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@ThomasDickensh1 Sure, champ. I’m gonna leave you alone now. Like your dad did. 👍🏻 @ThomasDickensh1 I’ve got enough crazy with this other guy going on about 600 year olds building giant boats. I don’t need another one. 🙄 @ThomasDickensh1 Yeah, I used logic and reason so I no longer believe. A ridiculous video by a fraud isn’t going to change my mind. Sorry. @ThomasDickensh1 @Filth2Faith @Vinotintox100 @RayComfort Please don’t share Bananaman’s rubbish with me. I’ve alrea… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 You’re investigating a death from 2000 years ago. The evidence you have is someone… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Jesus said he didn’t come to change a jot or tittle of the law. I find it strange yo… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 What would you say about a person who ignores experts and accepts claims from third… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 He concludes that Matthew and John were eyewitnesses. Despite the fact that Matthew… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana Hahaha, there is no evidence whatsoever for a global floo… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Well they weren’t required to let heather slave’s go. They could be passed on to you… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Haha, so you started this with the 10 commandments, but now the OT has become inconv… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 J Warner Wallace presents no valid evidence. If he actually used the same logic in h… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana Fine, I “designed” a better human body. Pedantic, much? 🙄… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 You tap danced and lied about slavery in the bible by going to rules for Jews, rathe… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana The vast majority of biological scientists are atheists.… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Who justified slavery using the bible? Christians. Whose book tells them to stone u… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 So you’ve chosen the god which you find most comforting. Understood. I don’t believe in Satan either. 😈 @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 No, I think karma is made up too. I don’t believe in god, so his supposed mercy is… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 You have no contemporary mention of Jesus whatsoever. The earliest gospel is dated a… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana Why do think you would get a Nobel prize for saying ‘the… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Here are two tweets where you defend slavery and infanticide. 👍🏻
@nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana It seems strange that experts who have spent their life s… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Does loving your neighbour include defending slavery and infanticide? Seems god cou… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I mean, there have been around 3000 gods invented by men. Seems awfully convenient t… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I think some people will get away with what they’ve done. Life isn’t fair, death isn… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 So you have x claimed y said something supernatural happened 150 years previously? T… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana I’ve created a body which protects the pharyngeal nerve f… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Hahahaha, so you’re good with slavery and killing infants, but you draw the line at… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana I humbly suggest that you don’t understand biological sci… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 No worries - you can stick to your god’s morality and condone infanticide and slaver… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Are you actually attempting a defence of “well he committed genocide including killi… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Apologies, I was confused between threads. My brain was trying to cope with someone… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Phlegon doesn’t mention a resurrection, he mentions an earthquake. Even if he had m… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Yeah, but yours and God’s moral compass includes killing infants, so I’m not sure you’re qualified to judge. @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana Move the pharyngeal nerve, so it doesn’t loop round the h… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana Truth is that which comports you reality. Until you can d… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I don’t believe sin is a real thing. I base my morality on empathy and wellbeing, no… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I mean, if you’re proud to say the being you worship killed infants and it was justi… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 That’s a bizarre defence. You’re basically saying that it’s just a toss up for wheth… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 God permits slavery, I never would. Therefore I am more moral than God. I don’t nee… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana I never said I was worthless - I give my life worth and p… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 “Let me save you from what I’m going to do to you, if you don’t let me save you!” S… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 The problem I generally have with Christians is that when they’re backed into a corn… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I find it repulsive you would even try to defend a slave’s child as belonging to the slave master. 🤢 @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I wouldn’t own a slave. @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana They aren’t attributes. They’re poetic descriptions. @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana “Man shouldn’t think so highly of themselves.” “Secular… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 Actually, the punishment for blasphemy was generally death. Break any of the first t… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I am confident in saying I am more moral than god. You’re defending a being who comm… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 The children are not the slave master’s. They are the slave’s. To suggest the slave… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 He could literally beat him with a rod, break bones, make him a bloody mess but as l… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana Haha, Yahweh named a constellation using Greek mythology?… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 I don’t know what context you need. If I offer you ten slices of pizza and three tas… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 This is a disgusting excuse to justify killing infants. Seems more likely that thes… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 You could beat slaves with a rod as long as they didn’t die within a few days. The… @mxanthropology @JemmCh13 @CountDankulaTV You think someone should never be able to hold down a normal job because… @ShyGhostChan @MatthewVaughan0 @IMAO_ You consider this to be hate speech? 🤔 @GSpellchecker I don’t understand this. If transwomen are women, then why is it problematic for a woman to represent them on screen?
