like Adam Silver mixed with Ernie Johnson @DiegitoNextDoor That trash ass offense really had me believing it was a pitchers park @Smwrangers @halftimejoe The stadium across the street is better the rangers don’t deserve either @Smwrangers Say sike rnfeel like the Dodgers have already scored more runs in this stadium during the playoffs than the Rangers did all year @El_Verde_91 Trust me, you guys don’t want them down there @unseasonedchkn 💀💀💀the Dodgers seem to really like playing in Arlington..... they should just stay here forever imoMore likely triple crown?
@thehalestone @ledbain21 @NerdTalk87 @CoachPopoDrip based off this the new date hasn’t been set yet @NerdTalk87 @CoachPopoDrip @DeMar_DeRozan @BobbyMarks42 Got extended I believe @collinaldridge6 Rooting for the Cowboys makes it so much funnier seeing Spurs fans cry about the team though......… @Lucano025 The Cowboys are a shit show @DangerATX I don’t think I could ever quit on the Cowboys. I’ve had thoughts of leaving for Mahomes & KC & it didnt… @JasKeller 😔😔😔😔I really root for the Knicks of the NFL 😔 @brettsolis12 They’re gonna draft another guard @ 11 too @KoofiDonJon They’ve won 5 rings in the last 20 years if you leave because they trade *check notes* Derrick White y… @Fredmundo79 @moraivan Don’t see why Miami would be interested @RxPAT13 When we draft another 6’5 guard in a month >>> @McLuvin_1995 I don’t get it either. Nobody is un-tradeable on a lottery team. @OutspokenJerk OKC has all their trade assets @iamAngelBolivar In my 24 years as a spurs fan there’s about a 1/24 chance they make a trade on draft night @BlockedByBamba It was boooooooooring those 2 cats have no personality at all I legit almost passed out trying to g… @redditspurs calm down bro
Retweeted by /r/spurs @redditcowboys This is the darkest timelineZach Lowe from his latest pod - There’s limited trade interest in DeMar & Aldridge - Teams will call San Antonio… @kawhitter @DimerWestbrook 🧢🧢🧢🧢 @DiegitoNextDoor Dak got us next season 💪🏽 @halftimejoe Ayyy, how much?Cowboys are getting absolutely embarrassed on national TV.... nature is healing @CoachPopoDrip NEED that @redditspurs He’s definitely wearing jorts that go to his knees and Jordan 13s
Retweeted by /r/spursbig fucking mood 😔 @traviscitylmts said Andy Dalton wouldnt be a big drop off from Dak stfu @JamesDGrambo How does that make any sense for this team?me & Dak are pouring up rn laughing at everyone that said any QB could have success with this offense @s_helwick Definitely @redditspurs #GoCowboys
Retweeted by /r/spursit’s time
@MjsGoat next year: wow I can’t believe Giannis didn’t go to the Mavs also, me all 2020: @rriiickss Giving up way too much @redditspurs Can’t have Giannis taking touches from Maxi Kleber
Retweeted by /r/spursI, too, don’t want Giannis on the Mavericks @ManusBaldspot99 Because an obvious run was about to come on 2nd & short & it would have been an easy first down th… @CoachPopoDrip Guess we’ll find out when the movie drops @pizzaafacee That storyline is wild But I’m more upset with the crave for gettin spoilers & ruining movies nowada… for spoiling it @CoachPopoDrip Cactus Blossum is money as well @DiegitoNextDoor The Rangers are dead to me until further noticecool to see my Dodgers clinch the World Series birth in front of fans @nihilismmatters @TheNBACentral
seeing Tom Brady get carried by an elite defense has been the only return to normalcy I’ve had this yearshouldn’t have done the 3 pumps @DRoseDaGreat Haney has no power from what I’ve seen. I haven’t been impressed by him at all... Garcia has shown im… @RickyIsBased Would get folded up like a cheap suit @RKonkle_Mavs Spence scared @DRoseDaGreat All these young dudes frauds compared to Teo. Shakur, Haney, Garcia. @RickyIsBased Need a rematch yesterday @redditspurs I had a draw. Lomachenko arguabley won all the late rounds but 12. And likely won 2 and even 6. Idk ho…
Retweeted by /r/spurs @TheJorgeAyala I had it a draw as well @adehoyosjr We watched different fightsIf you keep up with boxing you knew that was coming. Worse scorecards I’ve seen since GGG-Canelo I.119-109 fuck out of hereYeah that’s fucking bullshitIt’s an absolute travesty their was no fans in attendance to see THAT #LomaLopezThis is WAR #LomaLopez @_bigshotrob Lopez up big but Loma has finally arrived & Teo looks rattled @bevo1212 Big boxing match on ESPN @DRoseDaGreat This shit a wrap bro Teo is fucking deadit’s time 😈 @DRoseDaGreat That’s the only area UFC beats boxing. None of that political networks bullshit. @DRoseDaGreat Alright Billy Joe Saunders or Benavidez @DRoseDaGreat Need him v Canelo next @DRoseDaGreat wow
@TheDonLuka Someone really needs to show this tweet to magic fans @91rec Pulisic fan I’m just a floaterthose Pulisic & Werner touches > @nicolesamm_ @rriiickss I just- @NekiasNBA In 10 years when they call today’s players plumbers cause chubby Luka was giving everyone 30/10/10 >>>> @RKonkle_Mavs It’s on Hulu! & Dakota Johnson is so great too @rriiickss That shit was beautiful 😭😭😭just watched The Peanut Butter Falcon @TrevorWrites Deni but I get the sentiment @josekage_ All hits no misses60° weather in October??? you know the vibes
@DRoseDaGreat Will check him out. Love boxers with power ala GGG. @DRoseDaGreat Whatever happens, credit to both guys for taking this fight because neither had too & probably should… @DRoseDaGreat I honestly have no idea... Loma can get too reckless at times & Teofimo has lights out power.... but… @DRoseDaGreat Who you got? @spurs_legacy They’d have to take RC to jail for robbery @Jaybird335 @danielrainge I just know Celtics fans must hate you🤣 @Day1Lifestyle @TbirdTr3y_10 @ThatJustMatt @heavenleecruz You should see the filth he DM’s me smh @ManusBaldspot99 I like Talledega Nights that’s a good sports movie