@Nicotanicu @GSpellchecker If you don’t think a British person should be able to express their opinion in Britain,…
@mewlpync @MissaMHx In which case I think we agree that medication should absolutely be given if it’s appropriate.… @MissaMHx @mewlpync Fair enough. I’m genuinely not trying to be a dick about this for what it’s worth. @mewlpync @MissaMHx Apologies, I think I’m confused and this genuinely isn’t an area of expertise for me. Are you… @mewlpync @MissaMHx You apparently. You advised that appropriate treatment wasn’t available immediately. @mewlpync @MissaMHx Then they obviously need to take that into account. But that doesn’t mean that an inappropriate… @mewlpync @MissaMHx Not necessarily. If I got to a doctor with pain in my abdomen, I would expect them to examine m… @MissaMHx @mewlpync “those who would rather medicate than put in the time and effort to heal people’s minds.” Clea… @MissaMHx @mewlpync I think it potentially could’ve been phrased better. I understood it to mean that prescribing d… @MissaMHx @mewlpync I specifically acknowledged that the article didn’t address over-prescribing. However, given th… @MissaMHx @mewlpync It doesn’t state that, unfortunately. BMJ is intended for healthcare professionals, so I would… @mewlpync @MissaMHx Struggling to locate anything specifically addressing over prescribing, but since 2013 it appea… @mewlpync @MissaMHx There certainly seems to be some debate about whether antidepressants are over prescribed. In… @GSpellchecker It does seem strange that someone driving on the wrong side of the road and at speed wasn’t issued w… @mewlpync @MissaMHx It seems in your case, the drugs would come under “life-saving and necessary.” Do you not beli… @UbeRamza @nutriweh @paulogia0 Absolutely nothing wrong with your answer. As you stated, laws are good or bad based… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana That’s just god listing things man can’t do. Hence he als… @PeterBilmer @larpcook @paulogia0 On a side note, that’s an amazing self-own given the article you shared makes ref… @PeterBilmer @larpcook @paulogia0 Where did I suggest he was an atheist? He was imprisoned and forced to recant his… @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 No, the first three are blasphemy law.
@UhOhNoGo @godblesstoto Oh my god, I assumed he’d been hacked but looking at the comments I’m really not sure!? 🤯 @nutriweh @UbeRamza @paulogia0 For me, it’d be the same principle of giving in to the mafia boss. He can smash up… @PeterBilmer @larpcook @paulogia0 Hate filled and militant atheists = debating and asking difficult questions. Whe… @nutriweh @kabourakis @ManOsteeljkd @paulogia0 @RTB_FRana Which star attributes were named by god?
@Eileen_Ironic @realDonaldTrump @_DHOTYA retweeted by Trump!? 🤣 @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort I’m going to leave you now, but I seriously recommend you research the history of the bible.… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort Am I going to believe people who have spent their lives studying this, or am I going to beli… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort No, you didn’t explain, you just asserted it was impossible. My response was that the exper… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort What are you expecting me to refute? I’ve given the consensus of scholars (including Christi… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort Do some research. Pick up a copy of your bible. Both will tell you that the gospels were ano… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort Haha, there’s nothing supernatural about someone writing a book. It’s a mundane claim. Are… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort It’s generally accepted that Mark was written around that time, but scholars date the other… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort Modern Christian biblical scholars acknowledge the gospels are anonymous and that the final… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort You are wildly misinformed. The gospels are anonymous and most modern bibles literally state… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort I have done. Anonymous authors writing decades after an event are insufficient to support su… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort Do you want to try reading what I actually wrote and having another bash? I didn’t even come… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort I never claimed I defeated them. I claimed there was insufficient evidence to support them.… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort Again though, you seem to really be struggling with the burden of proof. It doesn’t have to… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort There is no contemporary account of Jesus. The gospels are anonymous and written decades lat… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort You’ve had 2000 years to prove it and have failed. Seems if it was actually true, you’d have… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort Haha, these “consequences” are just things written in a 2,000 year old book. I expect I’ll… @AriMeyer3 @RayComfort As we discussed, I was a Christian for 30 years. Investigating the claims of Christianity ma…